h Hostage
By Morticia

Part 2

Pairing C/P C/Others

NC-17, and some rather unpleasant imagery

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

Archive: Cha-club, TPDorm, and Paris Nights only.

Disclaimer:  The boyz don't belong to me (all hail mighty paramount) but this story does!

Hostage by Morticia

Chakotay materialised into a large brightly lit room full of the most sophisticated technology he had ever seen. There were no clumsy consoles, control panels, wires or pipes. The walls of the ship were seamless black and only a random pattern of blinking lights indicated energy conduits behind the dark panels. Other than that, from gleaming black floor to equally black ceiling the room was bare. Despite the black coloration, the illumination was pleasantly clear although it was impossible to tell where the light was coming from.

He had expected to be met by arms and aggression. As it was, he wasn’t met at all.  He took a step forward and a green beam of light emerged from above him and bathed him in its glow. He froze as a tingling sensation crawled over his skin but other than a slightly unpleasant stinging there was no pain only an uncomfortable sensation of being probed.

The light abruptly switched itself off and he was surprised to find that his phaser, comm badge and tricorder had vanished along with his belt, shoes and the tiny medicine bundle he constantly wore under his uniform. He hadn’t felt their removal and as the cold floor bit into his bare soles he was at least grateful that his clothes remained.

Tom probably wouldn’t have been so fortunate, he reminded himself. Unsure of what he was now expected to do, and aware that the B’rech’kians could just as easily inflict him with a worse probe, he hovered in place, waiting for the aliens to collect him.

After about 15 minutes he decided he had had enough of waiting and squaring his shoulders he ventured hesitantly towards the open doorway. He braced himself for punishment, but finding none, began to relax and walk more confidently. He hesitated at the doorway and reached out a cautious hand to check for an invisible force field.


Perplexed and now becoming annoyed with the aliens seeming disinterest in him, despite his equal fear of what that interest might entail, he stepped boldly into the wide corridor. The door swished closed behind him and disappeared. He turned back and ran his fingers over the wall, finding no seams or joins. It was as though the door had never existed.

He walked down the featureless corridor. He realised that he was probably passing endless other undetectable doorways since it was improbable that the ship would have been designed with a seemingly endless corridor in it, which meant that he would only find an open doorway where the B’rech’k intended him to.

No wonder they couldn’t be bothered to meet him, he thought angrily. They had disarmed him and he was now just like a rat in a maze, leading himself into whatever fate awaited him. It probably amused them to make him walk willingly into his jail cell, he decided.

It took another few minutes and several twists and turns before he saw an opening in one of the walls.

Okay, this is it. He told himself and setting his face in an expression of nonchalance he marched into the room, ready to face whatever awaited him. He had a vision in his head of a Cardassian type prison. What he found made his knees buckle in surprise.

He was in a luxurious one-roomed bedchamber. To the left was a huge divan draped with multi-coloured silks like a Risan brothel, in front of him was a low dining table surrounded by roman-style couches and on the right was a sunken spa bath, bubbling hotly with water so heavily scented that it assaulted his nostrils. Two K’tech were knelt submissively at the side of the bath, another was laying out a richly decorated costume on the side of the bed and a fourth stepped forward shyly as he entered, his face hidden by his long unbound golden hair, and he swiftly dropped to his knees in front of the startled Commander.

Chakotay just gaped in dazed bewilderment at the four naked beauties and the opulent surroundings, and waited for the B’rech’kian’s to realise that they had let him in the wrong room.

Taking his silence as permission, the K’tech at his feet raised slender arms and reached for his waistband. As soon as he felt the boy’s fingers fumbling with the unfamiliarity of his alien clothing, Chakotay’s brain snapped back into gear and he staggered backwards, desperately trying to ignore the way his cock had responded to the close proximity of the beautiful, if slightly plump, slave’s fingers.

"What the hell are you doing?" He roared at the boy in his panic and the K’tech collapsed into a terrified ball at his feet, cowering from his totally unexpected anger.

Chakotay immediately felt guilty. The slave was little more than a child, perhaps 16 or 17 and had obviously only been doing what he was trained to do. Oh the other hand, the B’rech’kian’s would undoubtedly have punished the slave for mistaking Chakotay as a master rather than a prisoner, so he had probably saved him from a beating.

"He has displeased you?" A booming voice rang out from behind Chakotay.

Chakotay turned in confusion to see the B’rech’k Captain entering the doorway, a look of fury on his face. In the flesh the alien was even more imposing, he stood almost seven foot in height.

Not waiting for an answer from the Commander, the alien stepped up to the slave, grabbed his blond hair and wrenched the K’tech’s tear-stained face up to meet his. Chakotay watched helplessly as the slave closed his brilliant blue eyes in terror and the B’rech’k captain drew a knife and slit the boys throat before Chakotay even realised what was happening.

"NO!" Chakotay screamed and pounded uselessly at the Captain’s broad back as the K’tech’s blood poured out around his lifeless body.  A red transporter beam emerged from the ceiling, bathed the corpse in its eerie light and both the body and the stain disappeared, leaving the floor gleaming again.

Then the alien turned to face Chakotay’s horrified expression.

"We are a long way from home and have a limited supply of K’tech. Please remember that before you allow one to displease you again." He chided

"You killed him!" Chakotay roared in outrage

The Captain shrugged. "It was necessary to kill ONE of them today. His failure to please you merely made him the obvious choice.  A second slaughter is NOT necessary. Therefore I would appreciate you keeping your temper under control from now on. I understand that you are a barbarian, but as a B’rech’k hostage you have a duty to at least try and act in a civilised manner."

Chakotay’s mind whirled as the alien murderer casually called HIM a barbarian. He realised with a sick feeling of guilt that his refusal to let the K’tech undress him had caused the boy’s death. It was imperative that he quickly learnt the rules of his new life before he inadvertently caused another innocent to suffer or die. Swallowing his hatred for the alien Captain he took a shaky breath.

"As you say, I am a barbarian." He said placatingly "Please explain what is expected of me so I can be more ‘civilised’"

The B’rech’k Captain slapped him heartily on the shoulder and grinned.

"Ah, at least you are a CLEVER little barbarian." The alien chuckled, "I guessed that when you swindled me out of that pretty K’tech of yours. I have to tell you I am still rather upset about that. On the other hand, you are probably a better acquisition. I fancied the novelty of a K’tech with brains but the rest of the crew found the idea too unnerving. Their stomachs quite turned over at the thought."

The word acquisition rolled around in Chakotay’s head.

"What exactly IS my status here?" He asked worriedly.

"Oh I’ll explain the details later," The Captain replied expansively

"Am I your K’tech?" Chakotay demanded

The alien looked quite ill at Chakotay’s question.

"You are B’rech’k, you can’t be a K’tech. What a disgusting thought." He said with an expression of horror. He looked at Chakotay as though the smaller man was mad and then suddenly he guffawed loudly.

"Oh, it was a joke! Ha! Ha! You have a strange sick sense of humour, little alien. You are lucky that I have a strong stomach. I must warn you though that my crew are more conservative and don’t appreciate such things. Try to be more sombre at dinner tonight." He warned quietly.

"What has happened to Voyager?"

The alien frowned in confusion and then his brow cleared

"Ah, your old ship? They have left. The defence grid was deactivated to allow their passage back out of B’rech’k space."

Chakotay sighed with relief.

"They said they would return to ransom you, but of course they won’t, none of them ever do." The alien said blithely "Just as well, of course. The B’rech’k would have died out millennia ago without the infusion of fresh blood into our gene pool."

Chakotay looked at the other man in amazement. "You mean this is all about kidnapping ‘breeding stock’?"

The Captain shuddered. "Please try to stop using K’tech terms when referring to people, it is most upsetting. You are so ungrateful. We have rescued you from your mundane life with those barbarians. Look around you and see how wonderful your life as a B’rech’k will be!" and he gestured expansively at the luxurious room and the three remaining K’tech.

Chakotay finally realised that the room was HIS, as presumably were the slaves. His prison was certainly not what he had expected. Of course, that didn’t make it any less a prison.

"Why do you use such an elaborate ruse to ‘rescue’ people?" Chakotay asked tightly

"Since you are all barbarians, only a Captain of an alien ship is likely to be suitable to join us. We only ever recruit the brightest and the best. We discovered that despite the obvious advantages we offer, most Captains were reluctant to voluntarily abandon their ships.  I assure you that almost all of them quickly decided they preferred their new lives, as will you."

Chakotay bit back his bitter denial. It seemed more politic to co-operate until he had a better grasp of what was going on.

"Why do you need outsiders for your gene pool?" He asked

The Captain stiffened a little. "As I have already said, I will explain the details later.  In the meantime your K’tech are waiting to serve you and prepare you for dinner.  It will be a chance for you to meet the rest of the crew and discuss what role on the ship you are most suited for.  We are still two months journey from B’rechnar and you will undoubtedly tire of just staying in your quarters, no matter how entertaining you may find them at first." He sniggered, looking pointedly at the K’tech.

"Remember what I told you though, a K’tech who displeases a B’rech’k must be put down immediately. It is the law, and we barely have enough to last us home." He admonished firmly and then swept out of the room before Chakotay could ask him what he meant by ‘barely having enough to last’.

As soon as the Captain exited, the three remaining K’tech exchanged terrified glances with each other until finally one of the bath attendants crept forwards on his hands and knees until he was in the position of his unfortunate predecessor.

The trembling boy slowly stripped him and Chakotay just stood and let him.  The situation was intolerable but he didn't dare risk refusing the slave’s attentions. His own disgust at being served in this fashion was drowned by his certain knowledge that his rejection of the K’tech would result in the boy’s death.

When he was finally naked he trembled a little himself in the certainty that he was undoubtedly being watched by more eyes than the six blue ones of his K’tech attendants. He suspected that the Captain’s slaughter of the first K’tech had been a deliberate lesson for his hostage. The only way that the B’rech’k Captain could have arrived at exactly the right moment to deliver that lesson was if he was monitoring Chakotay’s room.

So Chakotay merely bit his lip to stop himself from screaming in humiliated outrage as the blond head of the K’tech descended gently onto his groin and nibbled and licked him to arousal.

His body’s physical response to the boy’s ministrations brought a further crashing wave of guilt onto his already overburdened conscience. He was disgusted with himself that he could be aroused by the frantic touches of a slave who was in fear of his life.

As the blond head bobbed expertly up and down his erect shaft and his balls drew up into the tingling tightness that preceded orgasm, tears of shame began to pour down Chakotay’s face, yet he still screamed in ecstasy as the slave’s throat tightened and sucked him into orgasm. He pumped his essence deep into the boy’s welcoming throat until he was drained.

The K’tech then proceeded to lick him clean, with the tiny tongue strokes of a dainty cat and then sat back on his haunches and looked pleadingly at Chakotay’s face to see whether his performance had been satisfactory.

The naked terror in the blond’s eyes as he trembled in front of his new ‘master’ combined with the fact that the K’tech’s own penis was limp and shrunken in his lap in clear evidence that the slave had gained no pleasure at all from his act, made Chakotay feel absurdly like a rapist. Chakotay forced himself to smile at the boy, and although the expression was false it was enough to chase some of the shadows from the blue eyes and the boy stopped his terrible shivering.

Chakotay whispered "Thank you." And leant over to stroke the boy’s silken hair. He was aware he was treating the K’tech like a pet but given the boy’s whipped puppy behaviour it seemed a natural way to reassure him. His instinct was obviously correct because the K’tech finally gave a happy sigh and leant into him, rubbing himself with sensuous pleasure against Chakotay’s legs.

To Chakotay’s complete self-disgust he felt his cock responding to the boy’s actions and gently detaching himself from the K’tech before his body could betray him again he headed for the whirling spa and quickly descended into the warm water.

He lay back in the warm comfort and rested his head on the side of the bath. The only thought that was keeping him sane was the realisation that however soul-destroying it felt to have sex with a terrified slave, he had saved Tom from becoming one. The thought that Tom had nearly sacrificed himself to become a K’tech made his heart constrict with pain.

He had no doubt that the green probe would have found any suicide method Tom would have carried and Tom would have died on a cold alien floor with his throat slit ear to ear. As the Captain had said, it was the law that a displeasing K’tech was ‘put down’ and he knew that the pilot would never have allowed himself to be abused.

He knew that Tom would be suffering from guilt, that he would probably hate and curse his name forever, but at least the pilot was alive. To Chakotay, that was all that mattered, it was all that had ever mattered. No one on Voyager realised how he felt about Tom, particularly Tom himself. The Jonas debacle for instance. Everyone thought he was still angry with the pilot for deceiving him. The truth was, he wasn’t that petty. He knew Tom had been acting under orders. The reason he was still so mad about the incident was the casual way Tom had risked his life as though it was worth nothing.

Even today, when Tom had yelled "I’m dispensable." He had wanted to grab the pilot and shake him until some sense finally descended into that pig-headed, beautiful blond head. From the day he had first met the pilot he had been captivated. Even stinking drunk, underweight and full of arrogant bravado Tom had made his soul sing. He had tried to refuse Tom entrance into the Maquis, calling him a drunk but really knowing that he simply couldn’t bear the fact that one day he might have to cradle the younger man’s dead body in his arms.

He had almost had an orgasm on the day Tom was captured by the federation. He knew that Tom would be safe in Auckland, far away from the Maquis war and his health and welfare closely monitored by the Auckland wardens since no one would dare to face the wrath of his father, the Admiral.

When he had seen Tom on the bridge of Voyager he had wanted to scream. He had attacked the pilot, berating and accusing him, but all he had really wanted to say was "You were SAFE, you idiot! Why the hell did you risk your life AGAIN?"

He knew Tom hated him, had always hated him, and he didn’t care. In a way it made things easier. As a harsh, unforgiving, senior officer he had at least been able to curb Tom’s wild suicidal risk-taking nature (or at least sometimes). Had he ever let Tom know how he truly felt about him, he would have lost the ability to control him.

Or at least that was how he had justified these years of bitter animosity. Now, acknowledging that he would never see the pilot again, he bitterly regretted the way he had behaved. Perhaps if he had revealed his heart to the other man, he could have made Tom’s life easier and his self-respect higher.

On the other hand, his declaration of love might have just made the pilot run away even faster. He knew Tom wasn’t gay. He had happily romped through all the unattached females in both the Maquis and Voyager and never once even looked at any of the men, not even Geron who had been obviously drooling over him since first sight.

His reverie was disturbed as one of the K’tech knelt behind his head and began to carefully wash his hair for him, his fingers kneading Chakotay’s skull. Chakotay closed his eyes and relaxed back into the massage with a sigh of contentment. The sexual nature of the K’tech disturbed his conscience, but this kind of gentle pampering was innocent enough for him to enjoy.

Of course, the close proximity of the boy’s sex to his nostrils as his head was nestled on the back of the boy’s naked thighs, sent an unwelcome surge of excitement to his groin and he reached under the water and slowly ran surreptitious fingers up and down his cock.

Gently but firmly, a delicate hand under the water pried his fingers away and his gasp of dismay turned into a muffled scream as his cock was slowly drawn into a hot, tight embrace.

His eyes shot open and he saw one of the K’tech standing waist high in the water and descending his ass down onto Chakotay’s lap, slowly impaling himself onto his erection.

Chakotay’s automatic protest was silenced by a pleading look in the boy’s nervous eyes. He remembered he was being monitored and closed his eyes in resignation. The K’tech lowered himself until his ass hit Chakotay’s thighs and then he began to move himself up and down.

The delicious friction was unbelievable and despite himself Chakotay found his hands wrapped around the boy’s waist so that he could control the speed and depth of the strokes. Buoyed by the water, the K’tech’s body seemed weightless and he thrust the boy up and down on his lap, harder and faster until each descent sent floods of water spilling over the sides of the bath.

The K’tech who had undressed him earlier slipped into the bath beside them and dove under the water. A few seconds later Chakotay felt himself being rimmed by a hot eager tongue. His hips bucked in reaction and he pounded harder into the boy on his lap.

He felt a tongue probing hungrily into his ass in a furious rhythm, broken only by the boy’s occassional need to come up for air, and the K’tech behind his head leant over and offered him his mouth. Chakotay sucked hungrily at the sweet tongue and tangled it with his own.

The K’tech on his lap began to squeeze his anal muscles tightly and then the K’tech beneath the water thrust his tongue deeply into his ass. The combination of sensations took Chakotay over the edge and he screamed as his cock erupted a fountain of cum.

He blacked out for a moment, while the three K’tech carefully detached themselves from his spent body, and when he came to his senses again he opened his eyes into the grinning eyes of the Captain who was stood by the bath, offering a towel.

"See, I told you you’d like it here!" the alien smirked and then winked.

Chakotay flushed deeply. There was no point in denying that the experience had been the best sex he had even had wet dreams about let alone imagined. Chakotay was an honest man and wouldn’t allow himself the self-deception of pretending he hadn’t enjoyed the experience.

However, he could also honestly say that his most fervent wish was that it had never happened. He had been forced to perform by the knowledge that the B’rech’k were watching and his need to protect the three innocent slaves. He had had no choice. The knowledge helped him to assuage his guilt over his enjoyment but only increased his hatred for the B’rech’k Captain.

"They were ‘pleasing’" Chakotay confirmed and saw ‘his’ K’tech all sag with relief. He grabbed the towel and made a show of drying his hair so that he could hide his sudden tears.

"Dinner is in 30 minutes" The Captain advised him, "I’ll look forward to your company there." And with a jaunty wave he strode off again.

"Hope you enjoyed the show, you bastard" Chakotay muttered under his breath and then let his K’tech help him out of the bath.

They expertly dried him and then dressed him in one of the elaborate B’rech’k costumes. There were so many complex layers that Chakotay was actually grateful for their assistance. He noticed that they were now far more relaxed and were occasionally even jostling each other for the right to put the next layer of clothing on their new ‘master’.

Chakotay regarded them thoughtfully. All three were breathtakingly pretty although they were all slightly plump in his opinion. He decided it was either the fashion here or was due to their pampered existence (when they weren’t having their throats cut, of course, he reminded himself bitterly.)

"Can you speak?" He asked them, genuinely uncertain since none had even uttered a sound since he entered the room.

Six sky blue eyes met his in fear and then slowly all three nodded nervously.  Chakotay waited and then realised he had asked them whether they COULD speak, he hadn’t said that they were allowed too. Sorrow pierced his heart again at their obvious complete submission.  He remembered the Alien’s mention of breeding pens and realised that the K’tech were raised from babies to be slaves, they probably couldn’t even imagine a different life.

All the same, it seemed strange that NONE of them had even a spark of spirit, he thought. Then again, with instant death as the penalty for even the smallest lack of obedience, he realised that the fact these K’tech were in their late teens was proof in itself of their absolute tractability.

"What are your names?" He asked gently.

The three boys looked at each other in panicked confusion. Finally the boy who had ridden his lap dared to reply.

"We are K’tech, master." He mumbled hesitantly.

Chakotay frowned, saw the instant terror in the boy and corrected his expression into a smile.

"But what are your names?" He asked

The K’tech looked at each other helplessly and the braver boy gulped visibly before replying

"K’tech have no names. K’tech are K’tech, Master." And he flinched, sensing by instinct that his answer had angered his master despite Chakotay’s impassive mask.

Spirits, Chakotay breathed to himself in disbelief. They aren’t pets after all, even pets have names. The K’tech are just possessions to the B’rech’k. He was so angry he wanted to howl. Sod the bloody Prime Directive, he thought. If he had to play along with the B’rech’k, so be it, he decided.

Somehow, someday, he was going to take this sick society by the balls and rip it apart. He had seen atrocities in his life. He had seen things done both by and to the Cardassians that had scarred his soul, but never in his life had he met a race so arrogantly evil that they had subjugated people into the category of disposable objects, not even worthy of names.

This was ridiculous, he decided, he couldn’t just call them all "hey, you!" He turned to the trembling K’tech.

"You," he said pointing at the boy who had been brave enough to speak "Your name is Tate, it means wind."

The K’tech looked at him in complete bewilderment and then a tentative smile hovered over his plump pretty face as his lips silently tried the name out.

Chakotay pointed at the K’tech who had washed his hair. "You are Skan, it means sky." And then he turned to the last K’tech who was waiting in desperate hope and smiled "You are Wi, it means sun."

"Okay, which of you know where I have to go to eat?" He asked.

"Your choice, Master." Tate replied hesitantly.

Chakotay looked at him in puzzlement. Skan walked gracefully to the wall and touched the smooth surface. A previously invisible panel slid open to reveal a collection of collars, restraints, whips and some of the most obscene sexual toys Chakotay had ever seen. Skan reached in and retrieved a golden collar and chain and then returned, head bowed and offered it.

Understanding dawned as Chakotay remembered that the Alien bridge had shown all the B’rech’k with a personal slave in attendance. Presumably all the crew had a number of K’tech but they chose one to attend them publicly. He didn’t know what public function a K’tech played, but had a sickening feeling he was about to find out.

He looked uncertainly at the three slaves, and decided that Tate was the boldest and would be the better choice (and prayed he wasn’t subjecting the boy to some form of punishment).

However, Tate’s obvious glee at being chosen helped to put his mind at rest. He clipped the collar around the Tate’s neck and Tate then showed him how to fasten the end of the chain to his own belt. He started towards the door and noticed that Tate was surreptitiously wiping his eyes.

"What’s wrong, Tate?" He asked gently

The K’tech trembled nervously but realised Chakotay had no intention of moving until he spoke. "Forgive a K’tech, Master." Tate mumbled, now beginning to shake.

"What is it?" Chakotay demanded.

"Is master displeased?" Tate finally sobbed

Chakotay didn’t know what he had done to make the K’tech so distressed. He was sure he had interpreted the collar correctly. They were running out of time, so he didn’t have time to deal with Tate more sympathetically, he was terrified the K’tech would be blamed for his lateness.

"Tell me NOW what is wrong." He snapped and Tate flinched but finally answered

"I do not have the K’tech’nar." Tate whimpered.

"What is K’tech’nar?" Chakotay asked in exasperation.

Tate just rubbed his hands nervously over his bare chest and groin. For a moment Chakotay was none the wiser and then he remembered the ornate body jewellery he had seen on the personal K’tech.  Obviously the jewellery was a mark of favour and taking Tate out completely unadorned was unbearably humiliating for the slave.

Chakotay turned to Wi and Skan, "Quickly!" He said to them and they needed no other instruction, they ran to the secret cupboard, collected the jewellery and proceeded to adorn Tate with jewel encrusted ear, nipple and cock rings.

Then, smiling happily again, Tate led him unerringly through the maze of corridors to the dining hall. Chakotay was bewildered that despite the fact that the K’tech were completely submissive and docile, they obviously had their own hierarchy and pecking order. He was pleased that Tate had felt able to ‘complain’ about his ignorance and he had a feeling that giving the K’tech the identity of names had sparked a tiny bit of self-respect in them after all.

He realised he would have to be careful how far he let them go. As much as he wanted to treat them as his equals, he knew that it was their lives that he risked with his ‘radical’ ideas.

An arch appeared in the wall of the corridor and Chakotay was assaulted by the raucous sounds of a gathering of hungry B’rech’k. In the middle of the huge, high-ceilinged room, seated B’rech’k and their kneeling slaves surrounded a long table. He could vaguely make out what appeared to be a large suckling pig being carved in the centre. The distinct smell of barbequed pork made his nose wrinkle in disgust and he hoped that they could cater for his vegetarian diet or he was going to get very hungry, very fast.

"Ah ha! Our new crewmember!" The Captain shouted over the rabble, raising a huge goblet and waving it in a decidedly drunken welcome. Half the contents spilled over his K’tech’s head and the Captain frowned in annoyance, then smirked and bent down to lick it off.

Chakotay recoiled in disgust, even Klingons had more decorum he decided as he saw that several of the crew were being sucked off by their K’tech as they speared chunks of white meat with daggers  and swilled it down with wine.

Tate pulled him towards an empty space at the table and then nearly fell over backwards when the chain on his collar went unexpectedly taut. He turned in consternation to his master and began to tremble in guilty fear at the look of complete outrage on Chakotay’s face. With typical K’tech thinking, he assumed it was he who had displeased his master, and he cowered fearfully.

Chakotay was frozen to the spot, his eyes fixed in disbelieving horror as he stared at the middle of the table.

Finally he understood the Captain’s earlier comment about the K’tech he had killed.

He understood why the K’tech had no names.

He even realised that he had been wrong to interpret the word K’tech as meaning slave. K’tech obviously meant cattle.

He looked into the opaque eyes of the K’tech who had been butchered in his quarters, passed over the glazed fruit that decorated the boy’s charred mouth and his eyes travelled down to the plump chest that had been carved to expose several white ribs.

And Chakotay fainted.