By Morticia

Part 12

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17 ***WARNING*** This is NOT a nice story, there is rape and pain and psychological torture.

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Hostage by Morticia

Chakotay stared disbelievingly at the pilot.  He had expected Tom to hate him, to despise him and perhaps even blame him for what had happened. He knew that Tom understood that if they left together they would have to maintain their symbiotic sexual relationship until they found a cure. IF they found a cure.

On the other hand, what other choice did either of them have?

If they stayed on the ship Chakotay couldnít guarantee that another Bírechík wouldnít take Tom and he had an instinctive feeling that it was the fact that he had not attempted to penetrate Tom that had made Tom accept the situation.

"Are you sure, Tom?" He asked quietly and Tom flushed but met his eyes and gave another shrug.

"I donít see that thereís any point denying the facts, Commander. Itís a disease we both have and we seem to be dependent on each other.  The only hope we have is to try and catch up with Voyager and see if the Doctor can cure us, so the sooner we get going the more chance we have."

Keysh listened to the exchange in bewilderment and then suddenly realisation struck him.

"You arenít a wild kítech at all," he accused Tom, "youíre the pilot kítech from Chakotayís ship."

Both Tom and Chakotay looked at him in alarm but the Doctor just started to laugh until tears literally poured down his face.

"Poor Captain Ikton. He was so upset when Chakotay ruined his plan to get you AND Chakotay. After youíve gone Iím going to enjoy letting him know he had both of you after all. But how did you get here?"

"I came after you in a cloaked ship," Tom admitted. He had heard enough of the conversation before he had interrupted to trust the Bírechík doctor. "Itís in your docking bay."

"So you came here alone to get your master back?"

"Yes," Tom replied and Chakotay looked at Tom anxiously but then decided the pilot was only agreeing with the term to simplify the explanation.

"So you arrived undetected and can leave the same way?"

"As long as we can get to the ship," Chakotay confirmed.

"Good," Keysh replied with a grin.

"Will you help us, then?" Tom asked.

"I have to. I know you wonít believe me, but my people ARENíT all monsters, just cowards perhaps. There have been voices of dissent for a long time but no one was ever brave enough to speak out against the majority.

"Ikton is Captain of this ship because his family are politically powerful. When he returns home in disgrace, having lost you both, it will cause enough embarrassment to his family to give me a chance to turn opinion against them."

"You sound as though you have political ambitions yourself, Keysh," Chakotay said with a shrewd look at the doctor.

Keysh flushed a little and then shrugged. "Only a fool would believe that such a major change could be achieved without political allegiances. To be honest, I think that more people will be swayed to my cause if I offer them positions in a new government than because I prick their conscience."

Chakotay nodded. He was glad Keysh was a realist. Bírechíknar wouldnít change overnight but he suspected that the Doctor was going to at least start the first trickle that would eventually become a river of hope for the kítech.

"Can we get to the docking bay without being stopped?" Chakotay asked.

"Your Kítech will have to wear the Kítechínar, of course. Otherwise you will be inviting any Bírechík you meet to share him with you."

Chakotay looked at Tom and the pilot sighed but nodded his agreement.

"Tom will wear the Kítechínar then," Chakotay told Keysh.

The Doctor looked at Tom thoughtfully. "At least I know now why he reacted like he was going through the change. It could be a problem for you though. He may not be able to provide you with enough essence alone. Until he is fully Kítech he will not regenerate his essence as quickly."

"How long does it take for a Kítech to fully change?" Chakotay asked.

"Two or three weeks, but then again they are usually far younger than ĎTomí. I donít know if that means it will take him less time or more."

"So we may have to stay here for another week before we leave?" Chakotay asked worriedly.

"We canít Chakotay," Tom muttered angrily, "the longer we are here, the more chance weíll be caught. Besides, another week and Voyager will be so far ahead of us that weíll never catch her up."

"I have an idea," Keysh said excitedly, "if you wait until after tonightís dinner and lend me one of your kítech for the evening then afterwards we could all go straight to the docking bay. The crew will be drunk and anyway no one would suspect the presence of two kítech with two Bírechík. That way you can take both with you, Chakotay. It would be far safer for you and easier on Tom."

Chakotayís face relaxed. This way he could not only save Wi or Skan but also make the experience less humiliating for Tom.

"No fucking way," Tom hissed angrily.

Both Chakotay and Keysh looked at him in surprise.

"I know I might have a reputation as an easy lay, and you might not be my idea of a dream date, Chakotay, but Iím damned if Iím going to share you with one of those sluts."

Chakotay heard the unmistakable jealousy in Tomís voice and nearly fell over. If only he could believe Tomís feelings were genuine he would have been the happiest man alive but he knew it was the disease speaking.

"Tom, youíre confused. We arenít having a relationship here. This is an illness and itís the best solution for both of us. Besides, donít you want to save one of the other kítech?" He asked reasonably.

"Why?" Tom demanded petulantly, "Keysh can look after them, canít he?" and he looked angrily at the Doctor.

"Of course I wouldnít allow either Wi or Skan to return to the larder," Keysh confirmed "but thatís not the point. Chakotayís needs may be greater than you can provide yet."

"So do something to speed the disease up," Tom demanded, "there must be some drug or something that would hasten the change."

"There IS a hormonal injection I could give you. Itís used to hasten puberty in Kítech children and would probably increase the speed of your change," Kítech said helpfully.

"I canít believe this," Chakotay spat, "weíre supposed to be finding a CURE, not making things worse."

Tom folded his arms across his chest and his blue eyes blazed. "Iím NOT sharing you," he hissed.

"What the hellís wrong with you?" Chakotay cried and surged forward in the water to shake some sense into the younger man.

Tom cringed away, his face flooded with sudden terror and he tried to scramble out of the bath. His flailing panicked reaction was so unlike Tom Paris, so obviously kítech, that it was enough to make Chakotay stop his approach and instead turn helplessly back to Keysh.

"Itís the change," Keysh told him sadly, "sometimes it takes the kítech this way. They will rip each other apart rather than let another touch their master. Itís seen as fault, of course. Their jealousy tends to interfere with a masterís pleasure. To be honest this makes it too dangerous for you to stay any longer. Should someone witness him being aggressive to your other kítech, heíll be put down."

"So we have to leave today," Chakotay said firmly.

The Doctor nodded his agreement. "I will get the equipment to do the piercing," he said and left without further comment.

Chakotay reached his hand out for Tom and this time the younger man took it and allowed himself to be pulled out of the bath.

Wi and Skan rushed forwards as Chakotay reached for the towels and Tom hissed so angrily at their approach that Chakotay had to wave them back.

He turned to Tom with concern. Tom was fairly bristling with outrage, baring his teeth at the other kítech like a territorial cat.

"I know you are being affected by the disease, Tom, so a lot of your feelings and reactions are out of your control, but I still donít understand why you are being so aggressive to Wi and Skan."

Tom flinched and ducked his eyes from Chakotayís scrutiny. He took a deep breath and tried desperately to find a thread of coherent thought through the senseless rush of his emotions.

When he finally spoke, his voice was bitter.

"I know Iím letting the disease control me, Chakotay, but itís more than that. Itís not JUST the disease. Itís about me too, Tom Paris, and how I feel."

"How do you feel, Tom?" Chakotay asked curiously.

"Youíve never trusted me, Commander. No matter what I did, it was never good enough. I risked my life to come and rescue you but all youíve done is call me a fool. Even now, when we NEED each other, when we are using MY ship to escape, youíd rather trust your life on a kítech than me. Shit, youíd even rather be fucked by a mindless slave than let me near your ass again."

"Youíve got it all wrong, Tom. Itís not that I donít trust you or want you but that I canít bear to hurt you and use you. Canít you see that we would both have a greater chance of survival if we could take one of them with us?"

"I donít care!" Tom replied angrily.

Chakotayís reply was interrupted by Keyshís return. He watched in fascination as the Doctor made quick and apparently painless work of piercing Tomís earlobes and nipples.

Wi fetched the Kítechínar and passed them carefully to his master while keeping one wary eye on the new kítech who had started a low growling at his approach.

Chakotay watched Tomís burning anger with concern. It seemed that the kítech infection had grabbed on Tomís own insecurity and was using it as a weapon against them both. Tomís usual resentment towards Chakotay was obviously being twisted by the disease into an intense sexual jealousy and the most worrying thing was that he was almost enjoying Tomís behaviour.

Keysh took the Kítechínar and adorned Tom. Chakotay had to avert his eyes. Even without the Bírechík infection he would have found Tom irresistible like this. Tomís hair curled past his shoulder blades in two golden waves. Keysh had tucked the long tresses behind Tomís ears so that the sky-blue jewels in the earrings were exposed. The jewels enhanced Tomís eyes and the smooth flawless line of his cheeks and jaw.

Matching stones pierced each of Tomís pink nipples and were joined by several loose golden chains that fell in progressive lengths until the longest just swept the top of Tomís golden pubic hair.

Tomís groin was bound by a golden cock-ring that thrust his penis forwards to arc over a jewel encrusted filigree pouch that simultaneously displayed and yet revealed his heavy scrotum.

Chakotay swallowed heavily and tried not to notice how much Tomís blushing cheeks added to the overall effect as the pilot frantically tried to cover his brutally exposed groin with his hands.

"Which of your kítech do you wish to take with you?" Keysh asked when he was satisfied Tom would pass inspection.

Chakotay looked at Wi and Skan who were now knelt in docile obedience at the foot of the huge bed. How the hell could he choose between them?

Keysh noticed his quandary and attempted to reassure him. "As the Doctor, I can claim any kítech I say are necessary for my medical experiments. Even Ikton canít prevent me taking them. I swear whichever one you leave will be safe with me."

"Wonít you get into trouble for helping me?"

"I will say you caught me by surprise, knocked me out and then took the kítech and vanished. No one will suspect me. After all the Kureishi I drink tonight, I will just claim to have been too drugged to understand what was happening."

"But how will I manage to stay sober?" Chakotay asked as remembered his last visit to the dining hall.

"Just pretend to drink. As long as you respond to Tom and he plays his part with enough enthusiasm, no one will notice."

Chakotay looked over at Tom.  Tom had finally stopped trying the impossible task of trying to hide his genitals and was instead glaring at Chakotay with hurt and resentment. He didnít understand that Chakotay was trying to make the situation more bearable for them both. All he knew was that he had offered himself to Chakotay and the other man had decided that he wasnít enough for him.

Chakotay could almost read his dejected thoughts but he would still have ignored Tomís feelings except for his realisation that he couldnít take Tom to the dining hall.

Firstly, there was always the good chance that Tom would completely freak out when he saw the meat and therefore give himself away to the Bírechík but most importantly, it had been one thing for Tom to take care of their mutual needs in private, but seeing the younger manís distress at being naked in front of Keysh, he knew that Tom would never manage to walk into the crowded dining room and then service him publicly.

Secondly, if Tom's jealousy increased with the progression of the change it would be unthinkably dangerous on Nellix's tiny ship. Chakotay was already aware of how his own extra size and height would fill the tiny space.  The idea of two K'tech fighting over him in such confined quarters while he was lost in his own k'tech-lust didn't bear contemplation.

"We will go alone," he told Keysh firmly.

Tom gave an ecstatic yelp and threw himself into Chakotayís arms.  Chakotay squeezed him in a comforting hug. Tom seemed so small pressed against him like this. The top of his head barely touched Chakotayís chin and the older man suddenly felt his body to be both too monstrously huge and yet perfectly designed for Tom to snuggle into.

Another yelp came from Tom, this time definitely one of pain and Chakotay released him guiltily, sure he had squeezed too tight before he saw Keysh removing a needle from Tomís buttocks. Keysh looked up at him and gave a guilty grin.

"I brought the hormone, just in case," he confessed. "If you are leaving youíd better go soon. Once they notice you havenít arrived in the Dining Hall, a guard will be sent to monitor you. It might be an idea to take some essence from Wi and Skan before you go, that way you will be able to get further away before you are overcome with need."

"No," Chakotay and Tom said simultaneously.

Chakotayís eyes met Tomís and understanding passed between them. It was too late now to change their minds, the dice were set and now that they only had each other to depend on, the trust had to begin right here and now.

Keysh realised they wouldn't change their minds so merely nodded. "Weíll leave the room together as though we are all going to my office since that will put you on the right side of the ship. I will escort you as far as the lift. Level 9 will bring you out beneath the engine room and there is a maintenance shaft that will take you to the docking bay," he explained.

Apologetically Chakotay snapped one of the golden collars around Tomís slender neck and tucked the chain into his belt as Tate had taught him.

He was struck with sudden sorrow at the thought of the kítech and despite the urgency he stopped and regarded Wi and Skan sadly. Despite everything he had become genuinely fond of the pair. He felt guilty for leaving them behind but could at least comfort himself with the knowledge that his arrival had not only saved them from the larder but had possibly helped spark the revolution which would finally free their people.

Perhaps Wi and Skan would never know freedom from fear, but at least their descendents might.

"You will look after them, wonít you?" he asked Keysh and the Bírechík gave him a solemn promise that was almost drowned by Tomís growl.

Chakotay gave him a sharp slap on his naked butt. "Behave," he hissed, deciding that if Tom was going to behave like a badly behaved dog, heíd treat him like one.

The slap was remarkably effective. Tom ceased his snarling, blushed remarkably prettily and followed him out of the door without any further complaint.

Maybe I should have tried that when he smart-mouthed me on Voyager, Chakotay thought, with an ironic grin.

The corridor was thankfully deserted and they made good time as they headed towards Keyshís office. Chakotay had just begun to believe they had wasted their time putting the Kítechínar on Tom when they turned a corner and nearly ran into two Bírechík crewmen. The Bírechík saluted and stepped back to let them pass since both Keysh and Chakotay wore the robes of senior officers but their eyes devoured Tom hungrily and one of them reached out and ran a hand down Tomís flank as he passed.

Tom scurried away from the touch with a terrified yelp until he was tucked into Chakotayís side and the older man could feel his trembling as they walked quickly down the corridor.

"Itís okay, weíre nearly there," he whispered softly.

They finally reached the lift and Chakotay stopped long enough to take Keyshís hand.

"Thank you, and good luck," he said to the Doctor.

"Good luck to you, Chakotay. Good bye, Tom," and for the first time in centuries a Bírechík offered his hand to a kítech as an equal.

Tom hesitated a moment but then took the huge hand and gave the Bírechík a smile of sincere gratitude. "Thank you, Keysh, and, and, um, take care of Wi and Skan for Chakotay, huh?" and he blushed.

Chakotayís heart sang as he heard Tomís words. Theyíd be okay, he decided. Somehow they WERE going to get through this. They might be Bírechík and Kítech now, but underneath, where it really mattered, they WERE both still human.

"Go," Keysh hissed as he heard the echo of footsteps coming in their direction from down the corridor.

Chakotay grabbed Tomís hand and they dove into the lift. As the door closed he gave Keysh a last smile of gratitude and then they were alone as the lift descended.

It was almost an anti-climax when the lift opened into a deserted room and they simply walked down the maintenance shaft to the waiting ship. Chakotay half-expected Ikton to come rushing out from a secret hiding place and tell them it had all been an elaborate trap.

Then, as they entered the small cockpit, his stomach lurched in case Ikton was waiting inside.

Even as Tom powered up the engines, Chakotay waited for the tingle of a transporter beam and then as they made a cautious exit from the docking bay his mouth went dry with memory of the Bírechík tractor beam.

"Cloaking device and shields activated, thrusters at maximum and warp engines on line, here we go," Tom gushed happily and Chakotay felt a shudder as the tiny shipís engines engaged and shot them away from the Bírechík vessel.

It wasnít until the Bírechík vessel disappeared from their sensors that Chakotay finally believed they had done it.

"Weíre free, Tom. Weíre free!" he whooped ecstatically and grabbed the pilot in a bear hug.

"Can I take this fucking cock ring off then before my dick falls off?" Tom griped with none of his earlier subservience as his groin was mashed into Chakotayís bulk.

Chakotay let go of him in embarrassment. "Yes, sure Tom. Of course."

"Is there any point in me getting dressed?" Tom asked pointedly.

Chakotay took the question as seriously as it was asked. "Iím okay for a few more hours I think if you are. Iíd like to get as far away as possible just in case."

Tom nodded. "Okay, you take the helm for a bit while I find something to put on."

"Tom?" Chakotay called out as the pilot moved away

"Yeah?" Tom asked easily

Chakotay dipped his head in embarrassment. "Nothing, sorry."

Tom narrowed his eyes suspiciously.


"Nothing, it was stupid, it doesnít matter," Chakotay said, blushing furiously.

Tom crossed his arms across his chest and glared at him threateningly. The effect was rather undermined by his nakedness, Chakotay noticed, and he almost smiled despite his own embarrassment.

"WHAT?" Tom demanded

"I shouldnít have even thought it, let alone say it out loud," Chakotay mumbled apologetically

"Thought WHAT?" Tom spat irritably

Chakotay gave a sigh of defeat and looked down at his own lap bashfully as he softly confessed.

"I was going to ask you to leave the other Kítechínar on" he whispered shamefully, "Iím sorry, I told you I shouldnít have even thought it."

Chakotay waited for Tomís justified fury. Here they were, free at last and he had asked Tom to continue to wear the marks of slavery just to satisfy some nameless lust of his own.

He heard the soft slap of Tomís bare feet as the pilot approached and he braced himself for the punch he knew was coming. He deserved it, he knew, and he wouldnít deny Tomís need to release his anger.

So the gentle hand that stroked his cheek made him jerk in surprise. He looked up into Tomís eyes and instead of scorn he fond a soft understanding that shocked him to his core.

"Letís be honest with each other, Chakotay, please. We have to be able to express our needs. Weíre alone out here and our bodies are out of control. All we can do is be honest with each other. If you want me to wear them itís okay. I can live with that. What I canít deal with is if you canít trust me enough to say what you need from me."

Chakotay grasped Tomís hand and pulled it so that he could kiss the palm. Tom hissed in surprise.

"You want me to be honest, Tom?" Chakotay asked quietly wondering whether he was brave enough to admit that it hadnít been the Bírechík in him that had spoken, that his love and desire for the pilot had preceded the disease by several years. "Itís not that I donít trust you. I know what I need as a Bírechík, just as you do as a Kítech and agree that the only way we can survive this is by letting those mutual needs be satisfied."

"So whatís the problem?" Tom asked in confusion. "Itís not like we are pretending we love each other or anything stupid. We have a disease. We both need sex, it makes us feel good, and it keeps us alive, its no big deal. When the Doc cures us we can both shake hands and move on. In the meantime we canít help it so we may as well try and enjoy it."

Chakotay looked deeply into Tomís eyes. They were clear and honest. Tom really meant it, he realised. Tom had faced up to the situation, decided it couldnít be helped and was determined to make the most of it. He was even willing to wear the Kítechínar if it was what Chakotay wanted. Not because he cared but because he didnít.

If they found Voyager, if they were cured, Tom would simply shrug and walk away, putting the whole thing down to experience.

Chakotay had never felt more miserable and alone. His confession of love died in his throat.

"Youíre right, Tom. We shouldnít be embarrassed. Itís the disease, like you said. It doesnít mean anything."´