By Morticia

Part 11

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17 ***WARNING*** This is NOT a nice story, there is rape and pain and psychological torture.

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Hostage by Morticia

Tom woke to the sound of low voices. He was aware of a wonderful smell and his nostrils flared happily. His eyes fluttered open and he discovered that he was wrapped tightly around Chakotay, his legs entwined with Chakotayís meaty thighs, his left cheek snuggled into Chakotayís smooth stomach and his vision dominated by a huge purple-veined throbbing shaft.

The awareness that his nose was mere inches from Chakotayís rearing erection and that the smell he was craving was emanating from that organ made him jump up in horror and scoot backwards in the bed until the headboard trapped him.

Freed of Tomís body, Chakotay hauled himself up to a sitting position, pulled the sheets up to cover himself and continued his conversation with Keysh without missing a beat.

Yet the Bírechíkís eyes narrowed at the Kítechís unusual behaviour. Chakotay was evidently in need and the Kítech should have been desperate to ease his master. He had seen the way the Kítech had been slowly traversing Chakotayís body in his sleep, naturally seeking the scent that was so irresistible. He had even seen the Kítechís nostrils flaring excitedly, and so Tomís subsequent hasty withdrawal concerned him greatly.  He wondered whether the boy was ill.

"You, Kítech, come here," he snapped at Tom.

Tomís eyes sought Chakotayís in panic but all he saw was the black glittering eyes of a Bírechík. Then a tiny smile twitched at Chakotayís mouth and he gave a nod. Tom realised that Chakotay was trying to reassure him that the other Bírech'k wouldnít harm him, but to be honest, Tom wasnít sure that even Chakotay wouldnít harm him given his current state of arousal.

He swallowed heavily and then accepted he really didnít have any choice in the matter.  He crawled forwards, trying to hide his nakedness and particularly his own morning erection that was jutting embarrassingly as he shuffled toward the strange Bírechík.

He felt a little weird and disorientated. The musky smell of Chakotay wouldnít leave his nose and it was becoming cloying. Every breath he took made him a little more light-headed and confused.

Tom didnít know it, but the slow progression of the disease through his body had been given a new burst of rapid growth by his hours in Chakotayís arms as skin on skin their perspiration glands had exchanged fluid. All he knew was that he felt almost drunk on the strange sensations in his body.

He stiffened and yelped when the strange Bírechík laid one inquisitive hand on his forehead and then the other on his groin.

"What are you doing?" Chakotay snapped angrily at the Doctor.

"Heís slightly fevered and his behaviour is most odd," Keysh told him sadly, "I understand how attached you become to your Kítech, Chakotay, and I am concerned that this new choice of yours is ill. It would explain his thinness too. I think it would be best if you changed him before you grow too fond of him."

"No," Chakotay cried in panic.

"I canít risk the spread of infection, Chakotay. Iím sorry but to be on the safe side Iím going to have to return him to Baddiel. It's odd, the symptoms are almost as though he is going through the change himself although itís impossible of course, heís many years past puberty."

"Heís not ill," Chakotay, said desperately, "heís probably just exhausted. I took a great deal of essence from him last night."

"Not enough, obviously." Keysh told him bluntly, looking at the bulge that tented the sheets over Chakotayís lap. He looked thoughtfully at the Kítech who had gone white at his mention of Baddiel.

"He needs to share essence with you, Chakotay but he doesnít even seem to realise it. Given his age, it HAS to be a sign of illness."

"Heís not very intelligent," Chakotay improvised wildly, "heís a wild Kítech."

Keysh regarded Tom with interest. "That could be it, of course. A lot of the farms donít even teach the Kítech to speak, let alone serve. Perhaps he is so used to simply having his essence taken that he doesnít understand it is something he himself also needs."

Both Chakotay and Tom listened in growing horror to Keyshís unwitting confirmation that the sexual imperative in Kítech WAS as great as that of the Bírechík.

Keysh pulled back the sheet to reveal Chakotayís lap. The heat emanating from Chakotayís groin hit Tomís face in a wave of musk and he moaned. Suddenly Keysh reached out, grabbed Tom by the hair and dragged him until his face was inches from the swollen cock.

Chakotay gave a roar of anger and tried to get up to help Tom but his movement forced the tip of his penis against Tomís mouth and they both gasped with the electric tingle of the contact. Tom moaned again. Although some part of his brain was screaming outrage at the proximity of the Commanderís cock to his mouth, still he found his tongue moving of itís own volition and pushing out of his lips to dip into the glistening glans.

As Tomís tongue touched him Chakotayís flesh sucked hungrily at the saliva, draining the essence into himself. Tomís mouth was on fire with the tingling suction. It sent waves of bliss back through his throat, cutting off all ability to think or even to see. His mouth opened as the need to increase the sensation caused him to blindly wrap his lips around the flesh that was burning him with sensations of pure pleasure.

Chakotay was writhing under his mouth, lost in pure Bírechík lust as the Kítech began to bob excitedly up and down his shaft with greedy enthusiasm. He lost all awareness of who he was. A vague thought that this was wrong; that the kítech shouldnít be doing this, was drowned in his own bodyís imperative.

He was Bírechík.

Chakotayís first orgasm ripped into Tomís throat and the semen quickly dissipated and transmuted into the younger man. Thus fed the disease raged to faster progression, surging through Tomís bloodstream, changing cell after cell, molding and shaping every molecule of Tomís body.

Then the surge slowed as the last of the Bírechík essence was burnt out and Tomís body responded with a screaming need for more.

Tom sobbed and arched his spine in agony. Maddened by his hunger he dragged his mouth up and down the source of his earlier bliss, sucking desperately in his need.

Again his mouth filled with the Bírechík essence and it burst on his taste buds before sinking inexorably into his bloodstream and stoking the fire once more.

Keysh watched the proceedings with awe and a little envy. Had he realised wild kítech were so passionate, he would have claimed one long before, he decided. As far as he could tell, Chakotay and his new kítech were going to be occupied for several hours yet. They were both lost in their passion, their eyes glazed blind with mutual greed.  As a doctor, he knew it was impossible to stop a rut this intense without irrevocably harming the participants, but he had never actually experienced it with his eyes before and he was too fascinated to leave.

He sat back in his chair thoughtfully. He HAD heard tales of Bírechík so completely satisfied by a personal Kítech that they had needed no other essence and he had dismissed them as idle rumours, yet seeing Chakotay and this wild kítech he began to wonder if it could be true. For some reason, the blood of these two seemed to resonate at the same frequency and they were locked together as though they were one flesh. He could almost see the essence running back and forth between them with a speed and fury that was almost frightening.

Both Chakotay and the boy were pouring with perspiration now and it was literally steaming where the kítechís inner thighs straddled his masterís legs. Keysh could see the liquid sizzle as it flowed between their open pores.

He had come here to give Chakotay terrible news, but suddenly he wondered whether it really mattered. He had spent the last day attempting to fulfill his promise to Chakotay to provide essence via injections. Unfortunately, within minutes of leaving the Kítech bodies the property of the essence died.

He KNEW he could come up with an answer eventually, a way to preserve the properties of the substance, but it wasnít going to happen overnight. Chakotay was going to have to continue to absorb the essence naturally. At least for the foreseeable future.

He sat there for nearly an hour before the kítech finally released his masterís cock from his mouth and sat back on his haunches in confusion. The blue eyes were wide and unseeing and the kítechís face seemed softer and younger somehow.

Chakotay writhed angrily at the removal of the kítechís mouth. Still the heat burned in him and he was shuddering with unfulfilled need.

The kítechís blank eyes looked helplessly at Keysh. Keysh knew that the kítech had absorbed sufficient of his masterís essence to quieten the raging in his body, but that a kítechís needs were so much less than a Bírechíkís, hence the usual practice of keeping several of them. He started to gesture another of Chakotayís kítech to take the new kítechís place when a strange sound stopped him.

The kítech was swaying senselessly over his masterís body, keening in distress.

Tom had lost all ability to think. All he was aware of was the need to please the body below him. He didnít know why. He didnít even know how. All he was aware of was a need to slake the heat in the groin of the other. He shuddered and wailed in confusion.

Keysh watched the kítechís distress with pity. Again the boyís behaviour reminded him of the horrendous moment when a kítech child was finally overcome by puberty and discovered that his body had adapted so that no pain or pleasure or fear could withstand the imperative to please a Bírechík.

If Chakotay was right, and Keysh was beginning to believe that he was, the adaptation of the kítech made complete sense. Since the Bírechík needed the kítech essence and needed the kítech to service them to give it in the necessary dosage, it was obviously also necessary that the kítech would be unable to refuse to give it.

The dynamics of the symbiosis worked. Bírechík were larger, stronger and brighter. They were supposed to be the hunters and gatherers, protecting the smaller weaker kítech. In return the kítech would freely donate their essence to give their warriors strength. Unlike the Bírechík the kítech could survive without sex, but the inability to fulfill their need to satisfy a Bírechík made their brains shut down with a clinical depression until they were little more than mindless cattle.

That was why the disease prevented the birth of many females. It was necessary to retain the relationship of kítech and Bírechík and females were therefore only necessary for reproduction. The 20% proportion of female kítech to male worked in their society only because of forced breeding but if the k'tech werenít being bred for meat the equation would be naturally sufficient, he had realised.

Which had brought him to the question of the Bírechík. The female population was less than 3% and rapidly dwindling. The Bírechík were becoming sterile.

He had always been taught that it was the disease that was causing the problem, now he was almost positive that it was actually the meat that was killing them.

His introspection was interrupted as Chakotay gave a roar of outrage at the cessation of attention to his needs. He rolled over on to his stomach and raised himself on his hands and knees, thrusting his buttocks in demand.

Wi and Skan rushed forwards but Keysh stopped them with an imperious wave. The wild kítech was still kneeling on the bed, his face wet with confused tears as Chakotayís distress washed over him in painful waves.

To be honest, Keyshís next actions were more of an experiment than any genuine desire to help the grief-stricken kítech. He needed to know if it was truly possible for a lone kítech to control and slake the need of a master who had not ingested the meat. If the wild kítech could satisfy Chakotay, it would prove to him that the Bírechík truly didnít need the meat.

Eagerly he took hold of the bewildered kítech and dragged him until he was knelt between his masterís thighs.

Chakotay was grunting loudly now and rocking backwards so that his thighs were slapping the kítechís legs. Still the kítech froze in motionless confusion. Keysh summoned Wi for ointment and began to lathe the lubrication over the kítechís penis as he rubbed it to arousal.

The alien fingers squeezing and kneading him to hardness finally broke through the haze that had descended on Tom at the first taste of Chakotayís cock. He moaned and gasped in horror as he realised that he had spent over an hour sucking on his Commanderís cock as though it was the most delicious item he had ever found in his mouth.

Shit! Shit! Shit! He was knelt between Chakotayís spread thighs, his cock inches from the Commanderís ass and his body filled with the unbelievable desire to plunge inwards.

Iím going to rape Chakotay; he realised and gave a high-pitched sob of panic.

He felt Keyshís hands grab his waist and felt himself being forced towards Chakotayís opening.

"NO!" he screamed threshing wildly but the huge Bírechík ignored his struggles and pushed him until the tip of his cock was in position.

"NO!" Tom screamed again. He wanted to die at that moment before he violated the only man he had ever cared about.

He suddenly realised that the Commander was everything he had always wanted to be. Strong, calm and in control.  Dammit, even as a Bírechík he had managed to put Tomís safety before his own needs and now Tom was going to do to Chakotay what Baddiel had done to him and he couldnít bear it.

Strength born of sheer panic infused him and he pushed back against Keyshís hands, refusing to be thrust into Chakotayís body.

For a moment time froze as Tom pushed back, unable to escape but refusing to move forward and then with a roar of need Chakotay arched his spine and bucked backwards to impale himself.

Tom felt his cock slide easily into the hottest, tightest embrace he could imagine and then the walls of Chakotayís ass closed tightly around him, trapping him in place. He felt Keyshís hands leave his waist and he tried to pull out but Chakotayís ass wouldnít release him.

He beat frantically on Chakotayís back.

"Let me go, Chakotay. Please let me go. Donít make me do this."

For a moment he thought Chakotay was going to obey as the pressure on his cock changed slightly but then he felt the rippling waves up and down his shaft, pushing and pulling, squeezing and kneading him.

"Jesus, what the hell are you doing?" He screeched as a feeling of vacuum dragged his balls tight and the pressure in his groin became agonising. He felt as though Chakotay was ripping his cock off his body. The pain was so intense he screamed and in the midst of that scream he felt his balls tighten again and then he erupted into Chakotay.

He screamed again with the pain pleasure of his release and he felt Chakotayís ass filling with his cum. Then his body was wracked by an electric backlash as his essence began to change and sizzle inside the Commander. A surge of pure bliss shot back through his groin and rushed through him so quickly that the blood left his head and then unbelievably descended to his cock.

He felt himself hardening again, filling the other manís ass and Chakotayís inner muscles responded to his new arousal by hungry clamping down again. As he felt the bite of Chakotayís ass Tom screamed in ecstasy so great that he thought he would die from it.

Heís going to kill me; he thought hysterically, Iím going to die of pleasure on an alien ship with my cock buried in my Commanderís ass.

It was his last coherent thought before Chakotayís greedy milking swept him over the edge of sanity and into a dream of pure animal passion.


By the time his body had released its grip on Tom, Chakotayís bloodstream zinged with new energy and the flush of slaked satisfaction. He had gradually come back to his senses, feeling the way Tom was slumped over his back, his sodden forehead resting wearily on Chakotayís spine. Tom hadnít even seemed aware of the cessation of activity, his now limp cock was still embedded in Chakotay and he made no sound or effort to move.

Chakotay was reluctant to just dump him off so he slowly eased himself into a prone position and then rolled out from under the pilot. Tomís eyes were glazed with exhaustion and undoubted shock. Chakotay looked at him tearfully. So much for his promises, he hissed at himself. He suddenly hated the fact that he felt so damn good. He was like a vampire, he realised. He had stolen Tomís life force.

There was something a little odd about Tomís face, he realised. Tom looked younger somehow; his skin was smooth and baby soft. He reached down and felt along Tomís jaw. There wasnít even the faintest hint of stubble. Belatedly he realised that Tomís follicle suppressant should have worn off days ago.

Tomís jaw was slightly softer too. Not dramatically, but enough to ease that stubborn look from his face. Chakotay examined Tom more closely. The changes werenít particularly great but somehow everything together gave Tomís handsome features a more gentle prettiness. He looked Ė he looked -, Chakotayís mind grappled for the answer and when it came it gave no comfort. He looks more docile, he realised and the thought stabbed his heart.

As carefully as he could, he gathered Tom in his arms and carried him to the bath. Rather than reviving him the warm water immediately lulled Tom into sleep and once Chakotay was sure he was in a safe enough position on the ledge not to drown, he drew back and washed himself quickly. The soap stung him a little between his legs and he was glad of the pain, glad Tom had managed to inflict some harm of his own as Chakotay had wrenched orgasm after orgasm out of him.

Then he looked over at Keysh who was still sat by the bed, lost in his own thoughts. Keysh had watched the frenetic coupling, regularly monitoring both Chakotayís heart and that of the kítech. To his amazement, rather than straining Chakotayís heart the activity had actually seemed to correct the damage he had previously suffered when the other kítech had ridden him.

The wild kítech had grown gradually more drained and exhausted as his body failed to replenish the essence as quickly as Chakotay demanded it. Yet still he had been in no physical danger either and Keysh knew that already the kítechís body would be generating more essence and storing it up for his masterís future needs.

He became aware of Chakotayís regard and approached him eagerly.

"I need to take a blood test from you," he said excitedly and Chakotay nodded in acquiescence. He had been shattered by Keyshís earlier confession that the injections of essence wouldnít work but glad to see that the Doctor had been inspired by his failure not disheartened.

Keysh removed the sample, entered it into a small device and then gave a whistle of surprise.

"You were RIGHT, Chakotay," he gushed, "the infection IS purely sexual in intent. Look at these readings. You are healthier now than any Bírechík on this ship."

"What about Tom?" Chakotay asked miserably, unable to tear his glance away from the slumped body.

Keysh assumed ĎTomí was the name Chakotay had given Tateís replacement and went over to the exhausted kítech. He was careful not to wake the boy as he took his sample. He inserted it in his device and then turned to Chakotay with a grin.

"Heís fine, better than fine, just tired now. He needs to sleep and eat and then heíll be back to normal in no time."

"How long will the essence last me this time?" Chakotay asked, trying to drown his feelings of guilt with scientific detachment.

"Iíd be surprised if it is less than 10 or 12 hours. Plenty of time for ĎTomí to recuperate, so it proves that a single Bírechík and kítech CAN survive alone indefinitely without the meat."

"So you believe me now?" Chakotay asked in surprise.

Keysh blushed.

"I do. The fact that kítech are vegetarian and the Bírechík omnivores confused me for a time, but I ran some tests and discovered that the essence the kítech produce is chemically damaged by some of the amino acids found in meat protein. Thatís why the adaptation has suppressed the ability to digest it."

"That makes sense," Chakotay agreed, "My people are vegetarian and there is a definite difference to the smell of our perspiration to that of people who eat flesh, so I know that there is a chemical change associated with meat eating.  Why do the Bírechík still have the ability to eat meat though?"

"I think it is to do with the necessity for a different mindset in the Bírechík and goes back to before the crossing when other forms of meat were available. The Bírechík are taller and stronger and designed to protect the kítech. I have been looking at some of the legends of the crossing. It seems that Bírechík meant warrior caste and although we have always interpreted the translation of kítech as meaning cattle, I am beginning to believe it actually meant citizen."

"So there always has been a division based on coloration?" Chakotay asked in surprise.

"To be honest, I think we were actually separate races, living together in Atlan. This is heresy, of course, but I think that the kítech were the citizens and that we Bírechík were actually from another continent and were perhaps even subservient to the k'tech. Somehow the two races were infected with the symbiotic disease and then lived together, the Bírechík protecting Atlan from invasion and the kítech were the designers of the technology."

 "So the adaptation doesnít make the kítech less intelligent?" Chakotay asked desperately.

"No, it definitely makes them more tractable but I donít think their actual intelligence is affected. I think that was deliberately bred out of them over the generations. The kítech who were bright enough to possibly be a threat were slaughtered before they bred and so gradually the kítech gene pool was stripped until todayís kítech tend to be docile AND slow-witted."

Chakotay sighed with relief. Whatever else happened to Tom, at least that wonderful intelligence would remain.

"So how did the Bírechík end up on Bírechíknar?" Chakotay asked .

"Again, the legends have been corrupted by time and no one really understands the old language of the texts, but it seems there was a natural disaster that made the whole Atlan continent rupture and disappear back into the sea. The citizens knew it would happen and were too frightened to move to the neighbouring continents because the other races were still savages. So they developed the portal to take them to a completely new world. It was a one-way gateway to Bírechíknar and the whole population came through it.

"The portal kept working for millennia after we had forgotten how to use it. Over the centuries new Bírechík and kítech fell through it and were absorbed into our society so that our language evolved to match the new arrivals and eventually we lost the ability to even read the old texts.

"Most Bírechík say this ship and the defense grid were left here by aliens, but I think they were developed by the Kítech when we first arrived to protect our new home from invasion and to allow trade with neighbouring races."

"So when you first arrived here, the kítech and Bírechík must have been still living in harmony," Chakotay concluded, "so what went wrong?"

Keysh shrugged helplessly.

"I suspect the Bírechík got tired of serving the kítech and rebelled against them. Somewhere in the chaos that followed the kítech became a race of slaves and then gradually our current society emerged."

Chakotay looked at Keysh with admiration. It had taken a great deal of bravery for the Doctor to face up to reality and accept his own conclusions.

"So what now?" he asked the Bírechík.

"When I get home I will prove my theories to my colleagues and then we will together force people to accept the truth." Keysh replied earnestly.

"It wonít be easy. People hate change and no one will want to accept the Kítech as being their equals."

"Of course not, but they have no choice. Unless we stop eating the meat there wonít BE any Bírechík left to convince. Except-"

"Except what?"

"Except you, Chakotay. If you go to Bírechíknar your genes will enable people to ignore my words. You will father a whole new generation and the kítech will continue to be eaten."

"So itís a good job weíre leaving then, isnít it?" Tom said from the far end of the bath.

Both Chakotay and Keysh gaped at him in astonishment. Keysh because of his words but Chakotay because of Tomís easy tone.

Chakotay looked over at the pilot. Tom was still slumped in exhaustion and his pale face flushed with embarrassment as Chakotay looked at him, but his eyes were clear of the earlier haze.

Tom saw the matching embarrassment in the Commanderís face and gave a small shrug of acknowledgement. Their eyes locked as understanding and apologies passed between them and then Tom gave Chakotay a shy smile before he continued speaking.

"Chakotay and I are leaving together today," he told Keysh with quiet firmness, "so you can have your revolution. Weíre going home."