By Morticia

Part 10

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17 ***WARNING*** This is NOT a nice story, there is rape And pain and psychological torture.

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Disclaimer:  The boyz don't belong to me (all hail mighty paramount) but this story does!

Hostage by Morticia

"You hit me, if you remember," Tom reminded him bitterly, "so by the time I woke up we were already back on the other side of the defence grid. The aliens, the Bírechík I mean, deactivated the mines apparently so Baytart had no problem getting out.

"By the time I arrived back on the bridge the Captain had ordered that we should follow the edge of the minefield and see if we could discover a breach in the defences. Given the curve, she realised it would have to be protecting a huge region of space and that there was a chance that if we kept orbiting it there might be a way to get through undetected in another place."

"Actually the grid isnít patrolled at all," Chakotay told him, "we just happened to arrive at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Tom looked at him in surprise and then blushed.

"Just the typical Paris luck once again, I guess. Itís a knack I have," he said bitterly.

"Itís not your fault, Tom," Chakotay assured him but the pilot just stiffened angrily.

"Of course it is, it always is. You told me not to go into the minefield and I was too fucking arrogant to listen. I thought you were calling me on my ability and I just wanted to prove you wrong. I wanted to show you I wasnít always a fuck-up, and guess what, you were right all along," Tom snapped and ducked his head to hide his sudden tears of self-pity.

Chakotay wanted to comfort him, but the slowly increasing throb in his lap warned him to stay away. So he just made his voice light and non-accusing.

"So you were showing off a little but with a Kazon warband on our tail, I donít see you had any other option. I may have ordered you not to enter the minefield but I didnít give you any better suggestions and we were getting shot to hell, and I donít think youíre a fuck-up, Tom, youíre the finest pilot Iíve ever known."

Tom looked at him with disbelief. "Hey, remember me? Tom Paris, the guy you love to hate? Youíve not only been turned into a fucking sex-craved cannibal, youíve had a memory transplant too, obviously."

Tomís vicious words tore right through Chakotay. He forced himself not to bite back. He knew Tom was feeling vulnerable and the last thing the younger man needed was for him to lose his own temper or even tell him the truth. A declaration of love at this juncture would probably give Tom a heart attack.

"Iím still waiting for the explanation of how you got here, Lieutenant," he snapped harshly and Tom coloured at Chakotayís reminder of who was in charge.

"We found a place where Tuvok said that most of the mines had been deactivated so the Captain decided it might be worth sending a probe in and checking for a response," He told Chakotay tonelessly.

"We got one, but not the one we were expecting. An alien ship de-cloaked on our side of the grid this time. Only it wasnít the Bírechík fortunately. We were expecting some kind of attack of course but this lot were friendly. They had seen Voyager moving along the defence grid and had come to warn us not to enter. It turned out the Bírechík reputation for taking Ďhostagesí and never returning them had spread to all the neighbouring planets and these guys regularly patrolled to warn passing strangers."

"Friendly of them," Chakotay murmured distractedly, the dull ache in his groin had been replaced by the first sharp waves of heat.

"Yeah, well they turned out to be a friendly race. They invited us back to their planet and the Captain agreed in the hope we might find something of value to trade for you. Of course, we soon found out it was all a lie. They told us that the Bírechík NEVER gave their hostages back. They always found a reason why the ransom was insufficient. Then they told us that the Bírechík had some kind of disease and that the Hostages were infected so couldnít go home anyway."

"They KNEW that?" Chakotay asked

"Well not the details, obviously, otherwise I would have known what I was getting myself into, wouldnít I?" Tom replied reasonably, "they just said that they had once found a wrecked ship and the log was incomplete but suggested that the crew had offered something the Bírechík couldnít refuse, and that the returned Captain died some agonising death within 24 hours but not before he had infected some of the crew and the log got kind of hazy but it seemed they all went mad and killed themselves."

Chakotay shuddered with memory of his own trauma as he imagined the scenario of a Bírechík without kítech running rampage on an unsuspecting crew before his heart finally exploded.

"Then it turned out the only thing the Qren had of value to offer us was their cloaking technology and that the Bírechík had already rejected it in an earlier trade. So BíElanna suggested we cloaked Voyager and just came in and beamed you off. I said we could beam you straight into sickbay behind a force field so that we wouldnít get infected and the Doctor could work on a cure."

"So thatís what we did, we cloaked Voyager, came back through the minefield and came after you. Youíd been gone 10 days by then but the Bírechík ship was moving really slowly so we caught up with you easily enough.

"Only we couldnít pick up your life signs anywhere on board. The computer insisted you werenít here. I offered to beam over and pretend to be a Kítech and see what had happened to you but no one would listen, they all assumed you were dead and thatís why we couldnít trace you on board.

"Of course we had senior staff meeting after bloody senior staff meeting and all the time the Captain looked so sad she wanted to just curl up and die herself but in the end Ė"

"In the end she decided she couldnít risk any of the crew on the remote hope I MIGHT be alive, especially since even if I was alive, the chances were that I was carrying a fatal infection." Chakotay interrupted mildly.

"Yeah," Tom spat in remembered outrage "she decided to leave you to rot and carry on home."

"She was right, Tom. It was the only call. I would have made the same decision in her place," Chakotay told him calmly.

Tomís eyes flashed in disbelief, "She was going to leave you, Chakotay. She was just going to go and leave you behind. Doesnít that even bother you?"

"I agreed to the probability when I chose to offer myself to the Bírechík, Tom. I admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I never regretted my choice until I found you in that cage today. I assume you beamed yourself over?"

"I thought about it but realised that all they would do was just immediately beam me back. So I waited until we got back to the Qren and secretly did a deal for a smaller cloaking device."

"What kind of deal?" Chakotay asked, narrowing his eyes.

Tom flushed "The kind that involves a pack of cards," he confessed.

Chakotay nodded grimly, "And then you stole a shuttle?" he asked.

"I thought about it," Tom admitted "but I figured they would immediately realise what I was up to. I hadnít exactly been quiet about how I felt about you."

"How you felt about me?" Chakotay queried hopefully

"How I felt about you taking my place," Tom replied crushingly.

"So how DID you get here?"

"I threw a tantrum. Iím good at that remember? I said they all made me sick and I wanted off of Voyager. That if they could turn their backs on you there was little point in ME sticking around and waiting for the knife in MY back. It took a couple of days but by the time Iíd finished the Captain realised her only options were to put me in the brig for the rest of the journey or let me off. We were already a couple of days from Qren by then and she didnít want to turn back but she wouldnít give me a shuttle either. She said Iíd have to wait for the next inhabited settlement and get off on foot."

"So THEN you stole the shuttle?" Chakotay asked tiredly.

Tom looked at him sheepishly, "I would have, but in the end Neelix let me have HIS ship. He said he and Kes were happy on Voyager so I was welcome to it.

"Anyway, I helped myself to a full med-kit and everything and set off after you. I used four power cells of a dermal regenerator to get my hair to grow enough to be convincing, obviously too convincing" he laughed ruefully.

"How did you get on board?"

"This ship has a small open docking bay and no shields worth shit. I just flew in and parked.  I waited for some kind of alert or something, but it never happened. So I waited a bit, to get my nerve to be honest, and then I stripped naked and simply walked into the ship."

"How did you get caught?"

"I stepped into this black corridor and the door closed behind me and disappeared. So I walked and walked and kept walking and there was just no way out."

Chakotay sighed as he remembered his own feelings of helplessness before his vision had adapted.

"Anyway, this couple of Bírechík found me and seemed really surprised to see me, they kept asking me how Iíd got out and how long had I been lost to be so thin. So I played along and said Iíd been lost for ages and I was really confused and they didnít seem mad or alarmed or anything. They put this collar round my neck and I just kept quiet, thinking it was better not to say too much until I understood what was happening and they actually seemed nice, almost petting me like I was some scared animal that they wanted to placate.

"Then they took me THERE," and Tom suddenly shivered, going cold despite the warmth of the water.

"Iím so sorry, Tom," Chakotay murmured, heart-broken at the look of complete desolation on the younger manís face.

Tom couldnít look at Chakotay as he finished his tale.

"When they left me with HIM and I realised what he was going to do to me I tried to tell him who I was. I didnít even know about the meat thing then, all I knew was he was going to rape me and I couldnít stop him and I wanted to die," Tom whispered, "he didnít even give me a chance to speak really. As soon as I tried to explain who I was he hit me so hard he nearly broke my jaw and then he Ė he - " and Tom finally broke down and cried.

Chakotay didnít dare go near him, as much as Tomís pain ripped at his soul. His own cock was screaming now for attention and he simply couldnít risk touching Tom. He knew he would rather castrate himself than lay a finger of violence on the man he loved but he was ashamed that the rage he felt against Baddiel was also tinged with sick jealousy.

But it was sick jealousy, he reminded himself. It was the Bírechík in him that burned with excitement over the thought of Tom being torn and penetrated. He might not look or even think like Chakotay anymore, but he still bore Chakotayís spirit and that spirit loved Tom Paris more than life itself.

He had to get away from Tom, and fast.  He rose up out of the bath. Tom looked up at his movement and then paled as he saw that Chakotayís monstrous penis was fully engorged. He began to shake in terror at the unmistakable lust in Chakotayís alien black eyes.

"I have to take care of this," Chakotay said with quiet dignity, his face flushing with embarrassment, "I would appreciate it if you didnít watch me."

Slowly Chakotayís words sank through Tomís terror as he realised the Commander was going to slake his lust with one of the waiting Kítech. He was both horrified and grateful. As he had talked to Chakotay in the bath he had almost been able to forget what Chakotay had become and almost pretend that the Commander wasnít REALLY a Bírechík.

Chakotayís calm and reasonable explanation of the change had made it sound almost clinical and since Tom was incapable of imagining Chakotay as anything less than the proud controlled man of his experience and had acted more rationally since his rescue of Tom than he had acted himself, the sudden change in Chakotayís demeanour was terrifying.

Yet despite the way Chakotayís black eyes burned and glistened with uncontrollable lust, still the soft dignity of his request had made Tomís heart lurch with sympathy. He nodded and moved in the bath until he was facing away from the bed.

He sat and quivered in memory of his own rape as he heard the roars and cries of frenetic coupling behind him. It went on for an indeterminable time and the nose and smell hit him like a physical blow. He trembled in reaction, surprised to find a small stirring in his own groin in response to the sounds of animalistic passion that filled the room.

He cursed himself for his bodyís reaction even as he found a small measure of relief in both his current arousal and his earlier reaction to Chakotay. After Baddielís rape he had felt so unmanned that he had doubted that he would ever achieve an erection again.

He flushed that it had been Chakotayís body that had rubbed him to the orgasm, but he comforted himself that Chakotay had been right. It hadnít been because the Commander turned him on but only that he had reacted to the friction. Like Chakotay had said it had been no different than masturbation really.

He shivered again as he heard Chakotay scream in orgasm for the fifth time. He had a need to turn and look, an urge to watch the rutting that was sending unwelcome thoughts and feelings through his own body as his nostrils flared at the strange irresistible scent that kept wafting from behind him.

But he couldnít do it. He had promised Chakotay not to witness his humiliation and that was what it was, Tom realised. No matter if Chakotay was ravaging the Kítech, it was no less a rape of the Commander himself than Tomís treatment in the hands of Baddiel. Had Chakotay or any other member of Voyagerís crew witnessed his own rape, Tom didnít think he could have ever faced them again. The least he could do was give Chakotay the same kind of anonymity.

So he stayed in the water until he thought his skin would wrinkle and peel off and when Chakotay finally returned to join him the black eyes were embarrassed but calmly controlled again. As he descended the wide steps into the bath, Tom could have sworn he saw bloodstains between Chakotayís thighs but it didnít make sense and he could hardly ask, so he said nothing.

"How long before it happens again?" he finally asked when he realised that Chakotay had sank his head back exhaustedly and seemed to be about to fall asleep.

"About six hours unless Keysh comes up with the injections he promised," Chakotay muttered miserably.

"So youíre safe?" Tom asked hesitantly.

Chakotay opened his eyes and looked at Tom solemnly. "I swear to you Thomas Eugene Paris that I would rather die than hurt you."

Tom nodded. He believed Chakotay implicitly but he wasnít as trusting of the mad-eyed Bírechík that Chakotay turned into. It was like living with Jeckyll and Hyde, he decided, but at least Mr Hyde wasnít planning a return for several more hours.

"Then can we get out of this bloody water before my skin falls off?" Tom said with a wry grin, "unless you are par-boiling me for supper?"

For a moment Tomís sick joke made Chakotay stiffen with anger and then slowly a genuine smile crept over his face and his dimples flashed.  Trust Tom Paris to crack a line like that, he thought and his sudden rush of love for the younger man was like a balm for his ravaged spirit.

Tom saw the Commanderís reluctant smile and for a moment he actually looked like Chakotay again. "Can we get in bed?" he asked hesitantly, "I havenít slept in a bed for over a week and frankly you look even more tired than I am."

Chakotay was stunned yet again by Tomís faith in him. Despite everything, the pilot was willing to share his bed and trust him enough to sleep. He had a stupid urge to cry again. Damn, he thought, he really needed to get a grip on his emotions. He understood that the disease was probably ravaging his emotional control as much as his sexual but even so he was damned if he was going to break down and sniffle every time Tom was nice to him.

"Sure," he answered and reached out his hand to the younger man. For a moment Tom stiffened involuntarily and then he took a deep breath and extended his fingers to be enveloped in Chakotayís huge paw. Then he let Chakotay help him out of the bath. The steps were definitely made for Bírechík he decided since even his own long legs struggled with the distance between them.

Wi and Skan rushed forwards with towels and Tom took one gratefully. He looked at the two Kítech with interest. They certainly didnít look bothered by Chakotayís earlier treatment of them, if anything they looked somewhat smug. They also had no scent at all that Tom could detect, despite Chakotayís comments about Kítech-smell. The only odour he was aware of was the powerful muskiness of Chakotay.

He felt his cock twitch and stiffen as he sniffed and he flushed in embarrassment. Shit, he couldnít believe he could honestly get horny just because of a smell, especially since it was coming off the Commander. He reminded himself firmly that no matter how nice Chakotay was being to him, it was only because he felt responsible for Tom as his junior officer.

Besides, Chakotay was a man and Tom didnít go for that sort of thing, he reminded himself. Then his body spasmed as he had a flashback of Baddiel and had to close his eyes, but at least the thought had made him lose the embarrassing erection.

He handed the wet towel to Wi who took it with an oddly superior air.

"What?" he hissed angrily at the Kítech as he saw the boyís blue eyes raking his body and then visibly dismissing him.

"You donít please the master," Wi replied with a definite look of satisfaction.

Tom was tempted to tell the little slut exactly what he thought about Ďpleasingí the master but still there was something about Wiís comment that disturbed him.

"Why do you think that?" he asked the Kítech.

"He has not given you the Kítechínar so you are still only meat," Wi replied and then his satisfaction dimmed a little as his conscience got the better of him. He had been jealous of the attention his master had given the new Kítech, but it was no excuse to wish him back to the larder, he realised belatedly.

"Unless you earn the Kítechínar, you will be returned to the kitchen," he advised Tom reluctantly.

Tom broke away from Wi and rushed to Chakotay who was already turning down the covers to crawl into bed. Tom grabbed his bicep painfully,

"What the hell are Kítechínar and WHY havenít you given them to me?" he demanded desperately.

Worried the scene was being observed, Chakotay gently but firmly detached Tomís fingers. "Get into bed, Tom and Iíll explain everything but try to at least LOOK subservient," he whispered.

Tom swallowed nervously as he remembered Chakotayís mention of Bírechík observers and he dove into the bed with a show of enthusiasm. Chakotay climbed in beside him, spooning up to his back and then pulling the covers over them both. Tom stiffened against the feel of Chakotayís warm body against his own but finally sighed and relaxed. The mattress was soft, the Commanderís body was strangely comforting and when Chakotay bent and nuzzled his neck so that he could whisper to him, Tom found the soft warm breath on his skin to be oddly pleasant.

"The Kítechínar are the body ornaments that personal Kítech wear," Chakotay explained quietly, "they prove that you belong to a Bírechík and are not merely a meat kítech. If you feel safer wearing them, and to be honest you would be, then of course you can wear them, but Iíll have to ask Keysh about how Kítech are pierced."

Tom swallowed as he realised he would have to have his nipples and ears pierced. Even so, it seemed a small price to pay for the added security the Kítechínar would give him, he decided and then he was angered by his own thought. What the hell was wrong with him? Why was he even considering allowing Chakotay to adorn him like a sex-toy?

"When are we going to escape?" He asked Chakotay desperately.

"Escape?" Chakotay asked, his voice heavy with exhaustion.

"Yeah, escape, vamoose, split," Tom whispered back irritably, "I told you my shipís in the dock and the Bírechík obviously havenít found it or they would have realised who I am."

Chakotay kicked himself. Why the hell hadnít he picked up on Tomís earlier comment? Because you were too desperate for sex, he reminded himself bitterly. He gathered his thoughts and decided he may as well tell Tom the truth.

"I canít leave, Tom." Chakotay told him sadly, "but you can. Iíll take you to the ship tomorrow and you can get away."

Tom spun in his arms so that he could look Chakotay in the face, "What the hell do you mean you canít leave but I can? I came here to get you and Iím not leaving without you."

"I need the Kítech essence to survive. I canít leave my quarters with more than one Kítech so I canít take Wi or Skan with us without us being caught and without them Iíll die."

"You said this Keysh could supply you with the essence in the form of injections. Canít you just get a pile of hypo sprays to take with you?"

"What happens when they run out, Tom? You told me yourself that Voyager has gone. Thereís no one out there to help us. Weíll end up alone on a small ship and Iíll run out of essence. Itís not an option so forget it. Tomorrow Iíll take you to the docking bay and you can get the hell out of here."

"You told me earlier that you would rather die than remain a Bírechík. Now you are too scared of dying to leave and try to find a cure?" Tom asked him in disgust.

"Iím too frightened of hurting YOU, Tom." Chakotay replied. "When I run out of essence and thereís only you, Iíll lose control."

Tom looked at him with bewildered eyes. "You told me you only reacted to Kítech," he accused.

Chakotay wrapped his arms firmly around the pilot and hugged him tightly. He knew his next words would shatter Tom but only the truth would convince Tom that he had to take his opportunity to leave.

"You ARE Kítech, Tom," he said sadly and felt Tom stiffen.

"Youíre still early in the change, thatís why I didnít sense it at first but the Kítech scent IS on you and it is getting stronger by the hour. In another few days I will be unable to keep my hands off you. So you see, you have to leave while I can still let you go."

"No, I donít believe you, youíre just trying to make me leave without you." Tom said desperately.

"The disease is sexually transmitted, Tom. Youíve had it for over a week." Chakotay told him bluntly.

Tom gave a wail of despair and shook desperately in his arms as understanding struck him like a physical blow. Chakotay bent down and kissed the top of his head.

"Iím so sorry, Tom," he whispered.

"Whatís going to happen to me?" Tom asked Chakotay when the first shock had finally worn off.

"I honestly donít know Tom. As far as I can tell, kítech donít have the same sexual imperative but Iím not certain."

"So perhaps I will die too if I donít have a Bírechík?" Tom asked in a small voice.

"Like I said, I donít think itís the same for Kítech. Otherwise the meat kítech would die." Chakotay replied.

"You think so?" Tom said ironically and Chakotay remembered Ikton telling him that Baddiel didnít have personal Kítech because he had the meat kítech to use.

He pulled Tom tightly to himself in desperation.

"I donít know then, Tom, I honestly donít know but Iíll find out," he promised and hoped that Keysh would have the answer.

They clung to each other for comfort, both trapped by their own individual nightmares and sleep was a long time coming.