The Game
By Morticia

Part 8/?

In the event, uncertain whether Tom had been joking or not, Chakotay
turned up at the pilot's quarters brandishing flowers, chocolates and
wine. He took the lube too, just in case, but tucked it firmly away
in the back pocket of his pants.

As soon as the doors opened, he took a deep breath. Tom had somehow
exactly duplicated the ambiance that he himself had attempted on
their first date. Before he had lost his nerve and changed his mind,
of course.

Low lights, candles, low music and a table spilling over with a
selection of his personal favourite delicacies.
It must have cost Tom half of his monthly allowance, he decided, and
it was that, more than anything, that convinced him that Tom was
serious after all.

"For me?" Tom asked in wide-eyed surprise as he spotted Chakotay's
laden arms.

"You shouldn't have," he purred, although he made short work of
divesting Chakotay of the booty.

"And you shouldn't have done all this," Chakotay chided gently,
gesturing at the table.

"You don't like it?" Tom asked nervously. "I checked your replicator
account and they *are* your favourite foods."

Too touched by Tom's obvious effort to question the breach of
protocol in accessing his private files, Chakotay pulled the pilot in
for an affectionate hug.

"I love it, Tom, and they are my favourites, only I don't usually eat
all of them in one sitting."

"Well, I didn't know which you'd prefer," Tom explained sheepishly.

"It must have cost you a fortune," Chakotay replied, in wonder at
Tom's generosity, not to mention his obvious desire to please.

Tom just shrugged. It *had* cost a fortune and Harry was going to
have to spend the next month eating Neelix surprise as a consequence.
Still, Harry hadn't seemed to think it was too high a price for
having bitten his ass, especially after he had pointed out that
Chakotay *knew* Tom had spent the night with him.

He led Chakotay over to the table and offered him a glass of wine. It
was heady stuff, thick, full-bodied and a full 14% since it wouldn't
hurt to encourage Chakotay to let his hair down a little bit.

"This is very nice, Tom," Chakotay said in appreciation.

"Well, it's replicated, but it's not a bad imitation of the
original," Tom replied. "I remembered it was a good year. The first
pressing was so excellent that the Admiral filled half our cellar
with the stuff. He bought so much that he didn't notice when I used
to sneak the odd bottle.
Not that I appreciated it at the time, to be honest. I think wine
grows on you. Your taste buds change as you mature, don't they?"

Chakotay nodded nervously, feeling a little out-classed again by
Tom's knowledge of expensive wine. Then, as Tom continued to speak,
he finally understood what Tom was trying to say.

"I mean, when you're young you like sweet things and fast food," Tom
was mumbling. "But then, one day, you grow up and realise that those
things don't taste so good after all, and you want something with
more substance and flavour. It's like wine, in a way. A cheap wine
has to be drunk quickly because it soon loses its flavour and becomes
bitter, but a really good wine only gets better as it matures."

"Tom -"

"It gets body, and flavour, and -"

"Tom -"

"When you learn to appreciate it you can't go back to -"

"TOM!" Chakotay finally roared.

"Huh? What?" Tom asked in complete bewilderment.

"Shut up," Chakotay purred, then before Tom's mouth could complete
its pout, he leant in and kissed the sullen expression right off
Tom's face.

When he finally drew back for breath and peered into the sparkling
blue eyes, Tom grinned.

"Let's skip to dessert, huh?" Tom suggested, licking his lips and
running his arms down Chakotay's broad back suggestively until he met
the globes of Chakotay's firm ass. He paused, his eyes narrowed and
then he grinned cheekily as he found the bulge in Chakotay's back

"Tell me, big guy," he drawled. "Is that lube in your pocket or are
you just pleased to see me?"


"I think you've broken it, Tom," Chakotay chuckled tiredly.

Tom pouted prettily, then smirked.

"Nah, the battery just needs recharging, I reckon," he replied,
nuzzling back in to try again.

Chakotay's cock twitched in response to Tom's tongue but then
collapsed back limply against his thigh.

Tom shrugged in defeat, crawled back up the bed and began to attack
Chakotay's earlobes instead. Fortunately, Chakotay's stomach decided
to take mercy on him and gave a loud rumble of protest.

"Oh, shit, I forgot all about your dinner, Chak," Tom gasped
guiltily. "Stay right here, don't move, I'm coming right back."

Chakotay half-opened one weary eye to watch the undisputedly lovely
sight of Tom's naked buttocks bouncing out of the room, and sighed
heavily. He couldn't imagine moving ever again. He dozed off, only to
be woken by Tom bouncing back on the bed with a laden tray.

"I'm too tired to eat, Tom," he murmured. "Anyway, it's too late."

Tom looked at him in horror.

"But, but I invited you to dinner, Chak. You've *got* to eat," he
insisted firmly. "Just sit up and I'll feed you, okay? It'll be fun."

Chakotay gave a groan of resignation and hauled himself upwards until
his back was supported by the pillows, then Tom straddled him,
resting his ass on Chakotay's flaccid cock, before reaching for a
piece of fruit, placing it between his teeth and leaning forwards to
offer it to Chakotay.

Chakotay opened his mouth to accept the offering and Tom held onto it
tightly until their lips met, before releasing it and settling back
on his haunches to retrieve the next titbit.

It only took six mouthfuls before Tom's wriggling ass re-woke his

Oh Spirits no, not again, he couldn't do it *again*, Chakotay groaned
to himself.

Tom smirked as he felt himself poked in the backside.

"Hey, I was right," he sniggered. "All it needed was a recharge."

"Tom," Chakotay sighed, "Its four o'clock in the morning. We've got
duty in less than four hours and I really need some sleep, honey."

Tom shrugged.

"That's okay, you just lie back and relax and let me do the work this

"As I recall, you did the `work' the last three times," Chakotay
replied with dry amusement.

"Yeah, but I'm still playing catch up, aren't I?" Tom replied with a
cheeky grin as he lowered himself onto Chakotay's shaft with a groan
of combined pleasure and pain.

He was raw.

Chakotay had fucked him so thoroughly and well the first four times
that he had nearly made a hole in the mattress and driven Tom through

That Chakotay had even managed the next three erections had amazed
him, but even if Chakotay had lost the ability to do anything about
them, Tom had been loath to let their valiant effort to rise go

He had to admit to himself, however, that this final fuck was
probably a fuck too far. He couldn't imagine himself sitting down
again for a week.

He'd have to call into sickbay for a fresh regenerator before shift
and maybe could take the opportunity to check whether it was
physically possible for anyone to repeat Chakotay's stellar
performance two nights running.

Regrettably there was probably a finite amount of cum in *any* guy's

Only he had felt so damned *empty* every time that Chakotay had
withdrawn that he hadn't been able to stop himself from using every
trick in the book to get Chakotay hard again.

All too soon, Chakotay gave a muted roar and bucked under him. Tom's
ass was already so full of lube and cum that he couldn't even feel
this later ejaculation except through Chakotay's jerking movements.

Tom's own cock had gone on strike hours previously.

It didn't even twitch when Chakotay's final thrust sent a delicious
shiver down his prostate, but mentally Tom orgasmed anyway. He
collapsed on Chakotay's chest, almost weeping when he felt the cock
soften and slide out of him, leaving him bereft.

Chakotay was already asleep, a crooked smile on his face. He looked
pale and tired, and Tom felt oddly guilty even as he drew the
blankets up over them both and snuggled into Chakotay's chest.

He lay there awake for along time, too hyper to sleep even if his
throbbing ass hadn't been burning like it had been ripped apart, and
contemplated his next move.

Chakotay wasn't stupid, he figured. If he started making demands
*too* quickly, Chakotay would figure his game. So it made sense to
draw the *relationship* out, he decided.

The fact that Chakotay had turned out to be the best fuck of his life
was irrelevant. *That* wasn't why he didn't want the relationship to
end too quickly.

It wasn't as if Chakotay really meant anything to him, was it?

No, he was just playing it carefully, that was all, and if in the
meantime the sex was hot, well, that was just the icing on the cake,
wasn't it?

Yeah, that was it.

Just icing on the cake.