By Morticia

Exclusively written for FCANON

StarTrek Voyager

SLASH m/m Chakotay, Tuvok, Dukat/Paris


When Dukatís bladder woke him up in response to the sound of rushing water he could hear Tom singing lustily in the bathroom. He sighed deeply, suddenly feeling old. He was stiff in more muscles than he had previously realised existed and his cock was on fire. How the hell could Tom have even gotten out of bed, let alone be taking an obviously cheerful shower?

He lay with his eyes closed for a few more minutes, simply gathering his strength, and then hauled himself up to a sitting position. He noticed with distaste that the silk sheets were covered with deep burgundy stains and the sticky crud of his own multiple ejaculations and wondered yet again what had possessed him to buy white bedcovers.

The sound of water stopped and soon Tom emerged wearing nothing but a towel around his neck and a sunny smile.

"Morniní Babe" Tom said and then shook his long wet hair like a dog, sending a spray of water over the stained sheets.

"Youíre so fucking messy Tom" Dukat growled and the young man laughed and scooted onto the bed, straddling Dukatís hips and bending down for a deep hungry kiss. His bright blue eyes widened in appreciation as the bedcovers suddenly tented under his butt and he deliberately ground himself down into Dukatís arousal.

The resultant friction on Dukatís sore cock galvanized the Cardassian into grasping Tom by his biceps and roughly flinging him off. The blonde crashed to the floor by the bed and lay dazed for a moment before dragging himself up to a kneeling position and staring reproachfully at Dukat.

"Youíre such a bastard, sometimes!" he complained bitterly

"We donít have time for this!" The Cardassian replied firmly, unwilling to admit that he was simply too sore. He wondered again how the skinny human could always recover so quickly from his abuse. Dukat was so much stronger physically and it was he inflicting the pain but sometimes, like now, he felt like the victim in the relationship. "Youíve got to get your ass down to the holding cell!"

Tom pouted again and began to wheedle desperately,

"Come on, babe. Think how much youíre going to miss me. No one else can do for you what I can! Do you really think you can wait a few more months for another night like we just had?"

"Donít flatter yourself, Tom. The universe is full of whores. The only difference between you and the rest of the sluts Iíve had is you keep begging for more!" Dukat snarled and was gratified by the flash of hurt in Tomís eyes.

"But, butÖyou want me. I know you do. I can make you feel so good. Let me stay, I know you want me to." Tom pleaded miserably

"What I want is for you to fucking do as youíre told" Dukat snapped in fury.

Tom scrambled backwards in panic as the angry Cardassian threw back the sheets and jumped out of bed but Dukat was faster and grabbing Tomís wet hair with his left hand delivered a series of violent flat-handed slaps across Tomís cheek with his right.

"How many times do I have to teach you not to question me?" Dukat screamed as Tom yelped and jerked under the blows.

"Iím sorry" Tom whimpered when Dukatís rage finally ceased.

"Suck me" Dukat ordered and Tom searched his face fearfully. It was clear to Dukat that he had guessed his punishment when huge tears began to brim in the blue eyes.

"Donít make me repeat myself Tom" Dukat purred and saw Tom shudder in horrified resignation before opening his mouth and diving onto the huge cock in front of his face.

As Tom deep-throated him, Dukat sighed with the blissful feeling of relief as saliva cooled his burning cock and a skilled tongue licked his abraded scales. Then with a nasty chuckle he relieved his full bladder into Tomís throat.

He began to laugh uproariously as he watched Tom choking and spluttering as the acidic waste sped down to his stomach. Finally emptied he pulled out and watched Tom heaving for breath, his cheeks stained red with a combination of asphyxiation and humiliation. Suddenly Tom turned a peculiar shade of green and scrambled to the bathroom, reaching the toilet bowl just in time before he started to heave.

Dukat watched Tomís vomiting with pleasure. Particularly the way his quivering buttocks displayed Dukatís earlier handiwork. Dukat congratulated himself quietly for the wonderful piece of art that he had carved into Tomís butt.

Sighing because Tom was perfectly correct in assuming that he could hardly bear to let him go again, Dukat wandered back into his bedroom and ordered breakfast. He was on his third cup of coffee before a very pale and chastened Tom joined him.

"Breakfast?" Dukat offered pleasantly.

Tom paled even further and simply shook his head as miserable tears continued to roll silently down his cheeks. Dukat hid a smile of satisfaction. No other form of punishment ever subdued the human nearly as much as that simple gross act. He saved it for rare occasions when he needed total compliance. He doubted Tom would give him any further trouble today.

"Stop sniveling, Tom and drink this" Dukat passed over a glass of milk to take away the taste in Tomís mouth and hopefully settle his stomach. It was going to be a long day and he needed to get Tom on board as soon as possible.

"Hereís the plan. You will be taken back to the holding cell. Chakotay and the others have all been placed in the same cellblock so when the power fails he will be able to quickly release you all.

There will be a number of controlled explosions to indicate an attack from a Maquis rescue party. When you manage to get away in your ship there will be enough debris outside the station to validate the idea that the attacker has been destroyed during the rescue attempt.

"We have created the illusion of damage to all the fighter-bay doors so that we will be unable to pursue you. Chakotay will have a chance to warn the Maquis that I have the codes. They will manage to evacuate the target before I destroy it."

"I donít understand. Why not just kill them all?" was Tomís bewildered answer

"Chakotay will be no further use to me if he falls apart from guilt. This way he will be able to reconcile his saving of you since no one else will get hurt and I will still be able to close their main base of operations. I will use the usual contacts to get a message to you later. In the meantime you will follow Seskaís orders and use the time to get close to Chakotay."

"How close?" Tom mumbled quietly

"His cock up your fucking ass close, Tom. Why else would I send a slut like you?" Dukat snarled viciously

"What if he prefers women?"

"If he did, donít you think Seska would have managed to get in his pants by now? Sheís been trying to throw herself in his bed for months. Iím very displeased with her. I trust that you will succeed where she has failed."

Swallowing nervously, Tom mumbled his reply

"IÖI donít think I can, Dukat"

Seeing new rage building in the Cardassianís face, Tom flinched and hastened to explain.

"He thinks I was a virgin. Heíll expect me to be traumatised. Heís hardly going to consider fucking me to be a reasonable form of counseling!"

"Thatís why youíll have to be twice as clever about it." Dukat replied smoothly "I suggest that you make a huge deal of your gratitude for his intervention. You could perhaps drop hints that it wasnít the fact that I fucked you that hurt as much as the fact that he watched since youíve always had a secret desire for him. You couldÖwell whatever. Play it by ear Tom, youíve got enough experience to pull it off."

"Yeah, I guess soÖbut why? What will it achieve?" Tom asked in evident bewilderment

"Because, stupid, who is better placed to learn Chakotayís secrets than his poor battered bum boy?

"OhÖso thatís why you left the scar on my butt, so heíd always feel guilty about what happened to me."

"Exactly, and guilt will let his defenses down. Besides, I want to be sure that every time he sees your pretty ass he is thinking about my face!" Dukat smirked and then frowned as he checked the time. He stared at his chronometer pointedly.

"I guess Iíd better go then." Tom mumbled dispiritedly and rose to his feet in resignation.

"Donít disappoint me Tom. Seska will keep me advised of your progress and believe me, the consequences of failure are beyond your imagination." Dukat promised as he pushed the switch that would summon his guards.

Tom swallowed nervously and nodded his understanding.

"Okay, Babe, I wonít let you down!" He promised softly and Dukat smiled happily as he stepped forwards and embraced the blonde passionately.

"I know you wonít Tom. You never have."


Tuvok had been alone in his dark cell for so long that his eyes watered painfully at the sudden glare of light as his cell door opened. He saw the silhouettes of three people against the blinding whiteness and then a prisoner was thrown in so violently that he crashed to the floor in a heap at Tuvokís feet.

The door slammed shut and Tuvokís eyes slowly adjusted back to the gloom. He could not make out the identity of his companion in the unlit cell so reached down to touch the manís shoulder.

As his telepathic abilities slammed into a complete brick wall, he sighed in resignation and muttered "Tom Paris".

"Who else?" came the cocky rejoinder and Tuvok curved an eyebrow in distaste. Who else indeed? This particular impenetrable barrier to his mental abilities existed only in one human that he was aware of.

The particular nature of Tomís artificial enhancements had been thoroughly explained to him by Starfleet intelligence. The details had sickened him and although he knew that Tomís role in this conflict was more important than his own and he understood the necessity of what Tom did for Starfleet, he could not reconcile it with his own moral standards.

As irrational as it was, he could not distance Tom from his actions, however necessary they were, and had a deep-held dislike for the young man which was exacerbated by irritation at his arrival in the cell. It was imperative that he discovered what had gone wrong with the plan.

"Why are you here, Tom?"

"Change of plan" Tom quipped as he pulled himself to his feet and felt his way to the bed to sit down.

"Please explain properly. I can assure you that I have thoroughly checked for listening devices."

"Dukat has decided to let the Maquis go."

"That was to be expected. He cannot kill the crew without losing Seskaís usefulness as a spy. It would be highly suspicious if she was the only survivor. Also I can see that it could be advantageous for him to keep Chakotay as his unwitting accomplice in tracking down more Maquis cells. However, YOU were ordered to stay here with him."

"I tried. I failed." Tom shrugged

"You donít sound particularly contrite, Lieutenant." Tuvok criticized

"Oh gosh. Iím sorry. I really wanted to stay here and get my ass reamed some more!" Tom snarled sarcastically.

"I was advised that you found the experience quite to your taste." the Vulcan sniffed haughtily

"What you mean is that Iíve been so fucked up by those bastard Starfleet medics that my body now thinks pain is good. Unfortunately they didnít quite manage to wipe out all my fucking brain cells at the same time! I do my job, Tuvok but I donít fucking like it!" Tom screamed bitterly

"It would appear that you donít do your job well enough." Tuvok pronounced "I do not think that your failure in this mission will go down well back at HQ. It was imperative that we received direct information from this station over the next few months of the conflict. Your failure will be a great disappointment to a number of important people."

"So shoot me!" Tom growled miserably

Tuvok ignored the young man as he pondered the most logical way to proceed now.

"It is pointless to consider this further. If you have failed to convince Dukat by now it is unlikely that he will change his mind.

He must have a reason for sending you away again, although I fail to see what use you will be to him on the Maquis ship. I assume Dukat has explained his reasoning to you?"

"Iím supposed to seduce Chakotay."

"Indeed. I understand why you would be his most likely candidate."

Tom flinched in hurt and humiliation at the Vulcanís sarcastic tone. Anyone would think that he had volunteered for this way of life. Nobody seemed to give a damn about his feelings one way or the other. Even the bastards who used him in this fashion, and understood that he had been given no choice but to agree, still treated him like something that had crawled out from under a rock.

He stifled his overwhelming urge to just break down in hysterical tears. He was determined to hide his torment from the unfeeling Vulcan bastard. He had no doubt that any sign of weakness on his part would be reported home and he would be recalled for further Ďmodificationí.

Anything would be better than returning to the hospital.