By Morticia

Exclusively written for FCANON (with special dedication to Gul.)
StarTrek Voyager
SLASH m/m Chakotay, Dukat/Paris

Dukat stared with satisfaction into the interrogation room where his nemesis was finally within his grasp. He could feel the palms of his hands tingle with anticipation of the delights to follow and his cock strained against his tight leather trousers in a valiant attempt to come out and join the fun.

The cursed Maquis leader Chakotay had been soundly whipped and was now hanging naked from the wall. Cruel hemp rope bit into his wrists and strained his arms upwards until they were almost dislocated by the weight of his body. More ropes had hauled his legs sideward and out so that dark bruises stained the ripped muscles of his inner thighs. His chest was striped with the marks of the earlier whipping, and blood was trickling down from numerous sharp cuts and dripping to the floor from the end of his cock which was now the lowest point of his body.

Dukat licked his lips at the sight of Chakotayís humiliation. Although one of the Maquisí eyes was swollen shut from his earlier struggles his other eye met the Cardassianís in defiant hatred.

Dukat stepped forwards and ran his fingers gently over Chakotayís body. He smiled as the human jerked against his touch and then screamed as the ropes punished him mercilessly for his movement.

Dukat ran a sharp nail down Chakotayís shaft, noting with interest that it was erect because of the intense pain.

"What a waste of a beautiful cock" Dukat sighed. "Perhaps Iíll have it cut off your body and preserved. "

"You can jam it up your ass for all I care, you bastard." Chakotay hissed through his clenched teeth "I donít care what you do to meÖIíll never give you the codesÖ.Havenít you figured by now that you canít even dream of a torture that will break me?"

Dukatís face split wide with a huge smile and Chakotay flinched at the look of triumph in the Cardassianís dark eyes.

"Oh, youíre so wrong " he purred "I admit that I have been surprised at your ability to withstand physical torture and you seem completely unfazed by the other physical methods that my minions have tried." And Dukat poked a finger roughly into the torn skin of Chakotayís asshole and smirked as the Maquis twisted in agony.

"Fuck youÖ" Chakotay hissed

"Oh, I prefer to be the fucker not the fuckee, so to speak, although I appreciate the kind offer" Dukat mocked

"You can ram your whole fucking arm up my ass and I still won't tell you the code!" Chakotay hissed bravely

"Oh save your noble speeches, I have no intention of touching you. I prefer my meat to be a lot fresher than you smell at the moment."

Chakotay's one good eye stared in bleary confusion as Dukat laughed

"I think I'll have more luck with one of your crew. There's a very
pretty blond lad in our holding cell. Your pilot I think. I'm sure
his little virgin ass is more to my taste. I think I'm going to let you watch and anytime you think he's had enough you just say the word. The word being the entrance code of course!"

Chakotay closed his eye in despair. He had known that his capture
would lead to his own torture and death. He was prepared for it. All
the Maquis had been thoroughly trained to withstand torture. He knew
enough pain management techniques not to break. He was sure enough of
his own self-worth to rise above the humiliation of rape and see it
as no more than another physical torture. There was not a member of
his crew that he did not believe the same of.

Why had Dukat chosen Tom instead? Tom the mercenary pilot whose
sheltered Starfleet upbringing had prepared him for nothing. Whose
self-image was already so low that he would shatter into a million
pieces. How could he, Chakotay, knowing this, stand back and let
Dukat proceed?

Yet how could he trade the lives of innocent bystanders just to save
the virtue and sanity of Tom Paris? He didn't even like the man.

"You can do what you want with the little shit," He told Dukat
firmly "He's nothing to me."

Dukat's feral grin grew wider

"Nice try, Captain. Lets see if you are singing the same song in half an hour!"

He rubbed his bulging groin suggestively as he signaled a guard to
fetch the blonde prisoner and was satisfied as Chakotay's pain-drawn face paled even further.

Dukat signaled for Chakotay to be cut down from his restraints.

With a smirk one of the guards complied and Chakotay crashed butt first to the ground. The impact snapped one of his legs from its socket and he howled in renewed agony. Dukat let him squirm desperately for a few endless minutes and then snapped his fingers at a hovering medic.

Slowly the sharp agony was dulled to throbbing waves of manageable pain as the medic ran his instruments expertly over Chakotayís body. When he had finished the cosmetic repair was complete although Chakotay knew that it would take several days before the internal damage was healed enough for him to even stand, let alone walk.

"Clean him up and dress him" Dukat snapped and his minions rushed to obey.

When Chakotay had been restored to normal appearance, he was thrust roughly into a chair. As his butt hit the seat a spear of pain shot up his abused ass and he had to stifle a whimper. He glared at the Cardassian with contempt but Dukat could see the bewilderment in his eyes at the treatment of his injuries and decided that it would be more entertaining to explain than leave the Maquis guessing.

"My dear Chakotay, if your pilot walks in here and sees you trussed up and bleeding he might actually believe that he can be as brave as you. Your example could give him the courage to withstand my Ďattentionsí. However, he will walk in here and see you sitting comfortably in that chair with no marks of abuse and no restraints. He will not realise you are unable to stand, he will just believe you are refusing to help him. He will not know that you have been tortured. As far as he will be concerned you and I have been having a civilized chat and you are allowing him to take your place."

As the awful reality of Dukatís words sank into Chakotayís exhausted brain he tried to launch himself from the chair to attack the leering face before him but his mangled thighs would not respond.

"You fucking bastard!" He spat in horror

"I can assure you that my parents were married" Dukat purred smoothly, "as for the fucking, well Iím sure that my new playmate will be arriving imminently"

Chakotay could only grind his teeth against his urge to curse the Cardassian to hell and back. He knew that the more distressed he appeared, the more Dukat would be fuelled against Tom. So he fixed an impassive face and trapped his seething rage behind it.

About ten minutes later the door was opened and Tom was thrown into the room so violently that he crashed to his knees in front of Dukatís long shiny boots. He scrambled to his feet in terror and then caught sight of Chakotay and relaxed a little at Chakotayís air of calm reserve. He flashed a tentative smile at the big Maquis and Chakotay groaned internally at the pilotís trust, which was about to be irredeemably damaged. He did not dare warn Tom of the situation as it would infuriate the Cardassian and the slim blonde would pay the consequences of that rage in blood and pain.

"Whatís your name, boy?" Dukat growled and Tom stared back defiantly for an instant before he lost his nerve and dropping his eyes from the lizard-like gaze of the Cardassian he mumbled

"Paris, Tom Paris"

"Tom, I like that " Dukat purred, "Tom" and he rolled the word around in his mouth as though tasting it "Itís a pretty name, Tom, almost as pretty as you!"

He saw instant terror flash in the young manís blue eyes as understanding dawned.

"No.. No way, no fucking way!" Tom gasped as he looked to Chakotay for help but to his surprise the Maquis remained in his seat, apparently indifferent to what was going on.

Dukat reached out his right hand and grasped Tom firmly by the throat. The pilot began to punch and kick so Dukat tightened his grip and lifted Tom off the ground. As his fingers tightened he saw the pale face of the struggling pilot flush red as he gasped for breath. He continued to squeeze until Tomís eyes began to go blank and then he dropped him.

Choking and gasping for breath, Tom could not fight off the guards who stepped forwards and hauled him to his feet. They viciously ripped off every shred of his clothing before dragging him to the interrogation table. The guards then slammed him into the table and its sharp edge struck his gut so hard that his remaining air was forced out with his yelp of pain.

As he was roughly bent over and his arms were bound and dragged in front of him, he could only look up into Chakotayís face as he gulped for air. His blue eyes were swimming with desperate tears and Chakotay had to force himself not to close his own eyes to protect himself from Tomís pain. The least he could do for the pilot was to bear silent witness for him.

When the guards had tied his wrists firmly to the opposite corners of the table, they hauled Tomís legs apart roughly until he could feel the skin between his buttocks stretched to the point of ripping. His ankles were bound to the legs of the table and he was thus helpless and accessible.

"Please, Chakotay" he whispered "Please donít let them do this to me!"

"Iím sorry Tom thereís nothing I can do" Chakotay replied sadly and he flinched at the utter hatred that flashed in the terrified blue eyes.

Tom opened his mouth to speak but whatever reply he had been planning to make was forgotten as he felt the keen bite of a lash across his buttocks. "Arghhhhhhh" He screamed out of his abused throat and his screams continued for several minutes as Dukat laid an intricate and symmetrical grid of welts on his butt with a short bullwhip. By the time the precise artistic eye of Dukat was satisfied, Tomís throat was too raw and bruised to emit anything but choking gasps and whimpers.

With a wide grin of satisfaction Dukat stepped back to reveal the perfect duplicate of Chakotayís tattoo etched in bloody welts across Tomís ass.

"Since heís taking your place Chakotay I thought I should at least make him resemble you a little" Dukat laughed gleefully and on hearing this, Tomís agonised bloodshot eyes rose again to meet Chakotayís in accusation.

"Bastard" he croaked at the impassive Indianís face and Chakotay had to bite the inside of his cheeks to stop his moans of horror.

Dukat reversed the whip in his hands and stepped forwards. He paused in pleased contemplation of his handiwork and then hawked a great mouthful of spit onto Tomís puckered asshole. As the slimy liquid trickled down the crack of his butt, tears of humiliation began to spill down Tomís cheeks.

Slowly Dukat used the thick blunt head of the whip to tease Tom open. The taut leather knob slipped in the saliva before finding its destination. Finally the knobbed end of the whip popped inside accompanied by a sickening wail of pain from Tom and then Dukat started to force the handle up inside Tomís tight passage.

Further and further he pushed, ignoring Tomís broken shrieks, until the whip was inserted to the hilt and the thong dangled from Tomís butt like an obscene tail.

Dukat stepped away from Tom and turned to Chakotay. With a broad smile and a leering wink at the horrified Maquis, he started to chat conversationally as though unaware that the writhing pilot could hear every word:

"Thatís always the messy bit, isnít it, preparing a cherry ass for the taking. Gives him a chance to feel something up his hole so he knows what to expect. Of course since my cock is twice as thick as that handle and he is already stretched like overripe fruit, it will probably rip him a new asshole. Yes, itís a shame but human butts arenít really designed for Cardassian cocks. The scales donít help. It probably feels like being sandpapered from the inside out.

" Then again look on the bright side, by the time Iíve finished he will have been ripped open so wide that he probably will barely feel the rest of the garrison as they take their turn."

Tom was squirming in terror at Dukatís words, his huge pain-filled eyes begging Chakotay for help as he evidently realised that his current agony was only a taster for unimaginable torture yet to come.

"Of course, Chakotay, just say the word and Iíll stop now." Dukat pronounced loudly "Itís a shame to cripple a virgin boy and he certainly will never walk again by the time my men have finished with him. Not that that will matter, come to think of it. Barrack sluts never last for many days. There are a hundred men stationed here, I doubt he will survive long enough to satisfy them all, despite the drugs we will use to stop him bleeding to death too quickly.

"Itís just a shame that he will die in such an agonising and humiliating way when all you had to do was tell me one little thing and I would never have touched a hair on his pretty head."

Chakotay flinched from the look of disbelief and hatred in Tomís eyes.

"Iím sorry. Tom. I canít tell him what he wants to know. People might die if I give him the code to our defense grid. I canít take the risk." Chakotay begged the young man for understanding

"What fucking risk?" Tom grated "Some people MIGHT die? I WILL die if you donít stop him. Do you really hate me so much?" and his voice broke with a desperate sob.

"Spirits, Tom. Iím sorry. So sorry. It should be me being tortured not you. Itís my fault youíre involved and if I could swap places with you I would but thereís nothing I can do. Please try to be brave Tom, try to ignore the pain."

"Thatís right, pretty one, ignore the pain!" Dukat mocked as he grasped the end of the whip and hauled it out in one violent jerk. Tomís body rippled with spasms of agony as half the skin of his passage was ripped away by the brutal leather.

Before he had even stopped shuddering and flailing, he felt the icy coldness of Dukatís prick hungrily nosing his ripped anus open and his cheeks were forced apart by a dick as wide as his own wrist. In one smooth slamming movement Dukat rammed all the way home.

Tom was howling and screaming in agony as Dukat thrust again and again, deeper and deeper. Chakotay could see blood pouring in rivulets down Tomís thighs and then with a triumphant yell Dukat shot his icy load right into Tomís depths.

As Dukat pulled out Chakotay could see the Cardassianís huge penis. It was slimy with blood, shit and semen. Tomís eyes were glazed, his breath short gasps between heart-rending sobs.

Dukat used some of Tomís discarded clothes to clean himself off before turning casually to the half dozen guards and saying

"Okay, who wants to go next?"

"Pleaseeeeeee, Chakotay, please stop them. Please. Please!" Tom whimpered pathetically, his eyes stark with helpless terror.

Chakotayís heart broke. He knew that there were a hundred Cardassianís to follow Dukatís lead. He believed Dukatís threat to keep Tom alive long enough to satisfy as many of them as possible.

And suddenly he knew, whatever the consequences of his decision, that sooner or later he would give in. At some point over the next few days he would break under the strain of Tomís pathetic screams. And having admitted to himself that it was so, why let the torture continue just to salvage his own battered pride?

As the first guard approached Tomís bleeding ass, his grin feral with lust, his fingers fumbling with his bulging trousers, Chakotay gave in.

"Stop!" He whispered and felt something inside his spirit break with the single word.

Dukat turned to the desperate Maquis with a knowing smile

"Having second thoughts, Captain? Do you want to save that poor boy from another thorough reaming or shall we continue for a bit while you make up your mind?"

"Iíll tell you. Iíll tell you the fucking code. Just stop hurting Tom." Chakotay begged brokenly.

"Why, of course, Captain. Itís just a shame you didnít see sense before I had to teach him such a painful lesson. I fear he will never be quite the same again." Dukat chuckled even as he snapped his fingers at the guards and Chakotay saw Tom gently unfastened by the medic and the shimmer of a transporter as Tom and the medic disappeared.

Seating himself opposite the broken Maquis, Dukat gave a wide grin and produced a recorder from his pocket.

"So okay, CaptainÖabout that code and just in case you are having second thoughts, remember that I can transport Tom straight back here to carry on, only I might have to whip him again first just to punish you!"

"2 alpha 35 gamma 89.301 epsilon" Chakotay snarled bitterly, almost choking on the words.

"Thank you so much, Captain. Itís been a pleasure!" Dukat smiled and rose to leave.

"What about Tom?"

"As soon as my medics heal him he will be returned to his cell. Iím sure we donít want him bleeding to death before Iíve had a chance to check the accuracy of this code. We might need him again if youíve been stupid." Dukat smirked and marched out of the room.

As he turned the corner of the corridor, the sight of his lover pleasantly surprised him. The gorgeous youth was languidly resting his tall thin frame against the wall, a sardonically triumphant smile playing around his soft sensuous mouth.

"See, I told you my plan would work, Dukat" the beautiful blonde purred

"I should have trusted you, Tom. You were right as usual. He just fell apart when you started to scream. You should get a medal for your acting." Dukat admitted with evident pride in his loverís abilities.

"I told he would never give in to torture but heís got no balls for watching other people suffer." Tom chuckled sarcastically "Heís a sentimental fool."

"Did I really hurt you?" Dukat whispered as he nuzzled Tomís neck lovingly


"Good, I knew youíd like it!"

"Oh yes, though I was disappointed he gave in so quickly. I was just getting really turned on!"

"I already use half the stationís energy rations on regeneration equipment whenever you visit" Dukat snarled

"You complaining?" Tom laughed with disbelief

"Never." Dukat purred and then bit sharply into Tomís neck until his mouth filled with the coppery taste of blood. Tomís erection thudded into his groin in response to the pain of the bite.

"Ready for round two?" Dukat hissed

"Always" Tom replied happily and together they made their way to Dukatís quarters.


"So you were disappointed when the guards didnít get their chance to fuck you?" Dukat snarled jealously as he ripped Tomís clothes off in a repeat of his earlier performance

"Only Ďcos you made me so hot, babe" Tom soothed "You know my ass belongs to only you."

Dukat grinned with satisfaction at the submissive words even as he hissed a grim warning:

"I donít care how many cocks I allow up your whoring ass, you better believe that it belongs to me alone. If I ever see you actually enjoying another manís touch, Iíll cut your balls off and make you eat them. It wonít stop my pleasure but it sure as hell will put paid to yours, you little slut."

He was gratified to see Tom pale appreciably at his words. Tom knew him well enough to know his promise was no bluff.

Tom had been his lover for two years now, ever since Dukat had found him whoring to pay his bar bill on a backwater planet near DS-9.

Dukat had always had a taste for reaming skinny human boys until they howled for mercy. They rarely lasted more than one encounter. If they were lucky enough to survive the experience they usually shit themselves in terror if he met them again. So on the night he met Tom he was just looking for a quick fuck, maybe the pleasure of giving a sound beating, but nothing more.

He was too well known for his fatal encounters in the usual haunts, so he had delved further into the most squalid dives. He was becoming increasingly frustrated at the ugly dross the whoremasters tried to sell him.

By the time he hit the last seedy brothel, he had lost all hope of finding anything worth fucking. So he nearly fainted when his entire blood supply shot down to his groin as an inebriated boy was dragged towards him. Under the filth and dirt of torn second-hand clothes, despite the painful thinness and blank drunken eyes, was the most beautiful blue-eyed blonde he had ever imagined.

Dukat had thrown a handful of money at the whoremaster and dragged the boy by his long unwashed hair into one of the sordid bedrooms and ripped his clothes off. Seeing the golden bush of pubic hair he been bitterly disappointed that the whore was obviously a lot older than his blond boyish looks implied in the poor light of the greasy whorehouse. Irrationally blaming the whore for his own mistake he decided to punish him for his deception by ramming his own huge cock into him dry, in one sadistic thrust.

Bending the naked whore over the filthy semen-stained bed, he gave no warning before driving into the tight hole with tearing force. The slutís piercing scream of anguish was so loud that it shook the walls and then as Dukat began to pound him mercilessly through his ripped and bleeding asshole the skinny whore had punctuated each deep thrust with an agonised wail.

Faster and faster he had pumped until he shot his freezing load into the rent boyís shuddering body, well aware of the almost acidic burn of his cold Cardassian sperm into the well abraded skin of the humanís ass. He waited until the little whore had stopped bucking and squealing his desperate torment at the sharp knifing pain and had recovered enough to realise that Dukat was still hard and ready to go again.

This was the point at which every prior human had screamed for mercy until Dukat had either beaten him senseless in fury or had continued to pound into them until they had collapsed in an unconscious heap. He had left them to either be found or to bleed to death and had never been concerned either way.

But not Tom. When he had finally managed to gasp words out of his raw throat Dukat had nearly fainted again because what Tom had said was:

"Wow..That was fantastic. Do it again"

Bewildered the Cardassian had continued over and over until Tomís legs were pouring with blood, his hips were bruised to a deep black from Dukatís hands and his voicebox had shattered under the strain of his screaming. Yet still the blonde was begging and eager for more, wriggling his sluttish hips in invitation and thrusting himself backward onto Dukatís cock whenever it contemplated leaving the hot wet hole.

For the first time in his life Dukat suffered from performance anxiety. He couldnít believe that this seedy little slut could outlast him and was unbelievably relieved when Tom finally collapsed into unconsciousness from bloodloss.

Dukatís groin was so sore that he began to wonder whether his cock could actually break from overuse. Tomís blood and mucus had seeped into the cracks of his scaly member and he had rubbed himself raw in his passion.

In awe and wonder he had gathered the battered whore in his arms like a precious child and had transported him back to his ship.

He had found a precious jewel in this filthy hole and he was not fool enough to discard it. It had taken two transfusions and the sustained efforts of all of the sickbay equipment to save Tomís life.

After that Dukat never allowed Tom to call the shots again.

Although they had mutually enjoyed their life together, because Dukat needed to inflict pain as much as Tom seemed to enjoy it, Dukat never again allowed the blonde to drive him to that fever pitch of killing lust. He was too aware that he had almost lost his prize before he had learned to value it properly.

He never touched Tom unless he had a regenerator at hand and a couple of emergency hypos, just in case, and although he had used Tomís considerable sexual skills on a number of occasions to curry favour with Obsidian Order officials he had always kept a secret camera on the proceedings and a tight transporter lock on Tom ready to whisk him to Sickbay.

Tom simply didnít have the common sense to know when to stop. Dukat was not much taken with introspection. He prided himself on being a doer not a thinker. But he wouldnít have reached his position of power if he hadnít learnt to give consideration to the motives of others. Tom worried him because he simply could not get a handle on what made the young human tick.

He knew that Tomís behavior was aberrant. He realised that there was obviously something seriously, mentally wrong with his beautiful lover. He could not even begin to conceive of why Tom wanted and needed his abuse so badly and while he bathed gloriously in the results of Tomís sickness he was also very concerned by the unpredictable nature of it.

Particularly because he knew that Tom did not love him. Tom loved what Dukat did to him, but to be honest he didnít care where the pain came from as long as he got it. He had taken Tom out of the brothel but hadnít removed the whore out of Tom.

Hence Tomís unthinking comment about wishing the torture had continued. Dukat knew he would have to punish Tom and almost groaned at the realisation that Tomís comment had probably not been so unthinking after all.

Sighing in acknowledgement of his own desire to spank Tom as much as Tom obviously wanted the attention, he sat down on the edge of the bed and summoned his naked slut to his side. Tomís eyes were wide and scared but a tiny twitch of a smile gave him away. Dukat began to wonder whether Tom was ALWAYS acting.

"I think you need to pay a penalty, Tom, for wanting someone else to have what is mine" Dukat growled and wordlessly Tom folded himself over Dukatís lap in his usual position, his butt cheeks quivering in anticipation.

As the muscles jerked in Tomís buttocks, Dukat grinned in delight at the Ďtattooí he had created earlier. Before the Ďtortureí session he had given strict instructions to his medics to leave the whip marks in place when Tom was healed and had actually gone as far as to instruct them to rub Aurooja Oil in the welts to ensure that a permanent scar would result.

He had plans for this tattoo.

So the cheeks of Tomís ass were already swollen an angry red even before he started to lay a pattern of firm, bruising slaps. Tomís naked body jerked in ecstasy as his ass smarted and his groin was crushed mercilessly into Dukatís leather clad knees.

"If you cum on my uniform, Tom, I wonít fuck you tonight" Dukat promised evilly as he saw Tomís beaten body shaking towards a climax and he grinned as he saw Tomís shuddering efforts to control himself. Deciding to stack the odds further against his gorgeous lover, he suddenly rammed three thick fingers up Tomís ass and wiggled them about.

"Ohhhhhhh" Tom squealed "no fair"

Dukat laughed uproariously as Tomís feet kicked helplessly and his blonde mane shook with arousal.

"Iím warning you, Tom, donít you dare cum!" he sniggered as his middle finger found Tomís prostate and Tomís wails grew in intensity.

Finally, when the pressure in his own groin finally became stronger than his enjoyment in tormenting Tom, he withdrew his fingers and stood up abruptly, letting Tomís limp body fall to the carpeted floor with a muffled thump.

"Okay then, get your ass on the bed, Slut and Iíll show you what youíve been missing for all these months" he purred as he unfastened his uniform and Tom scrambled onto the silky sheets with gusto.

"Iím going to make you feel so good you wonít be able to think of anyone but me ever again." He promised as he crawled between Tomís knees and threw the pale legs over his shoulders to expose Tomís puckered opening.

With his usual dry thrust he drove home and Tom screamed in agony even as he reflexively tightened his ass around the invader to increase the friction.

"No one else makes you feel like I do, do they?" Dukat demanded as he began to pump furiously and sobbing Tom agreed, as Dukatís cock ripped him apart.

Dukat felt Tomís cum splatter his stomach and leaned into the bliss of feeling Tomís ass muscles spasming shut around him and he shot his own load, filling Tom with his essence.

He pulled his still hard cock out of Tomís hole and wiped the blood and semen onto a towel. He leant forwards and mopped at Tomís raw ass and then popped the towel under Tomís hips so the blood-tinged semen would not ruin the sheets as it trickled out.

As he rose to fetch the regenerator, Tom yelped in disappointment

"No, not yet, baby. Do me again." Tom pleaded "Come on, I know you want it. Fuck me again."

Dukat ignored him and simply began to apply the regenerating tool to his loverís battered flesh. When he had finished he grinned at the pouty look on Tomís face.

"Sorry, Tom, you will barely be able to walk tomorrow as it is. Thereís going to be an unexpected power shortage and Chakotay will manage to escape with his trusty band of Maquis. If he has to carry you to his ship I might have to accidentally catch him or heíll think it was too easy."

Tom gasped in horror at Dukatís words.

"But I brought him to you, why the hell are you letting him go again?"

"All I wanted was the code. Itís more useful to us for Chakotay to be running around, unwittingly leading us to the other cells."

"But why canít I stay?" Tom wailed "Seska can report back to you, you donít need us both on board."

"Sorry Tom, thereís no way heíll leave without you after this afternoonís performance. Youíll just have to go with them until I can find a way to get you off the ship without raising suspicion."

"I wonít go!" Tom sobbed defiantly and Dukat smashed him across the cheek so hard that he split the side of Tomís mouth.

"Never forget that I own you Tom. You will do anything I fucking well tell you. Do you understand?" Dukat snarled

"Yes" Tom sniveled contritely "Iím sorry."

Dukat bent forwards and gently licked the blood from Tomís lips and as the coppery taste melted into his tongue his cock jumped with excitement. Sorry for his anger, since Tom had only been trying to stay with him after all, he grinned in sudden decision.

"What the hell, let the bastard carry you!" he laughed and plunged back into Tomís welcoming depths.