Cold Fusion
By Jeanette Kofoed and Morticia

ST.Voyager C/P P/Others (lots of them! LOL)

He walked down the corridors of Voyager, which had been his new home for the last two weeks and would most likely remain his home for the next 70 years.

There was no way that he would have stayed on board if it hadn't been for the Kazon. In a battle he had been forced to sacrifice his own ship in order to save both crews. Now they were all on one ship, but still divided; Maquis and Starfleet.

Chakotay looked down at his uniform; it had been years since he had last worn one of these and he had never thought that he would do it again, especially not as a Commander serving under a Captain who had come here with the express purpose of capturing him.

Chakotay arrived at his quarters and keyed in his access codes. The door opened inaudibly in front of him and he stepped into darkened quarters. He looked around his quarters and saw light coming from his bedroom, a powerful smell of flowers emanated from the doorway. He walked into the dimly lit room and saw the pale naked body lying on his bed, a seductive smile coming from the beautiful face.

A smile formed on Chakotay's normally stoic features. This was exactly what he needed after a hard day of work. He quickly shed his clothes and jumped on to the bed, covering the body that submissively gave over all control to him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom got out of bed feeling sore and very satiated. He quickly found his clothes where he had discarded them earlier and swiftly got dressed. With one last, almost longing look back at the bed where his lover lay sleeping, he left the now silent quarters. Heading towards another bed, the Captain's.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Janeway sat in the Ready Room considering the wonderful life of a Captain onboard Voyager. She smiled wickedly to herself as she recalled a certain blond young boy in her bed, pleasing her better than anyone had ever done, including her fiancé Mark.

Not only was he great in bed, but he also informed her about a lot of the Maquis activities and when they made it home, he - the son of the great Admiral Paris - would be her flight to the top.

A sudden shake of the ship brought her out of her daydreaming; angrily she opened a comm link to engineering.

"Torres, what are you doing down there?" She spat, tempted to add a few expletives but quickly remembering that there were others down there who might overhear.

"Captain, we are missing some parts of our power cells. It caused a malfunction in the control system."

"Well then, you'd better get on it and make sure to repair it all. We wouldn't want to be dead in the water out here among the Kazon. Oh and lieutenant, try and find out why we are missing some of the power cells, if that's not beyond your abilities. The Captain out."

Janeway sighed to herself at the thought of this incompetent woman that she had made the Chief of Engineering. It had seemed like a good idea at first, it seemed to please her handsome First Officer, but quickly afterwards she had found out that he had no interest in women whatsoever. It wouldn't be wise for her to go and take away Torres' position with the only reason being that she had only given her the position in the first place to get laid by the stoic officer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"So bitch, wanna show me if the reputation you got in Auckland is well deserved." Chell snarled after Tom, as he and his friends followed after Tom down the corridor.

"Shut up Chell, don't piss me off." Tom responded without turning around. He just continued down the corridor, getting closer and closer to his destination.

They had done this before, following him, calling him words, harassing him. It didn't bother him, or at least it didn't use to. But now he had a friend, only one, but it was at least more than he'd had for a long time. He was terrified that Harry would learn about his reputation and turn against him.

Suddenly he was slammed up against the wall, feeling the hot disgusting breath of a Bolian on his neck.

"Chell, let me go." Tom said between clenched teeth.

Instead of releasing him, Chell only tightened his grip and rubbed his groin up against Tom. He leered at the two others, and for a moment loosened his grip, which was a fatal mistake.

Before Chell knew it, he was on the floor, with a broken jaw. He looked up and saw Tom fight Randall and McGuire; he smiled when Tom was knocked down onto the floor. Chell got up to repay the broken jaw, but was stopped as four security guards overpowered them all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later the four of them stood in front of a very unhappy Captain.

"So Mr. Chell, first off I don't like it when people fight on my ship and secondly, I don't like foul play; three against one."

Janeway looked towards Tom, noticing the bruised chin and black eye. It was a shame to mar such a beauty, and that this disgusting blue creature had even dared to do it angered her. It was a shame she couldn't do anything, this was a Starfleet ship and it wouldn't look too good if she only punished the three bullies.

"Well gentlemen, I suggest you take a stroll to sickbay and then I think three days in the brig will serve you all well. Dismissed."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom sat angrily in his cell, trying hard not to go and pound his fists into the wall till they bled. This was the worst thing that could happen to him. He hated cells, he hated small spaces, and the idea of being locked up always freaked him out.

He just wanted to be out, to be in a big nice warm bed, with big warm arms holding him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chakotay felt rather than saw someone coming up from behind. Completely on instinct, he swung around, tripping the figure by kicking the legs away from under him. He heard a soft moan as the figure landed hard on his tailbone.

"Cha, I didn't know you liked it rough," a pained voice said, "all you had to do was say so."

Chakotay grinned to himself in the darkness, and then bent down, helping Tom up from the floor.

"Well, a little spanking here and there won't hurt." He said as soon as Tom was back on his feet, facing him.

"Spanking?" Tom spluttered, "Only if YOU are on the receiving end."

Tom couldn't believe that Chakotay had said that. Who would even think that pain and sex was the same thing? Let alone spanking. Spanking was something you did to kids when they had been naughty, not adults.

"Well, you never know, you might like it." Chakotay whispered seductively as he leaned in to kiss the creamy, lean throat. He nipped gently at the skin, slowly working his way over Tom's jaw and then up to nip his left ear.

"I still have to punish you for getting into a fight, you should know better than that."

Chakotay continued nipping, well aware that once he had begun, Tom would be far away too aroused to make much resistance. With a quick move, he grabbed Tom around the waist and swung him over his shoulders and headed for the couch on the other end of the room.

He sat down, placing a now very resistant Tom over his lap. He slapped Tom hard on the ass, receiving a yelp in reply, after that all movement from Tom's side stopped.

'This is going to be fun,' Chakotay thought to himself as he quickly discarded all of Tom's clothes.

He was going to enjoy himself.


Tom couldn't believe the bastard was actually going to spank him. He hadn't been in such an embarrassing situation since he was a child. His overwhelming urge was to force his way out of Chakotay's lap and smash his fists into that smug bronze face.

However, if he refused to play along he would have wasted all the effort it had taken to get himself into Chakotay's bed in the first place. At least the big Maquis turned him on, which was more than he could say for that bitch Janeway. It was almost more than he could stomach to go to her quarters each night and pretend to be aroused by her skinny body - her skinny FEMALE body, which was the real problem, after all.

Unless he still had the musky scent of Chakotay in his nostrils he doubted he could even get it up for her. Of course, once he did get hard, the sensation of fucking her was so unarousing that he could maintain his erection for ages. She hadn't realised that his endurance was mainly due to his complete lack of interest in finishing the act, not to mention the lack of stimulation to his prostate.

Tom couldn't believe that despite him spending the last two weeks fucking her senseless, she had still put him in the brig for fighting. Even though she realised that he had only been defending himself against unfair odds. Bitch!

So it was too soon for him to show his hand against Chakotay. Until he was sure that Kathryn would take his side, he would have to play along. Of course, it was always possible that the power would fall Chakotay's way and Tom had learnt a long time ago to keep his options open.

So he relaxed on Chakotay's lap and resigned himself to the inevitable.


Chakotay's meaty palm landed with a resounding slap against one of Tom's firm white cheeks.

"OW!" Tom squealed as Chakotay's hand left a deep red impression.

Chakotay smirked and landed a matching blow on Tom's other cheek.

"Owww!" Tom yelled, "That hurts, you Bastard!" But he couldn't deny the way his cock jerked in response to the abuse. The stinging pain sent shivers from his ass straight down into his groin.

Chakotay felt Tom stiffening on his lap and opened his legs slightly to prevent Tom's cock and balls being damaged as he swiftly added another half dozen slaps. Tom moaned at each blow but Chakotay could hear his breath shortening and the blonde's whole body began to jerk excitedly on his lap.

"The problem with you, Tom, (SLAP) is that you lack self-discipline." Chakotay scolded happily, "I think that you need to be taught to behave yourself with more (SLAP) self-control (SLAP)"

Tom couldn't believe how erotic he was finding the whole situation. Every time Chakotay slapped him he was sure that he might just climax then and there. He knew that unless Chakotay entered him quickly he would cum on the floor, leaving the Commander unfulfilled. Then Tom was sure that Chakotay would be considerate enough to spend time getting him back to arousal before fucking him and Tom didn't have the time to hang around for second goes.

"Please fuck me now, Chak" he gulped between slaps.

Chakotay grinned at Tom's gasping plea.

"Only if you admit that you liked me spanking you." (SLAP)

"Ohhhhh. Okay. You win. Just fuck me already!" Tom howled

Chakotay released his huge erection from his uniform pants and producing a tube from his pocket, generously swathed his cock with lube. He pulled Tom's limp form up to sit on his lap and then eased Tom slowly down over his hungry cock.

As Tom slid down to impale himself on the big Maquis he felt his butt cheeks smarting with Chakotay's slaps and could feel the red heat radiating from his ass.

Shit, he'd better find a regenerator before he went to Kathryn tonight, he thought.


Janeway sat in front of her mirror, brushing out the waves of her long chestnut hair and watching the limp, pale reflected form of Tom. He was sprawled bonelessly on her bed, like a debauched angel, completely exhausted by their lovemaking.

She had never experienced such an enthusiastic lover. It was amazing how long he could keep an erection before being overwhelmed by sensation. The inside of her thighs was actually quite sore. Tom was so sweet. He had even refused to listen to her apologies for putting him in the brig, silencing her with the most passionate kiss she could remember.

In fact, he had been so understanding of her position of Captain and so forgiving of her decision, that she decided that no matter what happened from now on, she would make sure that he never again had to pay the price for someone else's actions. She had been forced to accept that bad-tempered harpy B'Elanna as head of Engineering. Very well, she would promote Tom to Chief Pilot. That would make him a senior officer and protect him from the crew.

After all, striking a senior officer was an offence against which there was no defense.

From now on, Tom would be under her protection.


He stood staring at her with disbelief.

"Chief Pilot?" Tom mumbled to no one in particular. He just wanted to say it, to feel the words roll over his tongue.

Kathryn smiled as she saw her lover's reaction to her news.

"Well, you are the best Tom and I need the best." She said in her most convincing tone. Truth was, that hadn't he looked so damn well, had all the right connections and been the resilient and fantastic lover he was, she would have given the job to someone with a better track record.

Starfleet didn't promote criminals to lieutenants in the first place, and

definitely didn't let them be in command of a station.

Tom looked at Captain Janeway and gave her his most seductive smile ever. Things didn't look as bad as they might have done, she wouldn't have given him this job if she didn't trust him. He leaned in and captured Kathryn's soft lips and almost choked as she started twirling her tongue around in his mouth.

He managed to quell the sickening feeling of her kissing him this way; he had to do it. There was no way he could be on the losing team if the Kazon ever caught them, no way.


"Harry, I'm telling you. The woman is insane. She only gave me the position as Chief Engineer because of my close relationship with Chakotay."

"B'Elanna, hush. Don't talk so loudly, people will hear. And you shouldn't be talking about the Captain like that, she is one of the best."

B'Elanna looked at Harry with a concerned look. She couldn't really blame him for being so gullible, Starfleet, the chickens of the Alpha Quadrant, trained him, nothing good ever came of that. Just look at that guy Paris. A traitor to the bone.

"B'Elanna, just look at how hard she works on getting us back." Harry felt like B'Elanna was violating something very personal. He always respected people who ranked higher than him, especially the Captain who without hesitation had given his friend, Tom, another chance.

B'Elanna looked one last time at Harry and decided she wasn't in the mood to fight today, she had enough of that everyday with the Captain.


Tom sat in the pilot's chair. Even though it had almost been 12 hours since his little adventure with Chakotay, he could still feel the heat emanating from his ass. He had even used a regenerator, but after considering it a bit he had decided to leave some of the tender skin behind. It wasn't as if the Captain would be looking at his ass.

But as he sat there, he started to regret not regenerating all the tender skin. He couldn't sit still for five minutes without thinking of Chakotay's hand landing firmly on his butt cheeks. As much as he liked sex a little rough and hard at times, spanking was never something he had considered, but it was certainly something he would like to try again.

Tom wasn't sure if it was the attraction for Chakotay that had made it all so much more welcome and arousing. Sure Tom had had men before, a lot of them to be precise. Being fucked by them had always gotten him what he wanted and saved him from a lot more unpleasant experiences, but no one had ever made his cock grow hard as fast as Chakotay had.

Tom was abruptly brought back to reality as the ship rocked. Tom looked at the sensors just in time to see another blast hit the ship and before Tom knew it, he was thrown down on the floor. He quickly scrambled to his feet and headed back towards the helm, not very happy learning that it was the Kazon attacking.

"Great time Seska to tell them to attack. I told you to wait, damn it. I'm not ready." Tom muttered inaudibly under his breath.

This wasn't his day after all...


"You stupid Bitch! You nearly got us all killed" Tom snarled at Seska, straining at the cuffs that bound him face down on her bed.

After three hours of relentless pursuit he had finally managed to evade the attacking warship by plunging Voyager into the edge of a huge meteorite storm. The prototype starship had cheerfully responded to his drastic tactics and he had weaved through to the other side with relatively little damage to her hull. The Kazon had wisely declined to follow his near-suicidal path. Tom had actually enjoyed the chance to display his 'other' talent, but not enough to cool his anger at the Bajoran.

"I'm tired of waiting, Paris. You said you could get Chakotay to overthrow Janeway. I'd rather take my chances with an alliance with the Kazon than be stuck on this ship under HER rules any longer. Her damned first directive will make our journey impossible. We should just take what we need and get the hell home."

"Grow up, you silly cow. If the Kazon capture Voyager there will be no reason for them to make an alliance, they'll just take the ship and kill us all. We've got to be cleverer than that. If Chakotay mutinies and makes this a Maquis ship then our chances of getting home will increase a hundredfold. THEN maybe we can do a deal with the Kazon, until then we need to keep a lower profile." Tom argued, irritated that he couldn't see her face to judge the impact of his words. He could hear the slither of her clothes as she undressed and he had to clench his teeth against a wave of nausea.

"Chakotay is more likely to see things from my point of view after that attack. I was in Astrometrics when I signaled them, I KNEW you would be able to get away, this time."

"You have a lot of confidence in my flying." Tom muttered as he felt her crawling up between his splayed legs.

"More than I do in your whoring, Paris. Chakotay's been reaming your sorry ass for a week and he still shows no sign of coming around to our way of thinking. I'm beginning to think it was a mistake to involve you. You certainly aren't holding up your end of the deal" Seska snarled nastily and leant down to bite one of his butt cheeks.

"Owwwwwww!" Tom screamed at the sharp pain and his anger got the better of him. "You didn't even manage to get a look at his cock yourself, Seska, despite months of throwing yourself at him, as I've heard."

"Well quite apart from the fact that he only likes boys, I don't have your natural aptitude, Paris. You're such an experienced slut after all and anyway you know I prefer to give than receive." Seska grinned and was satisfied by Tom's yowl of protest as she rammed him violently up the ass.

Tom had sold himself to a good few women in his time, but Seska was the first who had tied him face down on a bed, strapped on a huge dildo and gotten her satisfaction purely from making him come. Tom couldn't imagine many more degrading experiences than the nightly ritual of letting Seska abuse him in this way. On the other hand, despite the humiliation of the act, he had to admit that it did more for him than Janeway's putrid tongue.

Then again, he had no real feelings for Janeway one way or the other, but he was counting the days until he could throw Seska's sadistic body out of an airlock. Hate coalesced in his brain even as his cock erupted onto the sodden sheets and he was inordinately pleased that it was Seska's bed that he was soiling. As he came with a howl he felt Seska's nails bite into his back and claw downward.

Shit, he'd need another regenerator before he went to Chakotay tonight. At this rate he'd run out of replicator credits. Maybe it was time to do a deal with Chell after all. He was sure the Bolian would pay him not to fight his advances any more.


Damn, damn....damn. He was late, too late, and it was all Seska's fault.

Instead of releasing him as she usually did after their nightly sessions, she had left him tied to the bed. He had done everything he could to get out of the restraints but in the end, he hadn't seen any other alternative than to break his thumb.

As much as he could live with and sometimes even like pain accompanied with sex, snapping his bones was not one of the things that he liked. With or without sexual stimulation.

He asked the computer for the time as he neared Chakotay's quarters.

"Time is 1859."

Shit, he had to be there in a minute. As he stood in front of Chakotay's door, he did a quick feel of himself, to insure that there weren't any sore spots left, after that he pushed the chime.

"Come in." Chakotay called.

Chakotay stood watching as Tom entered. He had been late which was pretty unusual for the young man. He watched Tom's face as the blue eyes looked around his quarters, and was immensely satisfied as he saw the blue eyes turn bright with happiness.

Tom looked back at him and Chakotay this time made eye contact with him. He gave the young man a reassuring smile and raised his hand to direct Tom to the neatly decorated table that stood in an ocean of candles.

"You're late." He said as both of them were seated at the table.

Tom looked apologetically at him; "Sorry it won't happen again."

Tom looked so cute with this apologetic face that he couldn't do anything but laugh a little. He gave Tom a rueful smile and leaned in close, his mouth almost touching Tom's right ear.

"Well, I think I have to punish you, just so you know I won't have this. Twenty slaps with my hand should do it." He watched as a deep scarlet red blush coloured Tom's face.

"Spank me sir," a heavy and seducing voice finally said, but deep down, Tom knew he would regret it later. He would have one sore butt tomorrow. Yes sir, indeed he would.


Tom couldn't believe he was still capable of standing after last night.

First, the Commander had spanked him till he felt like he was going to explode and after that he had gotten the fuck of his lifetime.

Right now, he had other things to see too, like getting to Sandrines. He knew Chell and his so-called friends would be there. All he had to do was go in and act as always, only this time the outcome of Chell's advances would be different than usual.


He had almost been in Sandrines for over an hour before Chell showed up. Tom stayed at the pool table, pretending he hadn't noticed who had arrived. He bent a little more than he had to over the table to shoot to the ball. His deliberate movement had the wanted effect, within a few minutes he could feel Chell's cold body standing closely behind him. He bent over again to make another shot and felt a hand brush his ass. He turned around being careful to keep the play going.

"Chell, I remember specifically that I told you to keep your hands off me."

Chell kept coming closer, "Come on Tom, I know you want it. I know I do."

"Well, that's certainly no secret." He replied as he looked down somewhere below Chell's abdomen. With that, he turned around again, pretending to be continuing with the game.

Chell felt the anger boil within him. This shouldn't be so hard, the man was a slut after all, so why didn't anything work? He grabbed Tom's arm and yanked him around so that he was facing Chell again.

Instead of getting angry as usual when Chell touched him, Tom gave him a seductive smile, which puzzled the Bolian.

"I didn't know you were that persistent Chell, but it's not going to work. I can't afford it."

"You can't afford it? Why, afraid of being caught with your pants down together with a Bolian?"

"No, as in replicator credits. If I had to spend time with you instead of playing pool, where would I get my money from?" He said looking sweetly at Chell, watching his little con act fool the Bolian.

"If it's money you want I can give it to you." Chell said desperately, as he felt Tom's hand seemingly accidentally brush his groin.

"Okay." Tom shrugged nonchalantly and turned back to the game.

Chell stood in excited confusion, watching Tom's back for a while as he bent over and shot the last ball into the hole. Tom turned back towards him with a smile on his lips.

"Then meet me in Cargo Bay II tomorrow night at 2200. Deal?"

Chell only nodded, and watched hungrily as Tom left Sandrines. As the doors closed again Chell returned to his friends.

He missed the angry brown eyes that would have killed him if looks could kill.


By the time Tom had been fucked by Seska and had regenerated his bruised ass, and had fucked Janeway and taken a long sonic shower to remove the stink of her body odor, he was so tired that he was tempted to lie down on his bunk for a while. However, he didn't dare be late for Chakotay again.

The First Officer had arranged for them to meet at 2330. He didn't want to be late for two nights running. Quite apart from the risk of blowing his cover, Tom just didn't feel up to another spanking. He had already had to pull a little fancy footwork to get Janeway to agree to meet him straight after his pool session in Sandrines for a quick fuck. She always preferred him to spend the night. Tom realised that he must look as dog-tired as he felt because she had barely resisted tonight when he insisted on leaving.

As he approached Chakotay's quarters he was torn between anticipation and dread. He could hardly think for the overwhelming desire to have Chakotay possess him, and yet his abused body just wanted to curl up and hide somewhere instead. He was surprised by his intense need to have Chakotay's strong arms wrapped around him, there was nothing sexual in that need, it was more basic than that. He simply wanted to feel safe in the big Maquis' arms and imagine for a while that he was loved.

Chakotay's door slid silently open to his summons and he was momentarily shocked by the darkness of the room. As he stepped inside it took a moment for him to adjust to the gloom. He looked around hesitantly until he spotted Chakotay's silent hulking shadow. The Maquis was seated on the couch at the far end of the living room, quietly brooding.

Frightened by Chakotay's uncharacteristic silence, Tom scooted over to him and sank gracefully between his knees.

"Hiya, babe, what's up?" he crooned in concern.

For a moment Chakotay's face regarded him coldly from the shadows and then unexpectedly Tom felt a crashing blow to the side of his face. Tom collapsed to the floor in stunned agony as Chakotay stood up and towered over him like an avenging demon.

"Slut" Chakotay roared, "You fucking whore!"

"Wha-what?" Tom stuttered in fright

"I was in Sandrine's tonight. I saw your performance with Chell. Saw you fixing your price. What coin am I going to have to pay you in, Paris?" Chakotay howled in fury before his voice broke and he sobbed miserably "What price have you set for me?"

Tom knew his cover was blown. Time for plan two. Janeway or bust. This was the moment to stand up and laugh at the Commander for thinking that he had ever been anything more than a mercy fuck. Tom could stand up now and crack some sarcastic response and walk away. Sure he might actually have to crawl away with a few broken ribs given Chakotay's obvious rage but this wouldn't be the first time he had played this scene and he knew that he was always the one who escaped with his pride intact. Chakotay could call him a whore, but all the Maquis was really doing was calling himself a gullible fool.

Tom opened his mouth to tell the Commander to go to hell. Then inspiration hit him. He even surprised himself with the words that actually emerged from his mouth.

"I'm sorry, it wasn't what it looked like. I just couldn't stand it any longer, I just didn't want to be afraid anymore." he sobbed convincingly

"Afraid of what? " Chakotay snarled, but Tom could hear the faint glimmer of concern in his words.

"Of him finding me alone in a corridor, or trapping me with his friends, or getting into my quarters after hours. I can't fight it anymore, Chakotay, every time I try to defend myself I end up being thrown in the brig. I figured it was easier to just give in." Tom cried pathetically.

As the beautiful blonde sobbed at his feet Chakotay was surprised by his own desire to believe Tom, but something just didn't ring true.

"So why did you ask him to pay?" he queried suspiciously

"Because I learnt in prison that people are more careful with things that cost than those they can get for free. I figured it would hurt less if he treated me as a whore than if he raped me."

Chakotay was stunned by Tom's words. He had never really given any thought to what Tom's life must have been in Auckland, but now he could imagine only too well what a horror it must have been for someone as young and good-looking as Tom. He had been outraged by the thought that Tom had sold himself to Starfleet to help in his capture, it had been his main objection to starting a relationship with the gorgeous pilot. But thinking about it, he could see why Tom would have done anything to escape.

It was so unfair that he was still being subjected to the terror of possible rape.

"Spirits, Tom, why the hell didn't you come to me?"

"Because, I didn't want you to know. I spent my whole year in Auckland as the prison whore. It's how I survived. I knew that you would detest me, hate me, if you knew."

"Tom, you did what you had to do to survive. You were on your own, defenseless. It wasn't your fault. But you have got me now. I will protect you." Chakotay vowed angrily.

"You can't protect me, the Captain won't accept my word against that of her Starfleet crew. I'm a criminal, Chakotay, so are you. We can't do anything. It's better if I just let Chell have me. At least that way we'll both be safe" Tom whispered brokenly.

"I will kill him if he so much as lays a finger on you, Tom, and if Captain Janeway objects then there might just be a change of authority around here!"

Tom couldn't believe it, after all his careful planning he had still fucked up, but it was his very mistake that had finally achieved his aim. All he had to do now was arrange a situation where Chakotay was forced to defend his 'honour' and the resultant ripples would turn into a tidal wave of revolt against Janeway's followers.

All he had to do was make sure he was in sickbay long enough to be cleared of any involvement should the mutiny fail.


There was only one thing that concerned Tom as he started making preparations to the final steps in the plan. Seska badly wanted the Kazon alliance, certain that only they could get her the power she wanted. It was almost frightening how much she wanted it all, and Tom knew her well enough to know that she wouldn't let anyone get in her way.

Strangely enough, he wasn't worried about himself getting caught in the middle of it. The one time he had spoken with the Maje Gullah, the Kazon hadn't hidden his attraction very well, so if Seska got her way, Tom knew he would be alive, he certainly wouldn't be okay but at least he would be alive.

But Chakotay wouldn't. Chakotay was too proud to let the Kazon win, and he was too honorable. All his life Tom had despised gullible people like Chakotay. They believed in everything that one said, and it was their own goddamn fault that they ended up getting hurt, so why didn't he want Chakotay to get hurt? What the hell made the Maquis warrior so special?


Tom spun around as he heard the voice, and faced Harry.

"Harry, Jesus you scared me to death." Tom knew he wasn't lying, he could feel his heart pounding fast and painfully.

"Sorry Tom, you didn't answer the chime and I thought something was wrong."

Tom was puzzled by what Harry had told him. Tom knew he had locked the door, he wasn't very happy about Chakotay or anyone else walking in on him while he was planning, so how did Harry get in?

Tom was about to ask, as the red alert sounded. It was followed by a rocking of the ship as a missile hit it.

'Seska,' Tom thought angrily.

Had she really been stupid enough yet again to send the Kazon after them? He wanted to kill her, he wanted to humiliate her the same as she had with him, but even in this angry state of mind, Tom knew he wouldn't have a chance against her. Not one chance.

Tom hurried to the bridge to help as much as he could with the battle. They quickly fought the Kazon off and wounded, Voyager proceeded her trip through the Delta Quadrant.


Tom barged angrily into Seska quarters, certain that she would punish him, but he was too furious to care.

"Seska, you stupid fool. I told you to wait, I am so close to making Chakotay revolt against our dear Captain and you'll screw it up by sending the Kazon after us."

He panted heavily from anger; he cringed as Seska looked at him viciously.

"I can assure you Tom that I had nothing to do with this. Someone else did."

"Who?" Tom asked quickly but got no reply. He noticed that Seska seemed to be distracted, thinking of something else, she had that look...

"You said you had Chakotay on the hook. How? Yesterday he barely noticed you."

Damn, damn, damn. He shouldn't have mentioned it at all. If Seska hadn't learned about it all, he could have made sure that Chakotay would be safe and out of harms way, now he had no choice but to tell. If there was one thing that Tom had learned being with Seska it was that she could somehow you were lying even before you were thinking of doing it. He had to tell to keep himself safe...

"He thinks I had to sell myself to Chell in order to keep myself safe from him and his friends. I told him a little of my unedited experience from my prison days and he became very protective. It wasn't how we planned it, but with a little finesse it'll work out. He'll think someone; most likely Chell hurt me, and use the Maquis way of punishing him. Janeway, the Starfleeter she is will be against it and get the mutiny you wanted."

Tom wasn't feeling very proud of himself, but Seska sure seemed proud of him.

"That's good Tom, you are being a very good boy today. It's good to know that at least one person knows how to obey me."

"What do you mean?" Tom said alarmed. "How many are in on this? Was it the one who set the Kazon on us?" He would have kept asking questions if he hadn't seen Seska's angry glare.

"Pretty boys shouldn't talk too much. As for who works for me, there are others yes. You couldn't possibly have thought that you were the only one," she snickered, "You are a coward Tom, a submissive white pussy. All that you are good for is being fucked."

Tom felt as if he was getting smaller, Seska suddenly seemed very big and dangerous. He wasn't a coward, was he?

"Now Tom, be a good boy and go back to Chakotay. Lie to him a little about your life, play the I'm-Worthless act on him. I'll make sure everything goes as planned from here."

Tom definitely wasn't staying any longer, he felt sick. He headed for the door, he could hear Seska laughing silently and just as the doors were about to close behind him, he could have sworn he heard someone else's voice from Seska's quarters.

He listened for a while and the shrugged his shoulders, considering whether or not he was going crazy.


Chell jumped with surprise as Tom sidled up to him in Jeffries tube 15

"Change of plan" the blonde whispered seductively

"What the hell are you doing, Paris? I'm on duty, the deal was tonight in the

cargo bay."

"Bit of a problem with the location, bud. I've just heard there will be a surprise inspection there tonight!" Tom lied smoothly

"How did you find out then?" Chell asked suspiciously

"Benefits of being a senior officer!" Tom laughed

The Bolian licked his lips, the thought of finally fucking Tom Paris was already more than he had dreamt possible, the added bonus that he was a Senior Officer was icing on the cake. The idea of making a Lieutenant crawl at his feet was enough to make him want to cum then and there.

"Where then?" He hissed impatiently

"I dunno," Tom said deliberately vaguely "Maybe we should postpone this"

Chell spun around in fury, grabbing Tom by the neck and slamming him into the wall.

"Listen you fucker, Randall and McGuire have already taken the piss out of me for agreeing to pay for your worthless ass. I'm not prepared to tell them that you have changed your fucking mind!"

Tom pretended to think for a moment

"Tell you what, Chell, since I'm really strapped for cash and I don't want to cause you any embarrassment, how about all three of you visit my quarters tonight instead. We could pretend it's a poker game or something."

"All three of us?" Chell gasped greedily

"Cost you, of course." Tom replied

"How much?"

"Three fucking times as much, you tosser!"

"They won't agree to pay just to watch you play the whore." Chell replied, his voice heavy with regret

"Nope, but they'll pay you for getting them into my quarters so they can rape me!" Tom replied with a grin

"Rape you?" Chell repeated stupidly

"Well, you and I will know it's just a game, but THEY won't. Imagine how impressed they'll be when they discover that you don't have any intention of paying me after all!" Tom said slyly "I'll act all terrified and submissive, you'll get the respect of your friends and I'll get the credits I need."

Chell grinned hungrily at the thought. The idea of having Tom helpless at his feet with Randall and McGuire to help was too delicious to resist. Especially as he could always 'forget' to pay Tom afterwards.

"Sure, Tom" He purred happily "How will we get in though?"

Tom handed him a data-padd

"There's a code-breaking program on this padd. You can use it to break in. Otherwise it'll look suspicious to your friends." Tom explained "Oh, and I expect to wake up to a healthy ration account tomorrow" he reminded Chell

"Sure, Tom " Chell grinned, knowing full well that the only thing Tom would wake up to was the most battered ass in the Delta Quadrant.

Tom watched the Bolian leave, reading Chell's thoughts as clearly as though they were written on the back of his uniform.

He should have gotten the credits up front, but then he would have had to explain them to Chakotay. He sighed in regret. Chell, Randall and McGuire wouldn't ever get the chance to renege on their payment since Tom was going to ensure that Chakotay arrived in time to "catch them in the act".


Chakotay walked into his quarters and was immediately assailed by the heavy scent of roses from his bedroom.

A wide smile plastered to his face he hurried in, only to stop in disappointment when he realised that Tom wasn't there.

All that lay on his bed was a huge bouquet and a data padd.

Swallowing his immediate disappointment he read the message on the pad

"2230, my quarters. Don't be late - oh and bring the wine!"

He grinned at Tom's cheek.

He just had time to take a quick shower and get changed. Whistling happily he stepped into the sonic shower, wondering whether to take red or white.


Tom was beginning to think his plan was going to fall apart. It was already 2205 and Chell had still not arrived with his fuck buddies.

Shit, it would be just his luck if Chakotay came early and only caught Chell at his door.

Maybe he should comm Chakotay and give some excuse to put their date back, only he was terrified of betraying himself with such an action. He lay in bed, sweating with nerves, so busy with his thoughts that he failed to hear the soft footsteps creeping across his bedroom.

Suddenly a hand clamped viciously across his mouth, just as the lights came on in a blinding glare. Randall was stood by the doorway, a smug grin on his face as his hand dropped from the light sensor. McGuire's sweaty paw was pressed so tightly over both his mouth and nose that he could hardly breathe and Chell was standing to the other side of his bed, unknotting a long spool of rope.

Tom struggled ineffectively against McGuire's hand, true panic beginning as he began to asphyxiate.

"Hurry up, Randall. Fetch the gag before he chokes" McGuire snapped

Tom felt the hand lift from his face and he gulped for breath, only to have a wide rubber gag thrust between his teeth and tied by leather straps behind his head.

"You'll appreciate having something to bite down on, Slut!" Chell grinned, looping the end of the rope around Tom's wrists and tying them together with circulation stopping tightness.

He threw the other end of the rope over the head of the bed and Randall dropped down to catch it and draw it under the mattress and out of the bottom. Drawing the rope tight enough to drag Tom up the bed until his knuckles grazed the wall, he wrapped the other end around Tom's cock as Chell and McGuire held Tom's legs open wide. The rope bit into Tom's groin, separating his balls, almost ripping his cock from his body. Randall knotted it firmly and then the three of them flipped Tom over onto his face, exposing his ass.

Pinned so effectively that the only way he could struggle free was to castrate himself, Tom was helpless to stop the three men from taking turns to ream his ass. Apart from the added pain in his balls, their treatment of him was no worse than that he experienced daily from Seska. So he didn't panic, even as he felt his ass tearing and the blood trickling down his thighs. At least the gag let him scream silently against the pain. He waited impatiently for Chakotay to burst in and 'save' him.

"Shit, his butt is so loose it's hardly worth fucking" Randall swore as he took his turn at 'seconds'. "Fucking useless slut" he spat as Tom's abused ass muscles refused to give him the friction he craved.

"Yeah, he's had so many cocks up his ass it's like fucking a sponge" Chell giggled

"I bet I could get my whole arm up his butt!" McGuire grinned.

Chell and Randall looked at McGuire in speculation and then Randall grinned.

"Yeah, let's fist the bastard!"

Tom whimpered in terror. This was far beyond anything he had been prepared for.

Oh God, Chak, save me, he prayed silently. Please save me, Chak.

"I dunno" Chell whispered worriedly "We might perforate his bowel or something. We could kill him!"

"You stupid fucker, what were you planning on doing? Walking away and letting him report us?" Randall mocked, "We're going to have to kill him anyway and space the evidence. We may as well enjoy doing it!"

Chell looked at Randall in horror.

"No, I never meant to - never intended - hell, I'm not a murderer!"

"We're not spending the rest of our lives in the brig because you've gone soft on this slut" McGuire hissed "It was your idea to come here, you're the one who broke in. You're with us whether you like it or not. Or we could always waste you too!"

Bored with the argument, Randall decided to make Chell's argument moot. He drew back his fist, aimed it at Tom's bleeding ass and punched.

The sound of Tom's howl escaping the gag was drowned by shattering glass as Chakotay entered Tom's quarters, the wine bottle slipping out of his fingers as he saw Tom trussed up on the bed, with Randall's arm buried elbow deep in his ass.