By Morticia


ST: Voyager C/P

Rating. SLASH, m/m NC-17

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Part 47


The whole crew of Voyager seemed to be crammed into "Quarks" along
with the staff of DS9, several news crews and seemingly half of the
population of the de-militarized zone.

Angel kept tightly to my side as we pushed through the throng and I
was aware of the benefits of his large presence, even as I was
feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the possessive way he kept an
arm slung around my shoulders.

When we finally reached the podium at the front of the crowd, where
Janeway and Tuvok were holding court in front of several Starfleet
Officials and an adoring audience, I turned to Angel and hissed at
him to let go of me.

He ignored me, if anything squeezing me tighter to his powerful body.

"We have to look happy and relaxed together, Chak" He whispered
quietly, "If they realise that you intend to go chasing after Tom,
who knows when I'll get my ship back?"

"So I'm supposed to let you cuddle me all evening to make everybody
think I'm enough of a bastard to have forgotten him already?" I
snarled incredulously

"That's not very kind of you, Chakotay." Angel replied sadly "I don't
deserve your abuse. You have no idea how painful this is for me,
pretending everything is all right between us when I know you can't
wait to get back to Tom."

I was ashamed of myself. Angel was right. This had to be far more
painful for him than it was for me. HE was the victim in this, not me.

"I'm sorry" I murmured "You're right. I AM grateful"

"Then let's get this show on the road" Angel replied and swinging me
around to face him he gave me a huge kiss, right in front of the
entire crowd.

I was torn between the urge to push him away and the knowledge that
we were being watched, and to be honest, there was also a part of me
that responded to him. I may have decided in my head and heart that
my future lay with Tom, but the rest of my body hadn't quite caught
up with the realisation yet.

So I let the kiss continue until my heart was racing and my knees
were weak and my erection was burrowing into Angel's thigh and all I
could think was how much I was going to miss him, although not one
part of me regretted the choice that I had made.

I kissed him in the knowledge that our relationship was over and I
would never touch him again.  Unfortunately only a telepath would
have been aware of my thoughts, since my actions were so contrary.

I slowly became aware of the sudden and complete silence in the
crowded room. Thinking that we were the focus of the attention, I
pushed Angel away in embarrassment and looked sheepishly at the

She wasn't looking at me, however. Her face had gone quite pale with
shock and she was looking down the room towards the door. The whole
crowd had turned to follow her shocked gaze and had formed a natural
parting in the room through which I could clearly see the cause of
the silence.

I staggered in confusion. In the doorway of Quarks stood Tom.

Unbelievably he was even thinner. He swayed like a skeleton in the
doorway, his eyes burning brightly with an insane fury, his cheeks
stained red with passion in a horrible contrast to his white face.

"You bastard!" He hissed quietly, but in the deadly quiet room it
sounded like a shout.

I could feel the panic overwhelming me as I realised that he had
obviously, unbelievably, come back for me, only to find me in Angel's
arms again. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

He began to limp up the room towards me, the crowd opening up to
allow his passage, their faces bright with gleeful anticipation.

"Tom - I - " I said, trying desperately to find the words to explain
my behavior

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, CHAK" Tom snapped at me and I froze in confusion
as he walked right past my pleading outstretched hands and up to

"You BASTARD!" Tom howled and with a strength and fury that belied
his skeletal frame he swung a roundhouse punch straight into Angel's

As Angel collapsed to his knees in agony, I grabbed at Tom but he
shook my hands off with a quick furious twist of his bony shoulders

"Tom!" I begged, only to stop in confusion as he flashed his furious
face in my direction.

"I told you to shut the fuck up, didn't I?" He snarled at me, his
pupils so huge that his eyes were an almost solid black.

For a moment I actually believed that it wasn't Tom in front of me,
it was some vengeful spirit, and yet it WAS Tom too. I actually felt
reality shifting around me and for a moment I was back in the
clearing in my dream forest, watching the beating wings of a fierce
raptor as it swooped down on its prey and then I shook my head and
was back in Quarks and it was just Tom who was beating his fists
against Angel's head as he cowered on the floor.

Firmly this time I grabbed Tom's shoulders and pulled him tightly
back against me. For a second he struggled with an almost super-human
strength and then he sagged bonelessly in my arms.

As a couple of people rushed to help Angel to his feet, I could feel
Tom's heart pounding furiously in his emaciated frame, my heart was
thumping in sympathetic rhythm.

Angel wiped at his split lip with the back of his hand, and looked
warily at Tom but hovered safely out of reach.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, Lieutenant?" Kathryn's
voice rang out over the crowd as she marched towards us, her
diminutive frame actually quivering in fury.

It was only as she came face to face with Tom that she remembered the
whirling cameras that were filming the whole scenario.

"You are supposed to be on your way to Earth, Tom. " She said in a
kinder voice, "to a hospital where the doctors can make you feel
better" she added for the benefit of the audience and all around me I
heard murmurs as people decided that Tom was obviously mad.

I stiffened in fury but before I could speak, Tom replied in a dry
humorous voice.

"I forgot something"

Kathryn smiled sweetly for the cameras

"What did you forget Tom?" she asked in the tone of voice that she
normally reserved for Naomi.

"My husband!" He snapped

"Chakotay is not your husband, Tom, you're very confused right now,
why don't we go and discuss this somewhere quieter?" She said kindly,
frantically signaling behind her back for help.

I was already speechless, and when Tom suddenly snarled "Say I do" I
just gulped in confusion so he swung his bony elbow fiercly into my

"Say I do" He demanded again and as I gasped for breath I finally
understood what he was saying

"I DO," I shouted out and the crowd milled in confusion but Kathryn's
bright eyes flashed in sudden understanding

"Too late" she hissed as Tuvok approached with Commodore Benson and a
couple of large security guards.

"No it's not, Captain" Harry piped up out of nowhere, "The ceremony
was complete except for those two words. Now he's said them in front
of you and everyone. They're married." He said bravely "oh and
congratulations" he said to us over his shoulder as he moved in
between the advancing guards and us.

"Ensign, get out of the way. Lieutenant Paris is obviously ill; we
are just trying to get him the help he needs. Don't ruin your own

As the guards began to push Harry out of the way, Tom sagged in my
arms, having evidently achieved what he wanted; he lost his battle
against his exhaustion.

Realising that we would have to fight our way out of the room, I
thrust Tom into Angel's arms

"Quick, Angel, get him out of here" I begged

Angel swung Tom's limp body up easily into his arms and met my eyes
sadly and in that instant I knew what he meant to do.

"NOOOOO" I yelled and jumped forwards, but too late. Angel moved
quickly behind Kathryn and Harry and handed Tom to Tuvok before
turning back to meet me.

"I'm sorry Chak." He murmured

"You FUCKER" I screamed and the roundhouse that I gave him didn't
just put him on his knees, it knocked him to the floor unconscious.

All around me I could see my old Maquis crew rallying to my help.
Harry had been knocked to the floor by one of the security guards so
had taken the opportunity to wrap himself around Tuvok's ankles. The
Vulcan was trying to hold Tom in one hand and batter Harry off with
the other.

I ran forwards to help him only to be knocked to my knees by a blow
to my temple. I looked up in a daze and saw my attacker was Benson.

"I've waited a long time to do that!" He hissed with a vicious grin
and kicked savagely at my ribs.

I grabbed his foot before it connected and yanked. He landed with a
crash on his butt, howling with such pain that I figured he had
fractured his coccyx.

"Yeah? Well I've waited a long time for this!" I smirked and punched
him in the face. As his nose broke, my face was splattered with blood
and I licked at the coppery taste.  It seemed to awake some primal
instinct in me.

I leapt to my feet with a howl and launched myself at Tuvok. Harry
was still hanging on for grim death and my Maquis had stopped any
more guards coming to Tuvok's rescue.  The density of the crowd was
preventing re-enforcements from being beamed in.

I hadn't the faintest idea of how Tom and I could get away, but at
that moment, all I could think about was getting Tom back into my own

I wrestled with Tuvok for Tom's unconscious body. His strong Vulcan
arms refused to let Tom go.

"I am stronger than you Commander" Tuvok said unemotionally "you
can't beat me in a fight."

He was right; I couldn't beat him in a fair fight. So, I stopped
trying to wrestle him for Tom and broke his nose instead.

Tuvok gave a decent impression of emotion as he dropped Tom and
howled in agony.

Grabbing Tom before he hit the floor I turned like a cornered animal
and sought desperately for an avenue of escape. It was hopeless. I
was completely surrounded by two hundred people having an all out
battle amongst themselves.

As I hesitated, I was almost knocked to my knees as a furious body
hurled itself onto my back, kicking and punching. A hand grabbed my
hair and pulled sharply then snaked around my head to gouge at my

I had no option but to drop Tom and struggle with my attacker.
Reaching my hand around my back I hauled the figure off, only to let
it go in amazement. It was Kathryn.

She reached for her phaser and I chopped at her hand viciously,
knocking the phaser to the floor.

"Get out of my way, Captain" I hissed

"NO" She spat.

I raised my hand but she barely flinched

"I know you too well, Chakotay. You'd NEVER hit a woman!" She spat in

She was right; of course, I had never even struck Seska. Of course I
had killed women, when there had been no other choice, but actually
punching one was against everything I believed in

"Give it up, Chakotay. There's nowhere to run!" She smiled smugly.

So I hit her.

And actually, it felt pretty good after all.

I stepped over her unconscious body and reached down for Tom. The
fall had woken him up and he was looking around in dazed sorrow as
the hopelessness of our situation sank in. I gathered him into my
arms and hugged him to me in the eye of the storm.

The fighting was beginning to peter out; DS9 security was starting to
break through the crowds. We only had seconds before we were ripped
apart, me to a jail, Tom to a mental hospital.

"I'm so sorry babe" I whispered

"Shush." He replied, "I love you, we're together. Nothing else

That's when he handed me the knife.

I looked down in disbelief at the long ceremonial blade.

"How the hell did you get this?" I gasped

"It doesn't matter, Chak. Nothing matters. Just us. Together.

I looked into his tear-filled eyes and I nodded.

"Just us. Forever, my beloved" I whispered and pulled him tightly
towards me so that our hearts were beating together and pulled my arm
back to strike the blow.

I heard screams from the crowd, as they understood my intention and a
pounding of feet as the security guards raced through.

"Goodbye my chiya" I whispered

And that was when I felt the transporter beam catch us both and we
materialised in Angel's ship in front of the grinning eyes of Neelix
and the Doctor.

Their smiles faltered at the sight of the knife. I let it clatter to
the floor and pushed Tom into a seat.

"Wha-?" he said in blinking confusion. He had closed his eyes in
anticipation of the knife's blow and was completely disorientated by
our miracle escape.

"Later babe," I murmured "We've got to get the fuck out of here

"I started her up" Neelix said " But I couldn't figure out how to get
the cargo bay doors open"

"That's easy" I replied, and raising shields I launched a torpedo
which blasted us a hole right out into space

"Let's blow this joint" Tom urged

I was unfamiliar with the phrase, but looking into my husband's
grinning face I had little doubt of his meaning.

"Sure, Babe, anything you say." I grinned back and engaged forward