TITLE: Delta Quadrant Pickup
PART: 4 of 4
AUTHOR: ReAnne Moreau
E-MAIL: reann@aol.com
SERIES: Voyager
PAIRING: J/P of course :-)

Kathryn lay in bed desperately trying to pinpoint the location of her
clothing. Her head throbbed from the alcohol she had drunk last night - several
drinks at the bar, then more here. It had taken a lot to give her courage to go
through with her plan.

Dim morning light illuminated an apartment expertly decorated, but with no
personal touches - a place kept exclusively for liaisons such as this. The
nice man from the bar dozed next to her, his back turned. She couldn't quite
remember his name. It didn't matter, he needed nothing more from her and
had nothing to give. She wondered if he'd noticed that it was another man's
name she cried out last night. Kathryn covered her face with her hands,
contemplating the price of a few moments of physical pleasure.

From the darkness beyond her fingers, an arm flopped over her stomach.

Kathryn woke with a jolt, her heart pounding. The man next to her grumbled
And continued to sleep. Moving his arm off her body, she gently caressed Tom's
sleeping face as if to be sure he was real, careful not to disturb him. It was
hard resisting the temptation to burrow into his arms until he woke up and held

The light in the room was dim simply because the blinds were still closed.
The clock next to the bed put the hour slightly after noon. Not surprising,
considering all they had accomplished last night, dancing all evening, then
making love most of the night.

Slipping out of bed, Kathryn set about letting in as much sunlight as
possible while maintaining their privacy. A smile lurked at the corners of her
mouth. She had convinced Tom to take a bath instead of a shower and they had
made love in the tub, long and slow and intense.

She climbed back into bed a bit stiffly, cataloging the sore spots - aside
from the usual places - and was fully prepared to demand a massage later. Not
drowning in the bathtub had required a good deal of athletic ability, not to
mention that balancing act in front of the fireplace. Somehow she had the
feeling that being Tom's lover would keep her in good shape.

Sunlight streamed onto the body of the man in question. He was lying
sprawled on top of the covers, having moved into the space Kathryn vacated. She
thought he looked absolutely adorable. His hair was rumpled and the faint
shadow of a beard darkened his chin. In spite of that, there was something
innocent about his sleeping face.

Kathryn trailed her fingers lightly over his skin, tracing the outlines of
his muscles. Tom Paris was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Every
muscle seemed to have been carved by an expert sculptor. But no statue had such
soft, warm skin. She trailed butterfly kisses over that warmth, careful not to
wake him.

Tom murmured in his sleep, as if in the middle of an erotic dream. His
morning erection began to sit up and take notice.

Carefully, Kathryn turned her attention to his stomach and thighs. Tom
sighed and moved closer to the source of that delightful touch. He was on the
verge of waking.

Judging her timing precisely, Kathryn draped herself over one of Tom's legs
and gave his erection a long, slow lick. He hissed in pleasure as his eyes

"Morning, Katie-Kat. Somehow I didn't think you were a morning person."

That sleepy, aroused voice sent pleasant shivers down her spine. "It's


More licking, some sucking, a lot of happy pilot noises.

"I was just reminiscing." She grinned at his sound of frustration.

"You stopped!"

A hand quickly replaced her mouth. "Do you know that the first time I saw
you, I had this wild impulse to lay you down in the grass and kiss you all over
until you lost that scared, closed-up look?"

"I wish you had." Tom stroked her hair tenderly as she nuzzled his thigh.

She went contentedly back to driving Tom crazy. Quite some time later she
looked up again.

"You know, I've fantasized about doing this to you so many times."

The only reply was a strangled, pitiful sound.

"Except in my fantasy, we're both in uniform ..."

That got his eyes open, surprised and definitely interested.

"... on the bridge."

Kathryn hastily resumed her work as Tom's eyes shut again, replaying that
scene on the closed lids.

"Oh, god."

Kathryn wondered whether he saw himself spread out on the helm console or
standing at attention in front of her command chair or ... She really hoped
the people next door hadn't been asleep.

The End