TITLE: Delta Quadrant Pickup
PART: 3 of 4
AUTHOR: ReAnne Moreau
E-MAIL: reann@aol.com
SERIES: Voyager
PAIRING: J/P of course :-)

Kathryn licked her lips nervously before voicing her agreement. Agreeing to
a future liaison on the holodeck was one thing; getting naked right now
triggered all kinds of anxieties.

"Cold feet, Katie?" Tom wrapped her in his arms and kissed the top of her
head. Something inside him trembled at the thought that she might change her

"It's not that, Tom." She closed her eyes, embarrassed. "It's just that
when I think of some of the beautiful *young* women you've been with, I'm afraid
you'll be - disappointed." Not to mention that her experience was considerably
more limited in variety than his own.

"You really have no idea, do you?" Warm lips captured hers all too briefly
before moving to nuzzle her ear. "Half the men and a fair number of the
women on Voyager would get down on their knees and beg to be with you like
this." He undid the sash of her robe, letting it slide to the floor. "You, my
dear captain, are the hottest thing in the quadrant..."

She didn't believe that for a minute. Her laughter turned to a gasp. He
was licking and biting at her throat, sending small flames shooting across nerve
endings Kathryn had almost forgotten she had. Then Tom was behind her,
continuing his attentions to the back of her neck while those marvelous
hands caressed her skin. She couldn't help shivering with pleasure.

"... especially in that tank top. Do you know what that thing does to me?"

"Hmmm?" It was almost a moan.

"It makes my hands itch. All I can think about is your beautiful bare
throat..." Light, teasing fingers skimmed the graceful column of her neck,
tracing the delicate bones at its base. "... and the way the material
clings to your body..." Warm hands moved lower. "... especially right here."
He cupped the underside of her breasts, splaying long fingers over the firm
flesh and kneading gently. "God, I've wanted to do this for so long." His
voice was rough with desire. No matter how hard he fought his more tender
emotions for this woman, he had never been able to fight the heated dreams that
came to him in the night.

Kathryn whimpered, leaning back into the heat of his body. Every inch of
her cried out for his touch. She turned, pushing the robe from her lover's
shoulders, finally able to caress him the way she had always wanted to.

Somehow he was naked, his skin on fire where their bodies touched. Tom was
intoxicated by the feel of her mouth and hands exploring his chest, tracing
the lean muscles of his arms. Finally, Kathryn pulled his head down for a
searing kiss, pressing herself full-length against him. Tom groaned as his
eager erection met the heat of her skin.

Being with Kathryn like this was a revelation. Her gentle touch
communicated a dizzying blend of pure sexual heat and sweet affection. His
heart threatened to burst with the joy of holding her. His body ached with the
need to be even closer. He wanted to be inside her, know the ecstasy of being
part of her. And sweet, beautiful Kathryn. She was a creature of flame and
laughter, sensual beyond his wildest dreams. \\I'd forgotten making love could
be like this.\\

"It should always be like this, Tom."

He didn't know if he'd spoken aloud or if she had somehow read his thoughts,
but the sound of her voice brought his mind back to the plans he had made.
Gently removing her arms from around his neck, he backed Kathryn a few steps
toward the fireplace.

"You forgot rule number two," he replied to her look of consternation. He
stretched each arm out along the mantle, trailing his fingers softly over
the skin back up to her shoulders. "Now stay *still*."

That became more impossible the longer she stood there. The warmth of the
dying fire behind her was nothing compared to the searing heat of Tom's
mouth on her skin. She clutched the mantle, white knuckled, as that wonderful
tongue stopped tickling her underarms to return once again to torture her
breasts. Sucking, licking, nipping, only his mouth, not once those beautiful
hands. Then he fell to his knees at her feet, just as she was about to beg for

Firelight illuminated his face; he had never reminded her more strongly of a
fallen angel. There was such vulnerability amid the naked desire in his
eyes. That look told her how much pleasure he derived from seeing her like this.
She risked moving one hand from the mantle to stroke his hair and caress his

"I love you, my angel."

Tom looked up at her joyfully. He held her hand to his cheek for a moment
before kissing the palm and releasing it. A wash of emotion threatened to
overwhelm him. He kissed her belly, clasping her body to him for a moment.

"There aren't enough words for everything I feel for you. Let me *show* you
how I feel."

He resumed the attentions of his mouth, exploring her navel with agonizing
thoroughness. Kathryn moaned as he moved lower to lick her thighs.
Glancing up, Tom marveled at her beauty. She seemed to be part of the flames,
firelight glowing on her fair skin. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed. She
was breathing deeply, small, perfectly shaped breasts rising and falling
rhythmically. The hardened nipples were flushed a deep rose. A light sheen of
sweat gleamed on her skin, highlighting the taut muscles of her shoulders and
arms as she clutched the mantle for support.

Seeing that she had a firm grip, Tom draped one of her long legs over his
shoulder, nibbling the skin of her inner thigh before moving higher. She
easily balanced on one leg, moving the other to open herself to him even
further. Tom grinned. \\All that ballet training is certainly coming in
useful.\\ She was very wet. Tom inhaled the exotic scent of her arousal
before bending to kiss the glistening pink folds before him.

"Tom ... Tom, I've wanted ... ohhh ... wanted you for so long." She gave a
soft cry as he flicked his tongue inside her opening, moaned deeply when he
gently sucked at her clit. He tortured her tender flesh until she wanted to
scream. Shudders wracked her body until she could no longer maintain her
balance. She had never needed to come so badly in her life.

Strong arms lowered her to a nest of pillows. She sobbed as two long
fingers immediately slipped inside her throbbing wetness and began to stroke in
and out. Kathryn wrapped her arms around Tom's neck, pulling him into a hungry
kiss. She licked her own juices from his face before turning her attention to
the soft skin behind his ear.

She was grinding hard against his hand, crying out softly on the verge of
release. Carefully, Tom slipped a third finger inside her.

"I want to hear you scream, Katie."

She did, back arched, fingers digging into Tom's shoulders. It was a sound
of pure animal pleasure as electric fire seared through her veins. He held her
at that point of exquisite agony longer than anyone ever had, until her body
was exhausted. Kathryn lay cradled in Tom's arms, trembling, until she sighed
contentedly and stretched her lovely body from head to toe.

Aware that he was watching her every movement, Kathryn stretched again,
slowly, preening for her lover. "I think my body's trying to make up for the
last five years in one night." Her voice was warm and lazy.

Tom pulled her down for a long, hot kiss. A chuckle rumbled up from his
chest. "I nearly came just from watching you."

"Nearly, but not quite." Kathryn's hand moved from stroking his thighs to
fondle his balls briefly before lightly stroking the erection that lay
against his stomach. There wouldn't be nearly enough time for all the things
she wanted to do to him. It wouldn't take much to make him come in the
condition he was in. //But if I'm lucky I'll have the rest of my life to make
love to him.//

She tugged contemplatively at Tom's nipples with her teeth, enjoying the
heartfelt moans it produced. Distracted by her new playthings, she neglected
Tom's aching cock until he grasped the offending hand.

"Please, Kathryn ... don't stop ... please ..."

The hand on hers was still damp with her juices. It gave Kathryn a wicked
idea. She wrapped Tom's hand around his swollen cock, covering it with her
own. Slowly, she guided the long elegant fingers as they glided over the
engorged shaft. Tom moaned in desperation and began pumping into their
joined hands, his eyes squeezed shut. The sight was breathtaking.

"Is this how you touch yourself when you're alone, angel?"

He took a shuddering breath and looked directly at Kathryn. "Only when I'm
thinking of you."

Without breaking eye contact, Kathryn stilled their hands and leaned down to
swirl her tongue around the head of Tom's cock. She savored the taste of
their combined fluids and considered making him come in her mouth. Tempting,
but more than anything she wanted the joining of their bodies. She shivered in
anticipation at the thought of feeling that thick shaft inside her.

Before she could take him in her mouth again, Tom wound his fingers in her
hair and pulled her gently but firmly up to lie on his chest.

"Not that way. Please, I *need* you Kathryn."

She nodded, bending to kiss his lips sweetly. She rose to her knees and
guided him to her entrance. Slowly, she sank down onto him, savoring every
sensation. Heat, velvet soft skin over steely hardness, nearly thicker than she
could take. He filled and stretched her, touching places that hadn't been
touched in so long. Whimpers of pleasure came from her throat as she took him
completely inside her. Tom's moans as she began to move were the most erotic
thing she'd ever heard.

Looking down into his face, the universe seemed to fall into place around
her. This was where she belonged. Bending over to kiss that beloved face, she
was wrapped in strong arms.

"I love you, Kathryn. More than anything in this world, I love you."

Murmuring inarticulate endearments, she kissed his face and caressed as much
of his skin as she could reach. He was beginning to sweat, the moisture
gleaming on the hard muscles moving beneath his skin. Kathryn leaned back
against his upraised knees, enjoying the change in pressure inside her, the
thrill of Tom's hands stroking her body, and laughed in sheer joy.

Her laughter turned to deep moans as Tom's thrusts grew more feverish.
Neither of them could stand it much longer. Hands on his shoulders, she leaned
closer to whisper to her lover.

"Are you going to fuck me, or do I have to do all the work?"

Laughing, they rolled over until Tom's weight rested on top of Kathryn.
Slipping an arm under one of her legs, he bent it nearly to her chest,
thrusting deep into her hungry body.

"Does that ... ungh ... answer ... your question?" Breath rasped in his
throat; he was nearly out of his mind with need.

Kathryn maneuvered to wrap both legs around his waist. She was going to
explode any minute.

"Yess!" Fingers dug into Tom's back. "Hard, please, *hard*!" She cried
out in ecstasy as he obliged.

They were beyond anything but wild animal rutting. Some sane corner of his
brain told Tom that he had wanted to be gentle with her, but gods, he could
*feel* how badly she needed it this way. And he had wanted her so long,
there was no controlling it anymore. Any trace of sanity was drowned in madness
as he pounded into her heat and exploded. He could hear himself howling his
release as he came and came and came. All the need, all the desperate
yearning, the sheer bliss of finally being free to love her poured into
Kathryn's body with his seed.

She arched under him, mouth open in a soundless scream. She had held back
her own release until Tom erupted inside her. She was being torn apart, drowned
in fire and it was so good. The white heat consumed her, consumed them both
until they melted into one being.

Kathryn drifted slowly back to reality to find herself lying on the nest of
pillows with Tom flopped beside her, panting. Wordlessly, they moved toward
each other again until she was snuggled in the crook of his arm. They dozed in
front of the last glowing embers of the fire until Tom mustered enough energy to
spoon up behind his new love.

"Well, Katie-Kat, do you think we woke the neighbors?"

"Unless they're dead. By the way, remember to leave a big tip for the
maid." She surveyed the sorry state of the pillows they had been playing on.

Tom nuzzled her neck. "What do you say we take a shower, then go wreck some
more furniture?"

End of Part 3