Title: I Love You
Author: Melissa
e-mail address: ylona6@hotmail.com
Summary: A letter(or poem) that B'Elanna wrote Tom before she died.
Rating: G

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When I left for that away mission
I promised I would come back
But when the other species attacked
I knew I would break that promise.

Tom I did all that I could
but it just wasn't enough
I never even got to say good-bye.

Tom I love you so much.

Tell the Captain thank you
for giving me a chance
and tell Chakotay that
he was the bestest friend I ever had.

Tom I wanted to be a wife,
I wanted to have kids,
I wanted you to be my husband,
and the father to our kids.

Tell the doctor thank you
for trying so hard to save me,
and tell Seven Of Nine,
that I respect her greatly.

Tell Harry to keep trying
to get that promotion that I know he will get
and tell Neelix that he lifted my spirits always
even when I was upset.
Tom I love you so so much
and I always have and always will
I know you know its true
and Tom all I wanted to say is,
Tom I love you

The End