No Way Out part 5

Disclaimer: I don‘t own any character of Star Trek. I just borrow them for my own stories. I don‘t get paid for this. It‘s just for fun, to let my fantasies go wild.

Fandom: Voyager/Star Trek

Pairing: C/P

Rating: NC-15 for this part for violence and bad language

Summary: After 10 years in the Delta quadrant Voyager gets home. The crew is split up. Tom gets a new assignment as the pilot of the new warship U.S.S. Colossus as a lieutenant (if Paramount doesn‘t want to promote Tom again, I will! Hehe). Colossus was developed to fight against the "New Collective" [a new alliance between Borg and Breen], and especially to resist the new weapon of the Breen. Tom has to deal with the new captain, Captain Lee Warren. Warren is the father of Charlie Warren, Tom‘s best friend at Caldik Prime, who was killed by an accident Tom caused. Now Tom has to suffer under the new captain, but he gets help from Chakotay who‘s the new first officer on U.S.S. Colossus.

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Note: This story deals with Voyager only at the very first part. The story plays on a new warship in the Alpha quadrant after Voyager gets home.

Warnings: The story will content violence and bad language as well as a relationship between two men (no graphical sex). Tom will be in sickbay and close to death very often. The story will also contain humiliation and lots of Tom angst. If you can‘t cope with this, don‘t even think about reading this story.

Spoiler warning: -

Dedication: To the ATPS members, you inspired me to write my first story. To Jean and Elli. To Isabelle big wave Special thanks to Carolyn, my beta reader. You are great! :)

Part 5

The mission was aborted and put off for three weeks. Admiral Paris stayed on Colossus for two weeks to support his son, and to support himself by being together with his son.

That was also the time when Owen Paris first learned that his son had a relationship with the first officer. At first, he didn‘t like the thought. His son together with a man, plus the fact that the other man was about 10 years older than Tom. But the more he talked to Commander Chakotay, the more he accepted what he couldn‘t change anyway.

Together with Chakotay and a few other friends Tom had made on board Voyager, Tom was able to recover a bit, at least enough that the commission gave the green light to launch the mission in a week.

Admiral Paris left Colossus with the other Admirals to fly back to Star Base 6 at Vulcan.

Tom was about to enter the holodeck to train in another flight simulation when he was hailed by Captain Warren.

"Warren to Paris."

"Paris here."

"I want to talk to you in my ready room, now!"

Tom didn‘t like the tone in the Captain‘s voice. Something told him that Warren had just waited to harass him until his father left Colossus. With a deep sigh, Tom went to the turbolift.

Warren was pacing in the ready room. He was angry, very angry.

Who does this brat think he is? Calls his father to abort his mission.

Warren crashed a fist into the bulkhead, causing a frame to fall down.

Great, I‘m in the right mood to teach this kid a lesson...

Warren heard the door chime.

"Come in!"

Tom entered the ready room and walked to the table. Warren turned around and faced Tom, his face full of hate. Before Tom could say anything Warren engaged the privacy lock.

When Tom still didn‘t say a word, Warren launched himself against the younger man and grabbed him by his throat. This time Warren really was choking him. Tom tried desperately to break free, but Warren was much stronger than Tom. They stumbled backwards until they both landed on the table. Warren pressed Tom flat on his back while he placed himself on top of him to hold him still. Only then did he release his death grip.

While Tom gasped for air, Warren barked into his face, nearly spitting at Tom: "You little shit! What do you think who you are? Do you think you are the only one who lost a loved one? You know you are the only one who can fly this mission and your little foggy brain just told you to be a coward again. You risked millions of lives! What if the nebula had collapsed? We‘d all be drones by now, just because of you!"

"Captain, I‘m sorry that I wasn‘t able to fly the mission, but that doesn‘t give you the right to..."

"Shut up, you little fuck up, shut the fuck up!"

Tom didn‘t see the punch come that made his jaw seem to explode. For a short while Tom saw nothing, his head ached and he didn‘t know what just happened for a few seconds. When he came to, he saw into wild blue eyes that still loomed over him. Still not able to break free, Tom thought about a way he could get out of this mess.

"Captain, I think we both should calm down now, this will cause nothing but problems."

"Don‘t tell me what I have to do."

"Let me go."

"Or what?"

"I‘ll make a report on you."

"The shit you will."

"You cannot kill me, so I‘ll find a way to get the hell away from you!"

"I don‘t think so, little boy. Either you stay on this ship and get through with this, or you‘ll end up in jail and will never get out again."

"What are you talking about? My sentence was commuted weeks ago."

Now Warren let go of Tom. He stepped back slowly while Tom lifted himself up from the table.

"I‘m not talking about your sentence for your Maquis activities, you stupid brat. I‘m talking about ice cold murder?"

Now Tom‘s eyes got wide in shock. "What?"

While Tom followed him with his eyes, Warren demonstrated theatrically a scenario that would overtake Tom if he didn‘t play by Warren‘s rules.

"I‘m so sorry that something like that happened, Admiral..."

Warren seemed to talk to an imaginary person.

"...especially because two of my crewmembers are involved. I tried to stop Lieutenant Paris from killing my first officer, but he was insane. Even a phaser shot couldn‘t stop him. He killed the Commander with 16 thrusts with his knife. There was nothing the doctors could do for the Commander."

Paris watched Warren for a long while until he said in a low voice: "You wouldn‘t get away with it."

"Why not? You cannot even imagine how much you can manipulate trails and evidence."

"You‘re insane."

"Maybe,...", Warren stepped closer and fixed Tom with his eyes, "...but you‘re the one with the problem here."

Tom breathed heavily now. He couldn‘t control his panic anymore. He didn‘t care that Warren threatened him, but he was scared that he would kill Chakotay if Tom didn‘t play along.

Warren could smell Tom‘s fear like a wolf. He smiled wide, it was a wide ugly smile. He placed both hands on Tom‘s shoulders and moved his head close to to Tom‘s, whispering in a husky voice: "I think you understand me. There is no way out for you. You are mine, and believe me, you‘ll feel it."

He patted Tom‘s shoulders and went back behind his desk.

"Don‘t you have a flight simulation you have to run, Lieutenant?"

Warren entered a code on his desk to unlock the door.

Tom blinked unbelieving. Now he knew that Warren was insane. There was only one rule for him: >Either YOU die or Chakotay.<

Without a word, Tom stumbled out of the ready room into the corridor. When the door shut behind him, he let himself fall against the wall. He couldn‘t breathe; fear and panic squeezed his lungs together.

>No, this time I‘ll make it right. Never again will another person die because of me.<