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(VOY, P, 1/1, Rated G)
A coda to the episode Timeless...
D U L C E   E T    D E C O R U M   E S T   P R O   P A T R I A   M O R I
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG_13)
Post Endgame.  This piece is intended to be dialogue only between Tom and B’Elanna regarding the changes that come with living on earth after 7 years in the Delta Quadrant.
I N   T H E   G L O A M I N G
(VOY, P, 1/1, Rated PG-13)
This story takes place during the episode The Chute, and looks at what happened that night after Paris asked Kim not to leave him there.
S L E E P L E S S   M E N
(VOY, P, 1/1, Rated G)
An exploration of the episode Thirty Days...
T A K E   M E   O U T   T O   T H E   S O C C E R   P I T C H           NEW
(VOY, P, P/T, All, 1/1, Rated PG)
A morale problem sparks off the idea of having a soccer match.
[indexed 16.04 2002 | Review Story]
V O Y A G E R   C L I C H E ,  A
(VOY, P/T, 1/1, Rated G)
A story about phrases in the fan fic world that crop up a little too often...
[indexed 14.04.02 | Review Story]

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