Just a short detour for me. I couldn't ignore the screaming in my
head any longer.

Inspired by the song by Garth Brooks "The Storm", On the Scarecrow CD.

Rated PG Short piece about heartache

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      The Storm

     Chakotay arrives home and finds a devastating scene before him. 
Broken glass and photographs thrown about their living room. She is 

     He asks himself did he miss something, some sign? Or was this a 
sudden decision on her part? Will he survive the storm?

     His tears fall, the door slammed shup, She is gone. He is alive 
but will he survive the storm?

     Why didn't he listen to the warning of his friends and family 
when they said it was a mistake? He thought his love for Kathryn 
would be enough for her. Will he survive this?

     Down the hall in the bedroom he finds more signs of her leaving 
him. A broken jewelry box he made for her complete with a ballerina 
sitting among the litter that was their life together. Finding a note 
that gives him the answers as to why but it doesn't help. He is alive 
but will he survive the storm?

      He has to move on, Kathryn is gone. Some days go by and there 
is no sign of the pain in his heart. He repeats to himself "I will 
make it on my own" over and over again. His friends have all gone 
back to their lives believing he will be all right. All but one. Will 
he survive the storm?

      He sits among the pieces of broken glass, photographs and 
jewelry box reluctantly releasing the last of what was his past, with 
Tom by his side. 

The End

"The storm" written by Kent Blazy, Kim Williams and Garth Brook  I 
own nothing and don't earn a penny from my writing only joy.