Title: Play Time
Author: Maxine
Pairing: C/P
Rating: NC-17
PWP: Just Tom playing with Cha.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, I just let them out for some air.

Chakotay woke to a buzzing sound, that wasn't his alarm. 
Opening his eyes, he was greeted with the vision of his lover, Tom, 
in between his legs with what looked like an electric razor.

"Umm Tom?"

"Morning Chief." Tom smiled brightly at him.

"What have you got there?"

"What does it look like?"

"An electric razor?"

"Hey got it in one! Give that man the grand prize."
Tom bent over and kissed Chakotay's morning erection causing Chakotay 
to moan.

"MMM Tom?"

"Yeah, Chief."

"Why do you have an electric razor in your hand? And why are 
you between my legs with it?"

"I can answer both of those questions in one."

"And that answer would be?"

"Because I want to see how you'd look bald."


"Why not? I think it will look sexy as hell."

"Because I don't want my crotch shaved. Besides, I thought 
you liked playing with it. You always complain I have no chest hair 
then proceed to run your fingers through my pubic hair."

"Oh I do like playing with it, but sometimes when I lick you 
I get hair in my mouth. I hate hair in my mouth!"

"I am sorry you get hair in your mouth, Tom, but you still 
not shaving my crotch."

"Oh come on Chakotay, you can shave mine when I'm done with 

"Tom for the last time you are not." Tom ended Chakotay's 
ranting by placing the vibrating handle on his balls. He moaned at 
the sweet sensation caused by the pulsing razor. 

"Oh Spirits!" He shivered and whimpered as Tom began to move 
the razor up and down.

"Doesn't that feel good babe? Doesn't it make your toes 


Tom turned the razor so the cutting edge could do its thing but made 
sure that Chakotay kept feeling the humming through out his groin. 
Tom moved slowly, making sure not to nick his lover. That would end 
this teasing session real quick.

Chakotay, with eyes closed, was gripping the sheets holding 
on with everything he had. The vibration of the razor was pushing him 
closer and closer to the edge. When Tom wrapped his free hand around his weeping cock, Chakotay was sure it would be over for him real soon.

But just as that thought went through his mind the vibration 
seemed to subside. He felt Tom move from between his legs, when he opened his eyes Tom was kneeling with his ass facing him. Tom's cock was just as hard as his and weeping just as much.

"Cha, make me ready." Tom whispered as he felt his lover's 
hand snake up between his legs. 

Chakotay didn't need to be told twice. He reached up behind 
his head, found the lube and began his second favorite thing to do to 
Tom. He squeezed a generous amount on his fingers and slid two slowly inside him. Tom instantly pushed down and moaned then wiggled a bit enjoying the feel of Chakotay beginning to stretch him.

Tom knew that Chakotay loved doing this, it was his favorite 
part of the foreplay, always as much as he enjoyed fucking Tom 
senseless. Tom really couldn't argue with him, he too enjoyed the act 
of preparing his lover when he was going to be going to be the one 
getting pounded into oblivion.

Tom fought to keep his mind on what he was doing. By the time 
Chakotay had four fingers embedded in him, he was done with the 
razor. With one last bit of coherent thought, Tom sent the handle of 
the razor on one last journey down the full length of Chakotay's 
cock, over his balls and passed over the taint underneath, drawing a 
strangled cry from Chakotay.

He reluctantly pulled himself off of Chakotay's fingers, 
turned the razor off and grabbed the damp towel he had left at the 
end of the bed. He cleaned off the dark silken skin below him.

"Cha I need the lube." Instead of handing it to him, Chakotay 
squeezed more on his hand and greased himself up.

Smiling, Tom straddled him as soon as he done and slowly sat, 
impaling himself on Chakotay's member. Both men cried out at the 
feeling of being filled and filling. When Tom was sitting flush on 
Chakotay he looked at him and smiled.

"The ultimate sit spin toy." Tom began to move up and down, 
Chakotay met his movements eagerly, grabbing Tom's hips for leverage. 

Moments later both men were screaming each other's name as 
they came. Tom collapsed on Chakotay's chest. Chakotay wrapped his arms around the younger man as they both enjoyed the euphoria their climaxes brought.

Catching his breath, Chakotay kissed the cheek that lay next 
to his own.

"That was the most amazing feeling."

"So you're okay with the whole shaving thing?"

"Well, I haven't thought about that part, but, if it means 
more of the same in the aftermath then, yeah I am okay with it. Just 
not right before I have to go on duty, there is no way I could walk 
right now if I had to.

"Okay only on our days off, and you have to promise to do the 
same for me sometime."

"I promise. Whatever made you think of the electric razor?"

"Well I was going to try a straightedge with shaving cream 
but I realized that, one, I could accidentally cut you, and two, it 
would be way too messy. Besides the electric razor vibrating reminded 
me of a vibrator and that's the next step." Tom grinned as he peeled 
himself off Chakotay and grabbed the towel to clean them off. 
Chakotay noticed a 'bump' under the towel.


"Love ya Babe." The sound of a vibrator reached Chakotay's 
ear as a vibrating feeling at his anus sent a shiver through his body.


The End