A First time PWP
C/P NC-17.
Wanted to see if I could help Leone out of her yucky mood. 
Be kind. I have never written a sex scene before.
All spelling and grammar errors are mine. 
Also any run on sentences or confusion is completely my fault.
Those are the only things I will claim.
The guys belong to someone else (unfortunately)

Just Do It

        Chakotay didn't think he could wait much longer. He and Tom 
had been "dating" for well over a month. They had both decided to go 
slow and make sure that they really could have a relationship 
together. Neither thought it was a good idea to start off by jumping 
into bed together. So for the past month, whenever they had the time, they would have a meal together, spend time at Sandrine's playing 
pool. There were nights they spent in one of their cabins talking or 
playing cards or watching one of Tom's vids.
   After the first couple of nights they did kiss, both were stunned 
how well the other could kiss. After that whenever they were alone 
they would spend most of the time playing tonsil hockey.  Things were 
heating up during each kissing session; first it was just caressing. 
Then they found their hands were not satisfied just touching fabric 
their hands began to roam under shirts, the feel of skin was 
powerful. Most nights they were left panting, with raging hard-ons 
that were satisfied in their showers alone.  

     They had talked about their feelings for each other the night 
before. They both decided that yes a relationship, a true and deep 
relationship was something they both wanted with the other. They had 
a lot in common and what they didn't would be a great source of 
exploration for them both. They didn't care what the crew thought; 
they wanted to be together. So, tonight Chakotay was going to take 
things a step further. He was sure that Tom wanted the same thing.  
They were having dinner in his quarters tonight, and then they were 
going to watch another vid. 

     Chakotay spent the late afternoon making his quarters more 
romantic. He placed candles around both the living area and the 
bedroom, to be lit just before Tom got there. He decided on soft 
music to play in the background. The meal he prepared was light, 
didn't want to have to be concerned about being to fill to screw 
later. Speaking of which he replicated body oils and lubricant. He 
would give Tom a massage before he fucked him senseless. Once 
satisfied that everything was ready he took a shower making sure he 
was clean inside as well as outside. He was going to get the blonde 
pilot to fuck him senseless too.

     Tom spent the day at the helm thinking about dinner with 
Chakotay. He had decided that tonight if the older man didn't fuck 
him he was going to explore. Tom was tired of jerking off in the 
shower every night or waking up in the morning to sticky sheets 
because of the erotically wild dreams he was having. Damn could that 
man kiss, and his skin was like silk. Just thinking about that body 
made him harder then he had ever been. Tom knew that each night after a wild sucking face, groping session Chakotay was just as horny as he was. He could see it in his eyes and the unmistakable bulge the older man sported was a good indication also.

Tom wondered if he should just jump Chakotay as soon as he 
got to his quarters that night. Tell him to fuck him senseless before 
dinner and then he would return the favor after dinner. He also 
wondered if he showed up "prepared" for above mentioned screwing if 
Chakotay would think he was a slut. No Chakotay knew better, he knew the rumors that flew around Voyager all these years were just that rumors. He admitted to the fact that he and a couple of the ladies had planted the rumors. It was more for the sake of the ladies, they 
had been receiving unwanted propositions when they first got 

At the end of his shift Tom made his way to his quarters to 
get ready for his date. When he got there he found his computer 
flashing with a new message. It was from Chakotay. Giving him the 
menu for dinner and suggesting that he might want to rest before 
coming by at 2000 hours. 'HMMM' Tom thought. 'Perhaps tonight will be the night I find out exactly what the man has in his pants.'  It was 
1600 so Tom decided to nap now and shower later. Striping and 
crawling into bed, he set his alarm to go off at 1900 hours and set 
his mind to what would happen tonight. He fell asleep quickly and 
dreamed of bronzed skin and hard muscles. He woke with his hands on his cock, Chakotay's name on his lips and cum on his chest. "DAMN!" 

Tom got up striped his bed and went to the shower. Cleaning 
himself inside and out he was again tempted to prepare himself but 
decided against it. He did so enjoy the feeling of being stretch and 
prepared by his lover. That act alone had made him cum many a time, if the man he was with was intoned to Tom's body. He was quite sure 
that Chakotay would be very intoned. Finishing up his shower he dried 
himself off and finished up in the bathroom.

   Feeling a bit too aroused to get dressed at the moment, he thought 
maybe he should relieve himself, but then changed his mind. He had 
although cum once this evening he might not be able to get it up at 
all if he brought himself off again now. So he thought about the helm 
reconfigurations he would be doing tomorrow to calm himself down. 
After a few minutes Tom was calm enough to dress and checking the 
time he realized he needed to hurry if he wanted to make it to 
Chakotay's on time.

   Whistling as he walked down the corridor thankful he didn't run 
into anyone who actually wanted to talk to him. Tom arrived at 
Chakotay's door. He rang the chime and heard the call for entrance. 
When he walked through the doors, the most amazing sights greeted 
him. Chakotay dressed in dark tan pants and a cream colored skin 
hugging tee shirt, candles everything lit and giving off a low 
seductive light. Romantic music softly playing in the background, had 
he moved into the room Chakotay stepped forward and pulled him into his arms. Bringing his lips to Tom's he kissed him passionately. Tom sighed then moaned.

   "Okay take me now please!" Tom murmured to Chakotay when they broke the kiss because of the need to breathe. Chakotay began kissing Tom's neck, nibbling on his ear.

    "Wouldn't you rather eat first?" Chakotay whispered.

      "No I would rather if you take me now then we eat and then." 
Tom stopped all thought went out of his head as he felt Chakotay's 
hands slide into the back of his pants. Tom gasped and moaned as 
Chakotay kneaded he ass cheeks, slowly sliding his thumb along the 
cleft with a promise of wonderful things to come.

    "And then what?" Chakotay asked has he continued his assault on 
Tom's neck and throat.

       "And then we can do it all over again." Tom was breathless but 
he found the ability to finish telling the older man of his plan. 
Chakotay slid his hands out of Tom's pants and drew them up his back.

      "I like that idea very much." He said in between kisses over 
Tom's face. "Bed" Tom nodded his agreement and they made their way to the bedroom neither letting go of the other. Kissing and caressing anything and everywhere. Neither man would recall later how they ended up naked but it didn't matter.

"Gods Cha I want you so much!"

"I want you Tom." He pushed the younger man on the bed and 
crawled on top. As he moved up Tom's body he kissed, licked and 
sucked every bit of skin he could. Ignoring the weeping erection, 
causing Tom to moan in desperation. 

"Please Cha! I need you."

"Soon baby soon I promise." Chakotay responded in between 

   When he reached Tom's nipples he first licked then sucked and then bit first one then the other. Tom arched up into Chakotay more, 
begging for more contact. His own hands not idle the whole time. He 
stroked and petted everywhere he could. Chakotay laid on top of him 
and their erections rubbed together. They both cried out from the 
sensation. Reaching above Tom's head Chakotay grabbed the lube he placed there earlier.  

"Are you sure this is what you want Tom?"


      Chakotay kissed his way back down until he reached Tom's cock. 
He slipped his tongue over the tip and licked the liquid that had 
been seeping out. Tom gasped and half screamed his joy. Chakotay 
continued to lick the throbbing member like a lollipop, occasionally 
dipping down to lick and suck on Tom's balls. Tom was beyond thought and words. All Chakotay could hear were sounds of pleasure coming from the man under him. He opened the lube one handed while the other stroked Tom's chest and abdomen. With practiced skill he squeezed lube onto his fingers and then slid one down to the puckered hole that seemed to be expanding and contracting in need. He slipped one finger inside Tom, gently sliding in and out, another finger soon followed finding the gland deep inside her would alternate brushing over it once or twice then ignore it for a few stroked. He watched Tom, whose head had arched back in ecstasy, he felt himself losing what little control he had. He pulled out then quickly returned with three fingers; Tom pushed down with his hips. 

    "Chakotay Please now!"

         Chakotay spread the lube on his own erection then pulled his 
fingers out of Tom. Tom moaned at the loss, then his legs were lifted 
to Chakotay's shoulders and he felt the head of Chakotay cock push 
inside. Tom reached above his head, grabbed on to the headboard for extra leverage lifting his hips slightly he pushed back. The feeling 
of bring filled completely was overwhelming. Chakotay also feeling 
overwhelmed stop for a second to regain some control. He didn't want 
this over too soon.  

   "Cha please move you are killing me"

    "Give me a minute baby, I don't want this over before it starts." 
He leaned forward and kissed Tom. Returning the kiss Tom wiggles his hips urging Chakotay yet again to move. This time Chakotay took the 
hint and began slowly to move sliding in and out of the tight, warm 
passage of the man he would be with forever. Tom's moans became 
louder and louder. Chakotay began thrusting faster and harder.

    "Yes harder Cha harder! Fuck me harder please!' 

    "So good, so hot!"

Both men bathed in sweat moving together in perfect harmony bringing each other closer and closer to totally ecstasy. Chakotay grabbed Tom's cock and began pumping in time with his thrusting and Tom screamed. Seconds later he came hard screaming Chakotay's name. Chakotay soon followed unable to hold back any longer. 

"TOM!" He cried out as Tom's muscles milked him. Collapsing 
down on top of Tom Chakotay blacked out for a second. Tom's breathing slowly returned to normal as he lay there stroking Chakotay's back, waiting for him to come to. As he did he kissed Tom's sweat soaked chest, moving off the younger man and pulling him into his arms. Now their positions were switched Tom's head on Chakotay's chest and Chakotay's arms wrapped around Tom.

"That was incredible Cha." Tom whispered as he looked into 
the eyes of the man that he knew he could never leave.

"Yes you were incredible." Chakotay smiled back. They both 
lay there for a few minutes just enjoying the after glow of their 
lovemaking. Then Tom moved up he head on Chakotay's shoulder.

"Can we do it again?"

"Give an old man a few minutes to recuperate okay." He laughed in response.

"I didn't mean right away. You did promise me dinner remember."
"Yes I remember. How about a shower then food and then we can 
see after a repeat performance." Chakotay grinned and then kissed the top of Tom's head.

"I realize that it's a bit late to ask but are you a die hard top gun or do you bottom too?"

"I am into giving as well as receiving Tom. No relationship ever truly works unless both partners are equal in all respects. Or 
at least that is the way I think it should be."

"Good because I feel the same way. I love to be taken but I also love to do the taking. Now how about that shower and some food and then I would like to do the taking." Tom grinned and rolled off the bed. He held out his hand for Chakotay, who took it and they headed into the shower. 

They tried to control themselves in the shower, but it didn't work. Within a few minutes of bathing each other, kissing each other every now and then, the kisses suddenly became more passionate. The cleansing stroke became a loving caress then lustful stroke. Chakotay moved from Tom's mouth to his neck then his chest. Licking and sucking on nipple then the other, Tom moaned his pleasure. Moving 
further down kissing and licking his stomach dipping his tongue into 
Tom's navel. Tom's hips bucked forward involuntarily.

    At last arriving at the erect weeping cock Chakotay opened his 
mouth and took all of Tom's cock in at once. Tom screamed as he felt the warm mouth wrap around him. He began moving his hips slowly, not wanting to grab the man who was once again bringing him to the edge of madness. 

   Taking a hold of Tom's hips so he could control the movement 
Chakotay sucked hard and swirled his tongue around the organ in his 
mouth. With great expertise Chakotay brought Tom to the edge and held him there for a minute. Then he relaxed his throat so Tom's cock could slide further down and with one final suck Tom exploded down 
his throat. Chakotay shuddered and felt himself come also. Chakotay pulled back a little so he could savor the taste of him and sucked until there was nothing left. Tom's knees gave out as Chakotay allowed the now spent cock slide out of his mouth. He held on to Tom as he sank to his knees. Tom leaned in and kissed Chakotay."Thank you." He whispered then put his head on Chakotay's shoulder. "Once again that was incredible. Now your turn."

    "It's okay Tom I came when you did, just watching you and feeling 
your excitement was enough to bring me off too.

     Chakotay held on to the younger man while he gathered his 
senses. Which happened quickly as the water began to run cold. They 
stood quickly and got out of the shower. Chakotay turned off the 
water while Tom got towels. Drying each other off they both decided 
that getting dressed would be a waste of time. They each wrapped a 
towel around their waist and want to have dinner. 

After they ate they both agreed that sleeping was the best 
thing to do, although Tom promised that Chakotay would have his turn at being on the receiving end before the morning came. They got into 
Chakotay's bed, Tom curling up on Chakotay. Head on his neck arms 
wrapped tightly around his chest. Chakotay wrapped his arms around 
Tom pulling him closer. They kissed each other good night and quickly fell asleep. 

Then after what felt like only minutes but was hours later, 
Chakotay woke to the feel of something warm around his hardening 
cock. Opening his eyes he saw Tom perched over him on his hands and knees. Head bobbing up and down over his groin.
"HMMM Wonderful way to wake up." He moaned as he felt Tom 
increase his effects. 

     Tom cast his eyes up and grinned about the hardened cock. He 
continued to watch Chakotay's reactions to his sucking and licking. 
He slid one hand between the older man's legs and began teasing his 
balls. His index finger held out sliding back on forth along the 
peritoneal, and occasionally grazing the puckered entrance behind it. 
Chakotay writhing in pleasure began thrusting his hips up and back 
trying to get his cock further in Tom's mouth or have that finger 
enter him. 

Tom, taking the hint, stopped what he was doing, much to the 
displeasure of the other man. He grabbed the lube he had put at the 
bottom of the bed near him. Opening it and squeezing some onto his 
hand, he first lubricated his own cock and then putting some on his 
finger he moved further up in between Chakotay's legs. Placing the 
older man's legs on his thighs he slid one hand over Chakotay's 
stomach gently rubbing it as his other hand went in between his legs 
and toward his anus. Chakotay bucked when he felt the finger slide 
inside. He felt himself relax immediately. 

    Tom soon had two fingers inside and began scissoring his fingers 
stretching the passage that soon would hold his aching cock. Touching 
the small gland deep inside Chakotay caused a marvelous sound escape his lips. Tom again removed his fingers causing Chakotay to moan protest.

"SSHH. I am not leaving." Tom whispered as he slid three 
fingers in again scissoring his fingers. Chakotay couldn't take much 
more, pushing himself back against Tom's fingers.

"Please babe now I need you inside me now."

"As you wish." Tom removed his fingers, slid his body closer lining his cock to the puckered hole, and glided in slowly. Both men gasped as one was being filled and the other did the filling. Tom took hold of Chakotay's legs and brought them to his waist. Chakotay wrapped them around Tom and pushed impaling himself completely on 
Tom's throbbing cock. 

"Do it Tom Now. Fuck me!" He growled. 

Tom obeyed and began to thrust into the older man. As hard and as 
deep as he could brushing Chakotay's prostate with each thrust. Sweat covered both bodies; Tom grabbed Chakotay's cock and began stroking in rhythm with his thrusts. Chakotay roared as he felt himself go over the edge and came spurting semen over Tom's hand and his own chest. Tom followed mere seconds behind Chakotay screaming out his name as he shot his load deep into Chakotay.

Tom lowered Chakotay's legs and lay on top of the older man. Chakotay immediately wrapped his arms around him and kissed him.
"Tom that was wonderful! Thank you."
"Anytime big guy." Tom whispered back. He rolled off Chakotay 
and settled down next to him again his head on Chakotay's shoulder 
and arm across his chest. Chakotay held Tom close amazed at how 
wonderful he felt. He had never been so well fucked. 

"We should shower." Chakotay whispered. 

"Later I don't have the energy to move right now. Besides you 
make a great pillow." Tom said as he snuggled in closer.

"Glad I could oblige." He smiled and kissed the top of Tom's head.

"Night Cha'"

"Night Tom." 

Both men fell asleep with smiles on their faces and forever on their