Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 9

Tom and Chakotay‘s early departure from Sandrine‘s the night before eased the tension in the Chakotay-Paris quarters for a few days. But it soon returned. They had tried to make love while Melody was in her bedroom but they were afraid of her hearing, even when they soundproofed their room. The feeling that she was near and they might bring back a bad memory hung between them so were never able to finish or if they did they both felt guilty afterwards. If they tried to make love when she was gone they both felt guilty about running her out of their quarters. Melody tried several times to explain to them but they would always find something else to do and leave. After several weeks of this Melody was fed up, she had come up with an idea, and she might as well go for broke doing it.

When their duty shift was over Chakotay and Tom headed to their quarters, and found Melody reading on the couch. Chakotay went straight into their bedroom to change, while Tom tried to keep himself occupied at the desk. His eyes constantly straying to the bedroom where Chakotay was.

In all the studies she had learned how to check the computer for the times when Tom or Chakotay had asked for soundproofing of their room. From the few times that soundproofing was asked for it was easy to guess that they were again not making love that often at night. She knew that very few couples made love almost every night. But she also knew that once or twice in nearly three weeks wasn’t average either. She figured that they were afraid of causing a flashback to one of her nightmares. Melody had brought up this concern to Tuvok in one of her counseling session and even asked the Doctor about it and they both assured her that there was nothing Tom or Chakotay could do that would trigger her nightmares. The tension in their quarters had exulted to the point were it was enough to drive a person insane. When Chakotay reentered the living area she decided to put her idea into action.

"Chakotay, why don‘t you fuck Tom so he can stop bouncing all over the place," asked Melody as she looked over at the older man.

"What!" roared Tom.

"Melody!" said Chakotay.

"Sorry guys, but it‘s just that I know you haven‘t made love that often since you found out about my nightmares. Except for that night out at Sandrine‘s three weeks ago, and a few other times. You both are about to bust, not to mention driving me insane trying to dance around each other," said Melody.

"But, Melody..." sputtered Chakotay.

"No, listen guys. I’ve asked The Doctor and Tuvok both about this and they explained that there is something in my subconscious that is triggering the memory. Not anything I‘m hearing, or seeing. So why don‘t you put each other out of misery, not to mention mine. And get on with it!" exclaimed Melody.

"But you‘ll still be here," said Tom.

"Not if it bothers you both that much. I‘ve all ready eaten dinner, so I‘ll just go see if Samantha and Naomi are free for tonight. Naomi has wanted to teach me a game called Kadis-Kot for some time. I‘m sure Samantha won’t mind if I spent the night with them, so you both can fuck each other silly," said Melody smiling.

"Melody!" said Tom and Chakotay in unison.

"Sorry guys. You both are just so much fun to get riled up," said Melody as she quickly kissed each man on the cheek. "Have fun now."

Melody turned and danced out the door leaving the two stunned men staring at the closed door behind her.

"Well." Tom grinned, "I suppose we‘ve been given orders...so maybe we should carry them out?"

"It would be a shame to waste Mel‘s careful planning, wouldn‘t it?" Chakotay answered with a smile of his own.

"It would also be a shame for us to waste such careful planning with a quickie, wouldn‘t it?"

"Tom...what are you thinking?"

"Give me fifteen minutes to make some preparations in the bedroom please? I want to make it special for us."

"Fifteen minutes. No more, though Tom, I think that‘s about my limit. And that will be a long enough wait."

"Eager, aren‘t we?"

"For you, always."

"Maybe I can do it in ten," Tom mused, halfway through the door.

"I‘ll make it worth your while if you can," Chakotay replied as the door closed behind Tom.

Tom dimmed the lights, and then added a special program he‘d been saving. The bedroom was now bathed in a soft peach light. He replicated a bottle of their favorite wine, and picked up two of the glasses they‘d picked up on one of the shore leaves that hadn‘t gone disastrously wrong. Then he removed his clothes, slipping into a soft silk robe that he‘d been saving as well.

Tom had known that there would be a time when he and Chakotay would need to re-establish their intimacy, and he had wanted to make it special for his lover. He silently blessed Melody again as he replicated some of the pine and herb oil, although he wasn‘t planning on rubbing Chakotay‘s back, it could happen, and it was less intrusive to the mood than lubricant. Finally, Tom started some classical music that Harry had introduced him to over the music system. He checked the chronometer, and was pleased to discover that it had taken him exactly ten minutes. Tom moved over to the door, which opened as it sensed his body heat.

Chakotay gasped as he saw his lover, engulfed in a golden light. Oh, he knew Tom was beautiful, but this...spirits! He felt himself hardening in his uniform as his eyes traveled over the other man.

"Come on," Tom whispered, holding out a hand.

Chakotay dazedly stood up, not quite trusting his legs to hold him. They seemed to remember what to do, though, as he moved closer.

Tom pulled him gently across the threshold, and the door swished shut behind them, effectively cutting out the outside world, although, unknown to each other, both men spared a brief moment to thank Melody in their mind before concentrating solely on each other.

They kissed, as if the word was enough for either to describe the connection of mouths. There was no other word that fit, though. Tom gasped, and began to remove Chakotay‘s clothes. He was surprised when his hand was stilled.

"Not here. I don‘t want to mess the room up."

Tom understood, although he could have lived with it.


"Yes. And," Chakotay smiled, "Maybe a shower?"

"That," Tom smiled, "Is an *excellent* idea."

"Thought it might appeal," both men knew that it wasn‘t only a shower Chakotay was suggesting.

"Anywhere, any time. I swear, I would let you take me on the bridge if you really wanted me to."

"And that‘s exactly why I would never do that to you. Except on the holodeck...maybe you could create a program?"

"Let‘s talk about that later?" Tom suggested as he began to remove Chakotay‘s clothes.

"Sounds good to me...oh," Chakotay lapsed into incoherence as skin touched skin at last.

Tom drew back after a few moments, reaching to turn on the water. Chakotay followed him, and Tom picked up a sponge, applying it to Chakotay‘s back in sweeping strokes.

"You are so good to me," Chakotay groaned as Tom washed off the debris of the day.

"It‘s lucky I stick around, isn‘t it?" Tom washed Chakotay off.

Chakotay reciprocated the ablutions, causing Tom to gasp once or twice as he hit the sensitive areas.

They stood together, enjoying the warm water raining down on them, kissing and touching. Tom was the first to move, and Chakotay gladly let him do what he would. Neck, collarbone, nipples and stomach were treated to light, nibbling kisses, and Tom knelt in front of Chakotay.

Chakotay gave a deep moan as Tom‘s mouth engulfed him. Tom made a face as he tasted soap, and washed his mouth quickly. Chakotay groaned at the feeling of the washcloth removing the last of the soap. Preparations complete, Tom returned to his task, taking Chakotay in as deeply as possible.

Chakotay began to thrust gently in and out of Tom‘s mouth, Tom using his tongue to tease pleasure from his lover. A few deeper thrusts, and Chakotay was spilling his seed down Tom‘s willing throat. Tom held Chakotay in his arms as he came back to himself.

"So good," Chakotay moaned as Tom dried them both, "What about you?"

"We‘re going to bed, love. And I‘m going to make love to you. That‘s what about me. Okay?"

"Oh, I suppose I can be persuaded."

Tom grinned, and pulled Chakotay into the bedroom.

"How do you want me?" Chakotay asked.

"I want to see you."

Chakotay lay on his back, looking up at Tom. Tom couldn‘t keep from taking Chakotay‘s mouth again in a deep kiss. Reaching for the bottle of oil, Tom lubricated his fingers, and gently loosened Chakotay. A final twist, and Tom removed his fingers, burying himself to the hilt inside Chakotay. Chakotay bore down on Tom, causing moans from both men. A few thrusts of Tom‘s hand on Chakotay‘s renewed erection and the commander was screaming in orgasm, his internal muscles drawing Tom‘s climax out of him.

Chakotay smiled in the peach light as Tom pulled out of him, reaching to draw Tom into his arms.

"Damn, Melody did good, didn‘t she?" Tom grinned.

"Tom...how can we...oh, never mind."


"How can we teach Melody not to cuss if you do it as often as you do?"

"Do as I say, not as I do?" Tom suggested, mischievously.

Chakotay thought for a moment. It would do until morning.

On that thought, Chakotay pulled Tom into his arms and they snuggled together, luxuriating in the feeling of being close to each other.

Since Melody had forced the issue of Chakotay and Tom‘s sex life the Chakotay-Paris quarters had settled down a great deal. After a long and sometimes embarrassing discussion Melody had finally convinced both men that they could make love as often as the need arose without upsetting Melody. She still had the odd nightmare once or twice but they were only when she push herself to hard or she felt bad.

She still met with Tuvok every morning for her counseling sessions but they had become more of just a time for them to talk about how her studies where going and how her life on Voyager was than her nightmares. Tuvok had become another person Melody could confide in and trust which made her adjustment to life on Voyager much easier.

Melody was beginning to have the odd night out at Sandrine‘s with B‘Elanna and Harry, but since they had introduced her to the resort she enjoyed going there more. Even though she sometimes felt out of place in her jeans and short sleeve shirts when everyone else was wearing shorts or a swimsuit.

After a week of excitement Voyager was finally traveling through a quiet stretch of space. Without the extra activity the command staff was able to spend more time with Melody helping her on her studies. With the extra time Melody finished her updated education ahead of schedule so they began to introduce her to the different cultures about Voyager.

Melody learned about Dorvan V and the Maquis from Chakotay, Vulcan from Tuvok, Klingon from B‘Elanna, Talaxis from Neelix, and the Ocompan Home world from Kes. Tom also began teaching her how to write holoprograms, and she started her medical updates from the Doctor.

Up until then everyone had been very careful not to upset Melody too much or make her mad. Melody still feared that Tom or Chakotay would somehow find a way to send her back to her own time so she tried not to upset them or anyone on the command staff. But when Voyager came across an uninhabited planet Melody‘s temper and control were put to the test.

She had been helping Harry and B‘Elanna run scans on the planet and although there was no animal or people on the planet it seemed perfectly safe. She begged B‘Elanna to let her take the report to Chakotay so she could ask him to go down with them.

"Chakotay! Chakotay. Look at this!" exclaimed Melody as she ran into Chakotay’s office.

Chakotay was sitting at his desk working on reports when she flew in, and stopped just short of running into his desk.

"Melody, calm down! What are you talking about?" asked Chakotay with a smile.

Melody pushed the PADD towards him on the desk, and then bounced with excitement. "The planet Harry found. The scans show it‘s uninhabited, but perfectly safe. Harry and B‘Elanna both said so. Do you think Aunt Kathryn will let me go down there with the away teams?"

"Now wait a minute, young lady. This report doesn‘t mean that you can go down to the planet."

"But they said it was safe!" exclaimed Melody.

"Melody, the first thing you are not a Starfleet officer. Second, we don‘t know for sure what is down there."

"But the scans didn‘t show anything?"

"That doesn‘t mean the planet is safe, sweet one. I‘m afraid the answer is no."

"But Chakotay!"

"No Melody! You‘re not going down to the planet and that‘s finale."

"Chakotay," whined Melody.

"No, Melody. Now I really have to get back to work," said Chakotay as he push the PADD back towards her and returned to the report he was working on.

Melody stood there looking at him then stormed out of his office. After two more days of intensive scans and probes, and silent glares from Melody. Captain Janeway assigned Tom, Chakotay, Neelix, B’Elanna and Harry to the away teams that would search the planet for minerals and food supplies needed aboard Voyager.

Tom and Chakotay were working late trying to get ready to leave the next morning when Melody decided to plead her case one more time. The silent treatment hadn’t worked so maybe if she asked nicely one more time it might change Chakotay’s mind. She found them both in engineering working with B‘Elanna.

"Chakotay, why can‘t I go down to the planet with you?" asked Melody as she crossed engineering to stand in front of the three.

"Melody, we‘ve all ready discussed this before. It‘s not safe for you to go down there," replied Chakotay as he looked up from what he was doing.

"Then why are Tom and Neelix going?"

"Sweet, Tom and I are Starfleet officers."

"But Neelix isn‘t and he‘s going!" answered Melody.

"Neelix was born in the Delta Quadrant, young lady."

"Mel, why don‘t we talk about this in our quarters later," suggested Tom when he noticed the attention they were drawing from the others in engineering.

"No! You‘ll just get busy again and forget," said Melody as she pulled away from him.

"Melody! Go wait for us in our quarters, now!" said Chakotay quietly, his voice getting softer as his anger rose.

Melody looked at the faces in front of her and decided that pressing the issue here was useless, she would wait until later then try again when he wasn‘t so mad.

"Yes sir!" said Melody her voice dripping with sarcasm, and then she turned a left.

"Well, sounds like you‘re going to have your hands full with her. Why don‘t you both go deal with that while I finish up here." Said B’Elanna as she pointed towards the retreating Melody. "I‘ll see you in the morning at 0800," she took a PADD from Chakotay then turned to continue working.

Tom and Chakotay looked at B‘Elanna then turned and walked to the doors. They had both wondered when Melody’s temper would show it’s self. She had almost been *to good* towards them recently.

"Come on Chief, we‘ve got an irate young lady waiting for us in our quarters," said Tom as he took Chakotay‘s hand and left.

They walked from engineering to their quarters quickly and barely made it inside before Melody pounced again.

"Well!" she said as they stepped inside.

"Melody, would you at least let us get inside the door please," said Tom.

"You‘re inside all ready, and you haven‘t answered my question," repeated Melody.

"Melody, Neelix is our expert on finding edible planets in this quadrant. Tom and Harry are Starfleet, and B’Elanna and I are ex-Starfleet," said Chakotay.

"But I can take care of myself."

"The answer is still no Melody," said Chakotay firmly.

"Why! Give me one good reason why?" yelled Melody.

"Sweet one, listen to me. We are in the Delta Quadrant, and going down to an uninhabited planet. Even though the scans show it to be safe, we still don‘t know what kind of hidden dangers could be down there, and you haven‘t been trained in away missions."

"Then you can train me."

"Mel, there‘s not enough time. We leave at 0800 in the morning," said Tom.

"You‘re not being fair! B‘Elanna and Harry both said that Voyager has the best scanner in the quadrant and they showed the planet to be safe," exclaimed Melody.

"Fair or not young lady. You are not going!" said Chakotay forcefully.

"That‘s just...I never," exclaimed Melody as she looked at them both.

Chakotay came towards to her to comfort her but she raised her arms and started beating him on the chest with her fist. She got several good blows in before he was able to grab her hands pinning them to her side and shook her. Melody looked up at him then raised her arms and broke free of his hands.

"I hate you! I hate you both!" yelled Melody as she ran into her room and locked the door.

"Do you think we ought to go after her?" asked Tom.

"No, I‘d let her cool off a little first. We can see her before we leave," said Chakotay with a sigh.

"I guess you‘re right, we had better get some sleep if we can," replied Tom as they both headed towards their bedroom.

Chakotay and Tom both spent a sleepless night worrying about the heated conversation they had earlier with Melody. They had finally fallen into a fitful sleep when the alarm went off and they had to get ready for the away mission. It took them longer than usually to get ready, so they didn‘t have time to see Melody before they left.

For the three days that Tom, Chakotay, Harry, B‘Elanna and Neelix stayed on the planet, Melody became an almost complete recluse. She still went to see Tuvok for her daily counseling session but only answered when he asked a direct question. For the rest of the time Melody divided her time between the resort program on the holodeck and their cabin. Captain Janeway, Tuvok, Kes and even the Doctor had tried to do things with Melody but she always politely refused.

As soon as the away teams had returned to Voyager Janeway asked Chakotay to meet with her. As soon as the ships business was taken care of Janeway filled Chakotay in on what had been happening with Melody.

"That‘s fine, Commander. Now I have some personal information for you, about Melody," said Janeway as he looked over at the older man. She had heard about argument that he, Tom and Melody had had before they left and could tell that if had upset him a lot.

"How‘s she been doing?" asked Chakotay wearily. He had been dreading the confrontation he knew would come once they returned to Voyager.

"Chakotay, she‘s not doing well. She‘s spent all her time in the holodeck or locked in your quarters."

"Has she been eating?"

"I‘ve had the computer monitoring her since the first day you left. She‘s eating, but not very much. She‘s really upset about this you know," said Janeway.

"I know. I just didn‘t feel it was safe to take her down to the planet," replied Chakotay.

"Chakotay, was there really any reason why Melody couldn‘t have gone down to the planet? Even for a little while?" asked Janeway as she put her hand on his arm.

Chakotay looked at her then sighed. "No, I just wanted to keep her, safe aboard Voyager."

"Well, she might have been better off down on the planet with you. Why don‘t you go talk to her and see if you can make it up to her? I‘ve tried calling her, but she won‘t answer my COM."

"Tom and I will check on her. Thank you, Kathryn," said Chakotay as he rose and left her ready room.

"Computer. Locate, Melody Hanley," asked Chakotay as he walked towards their quarters.

"Melody Hanley is in the Chakotay-Paris quarters," replied the computer.

"Computer. What are Melody‘s life signs?"

"Subjects life signs are weak, but stable," said the computer.

"Computer. Locate, Tom Paris."

"Tom Paris is in his quarters," came the computer‘s reply.

Chakotay arrived at their door and quickly entered the door code, and then walked hurriedly into their quarters. "Tom?" called Chakotay questioningly.

"In here, Chakotay," came the reply from Melody‘s bedroom.

Chakotay entered to see Melody lying in the middle of the bed silently crying in her sleep, with Tom sitting next to her on the bed trying to comfort her.

"What‘s wrong?" asked Chakotay as he sat on the other side of her.

"Another nightmare, I suspect. I found her like this a few minutes ago," replied Tom.

"Melody, sweet one. Wake up," said Chakotay as he touched her shoulder.

At Chakotay‘s touch, Melody sat up and opened her eyes, staring at both men until her vision cleared and she could see who they were.

"Oh, Chakotay!" cried Melody as she launched herself into Chakotay‘s arms. "I‘m so sorry I said those thing. I didn‘t mean them, I‘m sorry..." repeated Melody.

"Shhh baby, it‘s OK. We know...we know," soothed Chakotay.

"You both forgive me...you don‘t hate me?" asked Melody as she looked up from his shoulder at Tom.

"No, Mel. We don‘t hate you, but we were very worried about you," answered Tom.

"I‘m fine." Lied Melody as she dropped her head back on Chakotay’s shoulder.

"Melody. You‘re not eating, and your having nightmares again. Please believe us when we say that we aren‘t mad at you, just concerned. That’s all," said Chakotay as he lifted her chin.

"OK," said Melody weakly.

"That‘s our girl. Now can you tell us what the nightmare was about?" asked Tom.

"Your shuttle had crashed on the planet and the last thing I told you both was that I hated you. I‘m really sorry Chakotay, Tom," cried Melody.

"We know, sweet. We know," said Tom as he pulled them both into his arms.

"How about we take you down to the next peacefully inhabited planet that we come to," asked Chakotay.

"Really? You‘re not joking?" asked Melody as she looked up at them both.

"No, Melody, I‘m not joking. The Captain made me realize a few things about the planet. You were right. It was perfectly safe for you down there. I just didn‘t want you there because I was afraid I couldn‘t protect you," said Chakotay.

"But I can take care of myself! You know that!"

"We know, Mel. You‘ll have to cut us a little slack here. This father stuff is new to both of us," said Tom.

"Well having a father is new to me to you known. I‘ve never had anyone who cared enough about me to want to protect me," replied Melody

"So we‘re forgiven?" asked Chakotay.

"Yes. Just do me a favor and don‘t to it again. O.K?"

"As long as you promise not to pull this stunt again. You really had Kathryn worried," countered Tom.

"All right, I promise. I‘m really sorry for what I said."

"We know, sweet one. We know," said Chakotay as he wrapped his arms around Melody and gently started rocking her.

Tom put his arms around them both and they sat in each other‘s arms. Chakotay noticed when Melody‘s breathing slowed down and looked to find her asleep on his chest.

"Tom, when was the last time she ate?" asked Chakotay.

"I don‘t know? Computer, when did Melody last use the replicator?" asked Tom.

"Melody Hanley last replicated food at 1700 yesterday," answered the computer.

"Damn! That’s been all most 16 hours; she needs to eat something before she gets sick. I‘ll get her something and you try to wake her up," said Tom as he let go of Chakotay and Melody and left the bed.

"Melody, sweet one. You need to eat something, baby. Come one, please," said Chakotay giving her a little shake.

Melody stirred in his arms but didn‘t open her eyes.

"Melody, Melody! Wake up," repeated Chakotay louder.

Melody‘s eyes flew open and she stared at the man holding her.

"You all right, sweet one. You had me worried for a minute."

"What...What happened?" asked Melody.

"You fell asleep and we couldn‘t wake you," said Tom as he sat down on the bed with a tray of food.

"Come on now, you can go back to sleep as soon as your finished eating this food," said Chakotay.

Melody looked at the tray then slowly started eating. Tom had brought her a bowl of chicken noodle soup, with a mug of tea. Her appetite returning at the taste of the food, she finished them quickly then laid back down, and was once again fast asleep as soon as her head hit the bed. Tom pick up the tray and took it to the recycler, returning just as Chakotay was tucking her in. Once she was settled they each kissed her forehead, then left her bedroom setting the computer to monitor her.

They made it to the living area before they fell heavily on the couch.

"God, I hope we never have to go through that again," sighed Tom.

"I know, I was afraid we were going to lose her. After all she‘s been through to lose her because we didn‘t take her down to an uninhabited planet," said Chakotay wearily.

"You know, Kathryn was right. We shouldn‘t really try to protect her from everything. She‘s had so much forced isolation in her life all ready," said Tom.

"I know, but she seems so helpless sometimes."

"Don‘t under estimate her, Chief. She‘s tougher than she looks."

"I know, I guess this is all about being a parent. Learning when to protect them and when to let go."

"You got it, Chak. She‘ll always need us, but just not in the same way anymore. Our little girl is growing up."

"How did you get so smart, Slim?" asked Chakotay as he pulled him into his arms.

"Lots of watching and reading," answered Tom as he leaned into Chakotay‘s chest.

"Melody was right. Why aren‘t we married?"

"What?" asked Tom as sat up pulling out of Chakotay‘s arms.

"Melody asked me several months ago why we weren‘t married?"

"And you said?"

"I told her I had just never asked you. Now I‘m beginning to wonder why?"

"Do you want to get married, Chak?" asked Tom as he gently put his palms to Chakotay‘s face.

"More than anything. Tom Paris, will you marry me? Asked Chakotay.

Tom looked in Chakotay‘s eyes and saw the love shining there and answered. "I‘d be honored to my love."

Chakotay pulled Tom closer to him, intent on just a quick kiss. It quickly escalated to something more, because of the emotional scene with Melody and the three days on the planet. Chakotay pulled back reluctantly staring breathlessly at Tom.

"We had better move this to the bedroom before we end up giving Melody the show of her life," said Chakotay

"You got it, Chief. Let‘s go," said Tom as he rose and pulled the older man into their bedroom.