Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 8

Every morning after breakfast Melody meet with Tuvok for her counseling session. They talked about Melody‘s dreams and how they made her feel, plus how she was never able to trust anyone when she was younger. As her sessions progressed Tuvok began to research ways that he and the others could build Melody‘s trust.

Three weeks later, he began to introduce little exercises in which he began to gain Melody‘s trust. In the first one Tuvok asked Melody to close her eyes and allow him to lead her around the room. If she became uncomfortable or frighten she could open her eyes. Then the next time he blindfolded her, and led her again around the room. Allowing her to stop and take off the blindfold if she became upset.

Melody‘s next big step was when she allowed Tuvok to blindfold her and led her out of the room and slowly down the hallway. She held onto his hand tightly but didn‘t ask to stop or take off the blindfold. For the next session Tuvok asked Melody to meet him in the holodeck where they would finish up.

Melody slept fairly well the night before staying wake only for a little while before she was able to relax enough to get back to sleep. The next morning Tom and Chakotay asked her about her plans for the day.

"So what‘s on your schedule for today, Melody?" asked Tom as he put breakfast in front of her.

Both Tom and Chakotay knew that Melody had been awake for about an hour earlier this morning since the computer monitor had gone off when she awoke. They were still occasionally setting the computer to monitor her for nightmares even though they were beginning to become less frequent.

Tuvok was keeping them up to date one Melody‘s progress, and assured them that she was making great progress in trusting him. It had been a shock to both of them when Melody had told them that what they had been doing but they were also very proud. That meant that Melody was truly beginning to trust Tuvok. It was Tuvok‘s suggestion that they work on the command staff after he had gained her trust.

"Tuvok wants me to meet him on the holodeck this morning. After that I‘m spending some time with Kes in the airponics bay," answered Melody as she finished up her breakfast and took her dishes to the recycler.

"Did he tell you what you would be doing there?" asked Chakotay as he watched


She was becoming more and more comfortable with her life onboard Voyager and was slowly beginning to expand her small group of people she was comfortable with to include more people.

"Nope, just that I should wear comfortable clothes. I‘ll tell you all about it tonight when you get back," answered Melody as came back to the table.

"Well be careful and have fun if you can," said Tom as he got up and kissed her on the head.

"Thanks, Tom," smiled Melody as he headed out the door.

The turbo lift rides were becoming tolerable with Tom‘s continued help. He had taught her some deep breathing exercises so that except for the first moment of panic she didn‘t have that much trouble with the lifts. Melody left the lift and made it to the holodeck two minutes before her scheduled time. She took a deep breath then pushed the button.

"Lt. Tuvok, I‘m here," called Melody with more confidence than she felt.

"Enter, Melody," called Tuvok over the Computer COM.

Melody took another deep breath the moved forward enough for the door‘s to open. When Melody stepped in she saw Tuvok standing in a gym with the floor covered with large blue mats. In the middle is a four feet wooden beam.

"Are you ready, Melody?" asked Tuvok as he came over beside her.

"I think so, but what do I have to do?" asked Melody as she stood looking at the wooden beam.

"I researched your historical database and found a sport called gymnastics that uses this beam as part of its sport. I thought it would be a good test of your trust."

"I‘ve heard of it, but I don‘t know anything about the balance beam or gymnastics‘" answered Melody.

"All I‘m asking you to do is to walk down the beam holding my hand. Do you trust me enough to do that Melody?" asked Tuvok as he held out his hand to her.

Melody stood looking at Tuvok‘s hand for a few minutes, then with a deep breath took his hand and let him led her over to the balance beam. With one more look at Tuvok Melody stepped on the narrow beam. Slowly Tuvok walked with Melody down to the end of the beam then helped her turn around and walk back to the end. When she reached the end Melody stepped of the beam and turned to Tuvok with a broad smile on her face.

"I did it!" exclaimed Melody happily.

"Very good, Melody. Computer raise beam onefeet," called Tuvok.

A few minutes later the holodeck changed and the beam was now one foot off the mat.

"The next step, Melody," said Tuvok as he walked back over to the beam.

Melody took another deep breath and went over beside Tuvok, careful he helped her onto the beam and they slowly made there way down the beam and back again.

For the next hour Tuvok helped Melody walk back and forth on the balance beam as Tuvok slowly raised it until it was at it‘s normal four feet off the ground. On Melody‘s last pass down the beam Tuvok pulled his hand out of Melody‘s.

"You can do it, Melody," said Tuvok with confidence.

Melody looked down at Tuvok from her perch on the beam then took one more deep breath then slowly made her way down and back on the beam with Tuvok by her side. At the end of her second trip back Melody carefully sat down and faced Tuvok with a broad smile on her face. The smile on Melody‘s face told of her pride and accomplishment. Tuvok stood beside her with quiet pride on his face.

After a few minutes Melody threw her arms around Tuvok‘s neck while he put his hands at her waist and lifted her down to the mat.

"You have done exceptionally well, Melody." Praised Tuvok as he gently patted her waist.

"Thank you Tuvok," said Melody her smile getting big at his praise.

"We will continue these exercises with Captain Janeway in a few days."

"I look forward to that," answered Melody as she nodded then headed out the door.

Melody‘s smile and pride in herself stayed with her the whole day, everyone noticing how much more confident she seemed in herself. That night at dinner Tom and Chakotay brought up the subject.

"So how did your counseling session with Tuvok go today Melody?" asked Tom as he sat down at the table with Melody and Chakotay.

"It went great!" exclaimed Melody. "Tuvok had me walk a balance beam,"

"That doesn‘t seem so hard Melody?" stated Chakotay.

"Well it is when the beam is only four feet wide and four feet off the ground. I‘ve never really liked heights," explained Melody

"And how did it make you feel, Mel?" asked Tom

"Scared shitless," replied Melody.

"Melody!" said Chakotay firmly.

"Sorry, scared a lot. But Tuvok was beside me the whole time holding my hand and that made me feel safe,"

"So you trust him now?" asked Chakotay

Melody thought for a moment then answered firmly, "Yeah, I guess I do. I got the feeling while I was up there that even when I slipped he would be there to catch me."

"Congratulations, Melody. We‘re proud of you," said Tom as he got up and kisses her on the head.

"Yes, we‘re very proud of you, Melody. You have taken a big step," said Chakotay as he put his hand over hers and squeezed.

"Thanks, guys?" asked Melody shyly as she looked at the two. "Do you think that it will get easier each time to this?"

"I‘d say that depends on the level of trust you develop with each person that you do it with. There may be some people that you have absolute trust in, and others that the trust only goes so far," said Chakotay

"You mean like you and Tom? I‘m not sure why but I know in my heart that neither of you would do anything to ever hurt me,"

"Why thank you, Mel. And we will both try and live up to that trust," said Chakotay as he got up and pulled her into his arms.

Melody tensed a little as Chakotay’s arms went around her back, but with a deep sigh relaxed against his chest closing her eyes. It had been a very emotion day for her and she was being to come down from her emotion high and saddening get very tired.

Chakotay looked down at the young women in his arms, then over at Tom. Tom had seen the momentary look of exhaustion that had been in her eyes before she closed them. When Tuvok had told them what he had planned for her they were concerned that he might be pushing her too hard, but he assured them that if she needed more time between each lesson he would allow her the time she needed before they moved to the next step.

And today she had done it; she had become confident and secure enough in her new relationship with Tuvok that the beginnings of trust and bonding were forming. A trust that they hoped would soon include the command staff and a few other people on board Voyager.

But right now she was tired and need rest. Tom looked over at the two most important people in the world to him then quietly came over and put a hand on Melody’s shoulder. She tensed for a second, and then relaxed when she realized who it was.

"Mel, sweet. Why don’t you go to bed now? You’ve had a full day?" said Tom softly.

Melody looked up at Chakotay, then over at Tom and gave both a tired smile.

"I guess you’re right, I am sort of sleepy," said Melody as she tried to hide a yawn.

"Good night, sweet one. Remember that we’re very proud of what you’ve accomplished today," said Chakotay as he gave her a quick hug and kiss on top of her head.

"Very proud of you Mel, good night," said Tom as he pulled her into his arms and did the same.

"Thanks guys love you both. Good night," called Melody as she headed towards her room.

When he door closed both men walked over to the couch and collapsed onto the couch falling into each other’s arms.

"Well one big hurdled accomplished only 6 more to go," replied Tom as he snuggled down into Chakotay’s arms.

"Think we can survive, slim?" asked Chakotay as he gently began to nuzzle the younger mans hair.

"Together we can survive anything, Chak," replied Tom.

For the next six weeks each of the command staff plus the Doctor, Neelix and Kes worked together with Tuvok on Melody’s trust exercises. They also came as often as they could on their off duty hours to spend time with Melody. Kathryn, B‘Elanna and Kes spent many hours talking, but could never persuade Melody to leave there quarters and join them on the holodeck. She was still too uncomfortable around large numbers of people.

As the days and months past Melody‘s nightmares became less frequent but Chakotay and Tom still could not bring themselves to make love while Melody was around. So the tension in the Chakotay-Paris quarters increased daily, each carefully dancing around the other so as not to aggravate the situation. One evening while the men were working late Captain Janeway stopped by to spend some time with Melody.

"Au...I mean Kathryn. Do you know why Tom and Chakotay are mad? Have I done something wrong?" asked Melody.

Kathryn came over and sat down beside her and took her hands in her own.

"Melody, I‘m not exactly sure what the reasons are, but I‘m sure you‘re not to blame." Replied Janeway. Even she had begun to notice the tension that was evident in the two men.

"But they seem so upset, and sometimes I can hear one of them moving around late at night."

"I suspect they might not be sleeping that well."

"But my nightmares have all most stopped. Tuvok says I‘m making progress every day," replied Melody.

"I‘m happy for you sweet, but you‘re not the only one having to deal with the effects of your nightmares. I suspect that finding out what they were about has upset Tom and Chakotay as much as it did you to remember them."

"I never thought about that. But how can we help them?" asked Melody with concern in her voice. She hadn’t thought about her nightmares affecting anyone but her. All though she knew for a while, the nightmares had disrupted Tom and Chakotay’s sleep.

"Well, I know that they have both been working very hard lately. How would you feel about a night out on the holodeck?" asked Kathryn.

"Will there be a lot of people there?"

"I don‘t know Melody, but we will all be there for you if you would like?"

"I‘d like that a lot, thank you. Cap...Kathryn. May I ask you a question?"

"Oh course."

"I was wondering if I could...I mean I like you a lot and..." sputtered Melody.

"What is it sweet?"

"I‘ve never had an aunt before and I was wondering if I could think of you as my Aunt Kathryn."

"I would like that very much Melody. We will have to be careful and call me that only when we’re off duty, of course."

"I think I can remember that, thank you, Aunt Kathryn," whispered Melody as she hugged her.

"Now, if we are going to plan a proper night out you must have a new dress. Why don‘t we look in the computer‘s database for something."

The rest of the night was spent finding a dress for Melody and planning how to get Chakotay and Tom to the holodeck. When the men arrived at their quarters for the night they found a very cheerful and happy Melody and Captain Janeway huddled together on the couch.

"Well, good night gentlemen. I‘ll let you know when I‘m ready to precede Melody. Good night," called Janeway as she headed towards then door, then left.

"Good night, Aunt Kathryn. Thank you," replied Melody

"What was that all about Melody?" asked Tom

"Oh nothing. I think I‘m going to go to bed now. Good night guys," said Melody as she got up from the couch and went to her bedroom.

"Chak, I have this feeling we’re being set up for something," said Tom

"So do I, but you know she‘s not going to tell us," replied Chakotay

"I know, and that worries me even more."

"Come on, Slim. Let‘s go to bed."

"Now that‘s the best offer I‘ve had all day," replied Tom as he followed Chakotay in the bedroom.


Two days later Janeway COM Melody that she was ready for their plan. At five minutes before their shift change Janeway left, leaving the bridge to Chakotay and went to her ready room. Just as the ready room door closed the turbo lift opened to reveal a slightly nervous Melody. She took a deep breath then stepped on the bridge.

"Permission to come on the bridge, Commander?" asked Melody as she turned to look at Chakotay.

At the sound of her voice Chakotay rose quickly out of his seat and turned to face her along with the rest of the bridge crew.

"Melody, what are you doing here?" asked Chakotay as he stepped towards her.

"Captain Janeway gave me permission to come on the bridge and escort you and Lt. Paris to holodeck two. Where is Captain Janeway?"

"In her ready room," replied Tuvok.

"Thank you, Lt. Tuvok," said Melody being careful to use their correct rank while they were on duty. She nodded to each man, then quickly walked over to the door and rang the chime. When the door slid open she quickly entered.

Chakotay and the bridge crew stared at the door as it closed behind Melody, and then looked helplessly around at each other.

"Well, she certainly made an entrance," remarked Harry.

"Ensign!" exclaimed Chakotay.

"Sorry, sir."

A few minutes later the door opened again and Captain Janeway and Melody walked out to stood in front of a still stunned Chakotay and Tom Paris.

"Gentlemen, your shift is now officially over. So I am here by ordering you to return to your quarters, change then escort Melody to holodeck two for a night out," said Janeway.

"But Captain..." started Chakotay.

"Commander, that‘s an order," replied Janeway.

"Yes, ma‘am. Tom," said Chakotay as he came over beside Melody. "You know your going to pay for this young lady. Who‘s idea was this anyway?"

"I‘ll never tell. Thank you Captain. I‘ll see you later?" asked Melody.

"You can count on it Melody," said Janeway as she waved them off the bridge.

Melody put her hands on Tom and Chakotay‘s arms, and then pulled them towards the turbo lift.

"Well, Sandrine‘s ought to be interesting tonight," said Harry as the turbo lift closed on the trio.

After forty-five minute stop at their quarters Tom, Chakotay and Melody were on their way to holodeck two. At the door Chakotay put his hand on her arm and asked. "Are you sure you want to do this, sweet one?"

"I think so. Are you sure everyone will be here tonight?"

"Yes Mel, everyone will be coming by later," said Tom.

Melody gave a nod and the three of them entered Sandrine‘s. This would be the first time that Melody had been on the holodeck with one of the general programs running and more than just a few people present. They had asked Tuvok several weeks ago if he thought that Melody was ready to visit the holodeck during its regular use. He assured them that with there support she would be just fine.

So here they were being ordered off the bridge by Captain Janeway to escort Melody to a night out on the holodeck. This smelled of a set up but they couldn’t figure out whose idea it was? Janeway or Melody.

"Thomas, Commander Chakotay. Welcome!" greeted Sandrine from behind the bar.

"Hello, Sandrine. I‘d like you to meet Melody," said Tom

"Hello, sweet Melody. Thomas, she is very pretty. Are you and the handsome Commander not together anymore?"

"Yes, Sandrine. Melody is our adopted daughter," replied Chakotay.

"Oh well, that is wonderful. This calls for a drink, yes!" said Sandrine as she turned to the bar.

"Just a beer for us Sandrine, and ice tea for Melody," said Tom

"She is not old enough to drink?"

"Yes ma‘am, I am. But alcohol puts me to sleep," answered Melody as she came over to stand by Tom.

"She is a smart one, Thomas. You must watch her, yes?"

"We intend to Sandrine, we intend to," said Tom as he took the two mugs that Sandrine had put on the bar and headed towards the table where Chakotay sat. Melody picked up her ice tea and followed Tom smiling at Sandrine as he left.

"Where is this place suppose to be Tom?" asked Melody as she sat down in the chair next to Chakotay.

"Marseilles, France. I was station here during my second semester at the academy," answered Tom.

"Then it‘s a miracle that you made it through. I thought for sure that seedy places like this would have been gone by this century."

"What do you mean Mel?"

"Look around. A dark seedy bar, with a French lady bartender. A pool hustler and a gigolo. Tom, please,"

"Do you want to leave Melody? We can go somewhere else if you‘d like?" said Chakotay.

"No, if this is where you want to go then I will stay. But guys, I may be naive about something‘s but give me a little credit. Please."

"You‘re right, Melody, I‘m sorry," said Tom as he took her hand.

"It‘s all right Tom, who knows? I just might enjoy myself here."

Just then the holodeck doors opened and Captain Janeway, B‘Elanna and Harry walked in. Followed closely by Tuvok, Neelix and Kes.

"Ahh...Captain. I‘m glad you came," said Melody as she got up and hugged Janeway.

"We’re off duty Melody. It‘s all right to call me Aunt Kathryn."

"Oh good," said Melody as she sat back down next to Chakotay.

"I hear you made quiet a stir on the bridge earlier Melody," said B‘Elanna as she pulled up a chair and sat down.

"It was Aunt Kathryn‘s idea. Uhh, oh. Sorry," said Melody as she looked at Janeway.

"It‘s all right, Melody. They would have figured it out soon enough anyway," answered Janeway.

"You bet we would have. Melody couldn‘t have thought up something like that on her own," said Tom.

"Tom! You don‘t know me that well," said Melody.

"Sorry Mel, it‘s just that..."

"You had better give it up Tom, you‘re only going to make it worse," said Chakotay.

"You‘re right, sorry Mel," said Tom as he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"You‘re forgiven, just remember. You haven‘t seen anything like the real me, yet."

"Oh Gods," said Chakotay.

"Hey Melody, do you want to play some pool?" asked B‘Elanna

"I guess so, you‘ll have to teach me though," said Melody as she got up and left the table.

"Boy, has she got you two figured out. Come on Starfleet, you can help me teach Melody," said B‘Elanna as she pulled Harry towards the pool table.

"Do you think this was a bad idea?" asked Tom

"No, just probably not the right holoprogram to show her on her first time here. We probably should have taken her to the resort first," answered Chakotay.

"Besides Tom, this is part of who you are," said Janeway.

"Yeah, but the wrong part."

"Tom, Melody knows we all have our pasts. Besides, like she said. She may be naive about something‘s but she‘s not stupid. Don‘t worry about her, she‘ll be just fine as long as she‘s got one of us with her," said Janeway.

"I guess you’re right," said Tom as he looked over at Melody.

B‘Elanna and Harry were trying to teach Melody how to break. Her first shot missed completely, but her second try hit the balls lightly and they were rewarded with a bright smile.

Melody was really was a conflict of personalities. When she first came on board she was so child like and helpless. Then as her personalities began to come out, and they discovered that she could cut you down with a smart remark. Now, the two had finally begun to merge until she was the Melody they knew now. Sweet with a child like curiosity, but smart enough to take care of herself in most situations. Over the last few months and with everyone’s help Melody had blossomed into a very beautiful young woman, not only physical but emotionally as well.

"If you will excuse me, I think I‘ll ask Mel to dance," said Tom as he got up and went over to the trio at the pool table. They talked a few minutes then Tom led Melody into the middle of the room and calling for some slow music. A few minutes later they were talking quietly as they swayed in each other‘s arms.

Chakotay took this opportunity to really look at Melody. She had turned out to be a very good-looking young woman. Her hair was a dark brown with small red highlights. Her eyes were a pale blue, while her skin had a dark golden tan. The peach shirtwaist dress that she was wearing really showed off her features very well.

Enough so, too have several of the male crewmen watching her as she moved with Tom. Chakotay could honestly say that even though Melody was not their daughter biologically, she looked enough liked both of them that most people would think of them as her father‘s.

Suddenly Chakotay noticed that she and Tom had stopped dancing and Melody was leading Tom back towards the table. She leaned down and whispered something in Chakotay‘s ear looked back at Tom. Tom stood behind her shifting nervously from foot to foot. Chakotay looked over at Melody then back at Tom.

"Go on Chakotay, take care of Tom. I’m sure Aunt Kathryn and everyone else will watch after me. I‘ll be home later, I promise," said Melody.

"Are you sure?" asked Chakotay as he looked from Melody to Kathryn.


"All right, come on Tom. Well see you later, thanks sweet one," said Chakotay as he kissed her forehead, and then pulled Tom out of the door.

"What was that all about?" asked Janeway as she came up behind Melody.

"I think I found out what has been bothering Tom and Chakotay," said Melody as she sat down. "It seams that because of their schedules and my nightmares they haven‘t been able to make love for several days now."

"Oh my! Well, that would explain things. That doesn‘t bother you does it Melody?" asked Janeway.

"Why should it? I only have a problem with male/female sex, not male/male. Beside, I know it‘s a part of any intimate relationship know matter what gender of the partners are. I just don‘t think it‘s right for them to deprive themselves of that on my account."

"Have you told them this?" asked Janeway.

"I‘ve tried but they all ways change the subject. And you know how stubborn Tom and Chakotay can be."

"I sure do, well maybe this will solve that little problem."

"I sure hope so, things are getting really tense at home."

"Well you sure have given them the opportunity to… relieve some of that… ur a tension," remarked Janeway with a sly smile on her face.

"Well let’s just hope that is last longer than just one night," replied Melody.

Janeway looked over at the young women across from her and shook her head; since Melody had started "coming out" so to speak things were certain to become interesting. Not only in the Chakotay-Paris quarter but also aboard Voyager as a whole.

Melody stay at Sandrine‘s for two more hours learning how to play pool with Harry and B‘Elanna, and talking with Kathryn. When she returned to their quarters, she checked on the guys. Finding them naked and asleep, tangled in each other‘s arms. Melody smiled, and then went to her room to experience the first nightmare free sleep she had since she came onboard Voyager.