Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Ratings: G – NC-17 (depending on where in the story)

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 6

Melody‘s stomach was on fire, even lying in the cool grass she still couldn‘t get comfortable. In the ten minutes she had been here she had moved three times, each time to get away from the stench of vomit.

After she had thrown up her stomach would settle down for a while, only to start again. Now it felt like she was going to throw up again, but after the second time there wasn‘t anything left in her stomach. But that didn‘t seem to matter to her stomach because it was about to start again.

Just as the first wave hit her she heard someone calling her name, then there were strong arms holding her as she gave into the feeling.

"Hush baby, it‘s all right," said Chakotay as he stroked her back.

Melody leaned against the arms and gave into the horrible way she was feeling. She was shaking, but felt hot to the touch.

"Chakotay to Sickbay."

"Sickbay here Commander, this is Kes."

"Kes could you send the Doctor to the airponics bay. We found Melody but she is very sick."

"Right away, Commander. Kes out."

A few seconds later the Doctor‘s mobile emitter appeared in front of Chakotay and Tom activated the Doctor‘s program.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," said the Doctor as he appeared before the two men.

"It‘s Mel, Doc. We just found her like this," said Tom

The Doctor quickly scanned Melody then retrieved a hypospray from the med. kit and applied it to her neck.

"She seems to be suffering from a sever allergic reaction to something she ate. Has she eaten anything unusual recently?"

"Not with us. Paris to Neelix."

"Neelix here. Go ahead Tom."

"Neelix did Melody eat anything when she was in the mess hall with you?" asked


"Why yes, she did. Why?" asked Neelix

"Did it come from the replicator?"

"Why no, I fixed her a plate of my very best food," replied Neelix.

Chakotay looked at Melody and gave a little smile.

"Never mind, Neelix. Paris out."

"Suffices to say that was her first taste of Mr. Neelix‘s cooking?‘ asked the Doctor.

"Yes, we have been giving her replicated food from her own time ever since she got here," replied Chakotay.

"Well, without examining the actual food, I can‘t be certain. But, my best guess would be that Melody is allergic to Mr. Neelix‘s cooking. I suggest that she only eat replicated food from her own time from now on. I have given her something for the vomiting and fever. We will have to let the rest of the allergens leave her system naturally. I will, of course inform the Captain."

"Thank you Doctor," said Chakotay.

"Computer, transport EMH program back to sickbay," said Tom.

"Thank you, Mr. Paris," said the Doctor as he disappeared.

"I believe it would be wise to take Melody back to your quarters and make her as comfortable as possible," suggested Tuvok.

"You‘re right, Tuvok. Thank you for everything," said Chakotay as he lifted Melody into his arms.

"Computer, three to beam to my quarters," said Tom

"You‘re welcome, Commander, Lieutenant," said Tuvok with a nod to both men.

As they disappeared in the transport beam Tuvok wondered about this set back to Melody‘s progress.

As the three appeared in the Chakotay-Paris quarters Samantha Wildman stepped towards them. Kes had commed her just after they had notified her that Melody was sick. She knew that Tom and Chakotay would need some help taking care of Melody when they got her back to their quarters so she asked Samantha to help. Samantha had left Naomi with Neelix and gladly went to help.

"Here, Commander. Let me take her. You might want to get cleaned up yourself," replied Samantha as she took Melody from Chakotay then carried her into her bedroom.

Chakotay looked down at his uniform and saw a stain on his jacket where Melody had vomited a little on him.

"I guess I‘m pretty ripe, huh?" smiled Chakotay.

"Ripe isn‘t the word for it, love," said Tom as he pushed the older man towards their bedroom.

Twenty minutes later Chakotay returned buttoning his shirt as he came out of the bedroom. Samantha was just coming out of Melody‘s room when he saw her.

"I got her cleaned up and in bed, but it looks like she might have a rough night. I think her fever is rising again,"

"I‘ll stay with her, Chakotay. You worked late with the Captain," offered Tom.

"Thanks Tom, I‘ll fix it where you have tomorrow off to sleep," replied Chakotay.

"Well, I had better be going. I left Naomi with Neelix when Kes called," said Samantha.

"Thank you, Samantha. For everything," said Tom as he walked her to the door.

"You‘re both welcome. She‘s a very special young lady. Goodnight Commander, Tom," said Samantha as she left.

Tom and Chakotay watched the doors close, then looked at each other.

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Chakotay covering a yawn.

"You my big man are going to bed. I‘ll stay up and watch Melody," said Tom as he pulled Chakotay into his arms.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Goodnight love," said Chakotay as he kissed Tom.

"Goodnight, Chief. Sweet dreams," replied Tom as he watched Chakotay‘s back disappear into their bedroom.

Tom shook his head smiling, then went to check on Melody. Melody was lying in the middle of the bed with the sheets already twisted around her legs. Tom scanned her quickly, then went to the bathroom to get a cool towel. Her fever was 103 degrees and rising. If this kept up it looked like it was going to be a long night for both of them.

Melody‘s temper continued to climb and as it rose, the nightmares started. Between trying to cool her off and hold her down Tom got very little rest.

The next morning when Chakotay came in to wake Tom, they were relieved to find that her fever had broken during the night.

"Why don‘t you go to bed and I‘ll watch her for awhile. Kathryn informed me that I was working at home today so I could watch both of you," said Chakotay as he brushed Tom‘s hair from his forehead

"Be sure and thank her for me," said Tom as he crawled off of Melody‘s bed.

"I already have, slim. Now go."

"Yes. Sir," replied Tom as he stumbled out of Melody‘s room.

Chakotay looked down at Melody, then went to get another cool cloth from the bathroom. At its touch on her face Melody came wide-awake and grabbed his wrists.

"Tom! Where‘s Tom!" asked Melody as she looked around the room.

"Shhh... Baby. It‘s all right. Your safe now," soothed Chakotay.

"No... Got to find Tom...must find Tom," mumbled Melody as she started to get out of bed.

"Melody, listen. Tom‘s all right. I‘ll take you to him, OK?"

"Got to find Tom," replied Melody weakly.

"All right, Melody. We‘ll go find Tom," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms and carried her into their bedroom.

Tom had fallen asleep after taking off his clothes and was now asleep lying on his side. Chakotay knelt beside the bed, and Melody reached over and cautiously touched his check. At her touch Tom opened his eyes to look into the worried eyes of Melody.

"Mel?" said Tom sleepily.

"Tom, sick?" asked Melody gently.

Tom sat up and put his hands on her face. "No Mel, I‘m not sick. Just tired."

Melody nodded saying, "Night, Tom, I love you."

"I love you too, sweet," replied Tom.

At Tom‘s words Melody relaxed in Chakotay‘s arms, sighing as she closed her eyes. Tom smiled, then layback down and went back to sleep. Chakotay looked at the two sleeping people before him, then stood up and returned Melody to her room. He tucked her in gently then went to the living area to work on his


Two days later the Doctor pronounced Melody healthy enough to return to her studies. The first night back on her regular schedule Melody awoke to a nightmare and quietly walked into the living area. She had been as quiet as she could be but about 0230 Tom heard a noise and found her sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

"Mel, what‘s wrong?" asked Tom as he sat down beside her.

"I‘m fine, Tom," mumbled Melody with her head down.

"Melody, why are you sitting out her in the dark?"

Melody looked up and Tom saw her eyes filling with tears. "I had another nightmare."

"Oh, Mel. How long has this been going on?" said Tom as he pulled her into his lap.

"Almost two weeks." Replied Melody quietly

"Two weeks? Why didn‘t you tell us?" asked Tom as he lifted her head.

"Because I didn‘t want to bother you. You both work so hard and need your sleep...and I...am sorry. I‘ll be good," said Melody as she started crying.

"Oh baby, it‘s all right. It‘s all right," said Tom, rubbing her back.

Chakotay heard their voices and came into the living area to find Tom sitting on the couch with Melody crying in his lap.

"Tom, what‘s wrong?" asked Chakotay as he sat down beside them both.

"She‘s having the nightmares again."

"Because she got sick?" asked Chakotay worried as he sat down behind them.

"No, she says they have been happening for almost two weeks now."

"But we never heard anything. Melody, how..." asked Chakotay as he lifted her head and turn it towards him.

"That‘s where the bloody lip came from isn‘t it sweet?" asked Tom.

Melody nodded her head and started chewing on her lip.

"Oh, sweet one." said Chakotay as he pulled both of them into his arms.

"Don‘t worry, sweet. Were going to get you some help," replied Tom.

"Uhh, Tom. I think we all might be more comfortable if we went to sleep in our bed?" suggested Chakotay.

"I think you‘re right," said Tom.

"Melody, we‘re going to get you something to help you sleep. Then you can stay with us tonight. OK?" said Chakotay as he got up went to the replicator.

"I‘m sorry Tom, Chakotay," whispered Melody.

"It‘s all right, Melody," said Tom.

Chakotay asked for a sedative hypospray, then followed Tom into their bedroom. Tom had carried Melody into their bedroom and was sitting with her on the edge of the bed.

"Melody, why didn‘t you tell us you were having nightmares again?" asked Chakotay as he sat down beside them.

"I‘m sorry, I‘ve been bad. I‘ll be good I promise," cried Melody.

"Mel, you‘ve done nothing wrong sweet. Believe me. Shhh... It‘s OK," said Tom

Chakotay gave her the hypospray and then settled her in the middle of their bed. They quickly took off their robes then climbed in, with one in front and one behind Melody. Melody was tense for a while but slowly relaxed and drifted off to sleep. Tom and Chakotay tried to settle down to sleep.

The first thing Melody felt when she awoke was a pair of strong arms around her. It took a few minutes before she remembered where she was. Tom and Chakotay‘s bed. Last night she had had another nightmare and Tom had found her sitting in the living area. They had carried her to their bedroom and now were holding her while she slept. Last night had been the first real sleep she had gotten in two weeks. She felt safe with Tom and Chakotay protecting her.

Melody stretched a little, then felt something else. Something hard was pressing against her from behind. She turned her head to see Tom lying behind her. Looking down his body, she quickly discovered what it was. Checking Chakotay she noticed he was in the same condition. Melody secretly smiled and tried to

untangle herself from their arms when Tom opened his eyes.

"Mel, what‘s the matter?" he asked sleepily.

"I think I‘d better leave," replied Melody.

"No, you‘re fine Mel. Stay until the alarm goes off."

"Tom, I really appreciate what you and Chakotay did for me last night but I really need to leave. Now," said Melody a little louder.

"I don‘t understand Mel," said Tom.

Melody sighed then said bluntly. "Tom, do you and Chakotay always wake up with hard-ON‘s?"

"What! Oh, my god. Chakotay!" said Tom as he shook the older man awake.

"What is it Tom?" asked Chakotay.

"We are...we... Huh," sputtered Tom.

"Oh, Spirits!" said Chakotay as he realized his condition.

"Oh don‘t worry guys, I take it as a great compliment," said Melody as she sat up against the headboard.

"Melody, I..." said Chakotay.

"Mel, we...." started Tom.

"Don‘t you dare apologize. I realize that this is something that neither of you can control. And like I said, I flattered," said Melody as she quickly kissed both men on the check then climbed over them.

"So I‘ll just leave you two alone for a while and when you‘re through we can have breakfast. OK?" said Melody as she left.

Oh, Spirits," Chakotay hid his face in a pillow.

Then he heard a soft sound. It couldn‘t possibly be...

Tom was laughing.

"It‘s not *funny*, Tom!"

"Yes it is," Tom stopped laughing as he caught a glimpse of his lover‘s face.

"Oh, Chakotay, come on!"

"Tom, this was *Melody*!"

"Oh, and your reaction would be different if it were B‘Elanna or Kathryn?"


"Well, we‘ve slept in very close quarters with them on some of our away missions, you know."

"Well, yes, but at one point we were, if not involved, on the verge of it, with them."

"Yes, but we‘ve also slept like that with them since we got together. And you can‘t tell me that you haven‘t at least fantasized about them joining us. I know I have, even though I know it isn‘t ever going to happen."

"But Tom, fantasies are completely different from what happened here."


"Because Melody is so innocent. She didn‘t even realize that it wasn‘t all her being here."

"You can tell her if you like," Tom grinned wickedly.

"I don‘t think Melody‘s quite ready for an explanation of morning erections just yet," Chakotay grinned in response.

"Or is that *you‘re* not ready to explain them just yet?" Tom teased.

"Instead of explaining," Chakotay smiled, "How about doing something about them?"

"Like this, perhaps?" Tom leaned over Chakotay‘s erection and took it into his mouth.

"Yesssss," Chakotay hissed, as Tom began working on him with tongue and lips.

Chakotay was able to maneuver Tom and himself so they were lying on their sides. As soon as Tom was positioned to Chakotay‘s satisfaction, Chakotay began to do to Tom what Tom was doing to him.

As Tom worked on Chakotay, Chakotay moaned around Tom‘s hardness, which caused Tom to echo the moan around his lover, which caused delicious sensations to radiate into Chakotay‘s mind. Chakotay increased his efforts, and Tom started to moan around Chakotay‘s hardness, which led to Chakotay scraping Tom lightly with his teeth.

Almost at the same time, fingers searched for each other‘s puckered skin, wanting to increase the pleasure, entering slowly, touching the hidden gland, and causing screams around the twin harnesses when the gland was stroked.

Tom finished first, allowing Chakotay to slip out of his mouth, just in case he bit in his climax. Tom‘s moans increased in volume, which led to Chakotay‘s mouth moving harder and faster on his straining hardness. Tom‘s body tensed, then shook as his orgasm hit him with a vengeance.

"Wow," Chakotay said as he allowed Tom to slip out of his mouth, "That sounded like a good one."

"It always is with you," Tom smiled fondly up at his lover, "Now, where was I? Ahh, right about here..." and Tom took Chakotay into his mouth again.

It didn‘t take long, Chakotay had been almost on the verge of release when Tom had allowed him to slip out, and a few strokes were all that was needed. Chakotay shouted to the heavens, tremors coursing through his body as he orgasmed.

"Gods, you are so beautiful like this, Chak," Tom whispered as he moved up his lover‘s body, wanting to hold him.

They rested for a few moments, and then their mutual stickiness prompted them to move out of bed and into the shower.

When Melody had finished her shower and was dressed for the day, and was waiting for them in the living area. She asked the computer for Tom and Chakotay‘s favorite foods and then replicated a breakfast especially for them. She was just setting the last of the dishes on the table when Tom and Chakotay came in. They both looked a lot better and she could tell that they had just taken a shower because their hair was still wet.

"Melody, we..."started Chakotay, but stopped when she held her hand up.

Melody crossed the room and took both of their hands.

"I‘m only going to say this one more time so I want both of you to listen carefully. I am not ashamed at what happened this morning. If I felt comfortable being with a man like that I would be honored to have either one of you as my lover, but since I‘m not I‘m proud you have each other."

"I am glad to have you both as my father. I am sorry if you feel your arousal to me is embarrassing, but I have said it before and I‘ll say it again. I take it as a complement that you both can find someone like me attractive in that sort of way. Now, let‘s eat. I don‘t know about you, but I‘m starving," said Melody

as she released their hands and went to the table.

Tom and Chakotay just looked at each other then sat down to eat.

"This looks great Mel," said Tom.

"It‘s all your favorite dishes. It‘s the least I could do after last night. Now, dig in," replied Melody as she began to eat.

Tom and Chakotay quietly followed suit and they all ate in silence. When they were done Melody took the plates to the recycler while the men finished their coffee and tea.

"Melody, we really need to talk about last night," said Chakotay as he finished

his cup.

"Guys!" exclaimed Melody.

"Not that, Melody. The nightmares, and why you weren‘t telling us about them?"

reminded Chakotay.

"Oh, that. I‘d hoped you‘d forgotten about that."

"Not likely Mel, especially when it is effecting your health," answered Tom.

"All right, all right. What do you want to do about it?" asked Melody.

"Well first I think we need to take you to sickbay and let the Doctor check you out. If you haven‘t been sleeping in two weeks there may be some physical damage," said Chakotay.

"OK, then what?"

"I think you should see a counselor. I‘m the ships unofficial counselor but I think I‘m to close to be much help. Maybe Tuvok, or the Doctor."

"Tuvok? That greenish brown man I ran into outside of the mess hall?"

"Yes, he‘s a Vulcan. He‘s also a very good counselor himself," replied Chakotay.

"OK, I don‘t think I‘d feel that comfortable taking to the Doctor about this."

"Because he‘s a hologram?" asked Tom.

"No, because I only think of him as a medical doctor. Not a counselor or psychiatrist."

"There are sub routines that he can download into his program if you want him to," replied Chakotay.

"I know. I just still wouldn‘t feel right," answered Melody.

"OK then, why don‘t you let us COM the Captain, Tuvok and the Doctor and we will let you know when everything is set up?" said Chakotay as he got up and kissed Melody on the head.

"Sure, I‘ll try and read some of my lessons before I fall asleep again," said Melody as she covered a yawn.

"Don‘t push yourself to hard, Mel. You‘ve had a rough night," said Tom.

"I won‘t, Tom. Thanks," said Melody as she got up and went into her room.

Tom finished his coffee, recycled the cup then joined Chakotay at the desk terminal.

"She‘s quite a young woman isn‘t she?" remarked Tom.

"Yes. She is," answered Chakotay.

Chakotay commed Captain Janeway informing her of after what happened last night and requesting the day off for Tom and himself. Janeway granted it, with the promise to stop by later and check on Melody. They then informed the Doctor and made an appointment later for a complete physical evaluation for Melody.

Chakotay also made arrangement with the Doctor for them to use the room next to his office for the counseling sessions with Melody. Tuvok agreed that he was the logical choice as counselor for Melody and scheduled a session for 1500 that afternoon. When all the plans were made, Tom and Chakotay went to Melody‘s room to tell her but found her asleep in the chair.

"Oh, Mel," said Tom as he took the PADD from her hand and shut it off.

Tom reached for her and gently pulled her into his arms. Melody muttered, but didn‘t wake up.

"Shhh, sweet. It‘s OK."

He carried her to the bed and laid her down, pulling the sheets over her.

"Good night, sweet one," whispered Chakotay.

"Night Mel, sleep tight," said Tom.

Chakotay called for lights out, then they went back to their own bedroom for a nap. It had been a very long night.