Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depends on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 40

After two weeks of whirlwind activity Tom, Chakotay and Melody returned to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. The next they received a message saying that they had a meeting scheduled and would they bring Melody along. They had sent a message from Dorvan V saying that they both agreed to re-enlist. This meeting was with Admiral Cameron and the Starfleet brass to give them their official answers, but they couldn‘t for the life of them figure out why Melody was there. She wasn‘t Starfleet and really had not intention of join *officially*. So with several more questions than answers they meet in a large conference room at Starfleet Headquarters. Admiral‘s Cameron, Douglas and Randell sat on one side of the table with Tom, Chakotay and Melody across from them.

"Melody, Gentlemen. I‘m sure you know why we are here today. We need your official answers to our assignment packages. If you want you both are to be assigned to the new Voyager prototype. Her mission is to explore along the frontier, map, provide relief, and document evidences of Alien atrocities," explained Admiral Douglas.

"Before we give you our answer, Admiral we would like to know the reasons for Melody being at this meeting. She is not a member of Starfleet and doesn‘t plan to join?" said Chakotay.

"We understand that, Captain Chakotay. But in reviewing the logs of her debriefing Starfleet believes that Ms. Chakotay-Paris could be of use to us. Several of her proposals and recommendations are very good and Starfleet feels that it would be beneficial to implement them."

"But wouldn‘t that mean that Melody would have to be at the Starfleet academy?" asked Tom as he reached over and took Melody‘s hand. When the Admiral had mentioned her being of use to Starfleet Melody had visible paled.

"Not necessarily, Lt. Commander, if she agrees would be used as a field trainer. After the cadets had finished their studies they would be assigned to her aboard Voyager-A to get "field training" if you will."

"What recommendations are we talking about?" asked Chakotay.

"The First Officer‘s Assistant and the replacement rotation for injured or ill crew members," said Cameron.

"You mean it? You want me to teach again?" asked Melody as she spoke for the first time since they had entered the conference room.

"Yes, young lady. Captain Chakotay‘s, err then Commander, efficiency and the over all efficiency of Voyager‘s crew improved after you started helping the Commander and working as a replacement for crew member."

"We had considered the recommendations before but no one ever got around to implementing them," explained Admiral Randell.

Tom and Chakotay looked over at Melody and smiled. "It‘s up to you, Mel. If you want to we can all work on aboard Voyager. If not you can be with us just as our daughter," said Chakotay.

Melody looked at each person sitting at the table. She really wanted to stay with Captain Janeway and Voyager and be of some use. If she agreed to the Admiral‘s assignment package she could be with her family and still be of some use.

"What would I be asked to do?"

"You would be asked to help Captain Chakotay in his non essential paperwork and procedures, also with Captain Chakotay you would be in charge of the crew replacement rotation you would supervise eight to twelve newly graduated cadets while they learned each station," said Admiral Cameron.

Melody looked at the two men that sat beside her. She could tell that both men were proud of her accomplishments and she wanted so much to please them.

"I would like very much to except their assignment package, Chakotay, Tom. Admiral Cameron, can you tell me how many of the original Voyager crew will be assigned to the new Voyager-A?" asked Melody.

"As of right now, all of the command staff and twenty of the crew have excepted the reassignment," said Cameron.

"Then I guess you have all three of the Chakotay-Paris adults, Admiral," said Chakotay.

"Good, welcome aboard. The new Voyager-A prototype won‘t be ready for her maiden fight for another two months but you three can use that time to reacquaint yourselves with Starfleet and get to know your new Voyager-A."

"Uhh, Admiral. I was wondering what you plan to do about Melody‘s rank. Most Starfleet cadets aren‘t going to take kindly to being taught by a civilian on a Starfleet ship, even a Starfleet advisor," said Tom candidly.

"I‘m glad you brought that up, Lt. Commander. Starfleet is willing to give Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris a field commission of Lt. as First Officer‘s Assistant for her work aboard the Federation Star Ship Voyager. Congratulations Melody," said Admiral Cameron as he stepped forward and handed her the Lt. Bars.

"You‘ve earned them Melody," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

"We‘re proud of you, Mel," said Tom as he hugged her.

"Well gentlemen, If there aren‘t any more questions we will see you in two months when the Voyager-A prototype sets out," said Admiral Douglas as he rose to shake hands with each person.

Handshakes done the newly re-instated Captain Chakotay, Lt. Commander Tom Chakotay-Paris and Lt. Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris left Starfleet Headquarters. When they reached their apartment Melody was literally bouncing with excite that Chakotay had to call was to Dorvan V to tell Alaina, Garrick and the others what had happen. Then Melody called Captain Janeway and told her the news. Janeway and Melody made plans for a Voyager family picnic the day before Voyager-A was to leave.

Over the next two months Tom, Chakotay and Melody were kept very busy updating themselves with everything that had happen during the ten years Voyager was gone. The younger Chakotay-Paris children stayed on Dorvan V with Chakotay‘s family and would come in with Maria, Beyvahl, Nayib and the rest of Chakotay‘s family a few days before they were to ship out.

The day of the Voyager‘s family‘s picnic dawn bright and Janeway, Melody, B‘Elanna, Maria and Miriam were kept busy with the preparations of the picnic so that by the time the picnic started everything was ready. Tom and Chakotay sat on a blanket on the grass watching Melody and Naomi take care of everyone. When all the children and adults were feed Melody finally came over and sat down beside them.

"How you doing, Mel? You‘ve been kept pretty busy the last few days?" asked Tom as he looked over at her. She looked a little tired, but happy.

"I‘m OK. Tired, but OK," said Melody as she lay down with her head in Chakotay‘s lap. He began gently stroking her forehead and she slowly closed her eyes.

"You know, Mel. You haven‘t been able to spend much time with Ian since we got back. Why don‘t you and he get together tonight after we get home? We can watch the kids tonight," suggested Tom.

"Ohhhh...no, I all ready have the night planned and it doesn‘t include you two keeping the kids," said Melody as she opened her eyes, looking into the face of Chakotay.

"If I didn‘t know better I‘d say that you were setting us up for something, young lady?" answered Chakotay.

"Why not, you two haven‘t had much more of a break than I have. Uncle Bey and Uncle Nayib have agreed to keep the kids tonight so you two can have the apartment to yourselves."

"And where will you be?" asked Tom.

"I have a night with Ian planned, and don‘t worry. Nothing will happen unless I want it too," said Melody as she sat up and kissed Chakotay on the cheek.

She got up and kissed Tom, then left to find Ian. The rest of the day was spent eating, playing and generally having fun. When everything was cleaned up and put away Alaina, Allen and Cheyenne left with Nayib while Garrick and Connor went with Beyvahl and Grandma Maria. Melody left with Ian shortly after the kids, leaving Tom, Chakotay and Janeway alone in the park.

"Well gentlemen, looks like you have the night to yourselves. Did you plan this or Melody?" asked Janeway.

"This has Melody‘s hand written all over it Kathryn. I just hope she knows what she‘s doing tonight with Ian?" said Chakotay.

"I‘m sure she does, you ought to know by now that Melody means the world to Ian. He would never do anything to hurt her."

"I know, but it just feels so strange knowing there together," said Tom.

"Well get used to it gentlemen, because if I‘m not mistaken I see a wedding in their future," said Janeway as she kissed each man then left.

Tom and Chakotay stood staring as they watched her leave.

"You know I never thought about that, I wonder what would happen if Melody and Ian did marry?" asked Tom as he went into Chakotay‘s arms.

"We would mange like we always have. How about we take this party somewhere a little less public?" asked Chakotay as he nibbled on Tom‘s neck.

"Oh... Cha. Let‘s go!" said Tom as he pulled out of the older man‘s arms and headed towards their apartment.

Ten minutes later they were entering their apartment, shedding clothes as the crossed the room until they were naked when they reached the bedroom.

"Have I ever mentioned that I *love* the way that you undress me?" Tom asked, rather breathlessly.

"Hmm...Not in the last few days," Chakotay grinned at him.

"It‘s just so *great* to be in a *real* bed again. Oh, the beds on Voyager were pretty special, after all, that‘s where we were first together, but..."

"Yes, I know. They weren‘t *ours* like our bed here, were they?"

"Not really. Anyway, I think it‘s time that we put it to some more use, don‘t you?" Tom grinned wickedly, handing Chakotay a tube of lubricant, giving his husband the chance to make the decision of how this was going to go. Chakotay smiled, and began smoothing the gel carefully onto Tom‘s erection, then making himself ready for Tom.

He then lay on his back and opened his arms for Tom to come to him. Tom sank into him with a single stroke, to groans from both men. Tom‘s thrusts were gentle and leisurely; there was no rush here. The strokes continued to their inevitable end, and the waves of orgasm broke over both men almost at once, Chakotay‘s muscles squeezing down on Tom‘s erection, bringing him off moments after his own release.

The room was quiet as Tom walked to the bathroom for a cloth, cleaned them, and curled up again in Chakotay‘s arms.

Chakotay could see that Tom was reflective.

"What is it, love?"

"Oh, just thinking. Who‘d have ever thought we‘d end up like this after our past history? I don‘t know if I ever really thought it was going to last as long as it has. Not for a long time. I couldn‘t let myself, in case it didn‘t, you know?"

"I think so. I think, though, that I was never going to let you go from the first moment, although I didn‘t let myself think it would last either. There had just been a few too many disappointments. But I think they were meant to be, so that we could find each other."

"I like that," Tom smiled.

"Me too. Goodnight," Chakotay added, as Tom yawned and snuggled into him. Wrapping his arms around the man he loved more than life, Chakotay drifted to sleep too.

The next morning Ian and Melody met Tom and Chakotay as they materialized aboard the new Voyager-A.

"Permission to come aboard, sirs?" asked Ian after he and Melody stood on the transporter pad.

"Permission granted, Mr. Daniels, Welcome back, sweet one. Did you enjoy yourself?" asked Chakotay after she had stepped down from the transporter pad and came over beside them.

"Very much, Daddy. How about you two? A night to remember?" asked Melody.

Tom‘s blush and Chakotay‘s clearing of his throat told Melody all she needed too know. All four had enjoyed there nights together very much.

"I need to put my stuff away and check in Melody, I‘ll see you later?" asked Ian as he kissed her cheek.

"Yeah, sure. How about after dinner?" answered Melody as she took his hand.

"Fine, see you then. Commander, Lieutenant," said Ian as he left.

Melody watched him leave with a dreamy look in her eyes then turned to face her two fathers‘.


"All right, Melody Elaine. Spill it, just what happened last night between you and Ian?" asked Tom with his hands on his hips.

"Oh come on, Tom. I don‘t asked you to kiss and tell about your night‘s with Chakotay do I?" said Melody as she smiled then left for the bridge.

Tom stood with his mouth open watching the doors swish closed behind her and turned to see the laughing face of his husband.

"Chakotay! Do you know what she just implied!"

"Yes, I do, and she is right, For one thing she is an adult and two, she doesn‘t question us about our love life so why should we question her."

"But, Chakotay...!"

"Come on, Slim. You‘ve got a ship to pilot," answered Chakotay as he took Tom‘s arm and lead him out of the transporter room.

A few minutes later Tom, Chakotay, Captain Janeway, Harry Kim, Tuvok and B‘Elanna Torres sat on the bridge of the new Voyager-A.

"Mr. Kim, open a channel," said Janeway.

"Aye, Captain. Channel open."

"Starfleet Headquarters, this is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Star Ship Voyager. Requesting clearance?"

"Voyager, this is Starfleet Headquarters. You are cleared for lift off. Good luck and Gods speed," said a female voice over the COM system.

Janeway smiled as she looked around, the bridge was different but the faces were the same. It was good to be back home again with her family.

"Mr. Paris? Take us up."

"Aye, Captain," answered Tom as he turned his chair and quickly punched the buttons that would lift the new Voyager-A off the pad.

Against a clear blue sky the new Voyager-A prototype lifted off to start its new journey.

The End