Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Rating: From G to NC-17 depending on where in the story

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (Only once), M/I (Implied)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 4

Not long after Melody was able to get around and was comfortable with being in Tom and Chakotay‘s quarters, Tom planned a small outing for the three of them. Melody pretty much knew how to work everything in their quarters, although she

still jumped when the door chimed or they received a COM. Tom remember how much Melody had enjoyed the beach house program they had shown her so he wrote a simple program of the California Coast line during her time so she could go

exploring. Tom and Chakotay were waiting for her to finish dressing in the living room when she finally came out. She was wearing blue jeans, a sleeveless top, and a long sleeve shirt over it, tied at her waist plus some tennis shoes that they had replicated for her a few days ago.

"Uh, Mel. Don‘t you think you‘re a little over dressed for the beach?" asked Tom as he came towards her.

Melody moved back slightly, and Tom stopped. "Umm, I‘m sorry. What should I wear?" asked Melody.

"What you have on is fine, sweet. We were just concerned that you might get to hot with that extra shirt on," said Chakotay as he came to stand next to Tom

"No, thank you. I‘ll be fine, "answered Melody quickly.

"All right, then. Let‘s go!" said Tom as he grabbed Chakotay‘s arm and lead him to the door.

Tom knew from previous tries that Melody was still a little uncomfortable with them touching or holding her so they both had decided to let her go at her own pace and not push it.

As they crossed the doorway, Tom glanced back to see Melody give a quick check of the hallway before she stepped out. This would be only the second time for her to leave their quarters, except for her short trips to sickbay, even though

she almost knew the whole ship.

She had spent weeks going over the spec‘s and diagrams of the ship and asking them both questions about thing that neither of them had thought of since their academy days.

As they entered the lift they turned to see Melody standing just outside the doors. Chakotay remembered the one other time she ridden in the turbo lift and she had latched onto him like a leech.

"Come on, sweet one. We‘re both here," said Chakotay softly as he held out his hand.

Melody looked at Chakotay, then over to Tom and saw that he too had his hand out and a reassuring smile on his face. With a weak smile of her own, she took both their hands and allowed them to pull her into the turbo lift. For the short ride

to the holodeck Melody stood between Tom and Chakotay gripping each hand tightly. When the doors opened Melody few out of the lift leaving both men staring at her back with sore hands.

"Looks like she might be slightly claustrophobic?" said Tom as he shook the circulation back into his right hand.

"Might be, or just doesn‘t like elevators. It‘s something we need to find out about though," answered Chakotay as he left the lift to catch up with Melody.

They found Melody cured up against the wall just outside the holodeck. It was almost as if she was trying to make herself small enough to fit into the molecules of the wall. Chakotay looked back at Tom then squatted down in front of her.

"Melody?" called Chakotay softly as he reached out and touched her shoulder.

At Chakotay‘s touch, Melody launched herself away from the wall screaming, "No, please! I‘ll be good, I‘ll be good,"

Melody moved back down the hall until she ran into Tom who was just behind Chakotay. Tom wrapped his arms around her as she continued to struggle until his soothing words and soft voice penetrated her mind.

"Melody, Melody. It‘s all right, it‘s all right. Your safe now, sweet,"After a few minutes Melody stopped struggling and cautiously looked up at Tom.

"I‘m safe?" asked Melody weakly.

"Yes Mel. Your safe. It‘s me and Chakotay remember?" answered Tom as he loosened his hold on her and began to stroke her hair.

"On board Voyager, right? I remember now, sorry guys," said Melody as she pulled out of Tom‘s arms and put a few steps between herself and them.

"Do you want to go ahead with the holodeck or skip it for now?" asked Chakotay with a concerned look on his face.

Melody looked a little better than she had a minute ago, but still looked very shaky.

"I‘m fine guys, really. I just don‘t like elevators, or turbo lifts I guess you call them now. Where are we going in the holodeck Tom?" asked Melody as she quickly tried to change the subject.

Tom and Chakotay both noticed the sudden change but let it slide, for now. She had just been through a big shock and they didn‘t want to press her about it now.

"The California Coast line," answered Tom as he stepped closer to the door.

"Computer, load. Paris Beach II"

"Program loaded, you may enter when ready," said the computer voice.

"You ready, Mel?" asked Tom.

Melody took a deep breath then answered. "I think so,"

Tom stepped forward and the holodeck doors opened. Melody looked at Tom and Chakotay one more time then cautiously moved forward and entered the holodeck. She stood there gapping as she took in the view of the ocean and the beach. Tom

and Chakotay moved in behind her with smiles on their faces at the wide-eyed wonder on Melody‘s face.

"Holy shit, guys. Is this really California?" asked Melody as she spun around trying to take in everything all at once.

"Melody. Language, sweet one," said Chakotay with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"Oh yeah, sorry,"

"It‘s all right," answered Chakotay as the door closed on their private day in California.

For the next several hours Melody ran up and down the beach collecting driftwood, seashells and all kinds of different sea things. Tom and Chakotay had followed her for a while but after an hour had to find a shady spot to rest.

After another forty-five minutes Melody came back to where they were sitting and plopped down on the empty towel.

"So none of this is real huh?" asked Melody as she wiped the sweat from her face.

She was sweating a lot and her face and neck were flushed and slightly red. Tom go up and went to the replicator and ordered some water for them. When he returned he handed a bottle to Melody.

"Here Melody, drink this,"

"Thanks, So?" Asked Melody as she took a large drink of the water.

"Well, yes and no, Mel. It‘s an exact computer generated replica of the California Coast line from your time. But, in real life we are still on the holodeck,"

"God I envy you guys. You can go so many different places, even to different planets without having to leave Voyager,"

"Well you know, back on earth travel is a lot easier as well now days," said Chakotay.

"I know, with those transporter things and ships that can travel faster than the speed of light. I just wish..." replied Melody as she grimaced and whipped her forehead.

"Melody, why don‘t you take off your outer shirt? You‘ll be a lot cooler," suggested Chakotay.

"No! Thank you. I‘m fine guys, really," said Melody quickly as she grabbed her shirttails and scrambled to get up. As soon as Tom started to get up Melody started backing away.

"Mel, it‘s 85 degrees out here. Why don‘t you..." said Tom.

"No! Guys, I‘m..." started Melody then she slumped to the sand.

"Oh, Damn!" exclaimed Tom as he reached her side.

"Computer Emergency Medical transfer. Three to sickbay," called Chakotay and seconds later the transporter beam engulfed them. A few seconds later they reappeared in sickbay with Melody in Tom‘s arms.

"Computer initiate Emergency Medical Holographic Program," said Tom as he laid Melody down on an empty biobed.

"Please state the nature...Lt. Paris, Commander Chakotay? What happened to Melody?" asked the EMH as he grabbed a medical tricorder and began scanning Melody

"We were in the holodeck at the beach when she just collapsed," answered Tom.

"Well giving the clothing she is wearing I‘m not surprised. Heat exhaustion, slight dehydration. I‘ll fix her right up," said the Doctor as he retrieved a hypo spray, then returned to Melody‘s side and gave it to her.

"There gentlemen, she should be awake in a few hours. I‘ll check her before she leaves then she is to rest for the next few days.

"Understood, thank you Doctor," said Chakotay as he came over to Melody‘s bedside.

"I don‘t understand, Chakotay? Why wouldn‘t she let us help her or at least take off her outer shirt?" asked Tom as he looked down at the young woman lying on the bed.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. But after Melody‘s first examination I did some checking in the computer database. Given the extensive scaring her scans showed and the behavior you just described I‘d say that Melody was showing the natural behavior

of someone who has been abused. Wearing layers of clothing even in hot weather and not allowing anyone to touch her. I believe that she will need extensive therapy before she is comfortable with showing her back and legs,"

"You‘re right, Doctor. Thank you," said Chakotay.

"Might I suggest myself or Mr. Tuvok when she is ready Commander?"

"We will take that into consideration Doc," replied Tom as he moved to the other side of Melody‘s bed.

The Doctor stood a few more minutes silently looking at the threesome, then turned and returned to his office. He knew from his research that Melody, along with Tom and Chakotay, had a long hard road ahead of them.

He debated with himself over the moral issue of letting Melody herself show the two the damage that was done to her or break her confidence and show them himself. On one hand he felt that it was Melody‘s place to show them but on the

other he felt that Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris should be fully informed about what there were about to face.

Someone who had suffered the abuse that Melody‘s scans showed didn‘t just suddenly become *all right* with it over night, it took years of therapy and lots of love and understanding. While he didn‘t doubt that the two men could

provide the love and understanding he was concerned that their first reaction to her scars might hurt her emotionally. Making up his mind he turned back towards the two men.

"Commander, Lt. I know this is breaking my Doctor/Patient confidence but I feel it is important that you both fully understand what was done to Melody. Neither of you have seen the scars on her back or legs have you?"

"No, she never let us see…" replied Tom.

"Help me turn her over, Commander," asked the Doctor as he came over to the biobed.

With gentle hands the EMH and Chakotay turned Melody over onto her stomach. He then untied her outer shirt and moved it out of the way, gentle scooting her under shirt up to revel her lower back. He then moved back so both men had an

unconstructive view of Melody‘s lower back. While her lower back wasn‘t as bad as her upper back it showed enough of the damage to let anyone who saw it know what had been done to her.

"Oh my, God!" exclaimed Tom

"Spirits!" said Chakotay quietly.

"How long was this done to her?" asked Tom after a few seconds as he pulled his eyes off of Melody‘s back and looked at the Doctor.

Both men had been staring at the small of her back for a good minute and now it had gotten painful for them to look at anymore.

"From the amount of scare tissue and the severity of the damage I‘d estimate that it was done from about the age of five until she was an adult," said the Doctor as he gently pulled her shirt back down.

"Those bastards!" said Tom angrily.

"Thank you, Doctor. Everything that has happened makes more since now," said Chakotay.

"Your welcome, Commander, Lt," said the Doctor, and then he left for his office.

"Chakotay, what are we going to do?" asked Tom as he went into the older man‘s arms and leaned against the strong chest of his lover.

"We‘re going to help her deal with this and love her unconditionally," replied Chakotay as he wrapped his arms around the younger man.

"Loving her is the easy part, what I would like to know is how someone could do that to her,"

"We may never know that, Tom. All we can do is help her deal with it and make her life here on Voyager a better one,"

"Well I promise here and now to do everything in my power to make her life here better,"

"So do I, Slim. So do I," agreed Chakotay.

A few hours later Melody sat on the edge of the biobed while the Doctor ran one last scan of her. She was extremely tired and had one hell of a headache but other than that she didn‘t know what all the fuss was about.

"Well gentlemen, she is allowed to leave, but she is to take it easy for the next few days," said the Doctor as he closed the scanner.

"And as for you young lady, next time you spend the afternoon on the beach might I suggest you have Mr. Paris turn down the temperature a little and wear a hat,"

"Will do Doc, Thanks," said Melody as she pushed herself off the bed, but just as her feet hit the floor her knees buckled almost sending her to the floor. She caught herself just as three sets of hands came towards her.

"I‘m all right, guys. I‘m all right, just give me a minute," said Melody as she leaned over the bed and took some deep breathes. Soon her head was lying on the bed too.

"Do you think you can make it to the turbo lift, Mel?" asked Tom.

Both he and Chakotay knew how upset she had gotten by her earlier ride in the lift, and in her present state he wasn‘t sure she could handle it again.

"I‘m not sure guys but there isn‘t any other way is there?" asked Melody as she raised her head slightly off the bed to look at them.

"Well there is Melody, but it might be worse than the lift," replied Chakotay.

"You mean the transporter?"

"Yes, Doc do you think it would be safe for her?" asked Tom as he looked over at Melody.

She was leaning totally on the bed and was barely able to hold her head up.

"Physically it would be fine, except for some dizziness, but…" replied the Doctor, leaving the sentence open. All three knew what Melody‘s reaction could do to her emotionally.

"Mel, I know we explained the transporter to you before but it‘s got to be your choice. Which do you think you could handle best given the way you feel right now?" asked Tom as he came around the bed to stand in front of her.

She was completely white and beginning to shake from just the effort of holding her head up.

"The transporter will only take a few seconds right? And put us right in your quarters?" asked Melody quietly.


"Then I‘ll take the transporter. I don‘t think I could walk from the turbo lift to your quarters," replied Melody.

"Right, then you can hold onto us if you feel you need two sweet one," said Chakotay as he came over to her side.

Melody took several deep breaths then slowly raised up from the bed and moved over to stand beside Chakotay. After a few seconds she grabbed hold of his arm giving him a weak smile. Tom came around to her left and she quickly latched

onto his arm.

"Ready, Mel?" asked Tom.

At Melody‘s quick nod Chakotay call for the transport. "Computer three to beam to my quarters," a few seconds later the three disappeared in the blue light taking with them Melody‘s sudden gasp. They reappeared seconds later in the

Chakotay-Paris quarters with Melody standing between the two. She released their arms and took two steps forward before slumping to the ground.

"Mel!" cried Tom as he caught her in his arms.

He quickly carried her to her room, laying her on her bed. After a quick scan to make sure she was all right, he covered her with a blanket and left the room. Telling the computer to monitor Melody and sound proof their room, with that

done he returned to Chakotay in the living area.

"Well what do we do now?" asked Tom as he sat down on the couch and crawled into Chakotay‘s arms.

"The first thing we have to do is get her well again. Then I think we need to start introducing her to some of the human crew. See if she can become comfortable around other‘s than just us,"

"Sounds like a plan to me, Chief. What say we take advantage of the quiet and take a little nape of our own," said Tom with a hint of mischievous in his voice.

"And what about Melody?" asked Chakotay as he looked at the blond man in his arms. He knew full well that sleep was the last thing on Tom‘s mind.

"Oh don‘t worry, I‘ve got the computer monitoring her and I‘ve even sound proofed our room. We will know if she needs us but we won‘t disturb her," answered Tom as he began to nibble on Chakotay‘s neck.

As you just said, slim. Sounds like a plan to me," replied Chakotay as he picked up Tom and carried him into their room.

Over the next few days Melody slowly healed physically but quietly retreated into herself. She would spend most of her time asleep or sitting curled up on the couch just looking out at space. The Doctor made frequent visits, all ways

coming to her. And it was at his suggestion that they finally asked Captain Janeway to stop by and talk to her.

"How‘s she doing?" asked Janeway as she entered one evening.

"Physically the Doctor says she‘s fine, emotionally I just don‘t know. We‘ve both tried talking to her but all she‘ll say is she‘s *OK*" sighed Chakotay.

"Let me see what I can do huh," said Janeway as she patted him arm.

"Melody, we‘re going out for a bit. You remember how to call us if you need anything, right?" asked Tom.

Melody looked over at the two men and smiled, she knew that she had been acting like a baby for the past few days but that turbo lift and then Tom trying to get her shirt really shook her up. She had needed some time alone to think things

through, so she had gone inside herself to think. That had been the closet anyone had ever come to seeing her back and she just wasn‘t ready for that, not yet.

She knew they had asked Captain Janeway to come by, thinking that it would be easier to talk woman to woman. Oh well, she was a nice enough person she guessed and if it made them happy. What the hell! So she put on her best smile and

turned towards them.

"Yes, Tom. I remember how to use the COM system like you showed me," replied Melody with a smile.

With one more look at Melody, Tom and Chakotay left.

"So, Melody. How are you feeling?" asked Janeway as she came and sat down on the couch.

Melody sighed then turned to face the woman sitting beside her.

"Look, Captain, Kathryn. I‘m fine. I know why the guys asked you to come by, they think it will be easier for me to talk to a woman,"

Janeway looked at the young woman beside her and smiled. She was smart, no getting around that. She knew what Tom and Chakotay were up to and made no bones about it.

"Honestly yes, Melody. Can you tell me about what made you so upset?"

"The elevator or turbo lift things, I‘ve never liked them. Even when I was little."

"And the transporter?"

"Oh that was actually kind of cool," said Melody as she drew up her feet and bounced like an excited child. "Except it made my headache worse and I got sick to my stomach,"

"It does that to a lot of people, it‘s not uncommon"

"And the beach

"I just got too hot, that’s all! No big deal," answered Melody casually.

"But if you were too hot why didn’t you simple take off your outer shirt?"

"No! I can’t. Then they would see… No one must see…" said Melody as she quickly became agitated.

"O.K. Melody, It’s ok," said Janeway reassuringly.

Melody sat for a few minutes idly picking at the buttons on her shirt, then looked over at Kathryn.

"Kathryn, what is the academy like?"

Janeway smiled at the young women beside her, she knew this was a ploy to get her attention off of her and onto something else. She let it slide this time but she felt that there were some underlining problems that needed to be addressed.

"Well, what your you like to know?"

"Anything, Everything! Where is it? What is it like? Who can join?" asked Melody excitedly.

"All right Melody. Computer gather all data on the Star Fleet Academy from it’s beginning to present" said Janeway as she walked over to a computer terminal.

"Gathering information," said the computer, and a few minutes later "Request complete,"

"Display, full audio and visual," answered Janeway as Melody came up beside her.

Melody and Kathryn spent the next several hours discussing all the information that the computer displayed. Several times Kathryn stopped the display to answer Melody’s questions. About halfway through, Tom and Chakotay returned and Janeway quietly slipped away from Melody when she hear the door open.

"Well, Captain?" asked Tom

"All she would tell me was that she didn’t like the turbo lifts, but I think there may be more to it than just that," replied Janeway.

"Probably so, and the beach?" asked Chakotay.

"Ah now, there I got a reaction. A very strong one too and something about "No one must see?" said Janeway with a question in her voice.

"She’s referring to the scars on her back" answered Tom to Janeway’s puzzled look

"Well gentlemen, it looks like you both have your work cut out for you. I suggest you find a counselor for her and soon,"

"The Doctor suggested the same thing, but who? I would but…and she is just now getting comfortable around us?" replied Chakotay

"My suggestion would be the Doctor or Tuvok. He looks the closet to an African American male from her time and she’s adjust to your tattoo hasn’t she" asked Janeway.

"That’s true, I’ll speak to Tuvok. Thank you Kathryn,"

"Melody, Tom and Chakotay are back so I’m going to leave. Talk to you later. All right?" called Janeway as she looked over at the young women.

Melody was so engrossed in the information the computer was displaying that she hadn’t even noticed when Kathryn left her side or Tom and Chakotay entered.

"All right, Captain. Thank you," said Melody as she turned back to the computer.

"Good luck, Gentlemen. If you need anything call me," said Janeway as she left.

Tom went over and sat beside Melody as Chakotay got drinks for them from the replicator. When the information concluded Melody shut off the computer and turned to look at Tom sitting beside her.

"Guys, do you think you could teach me about some of the different races and their planets?" asked Melody.

Tom had seen what she was looking at and knew that eventually she would want to know about the different races about Voyager.

"Don’t you think your pushing things a little to fast Melody?" asked Chakotay

"I mean you don’t even know what happened to Earth in the last four hundred year much less different planets and their cultures?" replied Tom

Melody sighed then looked over at Chakotay. She had learned that when they both talked like that there was no way to get around them, they had their minds set and nothing she could do would change them. So for now, she would give in and let them have their way.

"All right, I’ll wait. But you won’t forget will you?"

"Not very likely with you around sweet," said Tom as he reached over and clucked her under the chin.

"Oh stop it!" said Melody playfully as she swatted his hand.

Chakotay can over and handed Tom his drink then sat down on the couch to watch the two. Melody was beginning to loosen up a little and didn’t all ways pull back or flinch when either of them reached for her. She still tensed when they pulled her into their arms but after a few minutes she would relax.

After a few minutes of playful banter between the two, Melody started to yawn but quickly tried to cover it.

"I think someone’s getting sleepy?" remarked Tom

"Oh really? I didn’t know you two had a set bedtime," replied Melody as she looked over at Chakotay.

His sudden intake of breath then cough said she had hit right on target. She looked over at Tom to see the slight red blush that was creeping up his neck.

"All right, all right. I get the picture. You two want to be alone. Good night Chakotay. Good night Tom," said Melody as she got up and headed for her bedroom.

Tom watched her door close then slid over into Chakotay’s lap.

"Damn that girl is smart," said Tom as he started nibbling on Chakotay’s neck.

Chakotay had to use all his concentration just to keep from spilling his hot tea in Tom’s lap. Tom was so intent on his exploration of Chakotay’s neck that neither of them heard Melody’s door open again. She silently walked up behind them and stood behind the couch for a few minutes then cleared her throat. At the noise Chakotay jumped spilling his hot tea all over his hand and on to Tom’s lap and upper thigh.

"What the…." Exclaimed Tom as he jumped off of Chakotay’s lap and danced around the room. Chakotay had gotten up and was shaking his hand.

Melody looked at the pair and knew it was a dirty trick to play on them, but she just couldn’t resist it. They had been trying so hard not to show their affection for each other openly around her and now had gotten to the point were they were making goo goo eyes at each other.

"Oh by the way guys, I was wondering if either of you could get me some information about the holodeck?" asked Melody as she tried to stop giggling.

"Sure Mel, I’ll have it for you tomorrow," said Tom as he pulled at his pants.

"You might want to do something about that Tom, it looks mighty painful," said Melody with a sly smile, then she turned and went back to her room.

Chakotay walked over to Tom and looked at his pants. There was a small wet spot on each of his thighs and a growing bulge in the middle.

"She’s right, Tom. That does look painful," remarked Chakotay.

"I’ll show you painful, Chakotay," replied Tom as he took the cup from Chakotay’s hand and pulled the older man into their bedroom.