Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depends on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 39

Tuvok and Ian both arrived later that week and for the next several weeks Melody, Tom, Chakotay, Tuvok and Ian slowly worked through this latest crisis until finally she was finally able to face Dorvan‘s spring storms with only a little anxiety. Oh they still bothered her but as long as Ian Tom or Chakotay were there she felt safe and the memories didn‘t bother her.

It was while Ian and Tuvok were on Dorvan V with her that they brought up the party again.

"Mel, I know you just went through a pretty rough time with the storms and everything but we were wondering if we could ask you something?"

"Sure Tom, anything," replied Melody as she sat down beside him.

She and Ian had just returned from spending some time alone down by the pond and she looked relaxed and happy.

"You realize that we have been in this house for almost two months now don‘t you?" asked Chakotay as he came over next to the pair.

"Yes, you’re thinking about the housewarming party aren‘t you?"

"How did you know about that?" asked Tom

"I heard you and Grandma Maria talking about it once. I can‘t say I‘m thrilled with the idea guys but if it‘s something that you want then I‘ll try," replied Melody.

"It‘s not just something we want Melody, it‘s a tradition. A lot of people helped us fix up this house and it‘s our way of thanking them for there help," answered Chakotay

"Do you think that Aunt Kathryn and the rest of Voyager‘s crew could come too?"

"They are one of the first on our list, and I‘m sure Miriam, Kathleen and Moira will come too," said Tom

"Great! Just so long as I meet them a few at a time, all right?" asked Melody shyly.

"Any way you want it sweet one, but most of the people you have seen before," reminded Chakotay.

"Yeah, but not all at once remember?"

"Your right sweet one, point taken," conceded Tom.

"Thank you. Now grandma Maria, what kind of food should we have at this party? Or should we asked everyone to bring something?" asked Melody as she and Maria headed off to the kitchen to get things started.

"I don‘t know why I was so worried, Melody seems right in her element now," said Chakotay as he looked toward the kitchen and heard the happy chatter of the two women.

"Oh she is Commander, but after all the planning, making and setting up is done. Then she will need our support; she‘s fine as long as she doesn‘t have to think about meeting all those new people. It‘s when the realization sets in then all her old insecurities kick in and she‘ll start doubting herself," replied Ian as he looked towards the kitchen.

While he was talking about Melody his face softened and his eyes lit up. Chakotay realized that sometime soon they would be planning another celebration to celebrate Melody and Ian‘s wedding. But right now they had to get through this one.

"You know her pretty well don‘t you Ian?"

"Well yes Commander, I guess I do?"

"Then don‘t you think it‘s about time you started calling us Tom and Chakotay? I mean you can‘t keep calling your father‘s-in-laws Commander and Lt. Commander, even if that is our rank," teased Tom as he came over and stood by the young man.

Ian turned three shades of red, then at their smiles relaxed "I guess you‘re right Comman...Chakotay, Tom,"

At the sound of the three men laughing Melody poked her head around the door then came into the room.

"All right, what‘s going on here guys?" asked Melody as she came over and put her arms around Ian and started nibbling on his neck.

"Melody," growled Chakotay.

At Chakotay‘s growl Melody stopped nibbling Ian‘s neck but firmly left her arms around the young man‘s waist.

"Sorry daddy, so what‘s up?" asked Melody innocently

"Nothing much, Tom Chakotay and I were just talking?" replied Ian

"Oh really? About what?"

"You, if you must know. So what about you? All finished with your lists?"

"No, grandma Maria sent me to take a nap. She said I was looking tired," replied Melody with a yawn.

"Then you had better go take a nap, young lady," said Ian with mock sternness in his voice.

"Stay with me, please?" whispered Melody

"Melody, I..."

"Please," whined Melody

"All right,"

"Thanks!" responded Melody with a quick kiss then started pulling Ian towards the stairs. Halfway up the stairs Melody stopped and turned to face her father‘s. "Oh and daddy, you‘re right. I‘m not," laughed Melody then quickly turned and pulled Ian up the rest of the stairs.

"Oh lord! Were going to have to watch her Chak, she picks the damnedest times for pay back," laughed Tom as he flopped down on the couch. "Do you think we were really that bad?"

"Looking back, I‘d have to say sometimes yes sometimes no. But your right, I think that was definitely payback time for all the times we got mushy in front of her," laughed Chakotay as he pulled Tom into his arms.

"Well Chak, like Kathryn all ways said. Life with Melody will be anything but dull,"

"You got that right slim," said Chakotay, then proceeded to nibble Tom‘s neck.

For the next week the Chakotay-Paris household was a whirlwind of activity. Melody and Alaina helped Maria and Chakotay‘s sisters get ready for the party. The day of the party dawn bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Just after breakfast Chakotay and Tom‘s families descended on the Chakotay-Paris farmhouse. The men worked outside setting up the table chairs and lights while Maria and the women worked in the kitchen and in the house. With all the help they soon had the house and food ready.

With about six hours to go until the official party, Kathryn and the rest of the Voyager crew started arriving.

"Aunt Kathryn, Aunt B‘Ela!" cried Melody as she heard their car drive up.

"Melody, how are you doing sweet one?" asked Kathryn as she climbed out of the car.

She had meet B‘Elanna, Harry and Neelix at the spaceport and they all had decided to just drive here together.

"Neelix! I‘m so glad you came!" cried Melody as she threw her arms around the older man.

"I wouldn‘t miss this for the world sweet one,"

"I just wish Kes were here, she would love Dorvan V," whispered Melody as she laid her head on his chest.

"She‘s here with us sweet one, here in our hearts," replied Neelix as he gently rubbed her back.

After a few minutes Melody raised her head, "I know," sighed Melody.

"So what else needs to be done, Mel," asked B‘Elanna

"Hmmmm, lets see...We still need to get the get everyone bathed and dressed, then put the food and drinks out on the tables, and set out all the blankets and chairs," replied Melody as she mentally check off her list.

"Well then it looks like we need to get started, good thing the Captain is here now," said Kathryn

"Aye, Aye Captain, or should I say Admiral," replied Melody with a mock salute.

"Captain is just fine young lady," said Kathryn as she put her arm around Melody‘s shoulders and let her towards the house.

Two hours later everything was done except for Tom, Chakotay and Melody getting ready. The tables and chairs had been set up with blankets laid under several of the large trees in the yard. It had gotten hotter as the day went on Chakotay had taken off his shirts while Tom was just wearing a tee shirt. Melody still wore a pair of jeans but had conceded to the heat and was now just wearing a sleeveless blouse.

Kathryn watched the young woman work out in the yard putting the finishing touches on one of the tables and remembered the first time Melody had shown her back to them. She knew that Tom and Chakotay had told Maria and Miriam about Melody‘s abuse but she didn‘t know about the rest of Tom or Chakotay‘s family. She just hoped that it went as smoothly as the first one had but knowing the guys families she really didn‘t have anything to worry about. They would except and love Melody the way she was, no matter what had happened in her past.

But know it was time for the three main hosts and hostess to get them selves ready. As she strolled off the porch towards the three she could see that Melody was beginning to get nervous. She was nit picking everything that was all ready perfect. Maybe it would be a good idea if she and Ian took a little rest to calm her down before everyone got here.

"All right gentlemen and lady, the party is all set except for the hosts and hostess," said Kathryn as she pulled a centerpiece out of Melody‘s hands and put it back on the table.

"Why don‘t you two go and get ready, while Ian takes Melody up stairs and tries to get her to calm down some so she can rest. She‘s had a very busy day today," suggested Kathryn.

"Kathryn, I don‘t think..." started Chakotay

"There‘s plenty of time Chakotay before everyone starts to arrive, and it looks like she could use some TLC right about now?" said Kathryn as she looked over at Melody. She had moved away from Kathryn and was starting to rearrange the food for the umpteenth time.

"You‘re right as all ways, Kathryn," smiled Chakotay.

"That‘s why I‘m the captain," replied Kathryn smiling.

"Ian, why don‘t you take Melody up stairs and see if you can get her to take a little nap until it‘s time to get ready," called Chakotay as he waved to the young man.

Ian had been on his way over to Melody to suggest that they go somewhere quiet and spend some time alone. He could tell that she was beginning to get nervous and unless they didn‘t something fast she would be an emotion wreck before the night was over.

"Come one, love. I think you need a little nap," said Ian as he took her hand and lead her towards the house.

"But I‘m not tired Ian... I just need too..."

"What you need is a nap, young lady. Captain‘s orders and you wouldn‘t want to disobey an order now would you?" teased Ian

"Oh I don‘t know, it wouldn‘t be the first time. And I can all ways go over his head to his superior officer, Aunt Kathryn?" said Melody as she stopped and turned towards them.

"Sorry love, this time I agree with Chakotay and Ian," replied Kathryn with a smile on her face.

"Spoil sport! All right, I know when I‘m out numbered. Lead on Mc Duff," said Melody with a slight frown on her face.

Ian leaned over and whispered something in her ear and her face suddenly lit up and she speed up practically dragging Ian into the house.

"Now that Melody is taken care of that just leaves you two. Shower and rest gentlemen, and that‘s an order!" said Kathryn as she turned on the two men standing beside her.

"Aye, Aye, Captain. Come on Chief, you heard the Captain," said Tom as he took Chakotay‘s hand and lead him towards the house.

"Ahh, Kathryn would you..." started Chakotay.

"Would you two go on! With half of Dorvan V here plus Voyager‘s command staff what could possible go wrong," said Kathryn as she watched Tom pull Chakotay into the house.

"Uhh Captain, you had to ask? Have you seen the boys lately?" said B‘Elanna as she came up to her

"Oh no! Allen and Connor," cried Janeway as she took off to find the two youngest Chakotay-Paris children.

B‘Elanna smiled the followed Kathryn as she went to look for the kids. Keeping this brood clean and presentable until the party was going to be a monumental task indeed.

With an hour and a half to go Tom and Chakotay sneaked into Melody‘s room to check on her. She and Ian were lying curled up in the middle of her bed fast asleep.

"You know it‘s almost a shame to wake them up, they have had such a hard time recently," said Chakotay as he looked at the two on Melody‘s bed.

"I agree chief, but you know she would kill us if she missed this party after all the work she‘s put into it. I‘m sure Ian will take care of her tonight," replied Tom.

"I just wonder what will happen when we have to decide if were going back? Do you know if Ian has reenlisted?"

"No I don‘t, but we got another e-mail asking if we had made our decision yet? I told them that I would discuss it with you and Melody and let them know when we have decided."

"Good, thank you. I want to give Melody as much time as possible to get settled before we throw this at her."

"And if she wants to stay? You realize she‘s legally old enough that she doesn‘t have to come with us?" asked Tom

"I know," sighed Chakotay "I guess we will have to deal with that when the time comes. Right now we need to get her up and ready for the party?"

"Aye, Aye, Chief, or should I say Captain?" teased Tom

"You just wait until later Slim," growled Chakotay

"Promises, Promises, Chief," whispered Tom as he went over to Melody‘s bedside.

She looked so sweet and innocent lying there with Ian that it was a shame to wake her but as Chakotay had said there would be hell to pay if she missed this. So reluctantly Tom reached over and gently shook Melody‘s shoulder, the only response he got was for Melody to snuggle closer to Ian. With a quick look over his shoulder Tom reached out to try again.

"Mel, sweet. It‘s time to get up,"

Melody rolled over and stretched them opened her eyes to see Tom staring down at her.

"Hi, Dad, Daddy. What time is it?" asked Melody as she sat up.

"Almost five o‘ clock, you and Ian have one hour till the guests arrive," said Chakotay as he came over beside them

"Then I had better get ready, do you think Aunt Kathryn and Aunt B‘Ela will help me?" asked Melody as she bounced off the bed.

"I‘m sure they will sweet one, there down stairs waiting for you now,"

"Great! Thanks Ian, for everything," said Melody as she launched herself back on the bed and gave him a quick but passionate kiss then bounced off again and headed down stairs.

"You‘re welcome," whispered a very confused and slightly red Ian.

"Don‘t worry son, you‘ll get used to her soon," said Chakotay as he held out a hand to Ian.

"I hope so Chakotay, she‘s just so unpredictable some times," answered Ian as he rose off the bed.

"Well welcome to the Chakotay-Paris family, where there is never a dull moment with Melody around," laughed Tom as he put his arm around Ian‘s shoulders and lead him out of Melody‘s room

"So I‘m noticing, sir, so I‘m noticing,"

For the next sixteen months Melody adjusted well to Dorvan V. She slowly got aquatinted with Nayib, Beyvahl, Neera, Kayla and Khola‘s spouses and children spending more and more time at each of her relative‘s houses. She and the younger Chakotay-Paris children explored Chakotay‘s childhood home finding his old hiding places, plus some new ones of their own.

At a late summer family picnic Beyvahl and Nayib discovered, quite by accident, how severe Melody‘s childhood abuse had been. They were having a family picnic at a small lake not far from Maria‘s home. Melody, Cheyenne, Allen and several of Beyvahl and Nayib‘s children were playing in the lake when they noticed her back. Melody was wearing the bathing suit that she had replicated on board Voyager, and didn‘t think about Chakotay‘s family not knowing about her back. Everyone onboard Voyager knew and no one every made a fuss. The swimsuit was low cut in the back so that her whole back was exposed. Beyvahl and Nayib walked over to where Chakotay and Tom sat with their younger children.

"Chakotay, we need to talk to you," said Beyvahl as he looked at his youngest brother.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other then over at Melody playing in the water. Beyvahl and Nayib had seen Melody‘s back while she was playing in the lake. Tom nodded to Chakotay and he rose and walked with his two brothers‘ to their mother‘s front porch. Melody saw them head toward Grandma Maria‘s house and started to follow them, but Nayib‘s youngest son splashed her and she soon forgot about them and went after him. When they were alone and seated Nayib asked the question that had been haunting them both for the past few minutes.

"Chakotay, what happened to Melody‘s back?"

Chakotay sighed looking back at his oldest daughter, he knew that sometime soon they would see Melody‘s back and ask but he had hoped it would have been a little later. Turning back to his two oldest brothers‘ he saw the confusion and anger in their faces.

"She was physically abused by her mother and brother‘s when she was younger," explained Chakotay.

"How long was she abused?" asked Beyvahl.

"It started when she was five and went on until she left home at eighteen. She was not only physically abused, but psychologically too."


"She was forced to watch her mother and brother‘s have sex in her room, she was tied to her bed with the sheets over her face and a candle was used to burn her hand and fingers."

"Spirits! How could they do that to her!" yelled Beyvahl as he walked away to stand with his back to the lake clinching his fist on the railing.

"I have asked that question a thousand times, Bey and I don‘t have an answer. All we could find out was that they lived in Texas and her brother‘s were married and had children."

"Does mother know about the abuse?" asked Nayib

"Yes, we had to tell her while Melody was on the Enterprise. We had hoped that her past wouldn‘t be brought up again."

"It won‘t, We can promise you that no one will hurt Melody will the knowledge of her past," said Beyvahl as he turned around and looked at his youngest brother then over to his daughter.

She had gone through so much she deserved to be happy and he would do everything in his power to see that she was. She, Chakotay and Tom deserved no less.

"Don‘t worry, Chakotay," said Nayib.

"Thank you, thank you both," said Chakotay as he looked at both his brothers.

Chakotay knew that Melody now had two more fierce protectors that would give their lives to protect her. He walked over and pulled each man into his arms hugging him tightly. After they broke apart Beyvahl patted Chakotay‘s back heartily.

"Let‘s get back to our families before there‘s no food left," said Beyvahl as he walked with Chakotay back towards the lake.

Melody was out of the lake lying on her towel when she saw Chakotay, Beyvahl and Nayib return. Chakotay sat down beside her and smiled at her.

"Do they hate me?"

"No, sweet one. They are concerned and angry, but not mad at you," said Chakotay.

Melody looked over at her two newest uncles and smiled, then kissed Chakotay on the cheek and walked over to where they sat. When the saw her approach they straighten there faces and smiled.

"Don‘t worry, Uncle Bey, Uncle Nayib. They don‘t hurt anymore," said Melody as she hugged each man.

"I‘m sorry you had to go through that, sweet one," said Nayib as he pulled back looking at the young woman in his arms.

"So am I, but I‘m kind of glad in a way. If it hadn‘t happen then I wouldn‘t have left home at eighteen and I never would have gotten into NASA, then I never would have meet Chakotay and Tom. They are the best things that every happened to me."

"I agree, Melody. You know that if you ever need anything you can come to both of us. Don‘t you?" asked Beyvahl.

"Yes, Uncle Bey. I know," said Melody softly as she hugged him again.

"Melody, sweet! It‘s time to eat," called Tom as he stood and waved at her.

Melody turned and waved at Tom. "I‘ve got to go, Uncle Bey. Can we talk some more later?"

"Sure, sweet. Any time."

"Thanks, love you both," called Melody as she ran back to where Tom, Chakotay and her younger brothers and sisters were.

Just before their leave was up Tom and Chakotay brought up the subject of the family going back to Voyager. Melody and Ian had spent most of the morning down at the pond. They had just finished eating their lunch and were lying on the blanket cuddling when they heard footsteps coming closer.

"Melody can we talk to you and Ian," asked Tom as he and Chakotay approached.

"Sure Daddy," said Melody as Ian quickly sat up.

He moved over to the tree and Melody moved between his legs as Tom and Chakotay sat down.

"Mel, you know that our leave is almost up?" asked Chakotay as he looked at the couple.

During there time on Dorvan V Melody and Ian had become very close and he didn‘t know what would happen to them if Melody decided to stay on Dorvan V. He knew that Ian had re-enlisted for Voyager, but he didn‘t know what she wanted. If she was staying her they needed to make arrangements for her.

"Sweet one, you know Starfleet gave us an eighteen month leave and in a few weeks that will be up. Both Tom and I think the best place for us would be on Voyager,"

"But what about Aunt Kathryn, you told me that Admiral‘s only have desk jobs, and that you and the Voyager family would stay together," said Melody as she looked at the two.

"That‘s true, but as a requirement for us coming back we all agreed that we would stay together. So Starfleet will give us our rank and pay at our higher ranks but while on board Voyager we keep our old ranks," explained Tom

"So you and Chakotay will still be Commander and Lt. but at Captain and Lt. Commander‘s pay right?"


"I can live with that, but where does that leave me?"

"That‘s the part we need to talk to you about. We feel that it‘s important to have the kids with us and since they are outfitting Voyager to accommodate families..." started Chakotay

"But you don‘t know wether I want to go back or not do you?"

"No Mel, we don‘t. We realize your old enough to make that decision for yourself based on what will make you the happiest," said Tom

"And what about Ian?" asked Melody as she turned in the young man‘s arms.

"I‘ve decided to stay with Voyager, I love Earth and being here with you on Dorvan V but Voyager is my home," said Ian as he wrapped his arms around Melody.

He knew that he had just taken a big step in there relationship. He knew that Melody loved him but he also knew that she was settled and happy here on Dorvan V. Would it be fair to her to ask her to give it all up just to be with him?

Melody looked at the third most important man in her life, and then leaned in for a quick kiss.

"Then I guess I‘ll just have to go back to Voyager with all of you," sighed Melody as she leaned back into Ian‘s arms.

"Now Melody, if you‘re..." started Chakotay, then stopped with he saw the determined look on his daughter‘s face.

"Now you just hold it right their Chakotay, if you think I‘m just going back because of Ian you‘re dead wrong? I love Ian with all my heart, but Voyager is my home too. Oh don‘t get me wrong, I love Dorvan V and your family but Voyager is the only home I‘ve known for the last eight years,"

"Are you sure Mel, I‘m not sure if there will be much for you to do this time?" said Tom.

"Oh with your brood there is always something to do, and knowing Chakotay, I‘ll probably have to help him with his reports again!" laughed Melody.

"Then I guess it‘s settled, we‘ll notify Starfleet that the Chakotay-Paris family is coming aboard,"

"Oh I‘m sure that will make there day," teased Melody.

"Melody Elaine..." started Chakotay then he launched himself at Melody and started tickling her while Ian held her.

"No fair, Daddy! Ian help!" cried Melody in between streaks.

"Sorry love, you started this," said Ian.

"Oh I‘ll make you so... sorry for this, Ian Daniels,"

"I‘ll just bet you will love, I‘ll just bet you will," answered Ian with a smile.