Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depends on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 38

For the next four weeks Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay and the rest of Voyager‘s crew were closeted in debriefing sessions and review hearings.

During that time Melody and the Chakotay-Paris children explored San Francisco and their neighboring cities. Several times Owen Paris had attempted to contact Melody and the children only to have his calls not answered or refused. Melody knew exactly whom Owen Paris was and had no intention of ever speaking to him but she couldn‘t really speak for Tom and Chakotay about the kids so she brought it up one time when she was allowed to visit with them.

Beyvahl, Maria, Kathleen and Miriam were taking the kids to Coney Island for the day so Melody used that excuse to visit Tom and Chakotay and bring up Admiral Paris.

She made her way quickly to Starfleet Headquarters and reached the building were they were debriefing the Crew of Voyager. Most every in the crew had been released after the second week with only the Command staff and Maquis crewmembers being *detained* longer.

As she waited in the small meeting room for Tom and Chakotay she wondered once again about coming home. But the children deserved to know and see Earth and in some strange way this was her home to even though things were totally different now.

The door opened and a guard led Chakotay into the room, when Chakotay held out his arms for him to unlock the cuffs Melody let out a gasp and sank back down into the chair she had just risen from. The guard gave an apologetic smiled to them both then left them alone.

"Oh daddy," cried Melody as she launched herself into Chakotay‘s arms.

"It‘s just standard procedure, Melody. Don‘t be made at the guard, he‘s just following orders," replied Chakotay as he leaned down and kissed the top of Melody‘s head.

He had missed her immensely but had been getting regular updates from Beyvahl and Miriam about Melody and the children so he knew they were in good hands. They were suppose to go to Coney Island today, so whatever had happened must have been important for Melody to pass that up.

Chakotay held Melody in his arms until they heard the door open again and Tom enter. After the guard released Tom, Melody was engulfed in his arms. She knew that Uncle Bey and Grandma Miriam were giving Tom and Chakotay almost daily reports on how she and the kids were doing.

So for their sake she took care of herself, they had enough to worry about without adding her to that list, but this was something different. Her decision was made but she couldn‘t speak for Tom and Chakotay about the children after all it was there call whether or not the children should meet their grandfather.

"Ok Mel, what‘s up?" asked Tom as he released her and lead her to a chair.

They both knew how much Melody disliked the way Starfleet was treating them and the crew of Voyager. She never visited them alone unless there was something important she wanted to talk to them about privately. So he decided to cut to the chase and find out what had happened.

"It‘s your father, Tom. Admiral Paris, he‘s call several times wanting to talk to me or the children," answered Melody

"God damn it! I knew that bastard would pull something like this. I just thought..." yelled Tom as he began to pace the small room.

"Language Tom, you know we‘re being watched," reminded Melody with a hint of laughter in her voice.

She remembered the many times Tom or Chakotay had used that phrase on her in the past, and it seemed only fitting now that she turn the tables on him.

"I‘m sorry, Mel. It‘s just that..." said Tom as he once again sat down in the chair.

"Yes I know and I feel the same way, but what about the kids?"

"That bastard isn‘t coming within fifty feet of them or I‘ll..."

"Tom, he is after all their only living grandfather," reminded Chakotay.

"After all he‘s done to both of us you still want the kids to know him?" asked Tom as he looked at his husband.

"Tom, regardless of what he did to either of us he is still their grandfather. Like it or not they have the right to know him."

"Well I don‘t have too like it!" exclaimed Tom as he got up and started pacing again.

"I don‘t like it either but sooner or later they are going to find out about him and start asking questions about why we didn‘t tell them about him," said Chakotay as he pulled Tom into his arms.

Gods he had missed holding Tom like this, and right now the thing he wanted to do most was take Tom to bed and make love to him but as Melody had said earlier they we‘re being watched so for right now holding him was all he could do.

"Tom, I have a possible solution to this...problem," said Melody after a few minutes.

She knew that right now they both wanted to be alone with each other, so before things got out of hand she interrupted them.

"What‘s that Melody," said Chakotay as released Tom and sat him back down in the chair.

"How about I meet with him first, lay down some ground rules and then we leave it up to the kids whether or not it goes any further."

Melody wasn‘t thrilled with the idea of meeting Admiral Paris but if it saved Tom or Chakotay some pain she would do it.

"Not alone!" exclaimed Tom

"No, I was thinking of asking Ian to go with me. That way he couldn‘t say either side of the family had influenced me."

"If he thinks our families can influence you he doesn‘t know you very well does he Melody?" asked Chakotay as he got up and pulled her into his arms.

He knew the sacrifice Melody was willing to take to save Tom or himself some pain.

"And he‘s not going to either, he may be your father Tom but I can‘t forgive him for what he did to you," answered Melody as she looked over at him.

"No ones asking you too love," said Chakotay as he pulled her closer. "Tom does that sound like a reasonable solution?" asked Chakotay as he looked over at his husband.

"Reasonable, no! But aside from no contact at all it‘s the only solution we‘ve got and Melody is right. Like it or not he is their only living grandfather and they have a right to get to know him if they want too," said Tom as he got up and wrapped his arms around both Melody and Chakotay.

There seemed no end to the sacrifices Melody would make for him, Chakotay and their family. He just wanted this all to be over soon so they all could find a quiet place to call home. After a few minutes they broke the three-way hug and once again sat at the table.

"Then I guess it‘s settled, what are the ground rules concerning the kids?" asked Melody as she pulled out a blank PADD

"For one, no contact with the kids unless they want too. If they all want nothing to do with him then he is to leave them and us in peace," said Tom.

"Agreed, anything else?"

"If they do want to meet him it has to be with one of us present," added Chakotay.

"Sounds fair, anything else?"

"No not right now, we‘ll let you know if we think of anything else," said Tom.

"All right, then I‘ll contact him and set up a meeting,"

"God I wish I were going with you, Mel," said Tom as he put his hand over hers.

"Don‘t worry, Tom. You both know Ian will protect me, I‘ll be fine," said Melody as she took both his hands.

Just then the door opened and a Captain and two guards entered.

"I‘m sorry Ms. Chakotay-Paris, but your time is up," said the Captain.

"It‘s ok, Captain Rogers. I understand, Commander Chakotay spent the last eight years drilling Starfleet regulations into me. I may not like Starfleet, but I know the regulations very well. I just don‘t always follow them," said Melody as she winked at Tom and Chakotay and then handed the PADD to Rogers.

He spent a few minutes reading the PADD then passed it back to the young woman, he knew who she was and that she had a very unique relationship with the two men but more than that was classified.

"I‘ll let you both know when the meeting is set up, Love you Tom, Chakotay. And try not to worry, I‘ll be fine," said Melody as she gave them both a kiss then left the room. She had seen them take off the cuffs but she couldn‘t stand to see them put them back on.

The next day Melody sent a message to Admiral Paris that she would meet with him to discuss his meeting the Chakotay-Paris children. Two days later Melody and Ian we‘re waiting in a local restaurant to meet Owen Paris. They had been waiting for about five minutes when he entered. Melody watched him a few minutes before he noticed her and came towards them.

"Are you Melody Chakotay-Paris?" asked Owen as he looked at the young woman.

"Yes, I am. Are you Admiral Owen Paris?" asked Melody as she stood up.

"That‘s me, you said you wanted to discuss the children?" said Owen as he sat down.

"You know you‘re just like Tom, when you want something you just go after it."

"Speaking of Tom, can you explain your relationship to my son and his...,"

"Husband, Tom and Chakotay were married on board Voyager a little over eight years ago when they adopted me as their daughter," replied Melody.

"Then you‘re not their partner?"

"Tom was right! Only you would be capable of thinking something like that," exclaimed Melody as she stood up and started to walk out.

"Melody! Wait, come back, please!" said Ian as he got up and raced after her.

"You‘re just embarrassing the Paris name, young lady."

"That all you care about it isn‘t it? That damn Paris name. Well let me tell you something Admiral Owen Paris before I agreed to become Tom and Chakotay‘s daughter I did some checking of my own," said Melody as she advanced on the older man.

"Oh I know all about you! How you‘re work was always more important than you‘re family. How you thought Tom‘s wanting to fly was just a waste of his time and abilities. How you pushed Tom at the academy, always to be better, smarter, more advanced. But never gave him an ounce of praise or credit when he did something right."

"Then when he made one mistake and it cost three people their lives, what did you do? You falsified records to cover up the precious Paris name, but Tom took care of that didn‘t he. He was going to own up to the fact, so you had him kicked out of Starfleet and sent to Auckland. Your own son!"

"Well let me tell you something Mr. Admiral, sir. I didn‘t agree to take Tom and Chakotay‘s name for the prestige of the name Paris name. I did it because they are both good men and I love them. Love them enough to want to try to rebuild my life with him as a part of it. And its because of that love I agree to carry their children," said Melody as she turned and once again started towards the door.

At Owens‘s gasp she stopped and turned to face him seeing the shocked look on his face.

"Oh you didn‘t know that did you! No I didn‘t think you would have, Starfleet hasn‘t released a lot about us yet have they. But yes, I carried your grandchildren, my own sisters and brothers. But don‘t worry they are totally Tom and Chakotay‘s children. We had the doctor change their genetic structure before they were born to match both Tom and Chakotay‘s. I was just a surrogate; a host if you will so Tom and Chakotay could have children but neither one carry them."

At his relieved expression Melody once again pounced. "You really think that either of them are capable of that. Why you son of a bitch!"

"Melody!" said Ian sternly as he advanced on the young woman and sat her down at their vacant table. He talked to her quietly for a few minutes then pulled her into his arms and rocked her silently as she cried.

Owen watched the young man hold Melody is his arms gently rubbing her back. After ten minutes Melody slowly pulled out of Ian‘s arms and stood before her grandfather.

"I‘m sorry for all of that, I was raised better by my grandmamma, Tom and Chakotay. I thought I could handle meeting you but I guess I was wrong. I apologize. As for my brothers and sisters, Tom and Chakotay have agreed to let you see the kids if they want to, and if one of the three of us is present. If they don‘t want to see you then you are to never contact them again."

"I don‘t suppose there is room for negotiations?" asked Owen.

"In this? No, I‘m afraid not."

"And what about you?" he asked, suddenly it became very important to him to learn more about her. She had spirit, fire and a great love for her family.

Since Voyager had been declared lost and Miriam had left him he had discovered that the old drives weren‘t enough anymore. He wanted his family, even if it was at a distance.

"Initially, my answer would have been no. But I will be open minded for the sake of my brothers and sisters. But I must warn you it will be a long time before I come to think of you as anything other than Tom‘s father,"

"Fair enough, may I contact Tom and Chakotay after all this is over?"

"I think it would be best if we contacted you once we have settled somewhere. But I will inform them that you are interested in seeing the kids if they agree," said Melody as she sank into the near by chair.

Instant Ian was at her side pulling her into his arms. "Melody, are you all right?"

"I‘m tired Ian, so very tired of it all," said Melody softly as she laid her head on his chest.

"I know love, it will all be over soon," soothed Ian as he began to rub her back.

"Will she be all right?" asked Owen as he came over and stood in front of the young woman. Suddenly she looked very weak and close to exhaustion.

"She is a strong young woman Admiral, but the past eight years have been rough on her and all of Voyager. What she needs now is for all this to be over and for her whole family to go somewhere peaceful and quiet," responded Ian as he looked up at the man that was Melody‘s grandfather

"Are you staying very far from here?"


"Good, then I suggest that when she‘s able you take her home and take care of her," said Owen as he reached out to touch Melody‘s hair. At Melody‘s flinch he stopped and looked at the two. She was right it would take a long time before she comes to except him.

"Oh I intended to Admiral."

"You love her don‘t you, son?"

"With all my heart, sir," replied Ian.

"Then look after her and take care. Love like that only come once in a life time," answered Owen with regret in his voice.

He stood looking at the two for a few minutes more then left the restaurant. He might have to call in all the favors he had left but he needed to find out all there was to know about Melody, Tom and Chakotay. Those three had a special bond and it was more than just adopted daughter and fathers. Something happened on board Voyager and he was damn sure going to find out what it was.

Melody and Ian stayed for a few minutes more then they left and spend the rest of the day lying in each other‘s arms.

Five days later Melody was informed of Chakotay‘s final review board hearing. Melody begged and pleaded with Beyvahl and Nayib until they finally agreed to let her go with them to his hearing. She sat in the front row between Nayib and Maria in Beyvahl‘s lap. When Chakotay entered he saw Melody sitting in the front row with his family. She smiled at him then gave him the thumbs up sign. Chakotay took his seat beside Captain Janeway as the three Admirals entered.

"This hearing is to determined the status of Commander Chakotay. After reviewing Voyager‘s logs and talking to many of Voyagers crew members it is the opinion of this review board that Commander Chakotay should be reinstated at the rank of Captain with all it‘s benefits and privileges. Back pay will be given for his years of service in the Delta Quadrant and charges and accusations of his Maquis activity are to be dismissed. This hearing in adjourned," said the middle Admiral as he banged a gavel on the desk.

Everyone rose as the three Admirals stood and filed out of the room. A few minutes later Melody flung herself into Chakotay‘s arms hugging his neck tightly. Chakotay turned to see his brother‘s and mother standing behind her.

"What is she doing here?" asked Chakotay as he looked over her head at his brother‘s.

"She asked us to come, Chakotay. She can be *very* persuasive," reminded Beyvahl.

"Yes, I know. Well, sweet one. What do you want to do now?" asked Chakotay as he leaned back to look at Melody.

"I want to go home and celebrate! Can Uncle Bey and Nayib come too?"

"I don‘t think your apartment is big enough for everyone, Melody. But I tell you what? How about we get everyone together and fix up an early dinner picnic in the park?" suggested Maria as she looked from Chakotay to Melody.

"What do you think, sweet one? You think you‘re up for a family picnic?" asked Chakotay.

"You bet! Can I help with the cooking? I never got to cook on Voyager because I had to eat out of the replicators."

"Oh course, sweet one. Let‘s go get things started," said Maria as she took Melody‘s arm and lead her out of the room.

"Well, I guess we‘ve been told. Let‘s go," said Nayib as he watched his mother and oldest niece leave, and then turned to look at his brother‘s. Chakotay was smiling as he watched the two women leave. He grabbed his youngest brother by the arm and led them out to follow the women.

Two days later Tom has his inmate review hearing; Chakotay, Melody and all of his family were there to support him. It was decided that his sentence be reduced to time served and recommended that he be reinstated in Starfleet at the rank of Lt. Commander with all it‘s benefits and privileges.

When all the review hearings were finished Starfleet gave everyone an eighteen months leave and back wages for the time they were in the Delta Quadrant. Tom and Chakotay quickly made arrangements for them to leave for Dorvan V. They would spend their time with Chakotay‘s extended family with visits from Tom‘s mother and sisters.

On Dorvan V Tom, Chakotay and Melody finally found the peace they all had been wanting. Even though they were celebrities and several news agencies and publishers wanted them to write or talk about their experiences while there the whole planet protected them. Oh news crews and such still came but they were never told where they were and nothing more than that they had come to live on Dorvan V was confirmed. Many of the crew of Voyager who had no family or no planet to go back to also settled on Dorvan V and they too were welcomed into the quiet community.

Melody, Tom and the children adjusted well to living on Dorvan V, running and exploring the wonders of being on a planet. Everything was still too new to them so they spent the first few weeks with Maria but soon discovered that their small brood needed a place of their own. Tom, Chakotay and Melody spend several days looking for a house for the Chakotay-Paris brood, until she finally found an old abandon family house just on the outskirts of town.

They had stopped to have lunch in a clearing and after they all were finished eating Melody started quietly packing up their lunch. She was halfway finished before Tom and Chakotay noticed what she was doing.

"What are you doing? Mel. They aren‘t expecting us back right away?" asked Tom as he slowly pulled out of Chakotay‘s arms.

After they had finished eating they had fallen into each other‘s arms and started nibbling on each other totally forgetting that Melody was with them.

"Oh come on guys, give me some credit here. I know when three is a crowd," answered Melody with a smile

"Mel, we..." sputter Chakotay quickly as he rose from the blanket.

"Would you two stop it! You haven‘t been able to be really *alone* ever since we got here and damn little before that so do me a favor. Shut up and enjoy yourselves, I‘ll be back in a few hours so you two can have a make out session in private without any interruptions," smiled Melody as she rose from the blanket taking the basket with her to place under the base of the tree. They had been able to snatch a few private minutes here and there but with grandma Maria‘s house full of family they had been few a far between.

Plus everyone and their brother had come to see Chakotay after he came back so there had been very little free time for just the two of them. Oh Melody, Maria, Neera and Kayla helped but with getting the children and themselves settled they still had very little time to themselves so Melody decided to give them an afternoon to themselves and go exploring. She still wore her COM badge so if there was an emergency she could contact them.

With one more look back at them she started walking until she came to a small stream that ended in a small pond about a quarter mile up. There was beautiful green grass on both sides of the pond with an old oak tree whose branches just stretched over the water‘s edge. She sat on the water‘s edge and watched as the water sparkled and shined in the sun‘s rays.

This is heaven for Melody at least as close as her memories will allow. During her eight years onboard Voyager she and Tuvok worked to bring back her earliest memories. In some things they succeeded and she remembered them with only pleasant feelings. But there were still things that she couldn‘t or didn‘t want to remember, maybe in time she would but for now it was enough.

After a few minutes she got up grabbing her bag and headed towards the east for about .5 kilometers until she came to an abandoned farmhouse. She walked cautiously through the old gate and down the dirt path to the old rickety front steps. She stopped long enough to take out a flashlight from her bag then knocked on the old front door then entered.

The house was right out of the twentieth century, the large family room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor with a big staircase leading to a second and third floor. Melody spent the next several hours exploring the old farmhouse and the surrounding buildings until she finally realized how late it was and headed back to where she had left Tom and Chakotay.

They were lying curled in each other‘s arms on the blanket. It was about late mid afternoon and Melody knew that with Chakotay‘s dark skin their time in the sun wouldn‘t bother him but Tom was another story. With his fair hair and skin she suspected that when he woke he would be sore in more ways then one.

Luckily her past had prepared her for most situations so with a knowing smile on her face she went to retrieve the extra blanket and regenerator she had pack, then headed toward the two men asleep on the blanket. She stood looking at them for a few minutes then tossed the blanket onto both of them startling both men and making them jump.

"What the hell...!"


"I‘d be careful guys, all though I appreciate the view I don‘t think Tom needs to get anymore redder," snicker Melody as she watched both men scramble to cover themselves.

"Chakotay! How could you!" exclaimed Tom as he looked under the blanket and saw his reddened skin.

"Tom, I..." sputtered Chakotay.

"Oh come on Tom, you know it‘s not all his fault, but you two can kiss and make up later. Everyone‘s waiting on us," said Melody as she tossed Tom the regenerator. Melody grabbed the basket and her bag and headed toward the hover car. Ten minutes later Tom and Chakotay entered the car and they started back to Maria‘s house.

"So Mel, what did you do while we were..." asked Tom.

"While you two were screwing around," answered Melody.

"Melody!" exclaimed Chakotay as he quickly turned to look at her then back to the road.

"Sorry Daddy," smiled Melody

"Well see about that young lady, now tell us what you‘ve been up to," asked Chakotay as he looked at Melody in the rear view mirror.

After that the rest of the drive back was continual talk about the farmhouse, stream and pond that Melody had found. When they got back they started the search and two weeks later Tom and Chakotay were finalizing the deal on their new house.

Both Tom and Chakotay knew that Melody had a dream of living in an old fashion farmhouse and with their large brood it really made since to have a large house. And if he admitted to himself he kind of liked the idea of living in a farmhouse, raising horses and such if they wanted too.

But now the problem was getting the farmhouse fixed up enough for them to live in it. It was a great old house but it had been abandon for a while and needed a lot of work. So as word spread family, friends and the crew of Voyager descended on Dorvan V and Maria‘s house to help Tom, Chakotay and Melody fix up their house.

After three weeks of almost continually work from both the men and women on Dorvan V Tom, Chakotay, Melody and the Chakotay-Paris brood were ready to move into their farmhouse.

After everyone had gotten settled in the new house, Tom and Chakotay brought up the plan of throwing a housewarming party. Maria had been spending the last few days at their house since two days earlier Melody had experienced her first planet side thunderstorm and had a sever flashback.

It had taken both Tom and Chakotay to just hold her down while Garrick and Alaina called both Maria and Beyvahl for help. They were there within five minutes and between the four of them they finally got her awake and calmed down but for the last few days she had been unable to sleep except for a few hours then she woke again screaming from nightmares.

So for the past few days Melody had been working herself to almost exhaustion only to be awoken from nightmares after just a few hours sleep. Tom and Chakotay had finally gotten her to agree to take a sedative at least twice a day so at least she got a little rest. While she was asleep Maria was there helping with the kids and watching Melody.

It was during one of these times that Maria was there that they brought up the party.

"Mom do you think Melody could cope with a big housewarming party?" asked Chakotay as he sat down on the couch beside Tom.

He had just spent the last half hour calming Melody down and then putting her back to sleep. The last few days had been hard on all of them but he knew that together they would work through this.

"I‘m not sure Chakotay. She seems to be settling so well then all of a sudden the storm just threw her for a loop. Has she talked at all about what is wrong?" asked Maria as she looked at both Tom and Chakotay.

While they were on board the Enterprise they had told her about Melody‘s past abuse and the nightmares they had caused but she had a feeling that this was something new that even Tom or Chakotay didn‘t know about. Something that the storm triggered.

"Yes, it‘s a memory. It‘s seems that just after she turned five her mother bought a very expensive lamp and put it in the living room. One day after school her brother‘s were teasing her and started chasing her with a bug or something and she ran into the living room to get away from them. They came in and surrounded her, she tried to get away but in the process knocked over the lamp and it broke," said Chakotay as he got up from the couch and went over and stood by the window

"When her mother found out she was livid, she cut off the cord and beat her, then threw her out of the house locking the doors. That night a big thunderstorm hit with lightening and loud thunder all night long. They beat her then left her out in that all night long with just the clothes on her back. The next morning they let her back in and kept her home saying she had gotten out in the storm and got sick," finished Tom as he started blankly at the stairs leading to his oldest daughter.

"Oh dear gods!" said Maria as she pulled Tom into her arms.

"It‘s just a memory, momma, but Melody says it‘s so vivid that she can still feel the whelps from the cord and the rain as it hit the open cuts," said Chakotay as he turned around to face the two on the couch. "This one is beyond me, I don‘t know what to do to help her?"

"Who helped her with her other flashbacks and nightmares?" asked Maria as he held her hand out for her youngest son.

With a grateful sigh he took her hand and was pulled into the strong arms of his mother.

"Lt. Tuvok, but he‘s on Vulcan..." replied Chakotay

"Then we will call him and he will come, he has had more experience dealing with Melody‘s demons and he will help her and you both deal with this one. What ever needs to be done for Melody will be, I‘ll see to that," replied Maria with force.

"God it seems so simple, why didn‘t we think of that?" asked Tom

"Because my son, you are too close. You feel her pain as if it were your own and sometimes that clouds your judgment as to what needs to be done. I think her young man needs to be here too, he will play an important part in her healing,"

"Consider it done momma, I‘ll go call Tuvok and Ian right now," said Chakotay as he kissed his mother‘s check then rose from the couch.

"I‘ll go check on Mel," said Tom as he repeated the kiss then left.

Maria sat on the couch smiling at her two son‘s, they were finally out of there pain induced fog and could start to help Melody through hers. With a smile on her face she mentally made plans to help her oldest granddaughter.