Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depends on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 37

Tom and Chakotay found them in Ten Forward with a large group of their families sitting around them. When they noticed the doors open, all of them got up and ran into Tom and Chakotay‘s arms

"Daddy, what‘s wrong with Meldee?"

"Where is she?"

"Will she be all right?" ask several of the children all at once.

"Whoa, hold on everyone. Let us sit down for a minute and we‘ll tell you everything," said Chakotay as he released the group in his arms and lead them to a seat. Everyone crowded around them both as they begin to explain what had happened.

"First of all, Melody‘s fine. She is in the Enterprise sickbay and the Doctor and Dr. Crusher are taking very good care of her," said Chakotay as he pulled Allen into his lap.

"Secondly she has had a heart attack, Dr. Crusher said they repaired the damage to her heart, but there was to much damage to her lungs," finished Tom.

Everyone got very quiet until finally a small voice asked. "She‘s going to die, isn‘t she Daddy?"

Tom and Chakotay looked over into the small face of their youngest daughter. She was so much like Melody, in her ways and personality that is was scary sometimes. Like Melody she had a heart of gold and thought of other people before herself.

"No, Chey. Dr. Crusher is going to take very good care of her. Later today she will perform an operation on Melody that will give her new lungs so she won‘t have any more problems."

"Dr. Crusher is a woman?" asked Garrick.

"Yes, Garrick. And she‘s keeping Melody in her sickbay here on the Enterprise," said Tom

"Meldee not like that," said Connor.

"No, Connor. I don‘t suppose she will, be she‘s not going to have much choice. Dr. Crusher can be most persistent."

"Daddy, I hungry," said Allen softly.

"You’re always hungry, Allen," answered Garrick.

"Am not!" retorted Allen.

"That‘s enough, boys!" said Chakotay loudly. "Why don‘t you go with Alaina and Garrick and see if you can find something to eat. OK?"

Both boys looked remorseful then looked up at their Daddy. He was trying to look stern but had a smile on his face. At his smile they brighten and both launched themselves into his arms.

"I‘m sorry, Daddy," they both said in unison.

"I know, we‘re all worried about Melody. Now go before I change my mind," answered Chakotay with a swat as they both left his arms.

"Yes, sir!" they called as they followed their oldest brother and sister to find something to eat.

Chakotay watched them go then sank back down on the couch. "Oh gods, Tom. What if we lose her?"

Tom saw the worried look on his face and gently pulled him into his arms. They sat there for a few minutes until the heard a voice clearing behind them. They broke apart to see Chakotay‘s mother Maria, standing behind them.

"Chakotay," she said softly.

That was all he needed to hear and he launched himself into her arms giving in to the tears he had been holding back since he saw Melody collapsed. Maria held him until he calmed down then leaned back looking into the face of her youngest son.

"She will be all right, the spirits would not take someone who is still need by so many."

"God I hope so, Mama. I don‘t know what I would do if we lost her," he answered softly.

"You would grieve, then go on. Now introduce me to your husband. We were never properly introduced before all the excitement started," said Maria as he gave her son‘s cheek a gentle pat.

"Oh, I‘m sorry. Mama, I would like to introduce to you my husband, Tom Paris. Tom this is my mother, Maria of Dorvan V," said Chakotay as he turned her to face Tom.

Maria stood looking at the young man before and saw the love and concern for her son shining clearly in those blue eyes. She hesitated for only a minute then pulled the young man into her arms. She felt him stiffen, and then relax as he realized she accepted him as Chakotay‘s mate.

She had not known that her son loved men, but she could tell by the way the two were when they were together and with their children that they both truly loved each other. If this man made her son happy, then she except him into their family.

"I am honored to meet you, Ma‘am," said Tom

"Call me, Maria."

"All right, Maria. Chakotay I would like to introduce you to my mother. Miriam Paris," said Tom as he pulled a medium of height woman over beside him.

"Hello," said Chakotay.

Miriam Paris looked at the tall dark man before her and saw the same love shining in his eyes for her Tom. If this man made her Tom happy, then she was happy. She quickly stepped forward and put her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. When they broke Tom could see the happiness and love shining in his mother‘s eyes.

Introductions were quickly made and Tom met Chakotay‘s two older brother‘s Beyvahl and Nayib along with his sister‘s Neera, Layla and Khola. Chakotay then meet Tom‘s two sister‘s Kathleen and Moira. After all the hugs and handshakes were done, the adults were sitting on the couches Maria brought up the subject of Melody.

"Chakotay, Tom. Tell us about our oldest granddaughter," asked Maria as she looked at the two men.

They sat in each other‘s arms smiling with a small hint of laughter on their lips.

"Oh, Mama. We have been thinking for weeks about how to explain Melody to you. I guess the best way to do that it is to experience her life aboard Voyager. Come with us to the holodeck and we‘ll show you," said Chakotay as he stood up and pulled Tom up with him.

Everyone looked at the two men, then nodded rising to stand with them.

"Garrick, Alaina. We‘re going back to Voyager now," called Tom.

"What about Meldee?" asked Cheyenne as she looked at her Dad and Daddy? She was frightened to leave Meldee here on this strange ship. She wanted her back home on Voyager.

"She has to stay here with Dr. Crusher, remember Chey. You can come and see her when she gets better," said Tom as he picked up his youngest daughter.

She snuggled into his neck and nodded her head. If Dad said Meldee would be OK, then she would. Dad and Daddy wouldn‘t let anything happen to Meldee.

The entire Chakotay-Paris family left ten forward and made their way back to Voyager. The Children were dropped of at the Chakotay-Paris quarters under the watchful eye of B‘Elanna Torres while the adults made there way to the holodeck.

Tom and Chakotay started a holodeck program that had chairs and a big screen at the front of the room. Everyone found a seat while Tom loaded the program they wanted. When it was ready the both stood before the group.

"This is a holoimages program of the life aboard Voyager of Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris. Starting from the time she first came about till just before we returned to the Alpha Quadrant," explained Tom.

"Computer, Run program Chakotay-Paris Alpha V. Melody Elaine," said Chakotay as he sat down.

A few minutes later the screen came alive with holoimages of Melody‘s life aboard Voyager. For the next two and a half hours Tom and Chakotay‘s families sat on the holodeck and watched the ups and down, the victories and defeats, the joys and tragedies that had filled Melody, Tom and Chakotay‘s life for the past eight years aboard Voyager.

When the images stopped, Chakotay quietly called. "Computer end program," Everyone was left in awe of what Tom, Chakotay and their daughter Melody had endured.

"We had no idea, you three had been through so much," said Maria finally as she came over to stand beside her son.

"Now you know why she mean‘s so much to us. She is not only our legal daughter but the daughter of our hearts," said Chakotay quietly.

"Son, take us to meet our oldest granddaughter," said Miriam as she looked at both men.

"Don‘t worry, Chakotay. We can handle your brood for a little while," said Beyvahl as he smiled at his younger brother. Chakotay had done well in finding Tom and Melody and she had given them both five healthy beautiful children.

"This way, Mama, Miriam," said Chakotay as he lead their mothers out of the holodeck and back to the Enterprise to meet their eldest granddaughter Melody Elaine.

The first thing Melody realized when she awoke was that something was not right. The Doctor always dimmed the lights for her when she was in sickbay. As she looked around she realized that she was not in her sickbay, not aboard Voyager. As she tried to sit up a shooting pain ripped through her chest and she moaned softly. A few seconds later a small dark hair woman and a taller red headed woman were beside her.

"Just relax, Melody. Your going to be fine," said Dr. Crusher soothingly.

"She doesn‘t believe you, Beverly. I think you should call, Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris," said Troi.

At the sound of their names Melody once again tried to sit up and look around for the two men.

"Daddy?" she said weakly.

"It‘s alright, Melody. Dr. Crusher to Commander Chakotay."

"Chakotay here. Go ahead, Doctor Crusher."

"Commander, Melody is awake and very anxious to see you and Lt. Paris."

"We‘re on our way. Chakotay out."

A few minutes later both men entered sickbay followed by two older women. Tom and Chakotay made a beeline to Melody‘s bed while the two women held back. Seeing Melody‘s eyes open Chakotay pulled her into his arms for a hard hug only to be released then engulf in another one from Tom. After Tom released her he gently laid her down on the bed.

"Where am I, Tom? Why aren‘t I on aboard Voyager?" asked Melody as she looked at both men. They knew the minute she awoke that she would figure out that she wasn‘t aboard Voyager and start asking questions.

"You‘re aboard the Federation Star Ship Enterprise. Voyager didn‘t have the equipment to save you so we transferred you to the Enterprise," said Chakotay.

"Is the Doctor here?"

"Yes, Mel. He‘s right here. Computer activate EMH program," said Tom. A few minutes later the Doctor appeared beside her bed.

"Please state the nature... Oh, hello Melody. Feeling better?"

"I am now that you‘re here," said Melody with a sigh.

"Well I wish I could take all the credit but Dr. Crusher helped a great deal," said the Doctor as he stepped aside and the red hair woman came forward. This was the same one that she saw earlier before Chakotay and Tom had arrived.

"Hello, and thank you."

"You‘re welcome, Melody. But were not quite through with you yet. In a few hours we will operate to give you a new set of lungs," said Dr. Crusher as she looked down at the young woman.

"New lungs?" she asked questionably.

"It seems that there have been medical advances that even I was not aware of. But I can assure you, it is a simple procedure and you won‘t have anymore problems with your asthma," said the Doctor.

"If you say so, Doc," said Melody skeptically.

"Well, it seems this episode hasn‘t diminished your sarcasm any," said the Doctor.

At his remark Tom and Chakotay started laughing while Melody just lay there smiling innocently.

"Mel, there‘s someone we want you to meet," said Tom as he turned slightly and motioned to Maria and his mother. Both women came quietly beside each of their sons.

"Mama, this is our oldest daughter Melody. Melody this is my mother," said Chakotay as he put her arm around the smaller dark skinned woman. Melody could tell instantly that this was Chakotay‘s mother because he looked just like her.

"How do you do, ma‘am," answered Melody softly.

"Ma‘am? I haven‘t been called ma‘am by a grandchild in years," said Maria as she gently lifted and Melody pulled her into her arms. Melody looked over at Chakotay, and at his smile relaxed into the strong arms of this small woman. After a few minutes she leaned back to look at Melody. "I would prefer grandmother or grandma."

Melody looked at the small woman before her then back to Chakotay. "May I call you grandma?" she asked timidly.

"I would love that child, welcome to the family, Melody," said Maria as she hugged her again.

"Mel, this is my mother. Mom this is Melody Elaine," introduced Tom.

"You can call me Grandmother Miriam, if you‘d like dear," said Miriam.

Melody looked over at Tom, then was engulfed in the strong-arms of her other grandmother. When Miriam pulled back she could see tears in Melody‘s eyes.

"What‘s wrong, sweetheart?" she asked anxiously.

"You don‘t hate me because of everything I‘ve done?" asked Melody softly.

"Everything you‘ve done? My child you have given my son the most precious gift a woman has to give. Five healthy beautiful children," said Maria.

When Melody looked over at Chakotay he quickly smiled then stepped forward. "Why don‘t you rest for a while Melody, we‘ll come back and talk so more later," said Chakotay as he quickly kissed her forehead then lead his mother out of the room. Tom repeated the kiss then ushered Miriam out to follow Chakotay.

When Chakotay and Tom finally slowed down Maria and Miriam turned on them.

"All right, Chakotay, Tom. What was that all about?" asked Maria as she turned to face her son and his husband. Both men looked upset and had to take several deep breathes before they answered.

"Not here, Mama. Let‘s go to ten forward," said Chakotay as he led both women to the Enterprise lounge. When they arrived they found a secluded spot and sat down.

"Melody isn‘t from this time. She was born in the twentieth century. August 22, 1965 to be exact," said Tom.

"But that would make her over four hundred years old," said Maria quickly doing the math in her head.

"Just about, Voyager discovered her as a strange reading on one of our scans and Captain Janeway told us to investigate. We brought her into Voyager‘s cargo bay and found a way to relive her," explained Chakotay quietly.

"She has had a really hard time adjusting to the way things were done in our time, then when she started having the nightmares we discovered about her abuse."

"Abuse, what abuse?" asked Miriam.

"Mom, she was physically and psychologically abused."

"Oh my god, how old was she?"

"Five, it lasted until she was eighteen, when she was able to leave home. Momma, they tied her in her bed with the sheets over her face. Burned her hands and fingers with a candle or lighter. Constantly beat her with a leather belt on her back and legs and told her she was never good enough "

"Oh my gods, and she blames herself for all of that? Asked Maria.

"Yes, that‘s why she was afraid that you would hate her because of what was done to her. We have been able to reassure her most of the time, but she‘s still afraid new people will judge her by what she thinks she did."

"Well that‘s just nonsense! We‘ll have to reassure her ourselves that she has done nothing to be ashamed of," said Miriam.

"Oh I‘m so glad to hear you say that, Mom," said Tom as he reached over and hugged her. When he pulled back she gave him a puzzled look.

"You didn‘t really think that I would blame that child for something her parents did, did you?" asked Miriam as she looked at her son and his husband. Both men and been really worried that they would not accept Melody.

"We didn‘t really know, she‘s really quiet a handful when you get to know her," said Chakotay.

"Like you two weren‘t! I am looking forward to getting to know my oldest granddaughter very well," said Maria as she smiled at the two men. Suddenly both women were enfolded in the strong arms of their son‘s spouse and they sat there relishing the feel of being a family.

"Now, why don‘t you show us your quarters on Voyager and then we can get some dinner. I don‘t know about you two but I‘m suddenly very hungry," said Miriam as she pulled out of Chakotay‘s arms.

"Sounds like a plan to me, it‘s probably about time we rescued the rest of the family from our youngest children anyway," said Tom as he stood up.

"Tom! They don‘t seem that bad," said Miriam.

"Just wait until you get to know them, then I‘ll remind you that you said that," said Tom as he laughed and followed the two older women out and back to Voyager.

Later that night Melody awoke to find the dark hair woman standing beside her. She looked at the woman for a minute taking in the dark hair and brown eyes. After a few minutes Melody spoke.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Counselor Deanna Troi."

"Hi, I‘m Melody Chakotay-Paris."

"I know, meet you earlier. When you collapsed."

"I thought I heard someone, how did you know I was having trouble breathing?" asked Melody

"I could sense your distress. I‘m Half-Betazoid. I come from Betazed."

"You are the ones who are telepathic, I remember reading about you on Voyager."

"Does Voyager have any Betazoids in their crew?"

"I think there used to be but she died before I came on board."

"You miss Voyager, don‘t you?"

"Yes, it‘s my home. The only place I‘ve felt safe at in a very long time."

"You know Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris will always keep you safe if they can."

"I know that, that‘s one of the things I love so much about them."

"And they return that love, but I sense there is someone else you would like to be close too also?"

"How did you? Oh yeah, I forgot your race are telepathic," said Melody shyly

"That‘s right, but I‘m only half-Betazoid I can only sense what you are feeling and right now you are thinking of Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris, plus someone else... A young man that means a great deal to you?"

Melody turned beet red and turned her face away from Deanna.

"Don‘t be embarrassed Melody. I believe I sensed him on Deep space 9 and he loves you very much. He would never do anything to hurt you. You can trust him with your heart, Melody."

"Thank you, Deanna," said Melody as she reached out and took the woman‘s hand.

"I‘ll get Dr. Crusher so she can get you something to eat," said Deanna as she squeezed Melody‘s hand then left to find Beverly.

As Melody watched the woman leave she thought about what Deanna had said and decided that as soon as she could she needed to talk to Ian.

Two hours later Dr. Crusher performed the surgery that replaced Melody‘s damaged lungs. She stayed on board the Enterprise for two more days, and then she was allowed to return to Voyager and the two ships made their way to San Francisco.

Six days later Voyager arrived in Earth‘s atmosphere with Tom at the helm. After Voyager had landed and cleared all of Starfleet‘s checks the Command staff and Crew left their posts and prepared to walk out and meet Starfleet‘s big brass.

When Starfleet finally descended on board Voyager it was like a mad house, people every where, checking every file and log that Voyager had acuminated over the past eight years in the Delta Quadrant.

It seemed like half of Starfleet engineering also descended on Voyager‘s engineering studying and analyzing every part and piece of Voyagers warp core and other additions.

Most of the crew was kept busy showing the new people around Voyager and explaining the additions or changes to Voyager.

Everyone was allowed to contact their families and friends but no one was allowed to leave Voyager. Starfleet had scheduled a big ceremony with a hero‘s welcome to celebrate the return of Voyager.

Although Janeway and most of the crew would have preferred to leave Voyager quietly she knew that Starfleet wanted to make a big deal of there return so she agreed with the stipulation that Melody and the Voyager Children be allowed to stay onboard Voyager until all the press was gone. Right now Melody didn‘t need to become the *star attraction* of Starfleet‘s three ring circus.

They agreed also allowing Chakotay‘s brother Beyvahl and his mother to come aboard Voyager and escort them off when the hoop-la was over. As promised Melody‘s debriefing was done aboard Voyager with Admiral Cameron, Tom and Chakotay present. They spent several days going over the logs pertaining to her arrival on Voyager and what she knew about how she arrived in the Delta Quadrant.

The also discussed the several proposals and recommendations that Melody had suggested over the eight years. Then they brought up the several times that Melody had locked Tom and Chakotay out of Voyager‘s computers. When they were finished Admiral Cameron told Melody that they would review what they had discussed and get back to her in a few days.

Chakotay had made arrangements for Beyvahl, and his mother to come on board Voyager just before the ceremony and stay until everything was finished. They would leave Voyager after all the press and people were gone.

As the gangplank slowly lowered Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay and the rest of Voyager‘s crew awaited to descend. When the plank hit the ground Captain Janeway took a deep breath and led her crew down. When they got to the bottom several admirals greeted them.

"Welcome home, Captain Janeway," said Admiral Cameron as he stepped forward.

"Thank you, Admiral. It‘s good to be home," said Janeway as she shook his hand.

"I‘m sure you have a lot of questions, so if you and your crew would follow me to Starfleet‘s main headquarters we will find you all a place to stay then begin with your debriefing tomorrow," said Admiral Cameron as she motioned for Janeway to proceed him.

Janeway nodded then she and the rest of her rest amid the lights and flashes of cameras walked towards Starfleet headquarters.


Melody and the rest of the Voyager‘s children watched as Captain Janeway and the rest of Voyager‘s crew headed towards Starfleet headquarters. Melody was standing at a lone window with Beyvahl‘s arms around her.

"What‘s going to happen to them Uncle Bey?" asked Melody as she turned around in the big arms that reminded her so much of Chakotay‘s.

"Nothing, sweet one. If I know Captain Janeway she will resign from Starfleet before she allows anything to happen to Chakotay or Tom. Don‘t worry, you will see them again soon."

"Gods I hope, I feel so alone without them."

"Your not alone anymore, sweet one. You‘re never going to be alone again," said Beyvahl as he pulled the young woman into his arms. Beyvahl looked out of the windows and promised the spirits that if anything ever happened to Chakotay or Tom he would take their children in and raise them as his own.

As the last of Voyager‘s crew descended the gangplank, Melody watched as the families found there loved one‘s and wondered once again if she would ever get to see Tom, Chakotay or Ian again. When the crowd, reporters, and cameras where finally gone Beyvahl, and Maria lead Melody and the Chakotay-Paris children off of Voyager and to the temporary house Starfleet had arranged for them.

They were just entering a hovercraft when an elderly man with white hair approached one of the remaining guards left to watch over Melody and the children.

"Ensign, who are those children that just left Voyager with Ambassador Beyvahl?"

"I believe they are the Chakotay-Paris children, sir," answered the ensign as he turned to face the man.


"Yes, Admiral. Commander Chakotay and Lt. Tom Paris."

"Well I‘ll be damned! Do you know where they are staying?"

"They have been assigned temporary housing in the Starfleet Housing Complex, Sir."

"Thank you, Ensign," sighed Admiral Paris as he shook his head.

So the rumors around Starfleet Headquarters were true. His son, Tom Paris had taken a man for a husband. Not just any man, but the former Maquis leader Chakotay. Damn that would make things a little more difficult but he was determined to try and talk to his son. Especially when he found out they had children, he just wondered who the oldest girl was and what part she played in their relationship.

Right now he had to find out what was going to happen to Tom and the rest of the crew and also where his grandchildren were staying. Now was as good a time as any to call in all the old favors he was still owed by some of the Starfleet brass. As he left he started making a list of all the people he needed to call.