Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G - NC - 17 (depends on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 36

The next morning all of the senior staff was on the bridge when Harry finished the final scan and announced that the wormhole was large enough for them to pass safely through.

Raising her head and a stiffing of her back Janeway gave the order. "Mr. Paris, take us into the wormhole."

"Aye, Captain," responded Tom, then turned back to the Con and entered the coordinates that would take them into the wormhole and back to the Alpha Quadrant.

After a few minutes of minutes of bumpy ride, with Tom working franticly to keep Voyager on course, the ship calmed down and the rest of the of the trip was fairly calm. Halfway through Janeway leaned over and placed her hand on Chakotay‘s arm.

"Chakotay, how‘s Melody doing?"

With a quick look at Tom Chakotay leaned over to meet Janeway halfway.

"She‘s asleep, we gave her a sleeping pill last night. We both felt that it would be better if she slept through the initial trip through the wormhole, the past few days have been hard on her Kathryn. With keeping the kids calm and every thing else she didn‘t need the added stress."

"I agree, Commander. But you do know that you both will pay for this when she finds out?"

"Neither of us has any doubts about that, Captain," smiled Chakotay as he leaned back in his chair.

Both he and Tom knew that whatever Melody dished out for them they would gladly take it if it meant that they had save Melody from some further stress and strain and gave her some restful and peaceful time. The recent years had been rough on them all but the more they grew as a family the more pressure Melody put on herself. She needed and deserved some peaceful time, even if that meant drugging her to get it.

"Captain, we are about to exit the wormhole," informed Harry

"Full scans Mr. Kim, let‘s find out what is out there waiting for us," replied Janeway.

"Aye, Captain."

"Captain, we are clear of the wormhole," said Tuvok

"Harry?" asked Janeway as she turned slightly to look at the Ensign.

"Captain, I‘m not picking up anything. Just a minute, Captain. I‘m reading two, no three star class ships and several others that I‘m not familiar with," said Harry as he looked up from his panel.

"On screen."

As the screen came alive, Janeway and Chakotay both rose from their chairs to stand behind Tom at the Con.

"I‘ll be damned," whispered Chakotay.

"Captain, were being hailed," said Harry as he stood at his station.

"Open a channel. This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation star ship Voyager. We have been lost in the Delta Quadrant for the past ten years."

"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation star ship Enterprise. Welcome back, Captain Janeway."

"Thank you, Captain Picard. Did you get our request to inform the families of my crew?" asked Janeway.

"Yes, Captain. Starfleet has informed your families and they are on their way to meet you at Deep Space Nine."

"Then I guess we should proceed to DS9. After you, Captain?" said Janeway.

"By all means. Enterprise out," said Picard as the main view screen went blank.

"Mister Paris, lay in a course for Deep Space Nine."

"Aye, Captain."

"Engage," Said Janeway as they felt the engines engaged and Voyager followed the

Enterprise to Deep Space Nine.

"Chakotay, I think it might be wise if you went and told Melody what has happened. I‘d hate for her to wake up and see that outside her window without knowing what was going on," said Janeway as she straightened her jacket and sat back down in her chair.

"Agreed Captain, how long have we got?" asked Chakotay as he came up behind Tom and put his hands on his husbands shoulders.

Well for better or worse they were home, now the real test began whether they were able to kept their family together.

"At our estimated speed I‘d say 12.5 hours, Commander," responded Tuvok.

"Well then I guess we had better face the music, permission to leave the bridge Captain."

"Granted, to both of you. Take all the time you need to take care of Melody, but I would like all three of you on the bridge when we reach DS9," requested Janeway.

"Of course, Captain. And thank you," said Chakotay then he left the bridge followed closely by Tom.

They made the trip to their quarters in silence, and entered their quarters to find the younger Chakotay-Paris children huddled around the windows.

"Dad, Daddy, are all those ships really from Starfleet?" asked Garrick excitedly.

"Yes Garrick, Most of them are. Where is Melody?" asked Chakotay

"She‘s still asleep in her room, we did just what you said Daddy and were quiet and let her sleep," said Cheyenne as she came to stand in front of Chakotay.

Chakotay looked down at his youngest daughter and just had to smile. She was the perfect image of Tom with one exception; she had his eyes. But even with that she was Tom all over. She was rash, impulsive and so eager to please.

"Well thank you Chey, but there is still one more thing I need you all to do for Dad and I. Since Melody was asleep while we went through the wormhole, she doesn‘t know were we are, so I need you and the guys to be really quiet while Dad and I explain thing to Melody? Can you do that for us sweet one?" asked Chakotay as he knelt down in front of her.

"Sure daddy, Alaina and I will take care of the boys while you and Dad take care of Meldee," answered Cheyenne proudly as she looked at both her fathers.

Cheyenne didn‘t quite understand why Melody was getting so upset about going back to the Alpha quadrant, but if her Daddies or Melody asked her to do something she would try to move heaven and earth for those three.

At an early age she had heard the story of how Melody came to Voyager and what she had done for Tom and Chakotay. If it weren‘t for Melody she and her brother‘s and sister wouldn‘t have been born, and they all knew that there had been several time when everyone thought that Melody might die. She loved her father‘s but to her Melody was her hero, so if Daddy asked her to be quiet for a little while longer she would.

"Thanks pumpkin," said Chakotay as he kissed her on the forehead then headed towards Melody‘s room.

Tom looked at his younger brood then followed Chakotay into Melody‘s room. Melody was curled up asleep in the middle of her bed wrapped tightly in Ian‘s arms.

"Oh Commander, Lt. Paris," said Ian as he let go of Melody and jumped off the bed.

He had heard the voices in the other room and then the door open but he had assumed that it was Alaina or Garrick coming back in to check on Melody. If it was the Commander and Lt. Paris then that meant that they were back in the Alpha Quadrant. Well he had told her once that there was nothing that could happen to make him stop loving her and now it was time to put that promise to the test.

"I‘m sorry sirs, Melody had become upset while she was asleep and since you both were needed on the bridge Alaina and Garrick called me. Holding her seemed the only way to calm her down and then she fell back asleep and I didn‘t want to disturb her so..."

"Ian, don‘t worry. I‘m glad you were available and able to help her. Since she‘s used to you being here it would probably be a good idea if you stay while we explained things to her." Said Chakotay as he sat down on the side of her bed.

"We‘re in the Alpha Quadrant aren‘t we sir?"

"Yes, and being escorted to Deep Space Nine by the Star ship Enterprise," answered Tom.

"Oh gods, what do you think they will do with her?" asked Ian as he looked over at the woman he loved.

He knew that Starfleet would be interested in her for the sheer fact of who she was and where she came from. She was a woman from the past who had traveled through a space anomaly into their time. Starfleet might try to keep her presence quiet but when the press found out about her she and her family would become the main attraction in a three-ring circus possibly even eclipsing the return of Voyager.

After the past few years that was the last thing Melody and the Chakotay-Paris family needed, so if there was some small part he could play in protecting Melody and her family he would gladly do it.

Chakotay looked at the young man standing on the other side of the bed then nodded for Tom to give Melody the hypospray. They needed Melody conscious and clear headed if they had any hope of explaining what had happen. A few seconds after Tom administered the hypospray Melody stretched and turned over to see Tom, Chakotay and Ian standing above her.

"Hi Dad, Daddy. Ian what are you doing here?" asked Melody as she stretched once more then slowly sat up. "Wwwwwwwoohhh, my head feels like I‘ve been run over by a Mack truck."

"Take it easy, Mel. Ian could you get her a glass of water please?" asked Tom as he sat down on the other side of her.

"Yes sir," said Ian as he gave Melody a reassuring smile then left the room.

"What‘s the last thing you remember Mel?" asked Chakotay as he put his hand on her back and slowly started rubbing.

"Uhmmmmm, lets see. We left the observation lounge and you asked me when the last time I ate was and then you got me something to eat." Said Melody as she looked over at Tom and Chakotay.

Just then Ian returned with a glass of water and held it out to her.

"Here, Mel. Drink this slowly," said Tom as he took her hands and carefully wrapped them around the glass.

She took a small sip, and then put the glass in her lap. "You slipped me a Mickey didn‘t you?" asked Melody softly as she looked up at both her fathers.

Tom and Chakotay had imaged all kind of reactions coming from Melody when she found out what they had done but this wasn‘t one of them. She was quiet, all most too quiet, like something had died inside her.

"Melody, are you all right sweet one?" asked Chakotay as he gently pulled her into his arms.

"Oh Daddy, I don‘t know what I‘m feeling right now, but I can tell you *all right* is not one of them. I‘ll be honest with you both, I understand why you did what you did but it also hurts. Almost like you don‘t trust me to be able to handle our present situation."

"Oh Melody, it‘s not like that at all sweet one. You had been taking care of everyone else at the expense of your health again. We just thought that this would be faster and easier, and for that we are sorry sweet one."

"It‘s all right, Daddy. But from now on confront me about it when I start this again please."

"You got a deal, feeling any better?" asked Tom

"A little, how long before they contact us?"

"They were waiting for us when we came out of the wormhole. Right now we‘re en route to Deep Space Nine. Starfleet will contact us there,"

"Do you think they want to talk to me?"

"I‘m sure they will love, but you have my promise along with Kathryn‘s and the command staff‘s that no one will let anything happen to you," said Chakotay as he pulled her back into his arms.

"Thanks Daddy, how long have we got until we reach Deep Space Nine?"

"Just under twelve hours," replied Tom

"Then I guess I had better get started getting everyone ready to leave Voyager. You never know how much junk you acquire until you have to pack it all," laughed Melody weakly

"Mel?" said Tom with a stern sound in his voice.

"Don‘t worry Tom, I‘ll be careful."

"Don‘t worry, sir. I‘ll watch her for you," said Ian

"Traitor!" said Melody as she turned to look at Ian.

"Sorry love, but you know they both are right," replied Ian as he leaned down and gently kissed her forehead.

"All right, but you know you will pay for this don‘t you."

"Finally! Some one else to take some of the heat! Well I‘ll leave you two alone to work it out," said Tom as he gave her a quick kiss the stood up. Chakotay followed suit then the two of them left leaving Melody and Ian alone.

"Now young man, any ideas on how I should make you pay for that last remark?" asked Melody as she moved to the center of the bed.

"Oh I‘ve got a few...but how about this,..." said Ian as he suddenly launched himself at her and started tickling her, making her shriek with laughter and roll around on the bed.

At Melody‘s scream Tom and Chakotay were on their feet and halfway to the door when they heard the laughter coming from the room. It had been a long time since they had heard Melody laugh.

"Computer, soundproof Melody‘s room," called Chakotay as he stood at the door listening to the uncontrolled laughter of his eldest daughter.

"I hope you know what you‘re doing Chakotay?" said Tom as he came over and stood beside his husband.

"I do, Tom. I trust Melody, but I trust Ian even more. He won‘t do anything to hurt or endanger Melody."

"I just wish I could say that for the rest of Starfleet."

"So do I slim, so do I."

Eleven hours later Tom and the rest of the Command staff sat on the bridge as Voyager entered Deep Space Nine docking bay. Tom had just turned the COM over to Deep Space Nine and he and Chakotay went in search of Melody and the kids. Melody and the kids were sitting in the mess hall watching as they neared DS9. When Alaina noticed Tom and Chakotay she ran over to them and pulled them towards Melody.

"Daddy, something‘s wrong with Meldee. She‘s not talking, and she‘s just sitting there staring out the window," explained Alaina.

"Don‘t worry, Alaina. I‘ll go talk to her," said Chakotay as he looked over at his oldest daughter. She was sitting alone across the room curled into a ball on one of the couches. Chakotay walked over to her and sat down beside her.

"Melody, honey. Are you all right?" asked Chakotay as he touched her arm.

Melody looked up at Chakotay her eyes filling with tears. "I‘m scared, Daddy. What if I don‘t fit in here, what if they don‘t like me?"

"Oh, sweetheart," answered Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms. "They‘re going to love you, and hopefully we can live on Dorvan V. You will fit in just fine there."

Melody looked back up at him and smiled. "Are you sure?" she asked timidly.

"I‘m positive, sweet one. Now come on, the Captain would like you on the bridge when we talk to Starfleet."

"Is she certain?"

"Yes, Mel. Starfleet seems to be very interested in you," said Chakotay.

"Yeah, I bet they are," said Melody as she smiled and went over to the rest of the family. Twenty minutes later Melody and the command staff were standing on the bridge when the call from Starfleet headquarters came in.

"Were being hailed, Captain," said Harry.

"Open a channel, Mr. Kim. This is Captain Kathryn of the Federation Star ship Voyager."

"This is Admiral Ben Cameron of Starfleet Headquarters. Welcome back to the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Janeway."

"Thank you, Admiral. Admiral Cameron, I need to know what will happen to my crew. The Maquis and Lt. Paris plus we have several other non Starfleet personal."

"We are aware of your situation, Captain Janeway. You are to be taken to Deep Space Nine and given a medical examination, then the ship and your crew are to be taken to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco and debriefed. There the status of your Maquis crew and Lt. Paris will be reviewed."

At this news Melody visible paled and cried out softly, backing into Chakotay‘s arms. Janeway heard her cry and turned to see Melody move into Chakotay‘s arms.

"Admiral Cameron, would it be possible to have the debriefing of Melody Chakotay-Paris aboard Voyager. She has had a difficult time adjusting to this century and is very upset by large crowds of people," explained Janeway.

"I will see what I can do. Please wait at DS9 until you hear from me again. Starfleet out," said Admiral Cameron, then the view screen went blank.

"Don‘t worry, Mel," said Tom as he came over to stand in front of Melody. She was pale and shaking slightly in Chakotay‘s arms. "It will be all right, we‘ll stay with you." Tom reached up and placed his hand on her cheek. Melody leaned into his hand and closed her eyes.

"Thank you, Tom," said Melody softly.

Janeway looked over at the small family standing in the middle of the bridge. Melody was visibly upset, while Tom and Chakotay were concerned. Melody had been through so much in the last eight years that Janeway had hoped that her return to the Alpha Quadrant would have been a happy one.

"Commander, Lieutenant, why don‘t you take Melody back to your quarters and let her rest. We won‘t know anymore until we hear from Starfleet again," suggested Janeway.

"Thank you, Captain," said Chakotay as he steered Melody towards the turbo lift, with Tom following closely behind. Before the doors closed she could see Melody leaning heavily against Chakotay‘s chest.

It was four days before the crew of Voyager had been evaluated and all their families arrived at Deep Space Nine. Captain‘s Janeway and Picard agreed that it would be better if the Command staff were reunited with their families onboard the Enterprise instead of Voyager. So Tom, Chakotay, Melody, Janeway, Tuvok, Harry, B‘Elanna and the Chakotay-Paris children transported over to the Enterprise to meet their families.

Everyone was waiting in the Enterprises Ten Forward Lounge and when the doors opened the room got deafly quiet. Every eye turned to watch the long awaited crew of the star ship Voyager entered. As everyone slowly found his or her family no one noticed Melody carefully making her way back towards the door.

Chakotay was greeting his mother; brothers and sisters while Tom hugged his mother and sisters. The Chakotay-Paris children were standing beside them taking in all the new people. Chakotay turned to introduce his mother to their eldest daughter when he noticed she was gone.

"Tom, where‘s Melody?" asked Tom as he came over beside the younger man. Tom let go of his sister and turned to look at Chakotay.

"I thought she was with you. Melody?" said Tom. He scanned the room and quickly found her moving towards the doors. "Melody, where are you going?" asked Tom as he came over to her.

Melody was pale and breathing heavily when Tom grabbed her arm and turned her around. She saw all the faces turn to looking at her and her breathing increased.

"I‘m sorry, Tom. I can‘t! I can‘t!" cried Melody as she broke loose from his arms and ran towards the door. She was so upset that she didn‘t see the broad chest of Lt. Commander Data step in front of her until she hit him head on. She looked up into a golden face with yellow eyes. That was all her heart could take and she collapsed into darkness.

"Melody!" cried Tom and Chakotay saw her collapse into the arms of Lieutenant Commander Data. He gently laid her down on the floor as they came to her side.

"Captain, she‘s not breathing!" said Counselor Troi as she stood over the prone young woman.

"We‘ve got to get her to sick bay," said Captain Picard.

"No! Back to Voyager, our Doctor knows her medical history," said Chakotay as he looked down at his oldest daughter.

Captain Picard looked at the two men huddled around the young women then hit his COM badge.

"Transporter room, transport Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris and their daughter back to Voyager‘s sick bay immediately."

"Aye, Captain," said a male voice over the COM link.

"Thank you, Captain," said Tom as he watched Chakotay pick up Melody into his arms.

"Don‘t worry, Tom. Well take care of the kids," said Janeway as they vanished in the blue transporter beam.

A few seconds later Tom, Chakotay and Melody reappeared in Voyager‘s sickbay.

"Computer, activate Emergency Medical Holographic Program," called Chakotay as he laid Melody on an empty biobed.

"Please state the nature...Commander. What happened?" asked the Doctor as he quickly ran a scanner over Melody‘s prone body.

"I‘m not sure, she was trying to leave the party then all of a sudden she collapsed," said Chakotay.

The Doctor grabbed a medical tricorder and did a quick scan of Melody.

"I‘m not surprised, she has had a mild heart attack plus both of her lungs have collapsed. Mr. Paris I will need your assistance," informed the Doctor as he raised the biobed scanners over her body.

Chakotay moved off to one side as the Doctor and Tom worked to save Melody‘s life. Several hours later a haggard Tom Paris entered the small waiting room where Chakotay sat. He looked exhausted and very worried. Chakotay pulled him into his arms, letting him soak up his warmth and strength. A few minutes later the Doctor appeared at the door.

"Doctor, how is she?" asked Chakotay as he sat Tom down then went to talk to the Doctor.

"She is stable, Commander. But I‘m afraid there is not much more I can do for her."

"What do you mean, nothing you can do for her!" yelled Chakotay. "You‘ve got to save her. We can‘t lose her now!"

"He‘s done everything he can, Chakotay," said Tom as he looked up at his husband.

"Voyager wasn‘t designed for long term missions so it‘s wasn‘t equipped to handle extensive life threatening situations. The medical equipment aboard Voyager is designed only to threat an injury or illness until they are sent to a Medical Base. I simply do not have the equipment to save her," stated the Doctor.

Chakotay turned and walked over to the plastic window that separated the waiting room from sickbay. From there he could see Melody lying on the biobed hooked up to the life support systems.

He rested his head on the window then said softly. "What about the Enterprise?"

"What did you say?" asked the Doctor as he came over by him.

Chakotay raised his head and turned around to face them both. "I said what about the Enterprise, they must have the latest medical equipment. Maybe they could save her."

"It‘s certainly worth a try. Voyager to Enterprise. This is the Chief Medical Officer," called the Doctor.

"Enterprise here, go ahead Doctor," answered a male voice.

"I need to speak with Captain Picard or Captain Janeway, immediately."

"One moment, Doctor. Go ahead."

"Doctor to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here, go ahead Doctor. How‘s Melody?"

"Not good I‘m afraid. I have her stabilized but Voyager is not equipped to save her. Would it be possible to transfer her to the Enterprise sick bay along with myself so I and their Doctor can treat her?"

Janeway looked over at Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher who stood beside her. Since Melody‘s departure everyone had been curious about the young woman. At Picard‘s nod of agreement, Janeway let of a sigh of relief.

"Yes, Doctor. Transport yourself and Melody to the Enterprise sick bay immediately. Janeway out." Kathryn turned to look at the two officers in front of her. "Thank you, she means a lot to all of us."

"Yes, I can tell that. But don‘t thank me yet until I‘ve had a chance to examine her," said Dr. Crusher as she left Ten Forward for sickbay.

"Don‘t worry, Captain. She‘s the best Doctor in the Quadrant," said Picard as he noticed Janeway watching Dr. Crusher leave.

"Let‘s hope so, that young lady has had an awful lot happen to her," said Janeway wearily. She turned back to wrap her arms around the shoulders of Alaina and Garrick and sent a silent pray for Melody‘s health.

As Tom, Chakotay, Melody and the Doctor reappeared in the Enterprise sick bay Dr. Crusher rushed forward. The young woman in Commander Chakotay‘s arms was pale and very weak.

"Over here, Commander. Please," said Dr. Crusher as she motion to one of their biobed.

Chakotay laid her down on the empty bed then stepped back as the two Doctor‘s went to work. When they heard the sick bay doors open Tom and Chakotay turned to see Captains Janeway and Picard enter.

"How‘s she doing, Chakotay?" asked Janeway as she came over beside the two men.

"I don‘t know, they just started a few minutes ago," answered Chakotay, as he looked back at Melody and the two Doctors.

"Don‘t worry, Commander. I have informed Starfleet Headquarters of the situation and they assure me that she will get all the medical attention she requires," said Picard as he looked at the two men. They obviously cared a great deal for this young woman, and if their cooperation was wanted they would have to help her first.

They all turned and watched as the Doctor‘s of Voyager and the Enterprise examined Melody. Twenty minutes later Dr. Crusher and the holographic Doctor walked into the small waiting room of the Enterprise sick bay.

"How is she?" asked Tom as he stood up and advanced on the Doctors.

"She‘s fine, for now Mr. Paris," answered the Doctor.

"What do you mean, now!" asked Chakotay.

"Calm down, Commander. Go ahead Doctor Crusher," said Janeway as she laid her hand on Chakotay‘s arm.

"Thank you, Captain Janeway. Melody is in remarkably good shape considering everything that she has been through. But I‘m afraid the extra stress of returning to the Alpha Quadrant and meeting all the new people has been a very big strain on her heart and lungs," explained Dr. Crusher.

"We have repaired the damage to her heart, but the most damage was to her lungs. Given their condition it would not be wise to try and repair the damage," explained the Holodoctor.

"So what are you going to do! Leave her like that!" asked Chakotay angrily.

"No, Commander. We will take a sample of her lung and clone a replacement. Then we will transplant the cloned lung into her body, cloning has become a standard procedure on most long-range star ships," said Dr. Crusher.

"My god, things have changed while we were gone," said Tom quietly.

"Yes it has, Lt. you may see your daughter for a few minutes then I will need to begin the cloning procedure," said Dr. Crusher as she looked at the two men.

"Thank you, Dr. I‘m sorry I yelled earlier," said Chakotay.

"Don‘t be, Commander. I would have done the same thing if it had been my son," answered Dr. Crusher as he left.

Tom and Chakotay looked at and Janeway, then back to Melody, "Go ahead, Chakotay, Tom. The kids are taken care of."

They both smiled then went to Melody‘s bedside. She was lying on a bed with a small clear tube running into her nose. She was asleep, and looked a little better. Still pale, but not quite as deathlike. Chakotay took her hand and gently leaned down to kiss her forehead. Melody slowly stirred opening her eyes.

"Hi, sweet one. How do you feel?" he asked gently.

"Better, my chest doesn‘t hurt anymore. What happened?" asked Melody weakly.

"I‘m afraid you had a mild heart attack and your lungs collapsed. Melody I‘m sorry about all this, we knew how you felt about large crowds but we just got caught up in the excitement and didn‘t think. I‘m sorry," said Chakotay as he leaned down and placed his lips on her forehead.

"It‘s not your fault, Daddy. I should have said something or reminded you. Can I still meet your families, just a few at a time though?" asked Melody.

"Sure thing, sweet. How ever you want," said Tom as he came to the other side of her bed.

"Daddy, that man. The man before I collapsed..."

"Lt. Commander Data, what about him. Mel?" said Tom.

"Can I see him again?"

"Sure, sweet. When your feeling better, right now the Doctor wants you to rest OK?" answered Chakotay.

"OK," said Melody as she closed her eyes.

"Commander, Lt. She really needs to rest," said Dr. Crusher as she came over to them.

"All right, but let us know if she wakes up again," said Tom as he took Chakotay‘s hand and lead him out of sickbay. Now that Melody was safe, they needed to check on their other children and explain what was going on.