Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P. C/P/M (only once). M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Warning: This Chapter contains scenes of M/M/F; if you find this offensive don’t read any further.

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 32

As the three of them rode the turbo lift to the holodeck, Melody began to tremble uncontrollably. Tom noticed immediately, and asked her if she was all right.

"We don‘t have to do this, if you have *any* doubts, sweet."

"I...it‘s not that I‘m doubtful, exactly. I‘m...I‘m *nervous*," Melody sounded surprised.

"Thank goodness, I thought *I* was the only one," Chakotay replied.

"I‘m not exactly a tower of blasé-ness, if that‘s a word, either," Tom admitted.

"But...I thought you two had done this before," asked Melody quickly.

Melody was surprised, she would have thought that at least Tom, with his...interesting, to say the least.... sexual history would have experienced sex with more than one partner. She had heard through Voyager’s gossip line that Tom had been very popular, and had quite a reputation with the ladies of Voyager before he and Chakotay had gotten together. Their wedding had caused quite a few heartbreaks among the ladies of Voyager.

"Not unless the Trill I dated at the Academy counts," Tom grinned.

"You dated a Trill?" Chakotay asked, curiously.

"Yes, but she wasn‘t joined then. I still remember her blue eyes; even then they seemed wise beyond her years. I don‘t know what happened to her after she left the Academy, I think that‘s when she went back to Trill to be joined."

"And what about you, Chakotay?" Melody was determined not to let him off the hook either.

"I‘d rather not think about the only person I‘ve been with whom could possibly qualify as two people," Chakotay looked haunted, and Tom knew he was thinking of Seska.

Changing the subject, Tom drew Melody into his arms.

"It‘s okay, sweet. This is new for all of us. I think that‘ll make it easier. And we‘re here," he added as the lift stopped.

The nervousness was forgotten in the aura of curiosity, Chakotay and Melody knew that Tom had designed a new program for this night. As they stepped into the holodeck, Chakotay and Melody smiled. Chakotay because the room was lovely, and Melody because she knew where Tom had gotten the idea for part of this room from.

"I can‘t believe you remembered, Tom," Melody exclaimed in pleasure, moving to warm her hands in front of the holographic fireplace.

"How could I forget?"

"Forget what?" Chakotay asked.

"One day, a long time ago, Melody told me that she had always dreamed of making love for the first time in front of a marble fireplace. So, of course, I remembered, and when I was creating this program, I included it."

"I think I just remembered why I love you," Chakotay smiled, "Like I do a dozen times a day."

"Ugh," Melody spoke, "I love you guys, but gods, you get sickening at times."

"Hmmm...Maybe we should stop," Tom teased. "The last thing we need is for Melody to get sick..."

"Mmmmm..." Chakotay looked a little nervous again, "How exactly do we get started?"

"Maybe," Melody grinned wickedly, "We should all start by getting naked? Seems a logical place to start," and shyly began unbuttoning her dress.

"Oh, no, sweet," Tom gently pulled her fingers away, "One of the greatest pleasures of making love is to undress your lover, or, in this case, lovers. And I am not about to deprive *any* of us of that pleasure," he finished, continuing what she had started, slipping the thin cotton from Melody‘s slender shoulders to reveal a white lacy camisole.

Both men gasped at the sight of Melody‘s flesh revealed by the skimpy undergarment, and Melody blushed under their scrutiny.

"How about some reciprocation, guys," she asked, weakly.

"Whenever you‘re ready, sweet," Tom replied, holding his arms out to her. She smiled, and instead of moving into his arms began undoing the buttons of his shirt. With her teeth. Tom shivered and moaned as tiny puffs of breath hit his skin as it was exposed then was unable to prevent himself from flinching as her tongue followed the trail of skin revealed by his open shirt. Melody moved back, unsure if he liked it or not, and Tom smiled, pulling her to him for a gentle kiss.

"Yes, I liked it," he whispered into her ear, "Now...I think Chakotay needs some help, too. Shall we team up on him?"

At Melody‘s bright smile and delighted nod, they began moving purposefully towards Chakotay, who wasn‘t sure whether to be, excited or apprehensive. Melody began tentatively kissing his face, tracing his tattoo with tiny pecks of her lips, while Tom began undressing his husband, kissing wherever he could reach.

Chakotay finished undressing Tom, with Melody‘s shy but enthusiastic help, and then the men turned their attention back to Melody.

Tom caressed her hair, making her more relaxed, while Chakotay removed her clothes. Both men were surprised, and yet not, at her lush beauty. Full, ripe breasts, womanly hips, and her most secret place, all were beautiful and struck desires long buried by choice for both men.

"Oh," Tom murmured, unable to resist taking a breast with his mouth. It had been so long, and although he would not change Chakotay for anyone, this had been what he had missed the most about a woman. Melody trembled with desire as his tongue laved her nipple to hardness, the other breast being stimulated by his fingers. Chakotay was kissing her, so his lips muffled her moans.

Tom‘s lips traveled over Melody‘s stomach, and she began to sway. With a whispered command from Tom, a mattress appeared under them, large enough by far for the three of them. Melody didn‘t even try to stay upright, her knees buckling under her, and Tom and Chakotay followed her down. Tom continued his journey over her creamy skin, tasting her inner thighs. Chakotay continued to make love to her breasts, Melody holding his head to her.

Tom began lapping gently at her slick, womanly folds, finding the hidden nub, causing Melody to buck into him. He began licking, slowly at first, increasing as her hip movements increased, plunging a finger, then two, deeply inside her. The stimulation of the fingers, as well as Tom‘s tongue on her most sensitive place, were all that Melody needed to experience her first climax, and she released a flood of sweet juices into Tom‘s eager mouth.

Tom and Chakotay held her as she returned to them from the place of euphoria Tom had taken her to. To their surprise, she began crying.

"What is it, sweet? Did I do something?" Tom was concerned, he knew Chakotay had held back a little, not uncomfortable, but he had been more willing to take the lead with Melody, had he done something wrong?

"Oh, no, Tom, I‘m sorry. I‘m just...that was more than I‘d ever dreamed it could be. Thank you so much."

"Oh, Melody, sweet, you are much more than welcome. I‘m glad it was good for you. It‘s been a long time for me, you know," he smiled at her.

"I love you both so much. Thank you for doing this for me. It means more than I can ever say to you," Melody was talking softly but rapidly.

Tom realized from the way that she imperceptibly moved away from his caresses that she was too oversensitive to do any more tonight. Perhaps that was for the best, he and Chakotay had considered going further, but it was not something that either had particularly wanted to do. There was still that imperceptible barrier when it came to thinking of Melody as anything other than their daughter.

"What now?" Chakotay asked, clearly ready for something.

"Please..." Melody seemed to have regained her composure.

"What, sweet?" Tom asked.

"I...I‘d like to see what you guys do, you know, with each other," Melody explained, blushing all over.

"Oh," Tom drawled, "I think we can work something out," and he began kissing Chakotay.

Over the course of the evening, Melody found that there was much pleasure in watching two beautiful men together, not something she would have ever thought of herself. But the love the two men shared was so beautiful, that the physical expression of it could be nothing less.

The next morning Chakotay, Tom and Melody made their way to the shuttle bay. B‘Elanna was doing last minute system checks when the three finally appeared.

"Well it‘s about time you three showed up. Did you enjoy your time, Melody?" she asked noticing the slightly flushed look on the young woman‘s face. Something very special had taken place on the holodeck last night between those three. She was aching to get Melody aside and ask her.

"Yes I did, Aunt B‘Elanna. Thank you."

"Care to tell me what it was?"

"B‘Elanna!" exclaimed both men beside her.

Now she knew she had to talk to Melody, from the look on Chakotay and Tom‘s faces and the blush that was raising in Melody‘s cheeks it must have been really special.

"Maybe later, Aunt B‘Elanna. Right now I‘ve got some anomalous readings to scan," answered Melody as she entered the shuttlecraft.

Tom and Chakotay watched she went and smiled; last night had been truly wonderful. Something that they all three would remember for a long time. At B‘Elanna‘s glance they straightened their faces and turned to face her.

"All right, guys. Give, what did you do for her that‘s made you all so damn happy?" asked B‘Elanna.

"B‘Elanna, that‘s up to Melody if she wants to say anything about it. But lets just say that it was a learning experience for all of us," said Chakotay as he turned and entered the shuttlecraft. Tom smiled at the speechless B‘Elanna Torres and followed Chakotay into the shuttle. Melody had already stowed her bag and was sitting in her chair waiting for them when they both entered.

"You know I‘d never tell anyone what happened, don’t you guys?" said Melody quietly.

Chakotay swiveled his chair around to look at the young woman behind him. Even after last night‘s mind blowing experience she still was very child like, needing to be reassured that everything was all right and they she was loved. He had hoped she would became more confidant with herself so that her self esteem would grow, but it looked like that she would be forever needing to be reassured of their love.

"Melody, if you tell anyone about what happened last night that‘s your business. Just remember that we both love you very much."

Melody got out of her chair and wrapped her arms around Chakotay‘s back, leaning down to kiss his neck.

"Thank you, I love you to Chakotay. Always remember that too," whispered Melody.

"Voyager to shuttle craft two," called Janeway of the COM system.

Melody jumped and let go of Chakotay‘s back as she hurried to her seat. Chakotay could hear Tom‘s soft chuckle as he looked at the slightly flushed face of his lover.

"Shuttle craft two here, go ahead Voyager," answered Tom while Chakotay composed himself.

"Are you three all set to go?"

"Aye, Captain. Were ready to depart. See you in seven days."

"Acknowledged, shuttle craft two. Have fun, Voyager out."

"All right, Melody. Here we go," said Tom as he started the launching sequence and the shuttlecraft cleared Voyager.

For the next several hours Tom piloted the shuttlecraft on their way to the coordinates of the anomalous readings. It would take two days to reach the coordinates, three days to scan, then another two days to return. It was going to be the longest that any of them had been away from Alaina or Garrick. He knew that Samantha and Kes would take good care of them, but he was already beginning to miss them.

At dinnertime, Tom set the autopilot then turned to watch Melody. She had been sitting quietly watching the panel in front of her intently noting each thing it did during it‘s scan. Every once in a while he could feel her watching him as he piloted the shuttle. He knew she was eager to learn all she could but he wasn‘t sure if she was ready for flying yet. He‘d have to talk to Chakotay, then get her in one of the simulations to see how she did. Right now she was watching the panel in front of her as it continued its scan.

"Who‘s ready for dinner?" asked Tom as he came towards her. She looked up him just as he leaned over her panel.

"Huh, oh I guess I am. I think we skipped lunch?"

"It‘s all your fault you know, you forgot to set the alarm." Answered Tom teasingly.

"Well you are the one who wrote the program. If you hadn‘t made it so damn good in the first place I wouldn‘t have been so tired and forgot."

"Sweetheart, you really need to watch you language," reminded Chakotay as he came up beside her.

"I know, I‘m sorry," she answered quietly.

Chakotay looked at the young woman then pulled her into his arms. "Were not mad, Mel. Just try to remember, OK?"

Melody leaned back against his chest and sighed. "Sure thing, anything for you," Then she turned in his arms and hugged his neck.

"Oh sure, listen to her. Now we figure out what it takes to get her to listen to us," said Tom teasingly.

"Yeah, but that was a one time shot guys. So don‘t press you‘re luck. There aren‘t exactly private quarters here."

"Melody, if you want us to..." asked Chakotay.

"Oh for heavens sakes, I was joking. I don‘t mind if you guys make love around me. I thought you figured that out after last night."

"But last night was different. Here we would almost be together," said Tom.

"We were *together* last night, remember. Look guys, I don‘t know why you both have suddenly gotten so shy around me but I won‘t have it. I‘m not spending the next week with two very frustrated men. So get it through you‘re think heads; you two will be sleeping together. Now what else you decide to do is your business, but don‘t stop just because I‘m here," said Melody, then she pulled out of Chakotay‘s arms and went over to the replicator to get her dinner.

Tom and Chakotay stood staring at her then started laughing.

"You know she‘s got us there, Cha. We were all three *together* last night," said Tom as he looked at his husband and lover.

"Yeah, she does. Sometimes I wonder who‘s raising who?" remarked Chakotay.

"I know."

Tom and Chakotay went over to the small table where Melody was eating and sat down on either side of her.

"We’re sorry, Melody. Were just not used to have an extra person in the same room," said Tom.

"Well don‘t get used to it either. I love you both dearly, but I don‘t plan of turning into a voyeur."

"Good, because it kind of crimps my style," responded Chakotay.

"Oh yeah! I didn‘t see any crimps last night," teased Melody.

As Tom watched the interplay between Melody and Chakotay he wondered how she could be so opened minded about sex and yet so naive too.

"Mel? Doesn‘t all this talk about sex bother you?" asked Tom.

Melody knew that her free talk about sex bothered Chakotay and Tom, just like her cussing. But she didn‘t see any reason why she couldn‘t tease each other if since they were family.‘

"No, I guess it‘s because of my grand mamma."

"Your grand mamma? What was she like?" asked Chakotay.

"Oh you would have liked her. She was the sweetest person, always helping people. She always had a garden and used to run a bed and breakfast."

"A bed and breakfast? What‘s that?" asked Tom.

"It‘s a kind of hotel that is run in someone‘s home, except you only sleep the night and eat breakfast in the morning. I think I have a sketch around here somewhere of her," said Melody as she got up and rummaged through her bag then returned. She handed Chakotay a medium size piece of paper, then sat down again. The sketch was an exact copy of Melody except for the silver hair and lines on her face. Melody definitely looked like her grand mamma.

"Was she your mother or father‘s parent?" asked Chakotay as he handed the sketch to Tom.

"My mother‘s, she knew my mother wasn‘t fit to raise a girl so she took me in as soon as I left the hospital. I never heard from my mother until they had to call her after grand mamma died."

"Were sorry, Mel," said Tom softly.

"Oh don‘t be, those were the best four and a half years of my life. She‘s the only one of my family I really miss and now..."

"Now what, sweet one?" asked Chakotay.

"Well now, I don‘t know if I have any grand parents or if I‘ll ever see them?"

"Oh course you do, sweet. You have two ladies who will love you from the minute they meet you. On my side you also have two uncle and aunts," answered Chakotay.

"But what if when we get back they don‘t like me?"

"Won‘t happen, Melody. Besides, they take us as a family or not at all," said Tom.

"Thank you guys, that means a lot to me. I hope some day that I can meet your families," said Melody as she covered her mouth and yawned.

"Looks like someone could use an early bed time," said Chakotay as he looked at her. She had had a big day yesterday and not much sleep last night. It was finally catching up with her.

"I get the message, good night. Guys," replied Melody as she got up and kissed both men then went to the back of the shuttle where her small metal bunk was.

Her bunk was a small metal slab that could be pulled out of the wall with a cover to give you privacy. There was an inflatable mattress and blanket in a compartment above. She wondered if she could sleep without the cover but she suspected not. The guys might not say anything, but they deserved some privacy. So as she climbed in the bunk, she prayed that she could make it through the next five days. She wondered if she could talk the guys into letting her stay up all night, then sleep in their bunk during the day. Nah, probably not.

At 0330 Chakotay and Tom awoke to the sounds of muffled crying and banging on metal. After a few minutes more and they remembered where they were. In a shuttlecraft checking anomalous readings with Melody. Melody! It must be her that was crying, but why and where was she.

They looked over at the second bunk and got their answer. The cover was over the bunk, and suddenly they were getting louder. They both quickly got out of bed and went beside Melody‘s bunk. Chakotay opened the top of the cover to find Melody screaming and banging with her fists. He grabbed her hands and tried to hold her still as Tom unlocked the bottom half of the cover.

When both cover were pushed back Chakotay pulled her into his arms gently shaking her. "Melody! Melody, wake up!"

Chakotay looked over at Tom and saw the concern in his face that echoed his own. Melody was having a nightmare again, and they were having trouble waking her.

"Melody! Melody. Honey, wake up!" called Chakotay louder this time.

Tom looked at Chakotay then got up a hypospray from the medical kit, then returned to her bunk. She was still in the grips of her nightmare and was not responding to their voice. He took her face between her hands and firmly but gently held her face in front of his.

"Melody! It‘s Tom and Chakotay, Melody!" called Tom.

Her eyes moved around the room then locked on Tom‘s face. They were still glazed, but clearing slowly until finally she saw Tom‘s face in front of her.

"Tom? Chakotay?" asked Melody as she looked between both men.

"Yes, sweet. It‘s us," answered Tom.

Melody gave a strangled cry, and then launched herself into Tom‘s arms. She laid her head on his chest and softly began to cry again. Tom gently rubbed her back as she continued to cry.

When her tears had slowed down Tom asked. "Melody, honey. Can you tell us what happened?"

"I had a nightmare. Sometimes when I was bad Momma used to lock me in my bed with the covers over my head," answered Melody quietly.

"Oh spirits, the cover must have triggered that memory. Oh, Melody. We didn‘t know, were sorry."

"Cha, do you think she could sleep on the floor?" asked Tom as he looked around the shuttle.

"She‘s going to have to. She can‘t sleep here anymore," said Chakotay as he looked down at the bunk.

"Mel, were going to give you something so you can sleep. OK?" said Tom as he looked over at Chakotay and nodded.

Chakotay picked up the hypospray and put it to her neck, injecting the medicine into her. Melody relaxed instantly and closed her eyes against Tom‘s chest. When he knew she was asleep Tom carried her to the mattress that Chakotay had laid down earlier. When she was lying down he ran a scanner over her to check how she was doing.

"How‘s she doing?" asked Chakotay as he knelt beside them.

"She‘s under heavy sedation. Physically she‘s fine, well have to deal with her emotional health when she wakes up," said Tom as he closed the scanner.

As Tom gently stroked her forehead, Melody moaned softly, curling into a small ball.

"Shhh... Baby, it‘s all right," said Chakotay as he rubbed her back.

Both men sat beside her rubbing and petting her back until she was sleeping peacefully. They both rose and staggered back to their small bunk falling asleep in each other‘s arms.

At 0700 the alarm went off jarring Chakotay and Tom awake. Tom quickly reached over and shut the alarm before it woke Melody. Rising on his arms he looked over at the mattress on the floor. She was still asleep curled in a little ball. She hadn‘t moved since they had left her. Tom moved out of Chakotay‘s arms and got up to scan Melody again. The sedative had worn off and she was sleeping on her own now.

"How‘s she doing?" asked Chakotay from the bed.

"Better, she‘s sleeping on her own now. Why don‘t you hit the shower while I get her settled back in our bunk for now," suggested Tom as he watched Chakotay get out of bed and come towards him.

He looked tired. Neither of them had gotten much sleep after Melody‘s nightmare. They had just relaxed enough to fall asleep when the alarm went off. Now they had to work on the scans.

Chakotay knelt down in front of the two and looked down at Melody. She looked tired, even in her sleep she was still fighting her fears. Chakotay leaned over and kissed Tom, then headed towards the shower. Tom watched his husband’s naked retreating back and smiled. They both knew that Melody would some how make this up to them and he realized that he was looking forward to their time together.

As Tom reached for Melody she softly moaned. "Shhh, baby. It‘s OK, were still here," he whispered as he gently picked her up and carried her to the bed they just recently left.

Chakotay was just coming out of the shower wearing only a towel when Tom turned around to notice him.

"She still asleep?" asked Chakotay as he started dressing.

"Yeah, she‘ll be out for several more hours," said Tom as he walked over and went into Chakotay‘s arms.

"Not a great way to start out your first away mission, Huh?"

"It will get better, well make sure it does," answered Chakotay as he leaned down for a kiss.

"Oh Cha," moaned Tom. "I think we had better stop this while we can," said Tom as he moved back.

Tom stood in front of him as Chakotay took in his beauty; he was semi erect, with a slight flush to his skin.

"I‘m sorry, Tom."

"Don‘t be, Chakotay. But right now we need to take care of Melody. Our time will come later. I‘ll go shower while you get breakfast, OK?" said Tom as he reluctantly left Chakotay‘s arm and headed to the shower.

At 1000 Janeway called for the first progress report on the scans and found to exhausted men sitting in the front chairs.

"Voyager to shuttle craft two," called Janeway.

"Good morning, Captain," answered Chakotay.

"I hate to say this Commander, but you and Tom looked awful."

"Why thank you so much, Captain," Tom teased. "Melody has had a rough night last night."

‚What happened?"

"Another nightmare. It seems that her mother used to tie her down in bed with the sheets over her face," explained Chakotay.

"Oh dear, God. Did she sleep on the second bunk?" asked Janeway questionably.

"Yes, it seems the cover triggered the memory," said Tom.

Janeway sighed heavily then answered. "How‘s she doing?"

"She‘s sleeping now, I had to sedate her pretty heavily last night. Were going to talk to her when she wakes up."

"Tell her if she needs to talk to someone give me a call," offered Janeway.

"Will do, Captain. And thanks," said Tom.

"I‘ll call back at 2100 to see how she‘s doing, Voyager out."

Tom and Chakotay looked back at Melody, then turned around to continue the scans.