Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 31

The next morning at 0900 the command staff and others sat in the conference room waiting for Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris. They each had received a message telling them of the meeting but nothing as to what it was about. Kes thought it might be about what happen to Melody last night but when she called earlier and asked how Melody was they told her she was fine. It seemed that only Captain Janeway knew what was going on and she wasn‘t saying. So each of them sat speculating on what the Commander and Lt. wanted.

A few minutes later the doors opened and Tom and Chakotay. Tom sat down in the seat to the left of the Captain while Chakotay paced nervously behind his chair. He looked over around the room at the faces that made up Melody‘s extended family then rested on Tom‘s face and smiled.

"I don‘t know if any one remembers when Melody first arrived that all the information we had was what the Doctor discovered in the Historical database. As she stayed and grew we learned more about her past and history. Two days ago Ian told us that Melody had becoming quiet and distant for the past few weeks. Last night we talked to Melody and discovered what was wrong. It seems that last year we missed her birthday, and since then she feared she had not been good enough to get another one."

"What do you mean not been good enough, Chakotay?" asked Janeway. She knew from last night that something had happened having to do with Melody‘s past, but this was the first she had heard about this.

"Each year at her birthday she was told that she had not been good enough to deserve a birthday part," answered Tom bluntly.

"Never been good enough! Why she is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, most giving person I have every known," said Kes angrily.

"We all agree with that Kes, but you have to remember she was not wanted by her parents so she was made to feel like she was never good enough," said Chakotay.

"Well she‘s been wonderful here. We need to make her birthday something special for her." Said Janeway.

"We are, Captain. That is why we wanted to talk to all of you. We are planning on giving her a party with several of her close friends and family."

"Don‘t worry, Chakotay, Tom. We will make this the best party she‘s ever had."

"That won‘t be hard, from what we can get out of her she was never given one before," said Tom.

"Oh, my," said the Doctor.

"Chakotay, Tom. I have an idea for a gift for her. You know that she hasn‘t been off of Voyager since Garrick and Alaina were born except for the short trips before your anniversary," said Janeway.


"Harry just recently discovered some strange anomalous reading not to far from an M-Class planet were we can get some essential minerals were need. What if I sent Melody on an away mission to study these anomalous readings? Lt. Carver says she‘s making great improvements in her work in the Astrometrics Lab. We could send Melody out in a shuttle to scan the readings?"

"And who were you planning on sending with her?" asked Chakotay.

"Why you two of course, Tom could pilot the shuttle while you helped her with the scans. It would also give you three some quality time together that you haven‘t had since Garrick and Alaina were born," reminded Janeway.

"I think she‘d like that, Captain," said Tom.

"Good, I‘ll set up the away mission myself to leave the day after her birthday," said Janeway.

"Don‘t worry, Commander. We will make this a very special day for her," said Ian as he stood and walked in front of the two officers.

He couldn‘t believe what Melody‘s family had done to her but he was sure glad that these two men had her now. They had helped her in so many ways that she wasn‘t the same person she had been when she first came on board. Now she was a strong independent woman who has proven several times that she can take care of herself.

"Thank you, Ian. I know you will," said Chakotay as he gave the young man a pat on his shoulder and smiled.

Chakotay hadn‘t been to sure about Ian went he first asked to start seeing Melody but as he got to know the young man he knew that Ian was just what Melody needed. He would do anything for her, but never pressure her into something she wasn‘t ready for. Everyone else had risen from their chairs and left passing Tom and Chakotay. As they passed each gave the men a smile and a nod or a pat on the arm.

When the room was empty Chakotay sat down in a chair and put his head in his hands. Tom came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his back laying his head on his back.

"Don‘t worry, Cha. Everyone will make Melody‘s birthday special."

"I know, Tom? I was thinking that this might be a good time to plan Melody‘s special time with us," said Chakotay as he looked up at the young man. They hadn‘t brought up the subject since Melody had asked them. He wasn‘t sure that they could really go through with it up if they gave her that experience it would truly make her birthday special.

"I think you might be right, that would make her present from us very special. I have another idea for her too."

"Aren‘t you going to tell me?" asked Chakotay as he turned in Tom‘s arms.

"No, but I will say it is something we all will enjoy," said Tom mischievous as he leaned down and kissed him.

"Now I know were Melody gets her mischievous streak from."

"Cha! What ever are you talking about?" asked Tom as he pulled out of his arms and smiled.

"You just wait until we get off duty, Tom Paris," said Chakotay as he stood up and walked over to the younger man. He pulled Tom into his arms once again and kissed him hard for a few minutes then pulled back leaving Tom breathless, then walked out of the room. Tom stood watching him leave, and then hurriedly followed him out the door.

Over the next week Tom, Chakotay, Captain Janeway and the rest of the command staff worked to get ready for Melody‘s birthday. Tom and Chakotay wrote their special program for Melody while Janeway worked out the away mission profile. Tom told B‘Elanna about the holoprogram of her cat and B‘Elanna and her engineering team installed holoemitters in the living area and Melody‘s bedroom of their quarters.

On the morning of her birthday Tom and Chakotay awoke early, feed and dressed Alaina and Garrick letting Melody sleep a little longer. When Melody finally came out of her bedroom, she found Alaina and Garrick already feed and playing on the floor while Tom and Chakotay were trying to clean up.

"Tom, Chakotay. Why didn‘t you wake me?" asked Melody as she came over and pick up Garrick. His face and shirt were covered with cereal while quietly sucked on his bottle.

"Because it‘s your birthday, Melody," said Tom as he took Garrick from her and sat down at the table. "Don‘t worry, Mel. They have all ready been feed and changed."

"I can see that," said Melody as she smiled at Tom and Garrick. Garrick had noticed Tom‘s Lt.‘s bars on his turtleneck and was trying to put them in his mouth.

"You might want to change his shirt before you take him out though," said Melody as she pulled Garrick‘s fingers off his bars and gave him a toy.

"Just relax, sweet one. Today‘s your special day. We will take care of Alaina and Garrick so you have the whole day to yourself," said Chakotay as he came over and kissed her head.

"I‘m not sure I‘ll know what to do with myself for the whole day," said Melody as she sat down.

"Well enjoy yourself, Mel. And remember, we have a special dinner planned for tonight," said Tom as he put her breakfast in front of her then left to change Garrick‘s shirt.

Melody looked down at her plate and smiled. They had replicated her favorite breakfast. French toast, sausage and orange juice.

"Oh, guys! Are you sure I‘ve been good enough for all of this?" asked Melody shyly as she looked up at Chakotay.

"You my, sweet. Have been very good and deserve a whole lot more, but this is all we can manage for now. So you just relax and enjoy your day off," said Chakotay as he gave her a quick kiss then pick up Alaina and carried her into the nursery.

Tom had changed Garrick and came over to lean down and kiss her on the forehead. "Happy birthday, sweet."

A few minutes later Chakotay returned carrying Alaina, then they both left. Melody watched the door closed and then looked back down at her plate. Today was even better than she had hoped for. As she started eating her breakfast she planned out what she would do today. When Melody finished her breakfast she recycled her dishes then went to take a long hot shower.

Twenty minutes later as Melody entered the living area the door buzzed. Melody sighed and headed towards the door. When the door opened sitting in the middle of the floor was a small brown box. She leaned out the door, looking both ways down the corridors but didn‘t see anyone. She leaned down picking up the box and stepping back as the doors closed. Opening the box she found a piece of paper inside. On the paper was written:

"Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday dear Melody; Happy Birthday to you. Come to holodeck two to find your present Ian."

Melody smiled and went back to her bedroom and got ready to meet Ian.

Five minutes later Melody stood outside the doors of holodeck wondering if this was really a good idea. She considered Ian a very good friend but she wasn‘t to sure about his note.

"Ian, it‘s Melody," she said as she pressed the button.

The door slide open and Melody slowly walked in to find a large wing back chair sitting in the middle of the holodeck. Tied to the back were a half a dozen different colored balloons with "Happy Birthday" written on them. Melody walked towards the chair her eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, Ian. You didn‘t have to replicate me a present," whispered Melody as she touched the balloons.

"Good, cause I didn‘t," replied Ian as he got up from the chair and came around to face her.

"But the balloons and the box...?" started Melody.

Ian came closer to her and put a finger on her lips. "That was only part of it. I couldn‘t think of anything to give you so I asked Commander Chakotay if I could have the day off to spend it with you."

"Ian, you mean it! You asked off to spend the whole day with me?" asked Melody meekly.

"Yes, Melody. Today is a special day and I want to spend it with you."

Melody eyes filled with tears and Ian gently pulled her into his arms. She hesitated then laid her head on his shoulder and cried softly.

"No one‘s ever taken time off from work to spend any time with me before."

"Well it‘s about time someone did. I think I‘ve fallen in love with you, Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris," whispered Ian into her hair.

"I know, but I‘m just not sure about what I feel in return," Melody answered softly.

"It‘s all right, I‘ll wait. If you fall in love with me that‘s wonderful, but if not. I‘ll be happy with the way we are now."

"Thank you, Ian."

"Now, how do you want to spend your morning?" asked Ian leaning back to look at her face.

Melody wiped the tears from her eyes and looked into the eyes of the third man that had become very important in her life. She knew she had strong feelings for Ian but she just wasn‘t sure if it was love. Melody felt the same way about Ian that she did with Chakotay and Tom, except she didn‘t fantasize about him. When she was with Ian she felt safe. The few times she held his hand or felt his arms around her she knew she was loved. She also knew Ian wanted to take their relationship further but she was afraid. What if he didn‘t like her after that and he left. For now Melody was content to kept things as they were and she hoped Ian was to.

"Have you ever been to an amusement park?" Melody asked finally as she looked at the man in front of her.

"No, I‘m not even sure what one is?"

"It‘s a park full of rides and shows designed for fun. I have a program I was saving for when Alaina and Garrick when they got older but I think I‘d like to go with you now."

"Then let‘s go. Today is your day," said Ian

"Computer, Amusement park Chakotay-Paris Beta III. Disney World."

"Program running," said the computer voice as the holodeck changed Ian marveled at the sight before him. Melody quickly took his hand and led him through the gates into the magical land of Disney World.

Melody and Ian spend the morning exploring the wonders of Disney World and it was two very happy but tired young people that left the holodeck at1700. Ian walked Melody to their quarters and they were both surprised when the door opened just as they stopped in front.

"Well, it‘s about time you two came home. We were just about to have to come get you two," said Tom as they both set inside.

"I‘m sorry, Tom. I showed Ian my Disney World holoprogram and we sort of lost track of time," said Melody nervously.

"It‘s all right, sweet. Why don‘t you go and get showered and changed while we get dinner ready," said Chakotay as he came over beside her.

Melody smiled up at him then kissed his cheek. "Thanks for the day, Ian. I had a great time," called Melody as she ran into her bedroom.

"Now, Ian. You have about one hour to shower, change and get back here. Think you can manage it?" asked Tom as he looked at the younger man.

"Easy, sir."

"Good, and remember. Exactly 1800."

"Yes, sir," replied Ian as he left.

Tom and Chakotay stood watching the retreating back of Ensign Ian Daniels and smiled. He was certainly good for Melody.

"Well, Cha. We had better get with it to. You know we have only an hour too," said Tom as he went over to the table and started getting ready for Melody‘s birthday dinner.

Thirty-five minutes later Melody was putting the finishing touches on her appearance before she went into the living area. She had chosen to wear her peach shirtwaist dress and replicated some high heel shoes to match. She had just finished putting on her pearl necklace when she noticed that her door was lock.

"Melody to Chakotay and Tom."

Chakotay looked up from his task as he heard her call and smiled softly. "Chakotay here, go ahead Melody."

"Uhh guys, I think me door is stuck."

"No, it‘s locked. We need you to wait in your room for a little while long, Mel," said Tom.


"It‘s only about ten minutes more, sweet. You can last that long can‘t you/" asked Chakotay.

"I guess so, are you sure you‘re not mad at me?" she asked cautiously.

"Melody Elaine, you are not in trouble. All right, sweet."

"OK, if your sure," sighed Melody as she sat back down on her bed.

Ten minutes later Chakotay entered her bedroom to find Melody sitting on her bed idly drawing on a piece of paper.

"Mel?" asked Chakotay as he came to the side of the bed. She looked so lost and frighten that he felt bad for making her wait.

"Daddy!" said Melody as she looked up and threw her arms around her neck.

"What‘s the matter, sweet one?" he asked as he sat down beside her.

"I was afraid that I‘d made you mad and you didn‘t want me any more," answered Melody quietly.

"Oh, Mel. I‘m sorry if that‘s what you thought. We just needed the extra time to finish with your dinner. You have not made us mad, OK?" said Chakotay as he pulled her away from him so she could look in his eyes.

Melody saw the truth in his eyes and hugged his neck again even harder.

"I‘m sorry, its just today has been so wonderful and I don‘t want it to end."

"Well it‘s not yet, young lady. So go fix your face then we can eat dinner," said Chakotay as he kissed her on the forehead.

Melody looked at him once again then went in to the bathroom and repaired her makeup a few minutes later she was back out and took Chakotay‘s arm as he lead her into the living area.

The lights in the living area were turned down slightly and in the middle was a large table with a white tablecloth and a place setting for twelve people.

"Uhh, guys. Don‘t you think you have too many place settings?" asked Melody.

Just then the door signaled and Chakotay called.


The doors opened and in walked Captain Janeway, Tuvok, Ian, B‘Elanna, Harry, Kes, Neelix, the Doctor and Samantha Wildman each person calling "Happy Birthday" as they entered.

"Oh guys!" exclaimed Melody as several people handed her presents.

"Happy birthday, Melody," said Tom as he came over and gave her a kiss.

"Thank you, Tom. Thank you everyone."

"You‘re welcome, Melody. Now, Commander. I think we were promised a birthday dinner," said Janeway.

"You‘ve got it, Captain. This way, Melody," said Tom as he took her arm and led her to the head of the table and pulled out the chair for her. Melody smiled at everyone there, then sat down. Everyone took their seats and began celebrating Melody‘s birthday.

Two hours later everyone was sitting around the couch with Tom and Chakotay on either side of her.

"All right, everyone. Now it‘s time for the birthday girl‘s birthday cake," said Neelix

"Oh no, Neelix. Not one of your famous cakes," said Janeway.

"Don‘t worry, Captain. I bake this cake so Melody could eat it. I couldn‘t think of anything to get her, so this is my present to her," explained Neelix as he carried over a small two-layer fudge marble cake.

"Oh, Neelix. Thank you," said Melody as she hugged his neck.

"You‘re welcome, sweet. Now, since we can‘t use as many candles as your are old. So why don‘t you just blow out this one? Since this is your first birthday with your new family."

Melody took a deep breath and blew out the candle in one breath. Everyone applauded and congratulated Melody as Kes and Samantha got plates and a knife to cut the cake.

"All right, Mel. Now it‘s your turn to cut the cake," said Tom.

"With pleasure," said Melody as she took the knife and quickly cut the first piece of cake.

After that Kes and Samantha served the cake as Melody sat back and eat her cake and ice cream. After everyone was finished and the plates cleaned up, Tom and Chakotay brought over several boxes and set them in front of Melody.

"Melody, I think it‘s time for your presents. Here‘s the first one," said Tom as he handed Melody as box wrapped in colored paper.

Melody tore open the paper and box to find a large sketchpad and a set of colored chalks.

"Oh, thank you, Aunt Kathryn."

"How did you know that was from, Kathryn?" asked Chakotay.

"She showed me her Da Vinci holoprogram right after I gave you the family picture of us. She said I ought to try my hand in colored chalks sometime," replied Melody.

"All right, sweet. Here‘s the next one."

Melody opened the box to find a small pink cat collar.

"I‘m afraid I don‘t understand this one?" said Melody.

"It‘s from Harry and I, Melody. Tom told me about the holoprogram of your cat, so I got the idea of putting holoemitters in your quarters so you could have her somewhere other than the holodeck," said B‘Elanna.

"You mean I can have her here?" asked Melody as she looked at the young woman.

"Sure, can Mel. B‘Elanna and I worked out the bugs this morning while you were with Ian. Go ahead and start the program," said Harry.

"Computer, run holoprogram Chakotay-Paris Alpha II. Calla," said Melody.

A few minutes later the small white bundle of fur appeared in Melody‘s lap. "Oh, Aunt B‘Elanna. Harry! Thank you!" called Melody as she began to pet the cat.

"Your welcome, Melody," said B‘Elanna as she looked at the young woman.

"Here‘s another one, Melody," said Chakotay as he handed her another box.

Melody opened the box to find a "Kal-Toh," base sitting in a nest of paper. Melody looked up and smiled at Tuvok as she gently raised the base out of the box. "Thank you, Tuvok. You will help me won‘t you?"

"Most certainly," replied Tuvok.

"Are you sure she can play that, Tuvok?" asked Harry.

"She has shown remarkable mental concentration, Mr. Kim. I believe it will be easier for her to learn than it was for you," remarked Tuvok.

"Don‘t worry, Harry. I‘ll help you if you want to play sometime," said Melody smiling.

"Thanks, Mel."

"All right, Melody. This is the last one," said Tom.

Melody opened the box to find several PADDS lying in the bottom of the box. Melody turned one on and then jumped up and hugged the Doctor‘s neck.

"Thank you, Doctor! These are just what I wanted," said Melody.

"I know, I over heard you talking to one morning in sickbay and down loaded them for you," said the Doctor.

"Oh, this has been great. Thank you everyone," said Melody. As she got up and hugged everyone once again.

"Gentlemen, aren‘t you forgetting something? You still haven‘t given Melody you‘re present," said Janeway.

"Oh they don‘t have to give me anything, Aunt Kathryn. Today is their gift to me," said Melody.

"Well not quite, Melody. Our present to your is for just the three of us on the holodeck," said Tom.

Melody looked back and forth from both men then flung herself into their arms. "You mean it! You mean you will actually help me with that?"

It had been several months since Melody had told Chakotay about her request, so she figured that she was just going to have to take care of this one on her own, but they had come through for her again. Once again showing her how much she meant to them. She looked at both men with pride knowing that they were the best things to ever happen to her.

"Yes, sweet one. We both figured if you were going to learn from anyone it might as well be both of us," said Chakotay.

"Would someone mind explaining what‘s going on here?" asked Janeway.

"It‘s something very special that Melody has asked us to help her with. That‘s why we asked for the night on the holodeck," explained Tom.

"Well, then. I guess you will need this now," said Janeway as he handed Melody a PADD.

"What is it, Aunt Kathryn?" asked Melody.

"It‘s the information for an away mission that you will be leaving on in the morning. We have discovered some strange anomalous reading in a recent scan and I thought that maybe you might like to go check them out."

"You bet I would! But I can‘t fly a shuttle yet? Someone will have to go with me," said Melody.

"Check the mission information, Melody," suggested Janeway.

Melody turned on the PADD and read that Tom and Chakotay were both going with her, they would be gone about four to five days.

"Don‘t worry about, Alaina and Garrick. Melody. It‘s my present to you, Naomi and I will be happy to take care of them," said Samantha.

"Thanks guys. Thanks for everything," said Melody

"Well, come on sweet. Your last present awaits on the holodeck," said Chakotay.

"Are you sure about this, I mean we could wait for a little while."

"Now look who‘s picking up our bad habits. This part of your birthday party is finished, Melody. Don‘t worry, Go with Tom and Chakotay and enjoy what ever they have planned for you," said Janeway as she gave the young woman a hug.

Tom and Chakotay each took one of her hands and practically pulled her out of the door before she could object anymore. As the doors closed behind the trio everyone started cleaning up, then went to get Alaina and Garrick‘s things.