Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Ratings: From G to NC-17 depending on where in the story

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

This story pretty much follows the Star Trek Voyager television story line except that Tom and Chakotay are a couple and have been for five years, and Kes stays longer then the three years and dies not changes into a "light being".

I need to say a Big "THANK YOU!!!!" to all the ladies that helped me write and correct this story. Cathy "Helmboy", Britta, Leone and mostly Joanne (she wrote the sex scenes for me), and my new beta reader Kimbo. Thanks a million ladies, you are the greatest!

Warning: This story is about a relationship between two males. If this offends you don‘t continue.

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 3

Melody came awake slowly, until everything that had happen to her came slamming back into her mind. She sat up with a jolt and looked around quickly.

"Melody," said Chakotay.

The two men were sitting in chairs across from her. Everything they had told her came back in a flash, 400 years gone, on a star ship in the Delta Quadrant; the blue faced man in sickbay.

"It‘s all true, isn‘t it?" asked Melody.

"Yes Mel, it‘s all true," said Tom as he looked at the woman across from him.

"Do you know how I got here?"

"No, we don‘t. Your escape pod didn‘t have that information," said Chakotay.

"Is there a way I can find out about my family?"

"Melody, I don‘t think that‘s a good idea right now," said Tom

"How the hell do you know what I think! Less than two hours ago you told me that my whole family is gone. Hell, practically my whole life is gone. Now you‘re telling me that you don‘t think! Well, I don‘t want to think! I just want to go home, but I can‘t even do that now can I? Just leave me alone, just leave me alone!" screamed Melody as she curled up into a ball and cried.

Chakotay went over to the couch and wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his lap. "It‘s all right, Melody. It‘s all right, baby,"

Melody sobbed in Chakotay‘s arms until her tears subsided to small hiccups, and then raised her head off his shoulder. Tom handed her a glass of water as he sat down beside her.

"I‘m sorry, guys," said Melody as she took a drink.

"It‘s all right, sweet one. I know everything has been a little overwhelming for you," said Chakotay.

"Now that‘s an understatement. Can I ask you guys something?"

"Sure Mel," said Tom.

"Are you guys a couple?" she asked looking them both in the eyes.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other, then back at Melody. "Does that bother you?" asked Chakotay.

"No, not really. It‘s just where I...I mean in my time a couple like yourselves would not be as open in the military."

"Starfleet isn‘t exactly like your military," said Tom

"I realize that Tom," said Melody sarcastically.

"Melody, would you prefer if one of us left?" asked Chakotay.

Melody looked at the two men beside her and realized the sacrifice that they were willing to make for her. She smiled and took both their hands.

"Guys, if anyone should be leaving it should be me. I have a feeling you two were a couple long before I came along right?"

"Yes," said Chakotay.

"I thought so. Besides it‘s sort of nice to know that you two love each other and would never hurt me like..." said Melody as she started off into space.

"Like who Mel?" asked Tom

"Uhh, oh never mind. Does this place have some food? I‘m hungry," said Melody as she shook her head and scrambled out of Chakotay‘s lap.

"Sure, what would you like?" asked Chakotay as he got off the couch.

"How about a grilled cheese and a coke?"

"A what?" asked Tom.

"Never mind, show me the kitchen and I‘ll make it myself. Oh, hell! I forgot no kitchen. Do you guys have a historical database?" asked Melody as she sat down at the table.

"Sure," said Tom

"Great. Check in the twentieth century under carbonated drinks with caffeine."

"Coming right up, Melody," said Tom as he got up and went to the replicator.

He called up the historical database and found what Melody had asked for. When the items appeared he brought them to Melody at the table.

"Thanks Tom, Uhh guys. I need to ask one more favor," said Melody as she started to eat.

"Anything, Melody," said Chakotay.

"That man in sickbay, with the blue face. Could you ask him to come by so I could apologize?"

"You don‘t have to do that, Melody. I‘m sure he understands."

"Whether he understands or not, it‘s something I have to do. My grandmother raised me better than that."

"OK Melody. We‘ll ask him to stop by when he gets off duty," said Tom

"Thanks, guys," said Melody as she finished her meal.

When the door buzzed Melody jumped up from the table and headed towards her room.

"It‘s all right Melody, it‘s just the door. Come," called Chakotay as he led her over to the couch to sit beside to him.

When the door opened Captain Janeway walked in. "I heard what happen in sickbay. How are you doing, Melody?"

"Pretty good, I guess," answered Melody shyly.

"Melody, I know this is all pretty strange for you. If I can help in any way please feel free to call me, OK?" said Janeway as she came over in front of her.

"I will Captain. Oh, Captain? How many different aliens are on this ship?" asked Melody.

"Melody, I‘m sure that Tom and Chakotay will tell you all about the different people when you are ready. Anything else?"

"No thank you, Captain."

"You know Melody, it might be easier if you start calling me Kathryn when I‘m off duty," suggest Janeway.

At Janeway‘s suggestion Melody‘s face light up and a shy smile crossed her lips "Yes Cap...Kathryn."

"Good. Well I‘ll see you later then," said Janeway as she left.

"Tom, Chakotay. Will you show me how to work things around here?" asked Melody.

"Are you sure," asked Chakotay.

"Would you guys quit that! Hell, I‘m at least thirty-two. Probably a whole lot older. I can take care of myself. Besides, you both will have to go back to work sometime."

"I‘m sorry, Mel. Uhh course we will show you how to use things. We can even show you how to access the database so you can get things from your own time," said Tom as helped her to stand and they walked to the replicator.

"I need to go to my office for a little while, Tom. I‘ll be back as soon as I can. OK?" said Chakotay.

"Sure. Take your time. We have a lot to cover here," said Tom as he started to show Melody how the replicator works.

Chakotay looked at the two then quietly left for his office.

Later while Melody was reading a PADD about the history of Starfleet the door chimed. Melody jumped but waited for Tom to come out and answer it, when he didn‘t she got up and pushed the panel to open the door. There stood the blue-faced man from sickbay.

"Hello, Commander Chakotay asked me to stop by," said Crewman Chell.

Melody took several steps backwards then found her voice. "Oh, of course. Please come in."

Chell stepped forward as the door swished closed behind him He stood in front of her with his hands behind his back not sure what to expect. Commander Chakotay had requested that he stop by his quarters after he got off duty, so here he was. Chell had not known what to expect but the young woman from sickbay had not been it. He had only seen her for a minute before she let out a blood curdling scream. It had been a surprise, but not unexpected. Now he stood and waited to see what happen.

"Did Chakotay...Commander Chakotay, tell you why I wanted to see you?" asked Melody taking a step forward.

"No, ma‘am," answered Chell.

"I wanted to...I need to apologize for the way I acted earlier," said Melody, as she looked Chell squarely in the eyes..

"Mel, was that the door chime I heard?" asked Tom as he came into the living area.

What he saw astonished him, here was Crewman Chell standing at attention with Melody standing not far from him looking him straight in the eyes. Tom knew how her first sight of Chell had upset her and he was very proud of her for facing up to her fear like this.

"Lt. Paris, Commander Chakotay told me to come by and I..." stammered Chell.

"I know, Crewman. It was actually Melody that made the request," said Tom as he came to stand beside her.

"Oh, yes ma‘am. I accept. Thank you ma‘am," said Chell.

"Your welcome, and Crewman? May I ask you a question?"

Chell looked at Tom, seeing his nod he turned to Melody. "Yes, Ma‘am."

"What is your name?‘

"Chell, ma‘am. Crewman Chell."

"Well Crewman Chell. How did you come to be on Voyager?"

"I was in the Maquis with Commander Chakotay, ma‘am. But I am Bolian from Bolarus IX," said Chell.

"The Maquis with Chakotay? I don‘t understand?"

"Dismissed Crewman," said Tom quickly as he moved closer to him.

"Yes, Sir. Goodbye ma‘am," said Chell as he left.

"Tom, I don‘t understand what he meant by the Maquis with Chakotay?" asked Melody as she walked over to the couch. Suddenly she felt very tired.

"It‘s a long story Melody. Maybe you‘d better ask Chakotay about it later," said Tom

"God!" said Melody as she sat down on the couch. "I have so much to catch up on."

"Yes, you do. Almost four hundred years, but why don‘t you wait until tomorrow to start. It‘s been a rough day and I think you need some rest," said Tom as he pulled her to her feet.

"Your right, I am a little tired. Good night, Tom," said Melody as she gave Tom a quick hug then went to her room.

Tom looked after her, then walked to the desk to finish his reports he had not worked on while he was off with Melody. Tom was just finishing up the last of his con reports when Chakotay walked in and put his arms around his shoulders.

"Where is Melody?" asked Chakotay.

"Asleep in her room. You know that was low leaving me alone with Mel when Crewman Chell came by," said Tom as he turned around in Chakotay‘s arms.

"So he came by. How did it go?"

"Fine, until she asked how he got on Voyager?"

"Uhh oh. Did he mention the Maquis?" asked Chakotay.

"Yeah. You know your going to have to tell her sometime," said Tom

"I know. I just wish we had a little more time," said Chakotay as he pulled Tom to his feet, draping his arms over Tom‘s shoulders.

"Not with Melody. She‘s like a little kid. Curious about everything and asking a million questions."

"In a way she is a kid. Last thing she remembers is 1998. Now she wakes up in 2458, she‘s going to have to learn a whole new way of doing things. Just like a child learning for the first time. The only difference is that she‘s got the body of an adult."

"Boy, does she ever," said Tom

"Now what does that mean!" asked Chakotay.

"Not jealous are you, big man?" asked Tom as he started kissing Chakotay‘s neck.

"No. I just want to make sure you don‘t go back to woman," said Chakotay as he leaned into Tom‘s kisses.

"Never, Chakotay. After you, I‘m spoiled for life."

"Just make sure it stays that way."

"You got it big man. Now lets go to bed."

"You go on. I want to check on Melody first."

"All right, but don‘t be to long," said Tom as he left for their bedroom.

Chakotay looked after Tom then went to Melody‘s bedroom. She was again asleep on top of the covers in the middle of the bed. Chakotay gently pulled the covers out from under her and tucked them around her, kissing her forehead.

"Good night, sweet one," said Chakotay as he turned to go to his bedroom and his lovers waiting arms.

Tom smiled as Chakotay walked into their bedroom, slipping his clothes off. He knew his lover was tired; it had been a very long day, like most of them on Voyager. And although he loved Melody like a daughter, a second full-time job had led to ‚them‘ being pushed aside a little.

Expected or not, it still hurt sometimes. The one good thing was that it led to the moments that they did have to themselves being more intense and intimate. He supposed that this must be similar to how couples that brought a child into the world feel. From being a unit of two, they had become a unit of three.

The fleeting thought of having his own childhood brushed his mind again, only to meet the resistance of his fears of being like his own father. He pushed the thoughts aside, now wasn‘t the time to think about that, and noticed that Chakotay winced as he pulled off the gray turtleneck.

"What is it?" Tom asked.

"My back‘s killing me. It was either last night," a wicked smile, "Or the six hours at my desk today."

Tom felt a little guilty; the six hours of paperwork had actually been two days‘ worth, as he had been going over some flight simulations with Chakotay during the time the First Officer usually allotted to take care of the minutiae of his job. But, he smiled to himself, there *were* ways to make it up to his lover.

"You know," Tom began conversationally, "I must be able to make it up to you...somehow. Why don‘t you lie down and I‘ll rub some of that tension away."

"Would you?"

Tom raised an eyebrow.

"Would I pass up a chance to get my hands on you in any way possible? I think *not*, my love."

"Well...if you insist," Chakotay murmured, collapsing onto the bed with a sigh of relief.

Tom replicated a bottle of pine and herb-scented oil, and moved to the bed. He gently straddled Chakotay‘s lower back, making sure that he had room to move without hurting his lover, while call for the computer to sound proof the room.

Chakotay groaned loudly as Tom‘s fingers dug into his shoulders. Tom grimacing at the knots in the muscular flesh.

"What *have* you been doing?" Tom asked, knowing that this wasn‘t *all* from paperwork or strenuous sex.

"Can‘t hide anything from you, can I?" Chakotay looked at his lover, then, chastened, away, "I spent a couple of hours last night in the chair in Melody‘s room. I woke up and couldn‘t go back to sleep, so I decided to check on Mel. Next thing I knew it was two hours later. I must have fallen asleep watching her."

Tom‘s touch turned even gentler, while still rubbing the knots out. How could he blame Chakotay for staying with Melody? He‘d have done the same thing in the other man‘s place. The feelings for the young woman who had come into their lives so unexpectedly were almost as overwhelming as their feelings for each other. Without even realizing, they *had* become a family. Maybe not in the biological or physical sense, but in much the same way that Voyager It’s self had become a family.

"You love her, don‘t you?" Tom asked, softly.

"Yes, but Tom...not like I love you. I hope you know that. Melody is like a daughter to me."

"Me too, Big Man. That is exactly how I feel about her. I want to take care of her and protect her and help her, but I *know* I don‘t want to sleep with her. As beautiful as she is, it just...feels *wrong*, you know?"

"I do know, Tom. I felt almost...criminal...when I responded to her the other day."

"I don‘t think you need go that far, love. It‘s not as if she *is* your daughter. But I know what you mean. It just doesn‘t feel right, and not only because of us, does it?"

"Exactly...oh, yes," Chakotay moaned as Tom‘s hands worked his bronze flesh, manipulating the pain from the misaligned tissues.

The delicious-smelling oil made Tom‘s path easier, and he moved his hands lower on Chakotay‘s back, kneading the muscles back into alignment, causing moans of pain and pleasure from the man below him. As he moved lower, he finally cupped his lover‘s buttocks in his hands, the oil flowing into the cleft he knew so well. But Tom knew that his lover was not up to going ‚all the way‘ tonight, whether he or Tom was on the receiving end.

But there were other alternatives; Tom grinned as he brushed the puckered skin with an oil-soaked finger, causing a lush moan from his lover.

"Turn over," Tom whispered.

Chakotay reluctantly turned over, his hard erection belying his reluctance, Tom *knew* how painful that must have been to lie on.

"So," Tom asked, grasping his lover firmly, "How long did you expect to last?"

"About three more seconds," Chakotay admitted sheepishly.

Tom raised an eyebrow, and set to manipulating his lover‘s flesh once more, although differently than before. Chakotay thrust into the grasping hand, his moans becoming more impassioned as he neared orgasm. A particularly inventive move of Tom‘s fingers, one more lush moan, and Chakotay was climaxing, yelling prayers to the heavens.

Tom held Chakotay gently as he came back to himself, gently manipulating the muscles that had tensed again slightly from the climax, causing more moans of appreciation from the man in his arms.

"What do you want?" Chakotay asked, feeling Tom‘s hardness digging into his back as he lay bonelessly atop his lover.

"I want you to stay as relaxed as you are right now," Tom began, forestalling Chakotay‘s attempt to reach into the bedside stand for the tube of gel they kept there by pulling the hand that was reaching to his lips, kissing the tips of Chakotay‘s fingers.

"But Tom...what about you?"

"I‘ll keep. Trust me on that."

"No, love. I told you before that I would never allow this to be anything but mutual. I would not take from you like others have."

"Chakotay, it‘s *not* like that, it never has been and it never could be. You and I both know that."

"I still won‘t let it happen. Never."

Tom knew that it was impossible to argue with Chakotay, and if he tried, he would undo all the good work he had done earlier in getting the man he loved to relax.

"Okay...let me think. ‚All the way‘ is out. I know! Just stay *exactly* where you are."

Puzzled, Chakotay did as he was asked, resting his head on the three pillows Tom placed under him. He wondered for a moment why it was so many, and then realized as Tom straddled his broad shoulders, his weeping erection perfectly aligned with Chakotay‘s lips.

"Mmmmm...I *do* like the view," Chakotay whispered in appreciation. The sight of an aroused Tom Paris was one to be seen as often as possible and worshipped always, and this angle was a particularly good one for viewing.

Tom sighed and wriggled around on top of his lover, getting to a comfortable angle, then allowing himself to be engulfed by the other man‘s full lips. Tom screamed when Chakotay‘s tongue began tracing the underside of his erection, the large throbbing vein was very sensitive to the touch. Or maybe it was Chakotay‘s intimate knowledge of him, he thought in a final burst of coherence before

surrendering totally to the sensations of his lover‘s tongue on his hot flesh.

Tom‘s moans were constant, and Chakotay smiled around the member in his mouth, adding a slight touch of teeth when he felt the time was right. That was all Tom needed, and he surrendered to his climax, allowing his seed to slide down Chakotay‘s willing throat as he uttered a low, deep moan of ecstasy.

He slowly moved off Chakotay, who lay as spent as he was, and moved into the circle of his lover‘s arms, the circle that had protected him from the worst nightmare he‘d ever faced, and the circle that had now grown to include Melody. There was a smile on Tom‘s face as sleep claimed him.

Melody‘s screams broke the stillness of the early morning. Her voice high and piercing, her words mumbled but loud. Tom and Chakotay awoke with a start wondering what had woken them. At first they didn‘t recognize the noise, then instantly responded when Melody screamed again. They both grabbed their robes, throwing them on hastily as they reached her room.

She was lying in the middle of the bed; curled in a tight ball, fighting demons only she could see.

"I‘ll call the Doctor for a sedative," said Tom, as he quickly looked at Melody then left.

Chakotay walked quietly to the bed and sat down beside Melody, resting his hand on her arm.


At his voice and touch, Melody leaped towards him struggling to break loose from his hands.

"No! No.." she screamed at him.

When Tom returned it took both of them to hold her down long enough for Chakotay‘s voice to penetrate her nightmare.

"Melody. Listen to me, Melody!"

Finally his voice reached her and she stopped struggling against their hands, her eyes were still glazed over but she had at least stopped fighting them.

"Melody, sweet. It‘s us, Chakotay and Tom. You‘re safe now," said Chakotay softly as he held her face in his hands.

At the sound of their names, life slowly started to seep back into her eyes. When she finally saw the two men sitting in front of her Melody jumped into Chakotay‘s arms crying. "Daddy!"

"It‘s all right baby, we‘re here...we‘re here," murmured Chakotay as he stroked her back.

Melody stayed in Chakotay‘s lap until her sobs slowed down and then stopped. When she had finished crying Tom lifted her chin and wiped her eyes with a wet cloth.

"Can you tell us what it was about, sweet one?" asked Chakotay gently.

Chakotay felt Melody tense in his arms then she started to shake again sputtering "No, no...Mustn‘t tell...mustn‘t tell."

"It‘s all right Mel, It‘s all right. You don‘t have to tell us," said Tom

With Tom‘s reassurance Melody calmed down again and leaned back into Chakotay‘s arms. Tom looked at the young girl in Chakotay‘s lap and then reached for the hypo spray on the nightstand. Melody was exhausted but every time her eyes would close she would force them open again.

"The Doctor said this would help her sleep. He also put in a muscle relaxant," said Tom

"Melody, we’re going to give you something to help you sleep, OK?" asked Chakotay.

"No, don‘t want to sleep...they‘ll come back...No," muttered Melody against Chakotay‘s chest.

"Shhh baby, your safe now. No one will hurt you," reassured Chakotay as he looked over her head at Tom and nodded.

At Chakotay‘s nod Tom pressed the hypo spray to Melody‘s neck and she fell into a light sleep. Chakotay turned to lay Melody down on the bed, but she started whimpering in her sleep.

"Well, I guess that ends our night together," said Tom as he looked at Melody in Chakotay‘s arms.

"I‘m sorry Tom. You could always stay here too?" suggested Chakotay.

"No thanks, I think the two of us together might be a little much for her right now. There will be other nights," answered Tom.

"You can count on it. Good night, love," said Chakotay leaning as close as he could to kiss Tom.

Tom met him the rest of the way saying. "Good night Chief,"

A few minutes later Tom reluctantly broke the kiss with a moan.

"I‘d better get out of here before I change my mind. Good night," said Tom as he rose of the bed and left for their bed.

Chakotay watched him leave then looked down at the young woman in his arms. He wondered again what her nightmare had been about to get her so upset. He turned length ways on the bed, scooting down until he was laying flat. Melody settled against him with her head on chest and slipped into a deeper sleep.

That night set a pattern that was followed every night for the next several weeks. During the day Melody made great progress on her reading and walking. But a night she would wake up screaming in the early morning hours. Sometimes it would be Chakotay holding her until she fell asleep again and sometimes it would be Tom.