Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 29

At 1830 the next day Ian Daniels appeared in front of the Chakotay-Paris quarters. All day long he had been a nervous wreck, he had been afraid that he would be late because he had to redo several scans this morning because his mind just wasn‘t on his work. He still remembered the look on Commander Chakotay‘s face two day ago when he asked if he could get to know Melody better. Then there was the almost disastrous attempted at asking her for a date. The whole command staff had been sitting at the table and Melody had just acted like she didn‘t even see him. He almost gave up and excused himself, then she flashed him her smile and he knew she was teasing. He had to remember that she was very new at this dating thing and didn‘t understand the way things went.

Now he stood in front of her door hopping that he had not misunderstood her. Ian reached over and pushed the call button and was instantly answered with a loud male voice.


The door opened and Ian entered to see Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris sitting on the couch with two crying infants in their arms. They were both trying to get the infants to take a bottle, but the babies seemed to have other ideas.

"Good evening, sirs," said Ian as he stood by the door.

"Ensign. Melody, Ensign Daniels is here," called Tom as he tried again to get Garrick to take his bottle.

Melody came out of her room wearing a dark blue pair of sweat pants with a light blue oxford shirt. She was carrying a blue sweater and a pair of gloves in her hand.

"Hello, Ian. Guys, you still haven‘t gotten them to eat yet? Here, let me see what‘s wrong?" said Melody as she came over and took the bottle from Tom‘s hand. "Well no wonder! Hold on a minute and I‘ll fix this."

Melody took Alaina‘s bottle from Chakotay then returned to her bedroom. Five minutes later she returned, handing them back to the two men. "You need to remember to have the replicator warm their bottles, they don‘t like cold formula," said Melody as she watched Garrick and Alaina greedily suck on their now warmed bottles.

"Thanks, sweet one," said Chakotay as he looked down at his youngest daughter.

"Your welcome, if you need anymore help Samantha is off tonight so you can ask her. Come on, Ian," said Melody as she took his hand and pulled him towards the door.

"Thanks, Mel. You two have fun!" called Tom as the door closed behind them.

"Do you think she‘ll be all right?" asked Chakotay as he looked at the closed door.

"Cha! She‘s grown women, how much trouble can she get into aboard Voyager?" remarked Tom.

"Don‘t asked that, Tom. You know how Melody is."

"Oh, thanks a lot. Now you‘ve got me worried to," said Tom.

Ian Daniels and Melody stood in the doorway of holodeck two looking over the large ice rink that was in front of them.

"Couldn‘t we have gone somewhere warmer?" asked Ian as a blast of cold air hit him.

"Oh come on, Ian. You said earlier that you wanted to see how I used to spent my free time and this is it."

"Yeah, but I didn‘t know it would involve freezing to death."

"It‘s not that cold! The ice is the only thing that is frozen. Come on, you‘ll warm up once we get on the ice and get moving," said Melody as she pulled him inside.

The walked down a carpeted aisle until they came to a counter that housed numerous pair of black and white ice skates.

"What size are you, Ian?" asked Melody as she leaned on the counter.

"What! Melody I don‘t think..." sputtered Ian.

"Oh for gods sake, Ian. Are all men‘s minds in the gutter? I meant what shoe size do you wear?"

"Oh, sorry. Nine and a half."

"Can we have a man‘s nine and a half and a women‘s eight, please?" asked Melody as an older man appeared from the back.

"Yes ma‘am. Glad to have you back Melody. Who‘s your friend?"

"This is Ian Daniels. Ian this is Patty Toms, he was the one who sharpened the skates at my favorite rink back home," said Melody.

"I‘m glad you think of old Patty from time to time, young one. How are the twins?"

"They’re fine, Tom and Chakotay have them for tonight."

"Poor, little ones. You know I love you dearly Melody, but those two..."

"Oh come one, Patty. You‘ve only seen them once and that wasn‘t under the best of circumstances."

"Once is enough, Melody. Exceptionally the dark one. He‘s enough to scare anyone silly."

"But he‘s a real pussy cat."

"I‘ll take you‘re word for it love, here you go." He said as he put the two pair of skates on the counter. "You two have fun, and young man."

"Yes, sir?"

"Don‘t let her scare you with any of her fancy stuff. She‘s been skating for years," said Patty as he disappeared behind the back of the counter.

"Ignore him. He‘s just jealous because he can‘t skate anymore," said Melody as she lead him to a bench and sat down to put her skates on.

"What happened?" asked Ian as he came over and sat down beside her.

"The real Patty Toms was in a car accident that broke his hip. He never could stand getting on the ice again because of the pain."

Ian watched as Melody took off her shoes, then put on the small white boot. He watched as she quickly wrapped her laces around the little hooks, then followed her example.

"Be sure and lace them tight, you don‘t want you‘re skates to fall off," said Melody as she tied her right boot.

After five minutes Ian finally finished lacing his skates and looked up at Melody who stood in front of him. Melody held out her hands and gently pulled him to his feet. After a few minutes she let his hands go.

"Are you ready to get on the ice?"

"Melody, I‘m not sure about this?" said Ian nervously.

"It‘s all right, Ian. If you really want we can go somewhere else," answered Melody softly as she looked down at the floor.

Ian looked over at Melody and could see the disappointment in her face. She really wanted someone to share this program with and he promised himself yesterday that he would do what ever he could to make her happy.

"No, it‘s OK. Melody, just remember. I‘ve never done this before."

Melody‘s face light up and she threw her arms around his neck. "Oh thank you, Ian. You‘re going to enjoy this really I promise," said Melody as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the ice.

"Hold on, Melody. I can‘t walk in these things!" said Ian as he stumbled after her.

"Sure you can, just walk regularly," she said as they stopped at the edge of the ice.

Melody stepped on the ice and gracefully glided across the ice. Ian stood there watching her, thinking that she was really in her element here. She was lovely and graceful gliding across the ice. He took a tentative step on the ice and instantly felt his skate slip. Ian frantically grabs hold of the railing to stop his fall. Melody came over to the edge and watched silently as he struggling to maintain his balance.

Ian looked up to see Melody standing a few feet away from him silently laughing. He let go of the railing and promptly fell bottom first on the ice. Melody laughed even harder as Ian tried to get up but fell several more times. Melody watched for several more minutes, then sobered up and skated over to him.

"I‘m sorry, Ian. I shouldn‘t laugh," said Melody as she held out her hand.

Ian looked at her for a minute then gave a gentle tug and pulled Melody down on the ice beside him.

"All right, Ian Daniels. Now were even. Do you want to learn how to skate or just watch me?" asked Melody as she got to her feet.

"I‘m sorry, Melody. I want to learn."

"Don‘t keep apologizing, I deserved that one. Now come on, the first thing you need to know is how to get up. See the grooves in the front of your blade?"


"That‘s called the toe pick, you plant that in the ice and then pull yourself up to your feet," said Melody as she showed Ian what she meant.

Ian dug is toe pick in and used the rail to pull himself to his feet. For the next hour and a half Melody showed Ian the beginning points of ice-skating. Finally getting him to skate around the rink, falling only a minimal number of times. When Ian and Melody left the holodeck Ian was limping slightly, and very cold. They walked to the turbo lifts in silence and stopped just outside Ian‘s quarters.

"Ian, I really wish you would let me help you," said Melody as she reached for his backside.

"No! Thank you, Melody, I‘m fine. Really," answered Ian quickly as he backed away from her hand.

"Ian, you hit the ice pretty hard several times. I really wish you would let me take a look?"

"Melody, I‘m fine. I just need to sit down for a while and rest."

"All right, but take my advice and when you get in replicate the biggest ice pack you can and use it. Your duty shift tomorrow will be a lot easier tomorrow if you do," said Melody as she gently kissed his cheek then turned to leave.

Melody walked halfway down the hall then turned and smiled. "Oh, by the way Ian. Nice ass," said Melody as she rounded the corner.

Ian stood watching as Melody walked down the corridor then rounded the corner. Captain Janeway and B‘Elanna Torres had been working on one of the computer panels around the corner when they heard Melody and Ian come from the other end of the corridor. They tried not to listen to their conversation but at the mention of at an ice pack they couldn‘t help but listen. When Melody rounded the corner they quickly turned back to the panel.

"Oh hi, Aunt Kathryn, Aunt B‘Elanna," said Melody as she passed by them and continued down the corridor.

"Well, I wonder what that was all about?" asked B‘Elanna.

"I‘m not sure I want to know, I just hope none of that gets back to Tom or Chakotay," replied Janeway.

"That‘s for sure," said B‘Elanna as she turned back to the panel.

In the months that followed Melody, Tom and Chakotay learned first hand the highs and lows of raising children. Teething, sitting up, crawling, pulling up. First word and first steps. The next big celebration was Alaina and Garrick‘s first birthday. Tom and Chakotay wanted to have a ship wide celebration to thank everyone for their support of them and Melody while she was pregnant with the twins. Melody, Neelix and Kes spent several days planning the party and when they carried them into the mess hall they were amassed at the change. Melody had chosen a circus theme for their party and had the whole mess hall transformed into the inside of a big circus tent. There were balloons everywhere along with faces of clowns, bears and tigers. She had set up a vid player where anyone could see a vid of a real circus performance.

As Tom and Chakotay entered the looked around to find Melody behind a table fixing bags of popcorn.

"Melody! The birthday kids are here," called Tom as he came over beside her.

"Well it‘s about time, I was starting to wonder if you had decided to skip our little party?" said Melody as she took Alaina from Tom.

"Meldee," said Alaina softly.

"Yes, little lady. I‘m your Meldee. Are you ready for some juice?" asked Melody as she looked at the little girl in her arms. It was funny, every since Garrick and Alaina had started talking they had called her Meldee. They had tried to get them to call her Melody, but she finally gave up and answered to Meldee.

"Juice," Alaina answered as she carried her over and filled her cup. Chakotay brought Garrick over and he reached out for a glass to.

"All right, little man. Hold on," said Melody as she filled his cup. "Here you go," Garrick took the cup and quickly drank the juice.

"Well, now that they’re happy. What about the rest of us?" asked Chakotay?

"There‘s food on the table against the wall. Neelix even let me cook again so there is some I can eat," said Melody as he looked over.

"What‘s wrong, Melody. You seem down?" asked Tom.

"Nothing, I guess I‘m just tired. Everyone‘s been getting sick or hurt lately and I‘ve had to spend a lot of time in sick bay."

"Do you want us to take Alaina and Garrick so you can go home and rest?" asked Chakotay.

"No thanks, Daddy. I‘ll stay until they get tired then go home with them," said Melody.

Just then someone came over to Alaina and Melody and they were distracted from the guys concern. Several hours later Voyager suddenly shook and someone called from the bridge.

"Bridge to Janeway. Were under attack, Captain."

"On my way, sorry Melody. Duty calls," said Janeway as she and the other senior staff members left.

Melody took Garrick from Chakotay and smiled. "Go ahead, guys. We‘ll be OK."

"Thanks, love," said Chakotay as he quickly kissed her forehead then left.

"Well, guys. Looks like the party has ended for a while. You might as well get used to this. It happens a lot here on Voyager," said Melody as she went over and sat down on a couch.

Two hours later after the alien attack had been repelled Tom and Chakotay went to the mess hall to find Melody. They had been to their quarters but she wasn‘t there. The computer had located her still in the mess hall with Alaina and Garrick. When they entered they could see the mess hall had been cleaned and straightened up leaving Alaina, Garrick and Melody asleep on one of the far couches.

They walked over to them and smiled at the trio lying on the couch. Melody was on bottom with Alaina and Garrick both sharing her chest as a pillow. Both babies had a pacifier in their mouths and were sleeping continently.

"Who do you want to get first? Alaina and Garrick or Melody?" asked Tom.

"Why don‘t we take Alaina and Garrick to our quarters then come back for Melody once they are down," suggested Chakotay.

"Good idea.. You grab Garrick, while I get Alaina," said Tom as he gently picked up his youngest daughter. She just snuggled into his chest and never opened her eyes.

"Looks like today wore all three of them out," said Chakotay as he looked down at Garrick. He too hadn‘t moved when he was shifted from Melody to his arms.

"You don‘t think she‘s getting sick to you?" asked Tom as they looked down at Melody.

"No, I think it‘s just over work. Hopefully soon we can find a planet where we can get some shore leave. She hasn‘t been off of Voyager since Alaina and Garrick were born," reminded Chakotay.

"I guess you’re right, it would be nice to have a nice quiet planet to rest on for awhile," said Tom.

"You said it, Slim. Lets go put these two down then we can come back for Melody," said Chakotay as they left.

Five minutes later they had Alaina and Garrick settled in the nursery, when Tom suggested. "Chakotay, why don‘t you go and get Melody. I‘ll stay here with Alaina and Garrick."

"Are you sure, Tom? You feel all right?" asked Chakotay as he took the younger man into his arms.

"Yeah, I‘m just tired. Everything had been going so smoothly and then this happens. I guess my adrenaline high is wearing off," said Tom as he leaned into Chakotay‘s chest.

"I know what you mean, I had almost forgotten about all the hostile aliens out there until this."

"Don‘t worry, Cha. Kathryn and the crew of Voyager won‘t let anything happen to Melody or the twins."

"How did you know I was thinking about that?" asked Chakotay as he leaned away from Tom.

"Because I was thinking the same thing. If anything happened to us, Janeway would make sure they were taken care of."

"Lets just hope nothing happens. I plan on seeing my children grow up and growing old with you," said Chakotay as he leaned down to kiss Tom.

Tom moaned as he leaned into the kiss.

"So do I, Chakotay. So do I," said Tom as he pulled away from him and stepped out of his arms. "Go get our oldest daughter and we *might* continue this later."

"Promise?" asked Chakotay questionably.

"Well see what we can manage after you get Melody. Now go. I know for a fact that those couches are not very comfortable," said Tom as he pushed Chakotay towards the door.

Chakotay found Melody in exactly the same place they had left her; the only difference was that she had rolled on her side. She was sleeping peacefully and he gently picked her up and carried her home. Since the twins were born she had gained back most of her original weight, but she was still not heavy.

He carried her back to their quarters and put her to bed quickly then went to find Tom waiting for him in their bedroom.

"You know, I think I have just enough energy to manage a little something tonight," said Tom as Chakotay quickly undress then climbed onto the bed.

"Well, then just lay back and relax. I seem to have enough energy for the both of us," responded Chakotay as his lips came down on Tom‘s.

"Ohhhh..." Tom moaned

Chakotay explored Tom‘s skin, seeing the flush of arousal darken as he kissed over the strong column of Tom‘s neck, down, finding his nipples and teasing them to erection.

Chakotay followed the trail made by the soft curls of hair, narrowing down to the darker patch, nuzzling and licking as he went lower. Tom arched to meet him as he took Tom‘s erection into his mouth. Chakotay could taste the saltiness of Tom‘s essence as he licked at the head, then relaxed his throat muscles and took Tom in all the way. Tom couldn‘t thrust, in case he made Chakotay gag, but he managed to make a few movements of his hips that seemed to push him a few centimeters deeper. Chakotay swallowed, and the walls of the cavern surrounding him clamped down on Tom‘s erection, with the inevitable result. Tom‘s essence flowed out of him and down Chakotay‘s throat, to the accompaniment of a long moan of satisfaction from Tom.

Chakotay sat up, allowing Tom to slip out of his mouth, and was immediately pounced on. Tom was kissing all over him, hands exploring, until finally one found his straining erection. Tom wrapped his fingers around Chakotay‘s need, pumping gently, then more forcefully as Chakotay gave himself up to the passion Tom aroused in him. It didn‘t take long, bringing Tom off had already taken him to the edge, before Chakotay was yelling his release and covering Tom‘s hand with his cream.

Tom licked himself clean, and then cleaned both of them up before settling down to sleep in Chakotay‘s arms.

As Chakotay’s and Tom‘s anniversary neared Melody planned to make it special this time. Their first anniversary had come very soon after Alaina and Garrick were born and Melody had been too weak to do anything special for them. Now she planned to make up for that, since Alaina and Garrick were now fourteen months she could a good deal of her time planning.

Voyager had found several peacefully habitable planets and they were able to spend some shore leave time without any incidents. She had gotten several good holoimages of Tom, Chakotay, Alaina and Garrick and planned to see if she could still sketch worth a damn.

She and Ian had become closer as their friendship developed until most of Voyager thought of them as a couple. With Ian and the rest of the command staffs help Melody planned a very special day for them. It was scheduled for the day of their anniversary, which she fixed so that both of them had the day off. They awoke to an extremely quite quarters.

"Cha?" said Tom as he struggled awake and stretched.

At Tom‘s voice Chakotay opened his eyes to see his husband of two years beside him. He reached over and pulled him into his arms. "Hmm....." mumbled Chakotay as he nibbled his ear.

"Oh Cha, stop and listen a minute. I don‘t hear Melody or the twins?" said Tom breathlessly.

Chakotay stopped his exploration of Tom‘s neck long enough to listen for some sounds from the living area. Usually Alaina and Garrick woke Melody up by now and they were playing in the outer room. The Doctor still had them on replicated food so Melody had them feed before Tom and Chakotay got up. But today they didn‘t hear anything. No noise, and their alarm hadn‘t gone off either.

"Computer, what time is it?" asked Chakotay.

"It is 0730," replied the computer‘s voice.

"Damn! Were not going to make it unless we hurry," said Tom as he jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

Chakotay got up and slipped on his robe, then walked to the replicator in the living area. As he passed the desk he noticed the computer terminal was turned on showing the duty roster for today. Several names had been changed around from his original and his and Tom‘s name were listed as off duty.

"Computer, who changed the duty roster?"

"Melody Chakotay-Paris," came the reply.

"Spirits! On whose authorization!"

"Captain Kathryn Janeway."

"Well, I‘ll be. Melody Elaine, you little sneak," said Chakotay as he returned to their bedroom.

Tom was just coming out of the bathroom when he saw Chakotay standing in the doorway.

"Come on, Cha. Shake a leg. We don‘t want to be late!"

"We won‘t, Tom. It seems we have the day off," said Chakotay with a smile.

Tom stood there staring at him for a minute then sat down on the bed. "But how...when?"

"It seems our oldest daughter has done it to us *again*!" said Chakotay as he came over and sat down beside him.

"But how..."

"The Captain gave her permission to use her authorization to change the duty roster."

"Well I‘ll be damn. She‘s really getting sneaky that one," said Tom.

"I know. Well, now that we have the day off what would you like to do?" asked Chakotay as he turned to face Tom.

"How long have you got?"

"For you love, the rest of my life," said Chakotay as he pulled him down on the bed.

"Good answer," Tom gasped as he was kissed into insensibility.

"You know," Chakotay mused as they paused for breath, "I‘m not sure that you need to be able to talk in complete sentences," and he continued the assault on Tom‘s speaking ability, nibbling at the hollow of his throat. The resulting moans and gasps were satisfactorily non-verbal and Chakotay smiled feral as he continued nipping along Tom‘s collarbone.

"Sp-speaking co-oooh-herently is v-vastly ooooo-overrated," Tom managed to gasp before Chakotay’s covered his body. Neither man seemed interested in further conversation as they began aligning their bodies, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, erection to erection.

"Been a long time since we‘ve done it like this," Tom murmured in a brief moment of coherence. Chakotay agreed, then began thrusting gently against the slender body below him

It was slow, gentle, but so erotic that both men were breathless. It had not been so quiet, yet intense since before the twins were born.

Tom didn‘t need to move much, but as his climax approached, he grasped Chakotay‘s shoulders a little harder, then growled as it hit, his orgasm spurting from him.

The wet heat hitting his chest and stomach sent Chakotay over the edge, and he followed Tom into the abyss with a roar.

As they came back to themselves, Tom began laughing quietly.


"The other day I heard someone refer to you as an old man. I was just picturing their face if they saw you just then. Of course, I never said that I disagreed with them..."

"Old man? I‘ll *show* you old man," Chakotay looked at Tom with a feral gleam in his eye, and Tom grinned inwardly at the renewed erection he could feel pressing into his thigh.

That was the last coherent thing either of them said or thought for a long time.