Title: Thrown Through Time
Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins
Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)
Ratings: G - NC -17 (depending on where in the story)
Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time
Chapter 28

At 0700 Tom and Chakotay entered the living area
to find Garrick and Melody asleep on the couch.
Chakotay smiles and looked at his daughter and
son asleep. Tom went into the nursery and checked
on Alaina. She was continently sleeping in her

"Looks like she was right about that being an all
niter," said Tom as he came over beside them.

"Computer, disengage sound proofing and end
music," said Chakotay as he reached down to pick
up Garrick.

"Disengaged," replied the computer.

Chakotay carried Garrick into the nursery, while
Tom carried Melody to her room. Chakotay entered
her room just as Tom as tucking her into bed.

"Is she all right?" asked Chakotay as he came
over beside the bed and looked down at her.

"She‘s fine Cha, but she needs to sleep. If we
leave her here by herself she‘ll wake up next
time Alaina and Garrick start to cry," said Tom
as he looked down at her. She was exhausted
after the emotional scene earlier with him and
Chakotay, then staying up all night with Garrick.
The best thing for her right now was sleep.

"Maybe when can get someone to stay with Alaina
and Garrick until Melody wakes up on her own. Let
me go check," said Chakotay as he left her

He went over to his desk and checked the duty
roster, soon finding someone who had offered to
help in emergencies.

"Commander Chakotay to Ensign Lorin"

A few minutes later a very sleepy female voice
answered. "Ensign Lorin, here sir. Go ahead."

"Ensign, I know it‘s your day off but Melody has
just spent all night walking Garrick and I was
wondering if you would watch him and Alaina while
Melody got some sleep?" asked Chakotay over the
com link.

"Yes, sire. I‘ll be right there. Lorin out," she
answered then closed the link.

Chakotay returned to Melody‘s room to find Tom
sitting on the side of her bed watching her.

"I‘ve asked Ensign Lorin to watch Alaina and
Garrick while Melody sleeps," said Chakotay as he
leaned down and kissed Tom.

A few minutes later the door buzzed, breaking
them apart. "That would be Lorin, why don‘t you
go let her in. I‘ll be there in a few minutes,"
said Chakotay as he adjusted his clothes.

"Sure thing, Cha," said Tom with a smile, then

Chakotay sat down in the spot that Tom just left
and looked at Melody. She looked tired but
peaceful lying there. Hopefully they had worked
out all their problems and now things would get
back to normal. Or at least as normal as they
could get for their family. He leaned over and
kissed her on the forehead then left to join Tom
in the living area.

Tom was showing Ensign Lorin were everything was
when he entered.

"Good morning, Commander. Is Melody all right?"
she asked.

"She‘s fine, she just had a rough night with

"Yes, sire. I understand about rough nights. My
sister went through two weeks of colic with one
of my nephews when he was little. "

"Then you understand," said Tom.

"Yes, sire. I‘ll take care of Garrick and Alaina
so Melody can sleep. She‘ll be fine, sirs."

"If you need anything you can call us and
we‘ll..." started Chakotay.

"Come on, Chakotay. We had better get going if we
want to eat breakfast before our shift. Thanks
again, Ensign Lorin," said Tom as he pulled a
sputtering Commander Chakotay out the door.

She smiled and shook her head at the two men that
just left. Now she understood what Melody meant
when she said they were a little overprotective.
A little over protective didn‘t even cover the
half of it, but she could understand how they
felt. Considering everything that Melody had been
through. She walked into Melody‘s room to find
the young women sleeping peacefully in the middle
of the bed. She set the computer to monitor her,
and then left to check on Garrick and Alaina.


Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris both called four
times that day before Melody finally awoke at
1500. The computer signaled that she was awake
and Ensign Lorin entered her room to find her
trying to get out of bed.

"How are you feeling?" she asked from the

Melody turned around quickly then grabbed her
head as a wave of dizziness hit her. She sat down
heavily on the bed and then felt two hands hold
her arms.

"Slow down, Melody. You‘ve been asleep only eight
hours after a very rough night."

"I‘m sorry, I don‘t remember...."

"That‘s OK, my name is Lorin. Ensign Jera Lorin."

"Lorin, from the transporter room?"

"Do you always remember everyone from their duty

"I‘m sorry, I guess that comes form helping
Cha...Commander Chakotay with so many crew

"It‘s all right, do you feel better now?" she
asked as she released her arms.

Melody shook her head lightly then looked at the
young woman sitting beside her. She was
Half-Bajoran, with reddish brown hair. "Yes,
thank you. Have Alaina and Garrick been any
trouble?" Melody stood carefully then walked to
the bathroom.

Jera followed her to the doorway just to make
sure she was all right. As Melody undressed she
could see why so many of the men aboard Voyager
expressed interest in Melody. She was slightly
small in height than most of the women on
Voyager, with a medium body build. She was still
slightly underweight from her pregnancy but not
to the point where she looked sick. Melody turned
to see her standing in the doorway.

"Oh, I‘m sorry. I just..."

"It‘s OK, I‘ve always wondered what everyone
though of me. But because of the guys no one
would tell me." said Melody as she stood up in
front of the other woman.

"Why I think...I think you look very nice," said
Jera hesitantly.

"*Honestly?*" said Melody.

Something in her eyes made her take one more look
at Melody then say. "Honestly, Melody," Jera
walked over and helped Melody into the shower
then stepped back. "You‘re a bit smaller than
most, but you look very pretty. In face I know
several men who would like to get to know you

Melody had turned on the water in the shower so
she wasn‘t sure Melody had heard her so she took
a step forward before beginning again. "As a
matter of fact, there is one certain Ensign in
the Astrometrics lab who would like that a lot."

"Oh really, who?" came Melody‘s soft reply just
above the sound of the water.

"Ian Daniels."

Melody was quiet for a minute before Jera asked.
"Melody, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I‘m fine," said Melody shakily.

"Look, Melody. Everyone knows about what happen
to you and believe me know one wants to hurt

Melody had shut off the water and was reaching
for a towel, wrapping it around her as she
stepped out of the shower. "I know that. But
isn‘t *sex* a natural progression of any
relationship between a man and a women?" asked
Melody as she dried her hair.

"Not always, look at your relationship between
Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris. You‘re
relationship with them hasn‘t ended in sex."

"But I‘ve thought about it," said Melody shyly
with her head down.

"That‘s normal, Melody!" said Jera as she raised
her head. "After all you‘re not their biological
daughter, and you are a healthy young woman. I
know several woman who have fantasized about
Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris., me included.
But we know nothings going to happen because
those two are devoted to each other, and you.
Fantasies are a normal part of a healthy sex

"Gods, I‘m confused," said Melody as she sat down
on the toilet.

"Look, Melody. Why don‘t you just make friends
with a man first, then if it progress further
than that he can help you overcome everything
from you past. Or you could talk to Commander
Chakotay and Lt. Paris about it, I‘m sure they‘ll

"Are you sure?"

"Melody, those two would do anything for you. Do
you know that they called four time *each* before
you woke up."

"Really? I‘m not surprised though, I‘ll bet they
really didn‘t want to leave this morning either?"

"Your right, Lt. Paris had to practically drag
the Commander out so they could eat breakfast
before their duty shift."

"Sounds about right."

"In the mean time, why don‘t we get you dressed
before they call again?" Suggested Jera as she
took Melody‘s arm and led her into the bedroom.

Ten minutes later Melody was dressed and sitting
on the couch giving Alaina her bottle when Tom

"Paris to Ensign Lorin."

Jera looked over at Melody and smiled with her
eyes rolled and a smirk on her face. "Lorin,
here. Go ahead, Lt. Paris."

"How‘s Melody doing?"

"I‘m fine, Daddy. You know you two should really
quit bothering Jera so much."

"Jera?" asked Tom.

"Ensign Lorin, right now I‘m sitting on the couch
feeding Alaina. When I‘m done I‘ll get something
to eat myself," responded Melody.

"Well be sure and eat, Chakotay and I will be
home in a little while."

"I will, Tom."

"All right, Paris out," said Tom as he signed

"Now I see what you mean, how‘s Garrick doing?"

"Much better, I think he‘s learned his lesson
about eating to fast," said Jera as she put him
on her shoulder to burp him.

"At least until the next time he thinks he‘s
starving. I think Alaina‘s almost finished to."

Just then Garrick gave a loud burp. "Well, excuse
you. Little man," said Jera as she wiped his
face. She put him in the swing, then came over
and took Alaina from Melody. "Here, let me take
her while you get something to eat. I don‘t want
to be in trouble with Lt. Paris," Jera sat down
with Alaina and started to burp her.

Melody got up and walked over to the replicator
and ordered a small meal for herself, when it
appeared she carried it to the table. "I wouldn‘t
worry about that, I know his superior officer,"
Melody looked over at the young women holding
Alaina and started laughing. The rest of the time
was quietly spent with Melody eating and Jera
taking care of Garrick and Alaina.


When Tom and Chakotay went off duty then both
raced home to find Melody asleep on the couch
with Garrick in the baby swing. Ensign Lorin and
Alaina were lying on a blanket beside the couch
within reach of Melody.

She had not heard the door open so that gave the
two men a few minutes to watch the scene before
they before she heard them and jumped to her

"Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris."

"Relax, Ensign. How are they doing?" asked
Chakotay as he came over and picked up Alaina.

"Melody and Garrick have been asleep for about
forty minutes, while Alaina...."

"Yes, I can see Alaina. Thank you Ensign. You can
go and enjoy the rest of your day off. And thank

"Yes, sire. Good bye Commander, Lieutenant," said
Jera Lorin as she left.

Tom looked over at the two who were sound asleep
and smiled. He remembered how just a few hours
ago Melody had told him to quit calling Jera so
much. He was glad that Melody had made another
friend from the crew. Tom crossed the room and
knelt down in front of his oldest daughter,
gently stoking her forehead.

Chakotay looked over and saw Tom kneeling in
front of Melody and came over beside him. "Is she
all right, Tom?".

"She‘s fine, Cha. She‘s probably still tired from
last night. Ensign Lorin said she had eaten so
she‘s just asleep," said Tom as he stood up and
looked at his sleeping son and oldest daughter.
"Looks like we‘ve got baby sitting duty tonight.
Why don‘t you take care of these two while I get
Mel back to bed," Tom bent over and picked up
Melody carrying her into her bedroom. He quickly
undressed her, and then put her to bed. While he
was taking care of Melody Chakotay had put
Garrick to bed and place Alaina in the swing were
she was playing happily.

"Did she wake up?"

"Nope, not even a whimper."

"Good, Garrick‘s down to. I guess last night wore
both of them out."

"Well, now that we have taken care of those two.
What do you want to do with the rest of the
evening?" asked Chakotay as he gave Alaina‘s
swing one more push then came over and pulled Tom
into his arms.

"You know, Cha. I don‘t know about you but I
don‘t feel like performing in front of an
audience" murmured Tom as he looked back at

Chakotay looked at the baby, and then cleared his
throat. "Uhh, yes. Well...I guess we will have to
continue this after she falls asleep."

"Promises, promises. Cha," whispered Tom as he
moved out of Chakotay‘s arms.

Twenty minutes later Alaina was asleep and
Chakotay quickly put her to bed in the nursery
then returned to the living area to find Tom
waiting for him on the couch.

"Now, where were we," said Chakotay as he quickly
pulled the younger man into his arms.

"Oh...Chakotay," murmured Tom as he leaned into
Chakotay‘s arms.

"I seem to remember something about picking up
where we left off."

"And where was that?"

"Right about here..." said Chakotay as he picked
Tom up and carried him into their bedroom to
indeed continue were they left off.

"We left at a *good* place," Tom murmured,
wrapping his arms around Chakotay‘s neck.

Chakotay grinned and went back to nibbling on
Tom‘s ear. Tom gasped, this was a sensitive area
for him, and he loved the feeling of the lightly
nipping teeth on his earlobe. Chakotay continued
to explore Tom‘s ear, then moved just below it,
an area that was particularly sensitive on Tom.
He continued lightly nipping and sucking on Tom‘s
sensitive flesh, and Tom arched and moaned in

As Chakotay began sucking gently on Tom‘s aching
nipples, he searched blindly in the drawer of the
nightstand, finding the small tube by feel. He
smiled against Tom‘s chest when he found it, and
again working sightlessly, he squeezed some gel
onto his fingers, beginning to prepare Tom

Tom opened up easily for him, the muscles
relaxing quickly under the familiar touch of
Chakotay‘s fingers. Tom positioned himself on
his hands and knees; Chakotay plunged his fingers
once more into Tom, and then began entering Tom,
slowly. A few gentle thrusts and Chakotay was
completely inside Tom. He began sensuously
massaging Tom‘s prostate with the tip of his
erection, and Tom let out a squeaking moan that
Chakotay had never heard before. It was as
erotic as hell, though, and Chakotay began
thrusting harder and faster into Tom, feeling his
lover arch back to meet him. Chakotay moved a
hand over Tom‘s hip, reaching to capture his
thrusting erection. The movement of Chakotay‘s
hand on Tom‘s hardness sent the younger man over
the edge, and his internal muscles on Chakotay‘s
erection brought the older man screaming into the
abyss with him.

Tom chuckled as they came back to earth.

"Good thing this room is soundproof," Tom
murmured as he pulled the covers over them.

Chakotay didn‘t have the strength to do more than
nod in agreement before they were both asleep.


The next day Melody and Chakotay worked out a
duty schedule for her. She would work the
mornings in sickbay and spend the afternoons with
Alaina and Garrick. They set up a rotating
daycare facility so Alaina and Garrick would be
supervised while Melody, Tom and Chakotay worked.
Melody was also reinstated on the replacement
list when someone got sick.

Melody was on duty in sickbay when Chakotay
called and asked if she would come get a report
that was in his office for the Doctor. She and
the Doctor had finished and he told her that she
could get the report now so she left to go to his
office. She was sitting at his desk rummaging
through the bottom drawer of his desk when the
door buzzed.

"Come," she called from under the desk.

The door opened and Ian Daniels entered to an
empty office, but soon heard a noise from under
Commander Chakotay‘s desk.

"Found it!" called Melody from under the desk as
she rose up and banged her head. "Damn!" Melody
appeared from under the desk rubbing the back of
her head. "Oh, hi Ian."

"Melody, I thought that Commander Chakotay..."

"Don‘t worry, Ian. He just stepped out, he should
be back in a second," said Melody as she came
from around his desk. Just then the door opened
and Chakotay stepped in.

"Ensign? You wanted to see me?" he asked as he
looked at the young man.

"Yes, sire. I..."

"Oh don‘t be so mean, Chakotay. He just got here
a second ago. You know you should really clean
out that bottom drawer. You might be able to find
thing easier that way," said Melody as she waved
the PADD at him.

"I‘ll remember that," said Chakotay with a smile.

"Yeah, right. And I‘m going to take over you‘re
job someday. I‘ll see you later, Ian," said
Melody as she left Chakotay‘s office.

Chakotay watched Melody leave then went around to
his desk and sat down. Ian was still standing at
the door waiting for him to say something.

"You can sit down, Ensign," said Chakotay as he
motioned for Ian to take a chair.

"Thank you, sir. Uhh sir, I was wondering if it
would, I mean...I would like your permission to
get to know your daughter better, sir."

"How old are you, Ensign?" asked Chakotay as he
leaned back in his chair.

"Thirty six, sir."

"And you‘ve heard about Melody‘s past and what
was done to her?"

"Yes, sir. The whole ship knows about that."

"Then you understand that she is vulnerable and
very special to a lot of us."

"Yes, sir. She is special to all of us, well not
in the same way as you and Lt. Paris, but..."

Chakotay chuckled then smiled at the young man in
front of him. "I know what you mean, Ensign. Just
understand this, if you hurt her. In anyway way
you will have the whole commander staff and
several other officers down on your head so fast
you won‘t know what hit you. Do I make myself
clear, Ensign?"

"Yes, sir! Clear as crystal sir!" responded Ian

"Good, then as long as that‘s understood I don‘t
see any reason why you shouldn‘t get to know
Melody better. You helped her out during a
difficult time and we are both grateful to you."

"It was my pleasure, sir. I‘m glad everything
work out well."

"So are we, Ensign. Anything else?"

"No sir."

"Then you‘re dismissed."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," said Ian as he rose
and left the office.

Chakotay watched the young man leave, and then
smiled to himself. Melody was truly growing up.


Two days later Ian made his move, Melody was in
the mess hall with Tom and Chakotay when he
approached their table. Captain Janeway,
B‘Elanna, and Harry were also sitting talking to
Melody while they ate.

"Commander, Lt. Paris, Captain, Lt. Torres,
Ensign Kim. Excuse me sirs, may I have a word
with Melody?" asked Ian.

At Melody‘s none reaction Tom reached over and
nudged her in the ribs. "Uhh, oh. Sure Ian. What

"Well you see, tomorrow is my day off and..."

"Good for you."

Chakotay cleared his throat and looked over at

"Sorry, Ian. Go ahead," smiled Melody.

"Yes, well. Tomorrow is my day off and I was
wondering if you would like to spend some time on
the holodeck with me?"

"Sure, I tell you what. You pick the time and
I‘ll choose the program. Deal?" said Melody with
a smile.

At Melody‘s smile Ian‘s nervousness disappeared
and he relaxed. "Deal, how about 1830? I‘ll pick
you up at your quarters?"

"Fine, see you then. Oh, and Ian...wear something

"Yes, ma‘am...I mean Melody. Goodbye, sirs," said
Ian as he quickly left.

Melody watched him leave then turned back to the
table smiling.

"You know you could have let him ask you in
private Melody?" said Janeway.

Melody looked over at her with a puzzled look on
her face. "Why?"

"Because there he was standing in front of the
whole command staff asking the First Officers
daughter for a date. I think he was a little bit
intimidated," replied B‘Elanna.

"Well he just better get used to seeing you guys
around because I‘m not giving up my family for
anyone," remarked Melody.

"Thanks, Mel," said Tom as he took her hand.
"Aren‘t you going to let him know what program
you guys will be using tomorrow?"

"I told him to wear something warm?"

"And if he doesn‘t?" asked Chakotay.

"Then there are other ways to warm him up,"
replied Melody with a sly smile.

A few seconds later Chakotay reached over and
slapped the back of Melody‘s head.

"What!" exclaimed Melody as she looked over at
him? A few seconds later she realized what he was
thinking. "Oh come on, Daddy! Just because yours
and Tom‘s minds are in the gutter all the time
doesn‘t me mine is. You know sometimes I believe
you two think with your groins instead of your
brains," said Melody as she stood up. "I have to
go, I promised Neelix that I would teach him how
to make a pizza. I‘ll see you both, later," She
said, and then left.

"Well, that went well," remarked Janeway.

"I know, I shouldn‘t have done that but I‘m just
not used to the idea of Melody dating," said

"Well you had better get used to it, Cha. I have
a feeling that we are going to see quiet a lot of
Ian Daniels," said Tom. "You know you‘re going to
have to apologize to her."

"I know," he said softly.

"Well, gentlemen. I think we will leave you two
alone for a while. You know she‘s in good hands
with Ensign Daniels, Chakotay. He took care of
her when she went into labor, I don‘t think he‘s
going to do anything to hurt her," said Janeway
as she stood and left.

"Commander, Tom," said Harry as he followed
B‘Elanna out.

Chakotay sighed, and then sat looking at the
doorway into the kitchen where his oldest
daughter and Neelix were.


After spending several hours in his office
working on his reports, Chakotay replicated a red
silk rose then returned to their quarters. Tom
was sitting on the couch reading a PADD when he
came in. He crossed them room and gave the
younger man a hug, then sat down beside him.

"Where‘s Mel?" asked Chakotay as he looked

Garrick was playing in the playpen while Alaina
was asleep in the swing.

"In her room, she‘s been in there since I got

"Is she still mad?"

"I‘m not sure, she just quiet. You better go talk
to her before she starts withdrawing again," said
Tom as he gave him a quick kiss. "I‘ll but these
two to bed, then we can talk when you‘re

Tom rose and picked up Alaina and Garrick and
carried them into their bedroom. Chakotay watched
him leave then sighed and rose to face his oldest
daughter. Melody had her bedroom door closed, but
he could hear the sound of music coming from
within. He knocked softly, then the door slide
open. Melody was lying on her bed on her stomach
reading a PADD.

Chakotay walked over to her bed and sat down
beside her placing the rose between her and the
PADD. Melody looked at the rose, then rolled on
her back.

"Oh, Daddy."

"I‘m sorry, Melody. I know I shouldn‘t have
thought that about you and Ian."

"Why not, isn‘t sex a normal part of all
relationships?" she asked as she turned onto her

"Yes but, not every relationship ends up in sex.
Look at us for example, we have been together for
a year and a half and we haven‘t ended up in bed

"I know, but what if I said I wanted us to?"

"What!" yelled Chakotay as jumped off the bed and
headed toward the door.

"Daddy, wait! Please, let me explain?" said
Melody as she came up behind him.

Chakotay slowly turned and look at the young
woman standing in front of him. He could tell by
the look on her face that she was serious about
what she had said, but was still a little
confused about something.

"Please, daddy?" asked Melody again as she took
his hand and lead him back to the bed and sat
down beside him. "I didn‘t mean that exactly the
way it sounded. I know that there are platonic
relationships between men and women. But I
figured if I was going to experience making love
for the first time it might as well be with
someone I know loves me and would never hurt me."

"Oh Melody, you don‘t know what your asking of
us," said Chakotay softly.

"Yes I do, Chakotay. I know that you don‘t think
of me in that way and that you and Tom are a
couple but..."

"That‘s not it, sweet one. The problem is that we
do think of you like that, and when we do it
makes us feel guilty."

"Why, I don‘t understand?"

"Melody, you are a beautiful young women that any
man would be honored to be with. But in our
hearts Tom and I think of you as our daughter,
but our bodies..."

"Chakotay, I may be your daughter legally but
biologically I‘m not related to either one of
you. Remember. There is no reason why either one
of us should feel guilty about feeling attracted
to each other. It just means that we three have
good taste."

"I wish it were that simple, sweet one."

"I know, it‘s mind over body thing. But would you
both do me a favor and at least think about it. I
know that I probably should wait and experience
that with whoever I fall in love with, but if
that never happens then I will have at least know
what it feels like to be with someone who loves
me, just for me."

"Oh, Melody. I can‘t promise anything, but I‘ll
talk to Tom about this, OK?" said Chakotay as he
pulled her into his arms.

"That‘s all I‘m asking. Now, if I‘m not mistaken
you have a very worried husband waiting for you
out in the living room. Go talk to him, and if
the answer is no then I‘ll just have to work
something out for myself," said Melody as she
kissed his cheek then retrieved her PADD and went
back to reading.

Chakotay watched her for a while then slowly
turned and left. Tom was sitting on the couch
waiting for him and as soon as the door opened he
jumped up and meet him.

"What happened? I heard yelling?" asked Tom as he
looked at Chakotay anxiously.

"Where are Alaina and Garrick?" asked Chakotay as
he pulled Tom over to the couch.

"In bed asleep, Cha? What‘s wrong? What did she
tell you?" asked Tom as he became upset.

"Calm down, love. Nothings wrong, well at least
not really. She just told me that..."

"Told you what, Cha! Come on, it can‘t be all
that bad."

"Oh you don‘t know that half of it. Tom do you
remember the morning that we woke up and Melody
found us hard?"

"Yes, I remember. But what has that got to do
with this!"

"Just listen to me for a minute, Tom. You
reminded me then that Melody isn‘t our biological
daughter and that you had fantasized about her
joining us."

"Yes, but..."

"Well it seems that you aren‘t the only one that
has had that fantasy."

Tom just sat there for a few minutes then he
realized what Chakotay was telling him. "You mean
that she...Mel wants too..." sputtered Tom.

"It seems so, she just asked us to consider
showing her what‘s it like to be with someone you

"But, Cha! Were talking about *Melody* here!"
exclaimed Tom.

"I know that, Tom. But consider this from her
point of view. Were the only two people she knows
that truly love her and would never do anything
to hurt her. What she‘s asking from us is the
ultimate compliment."

"But she should experience that with whoever she
falls in love with."

"And if that never happens? You know that it‘s a
possibility because of what her mother and
brothers did to her. She may never get to the
point where she can trust another man that much.
Do we have to right to deprive her of the
experience of being with someone that loves her?"

"Chakotay, I‘m not sure I could do *that* with

"I don‘t think I could either, but you know there
are other ways to make love besides having

"Well, I guess that does make a differences. We
would both be there ...I mean I don‘t think I
could be alone with her like that."

"Yes, Tom. It would be both of us. Look, we don‘t
have to make a decision right now. I told Melody
that we would discuss this then get back with her

"Good, I‘m not sure I could give her an answer
right now," said Tom as he leaned over against
Chakotay‘s chest.

"I know what you mean, it seems that Kathryn was
right when she said that Melody was going to keep
our lives interesting," said Chakotay.

"She doesn‘t know that half of it," said Tom