Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC –17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 24

Several hours later while Melody was still in the Astrometrics Lab, Voyager was once again rocked by a level six-ion storm. They had been orbiting a deserted planet for several days when the storm suddenly appeared around them.

"Shields, Mr. Kim," said Janeway as she regained her balance.

"Aye, Captain."

"Mr. Paris, can you move us out of this storm?"

"I‘ll try, Captain," said Tom as he turned in his chair. "Negative response, Captain. We seem to be caught in some sort of gravity field. I can‘t break us free."

"Harry, reroute all power to main engines."

"Aye, Captain."

"No effect, Captain. I still can‘t break us free," said Tom.

"Captain, the warp engines are reaching critical mass," called B‘Elanna over the COM system.

"Shut them down, Harry. Looks like we have to ride this storm out. Harry, how long do you estimate this storm to last?" asked Janeway.

"If these reading are right, I estimate another 6.4 hours, Captain."

"All hands, this is the Captain speaking. We are caught in an ion storm surrounding this planet. I suggest everyone go to yellow alert and brace yourselves for a bumpy ride. Janeway, Out."

As Janeway finished her announcement Melody doubled over crying out in pain. "Damn!"

"What‘s wrong, Melody?" asked Ian as he ran to her side.

She had been helping with the planetary survey most of the morning, but he knew she really should have been resting. She had been very touchy for the last six weeks or so he was afraid to try and push her into resting. Her temper tantrums and paybacks had become almost legendary around Voyager and he was leery of getting her made at him.

"The twins, I think it‘s time," gasped Melody.

"Oh my god, we need to call Commander Chakotay or Lt. Paris," exclaimed Ian excitedly.

"What we need to do is to get me to sick bay, Ian! Listen to me. Neither of them could make it down here before I can get to sickbay on my own. So help me, please."

"All right, all right. You’re right lets go. Do you need any help?"

"Ian!" yelled Melody as she looked over at a female crewmember that was sitting near and smiled. "Now I know why I never got involved with men before. Would you call Ensign Wildman and have her meet us in sick bay?" asked Melody weakly.

"Sure thing, Melody. Good luck," called the woman.

"Thanks, Tara. Come on, Ian. We might as well start," said Melody as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. The door closed on a smiling Tara who was calling Samantha Wildman.

Ian and Melody made their way slowly to the turbo lift and called for the lift. After a few seconds Ian pushed again. "Damn! Must be down because of the storm. Looks like were going to have to make it the hard way."

"Lets get going, I think these kids are suddenly in a hurry to arrive," said Melody breathlessly.

Melody and Ian made their way to an access panel and opened it up.

"Can you make it, Melody?" asked Ian as he looked at the young woman.

"*Do I have a choice!* remarked Melody sarcastically.

"No, sorry," said Ian as he helped Melody scoot into the access panel on her back. She turned around and slowly made her way down the access way on her bottom sending her feet out first at the juncture. When Ian arrived she was resting against the wall. "Oh god, this hurts!" yelled Melody in-between the pains.

"I‘m sorry, Melody. Is there anything I can do?" asked Ian as she looked up.

"No, how much farther do we have to go?"

"Six levels up, I‘m afraid."

"Then lets get this show on the road. I‘ll be damned if I‘m having these kids in a access way," said Melody as she stood up and started climbing.

Thirty minutes later, they had only gotten one level higher, and Melody was quickly loosing her breath and having to stop frequently. Three and half-hours later an exhausted Melody and a very haggard Ensign Ian Daniels made it to sickbay. Samantha was waiting by the doors and grabbed Melody‘s arms while Kes helped Ian over to a biobed.

"Where have you been?" asked the Doctor.

"The turbo lifts and transporter are down so we had to crawl through the access ways," replied Ian as Kes helped him onto the bed.

"Do you know who dangerous that was!" exclaimed the Doctor.

"There was no other way...sire."

"Yes, of course. I‘m sorry. Thank you, Ensign for getting her here safely."

"Your welcome sire, will she be all right?"

"I don‘t know, I haven‘t examined her yet. Here let me look at you. Hmm...Four broken fingers and several torn ligaments. Very impressive Melody," said the Doctor as he scanned Ian‘s hand and arm.

"I aim to please," said Melody as she gritted her teeth.

"Very funny, Melody," replied Ian.

The Doctor ran the regenerator over Ian‘s hand then replied. "There you are, Ensign. I suggest you go back to your quarters and rest, if possible. We can take care of Melody from now on," he said as he closed the scanner.

"Thank you, Doctor. Good luck, Melody."

"Thank you, Ian," said Melody as she double over in pain again.

"You really must sit down and relax Melody," said the Doctor as he came over by her.

"No! I need to keep walking. It will help speed things along."

"Melody, there is no medical..."

"Doctor! Why don‘t we let Melody do what she feels like doing," replied Kes.

"I guess your right, but I still see no medical point."

"You don‘t have to Doctor, it helps Melody. Not you," replied Samantha as she helped Melody walk around sickbay.

The Doctor huffed off to his office, waiting until his services where needed. Two hours later it was an exhausted Melody was lead to one of the biobed.

"Doctor," called Kes as she and Samantha helped Melody lay down.

The Doctor came out of his office and quickly made his way over to Melody. She was in more pain, but she didn‘t look like she had progressed any further along. His scan confirmed it. Melody was only dilated four centimeters even though her contractions were already five minutes apart.

"I think it is time that we called Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris," said the Doctor as he closed the scanner.

"No! There is nothing they can do," said Melody.

"They can at least offer comfort, Melody. Let us call at least one of them," said Kes.

"All right, but only one," said Melody.

"Sick bay to Bridge."

"Bridge here. Go ahead," called Janeway.

"Captain, Melody is in the first stages of labor. She is requesting one of her father‘s presence."

"Only one?" asked Chakotay.

"One of you needs to stay on the bridge with Aunt Kathryn," replied Melody.

"I‘ll go, Chakotay. Since I‘m not flying anyway I‘m really of little help. I‘ll keep you posted on how she‘s doing," said Tom as he stood up. "Captain?"

"Doctor, Lt. Paris is on his way," replied Janeway.

"Tell them about the lifts," yelled Melody from her bed.

"Captain, Melody wishes to inform Lt. Paris that some of the turbo lifts are not working," said the Doctor.

"Janeway to Torres."

"Torres here, Captain."

"B‘Elanna, Melody says the turbo lifts are off line."

"Then how the hell did she get to sick bay? She didn‘t call for a site to site transfer?"

"It‘s a long story Aunt B‘Ela. Let‘s just say I‘m now very familiar with the inside of your ship," said Melody over the COM link.

"Oh my god," exclaimed B’Elanna as the realization of what Melody had just said hit her. "I‘ll get right on it. Captain. Torres, out."

"Mr. Kim, transport Lt. Paris to sickbay. And keep us posted Tom."

"I will, Captain."

"Aye, Captain. Energizing," said Harry as he watched Tom disappear.

A second later Tom materializes in sickbay, then rushed to Melody‘s side.

"I’m here sweet, how you feeling?"

"Like I‘m pregnant how else would I feel," snapped Melody.

"Well, her mouth isn‘t affected. How‘s she doing, Doc?"

"She‘s having contractions five minutes apart but is only dilated five centimeters," said the Doctor.

"Isn‘t that a little slow?" asked Tom as he took Melody‘s hand.

"First births are often long, Lt. Paris. Being a multiple birth might also slow it down some."

"Great, if I had known all this earlier I wouldn‘t have volunteered for this job," said Melody

"Well it‘s to late to back out now Mel," said Tom with a smile.

"No shit, Sherlock! Oh..."cried Melody as she squeezed Tom‘s hand in pain as the contraction got stronger.

"I might mention that Melody broke four of Ensign Daniels fingers while he was helping her to sickbay," said the Doctor as he saw Tom flinch.

"Thanks a lot, Doc!" said Tom as he pulled his hand out of Melody‘s grip and rubbed it. "Can‘t you give her something for the pain?"

"If I give her anything now it will slow down the process of labor even more."

"Like hell you will!" yelled Melody.

"Mel, sweet. Your mouth."

"Don‘t worry, Mr. Paris. I don‘t think there is anything that Melody could say that would shock me. All though her choice of phrases..."


"Sorry, Mr. Paris. Why don‘t you try rubbing her back? That might help relax her."

"All right, Mel. I‘m just going to rub your back. OK?"

"Get on with it, Tom. I won‘t bite," yelled Melody.

"I‘m not so sure about that," whispered Tom.

"I heard that!"

"Sorry, Love," said Tom as he began to rub Melody‘s lower back until he could feel her relax.

Two hours later Captain Janeway commed sickbay for a progress report.

"Janeway to Sickbay."

"Sick bay here Captain. Go ahead."

"How‘s Melody doing?"

"There has been no change."

"Doctor, can I speak to Tom," asked Janeway.

"Oh course, Captain. Hold on. Lt. Paris," Said the Doctor as he went over to Melody‘s side.

"Paris, here Captain."

"Tom, I hate to ask you this but the storm is about to break up and we need you at the con."

"Now! Captain..." asked Tom, he had been down here for over two hours and he was tired. Melody had gone between squeezing the hell out of his hand to cussing a blue streak. If he was tired, she must be exhausted.

"I wouldn‘t normally ask Tom, but you‘re the best pilot we‘ve got," replied Janeway.

"He‘ll be there Aunt Kathryn," called Melody. Tom walked over to her bedside and looked down at the young woman lying there. She was covered in sweat and her face was marked with pain lines. "Mel, I can‘t..."

"Yes, you can. Go take care of Voyager then bring Chakotay back with you," replied Melody weakly as she looked at him.

"Are you sure?"

"Would you get the hell out of here!" yelled Melody.

"Captain, request site to site transfer to bridge," said Tom

"Acknowledged Mr. Paris. Energize, Mr. Kim," said Janeway.

"Aye, Captain."

Tom disappeared in the blue beam then reappeared a second later on the bridge. He quickly took his place at the con. Twenty minutes later after a slightly bumpy ridding Voyager was clear of the storm and in calm space. As soon as everything was secure Tom and Chakotay left their seats and headed towards the turbo lifts.

"Keep us posted, gentlemen," called Janeway as the turbo lift doors closed.

The lift had only moved for a minute before it jerked and stopped dead. Chakotay reached over and pushed the panel again, but nothing happened.

"Damn! Chakotay to Torres."

"Torres, here. Go ahead."

"B‘Elanna, were stuck in the turbo lift."

"I know, Chakotay. They just went off line again. I‘m working on getting them back up again. Give me twenty minutes," replied B‘Elanna.

"Great! Paris to Sickbay."

"Sick bay here, go ahead," replied the Doctor.

"How‘s Melody?" asked Chakotay.

"There is still no change, Commander," replied the Doctor.

"Understood, tell her that we will be a little longer than we thought, but we are on our way."

"Aye, I‘ll inform Melody of you delay," said the Doctor as he signed off.

"Well, Chakotay. Looks like were stuck here for a while. What do you suggest we do?" asked Tom.

"Tom! Would you get your mind out of the gutter for once? Melody needs our help," replied Chakotay.

"What can we do for her while were stuck in here?" asked Tom as he smiled and leaned against the turbo lift wall with his arms crossed.

In this confined space Tom‘s mind was going wild with ideas that he wished they had timed to put into action. With Melody‘s impending delivery, Tom and Chakotay had had very little time to themselves.

It turned out to be thirty-five minutes before B‘Elanna got the turbo lifts running again. In the time that they were waiting their imaginations had gone wild and it was a frantic Tom and Chakotay that raced into sickbay only to be stopped by Melody‘s screams.

"Doctor, report!" ordered Chakotay sharply as he watched his daughter in the throws of a hard contraction.

"Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris. It‘s about time you both got here," said the Doctor as he came over by them.

"How‘s she doing Doc?" asked Tom.

"Her contractions are three minutes apart and she is now eight centimeters dilated," reported the Doctor.

"Can she deliver yet?" asked Chakotay.

"No, and at her present rate it will be another eight to ten hours before she is able to begin delivery."

"Can she last that long?" asked Tom as he looked over at the young women on the bed. She was lying on her side shaking slightly for pain and exhaustion. Tom went over and gently started rubbing her back.

"I‘m not sure, she is very near total exhaustion. We have to help her hold on as long as she can until she‘s ready to deliver."

"Can‘t you just take the babies?" asked Chakotay.

"As you know she has requested that the twins be delivered naturally if possible. If a problem with her heart or lunges arises we will take the babies, but it‘s really for the best to see if she can deliver the twins naturally," replied the Doctor.

"Don‘t worry, Doctor. We‘ll help her," said Chakotay as he walked over to her bedside and took her hand. "Shhh, baby. We’re here now, we’re here."

Melody turned on her back and looked up at the two men standing over her. "Hi, Daddy," she said weakly.

"Hey, sweet one. How you doing?"

"I‘ve been better."

"Just hang on a little longer love, it will all be over real soon," said Tom as he and Chakotay started rubbing her back and legs.

For the next nine and half-hours Tom and Chakotay alternated between holding her hand and holding her down. Captain Janeway and Tuvok stopped by sickbay to check on Melody‘s progress during her ninth hour and noticed that Melody was no longer screaming when the contractions hit. She would just clinch her jaw and squeeze whoever hand she was holding.

"How‘s she doing, Chakotay?" asked Janeway.

"I‘m worried about her Kathryn, she‘s not screaming with the contractions anymore. It‘s almost like she‘s afraid the scream anymore," said Chakotay as he came into the waiting room. It was Tom‘s turn to spend some time with her while he rested and got away from all her pain.

"In her early counseling sessions she said that she was not allowed to scream or make noise while she was being punished. Because of the pain she might have reverted to that time," said Tuvok.

"That‘s not good, she needs to release the pain before she hurts herself," said Janeway as she stepped toward her bed.

"Melody, sweet one. It‘s all right to scream when you‘re in pain," said Chakotay as he took her into her arms.

Melody only mumbled softly shaking her head. "No, can‘t. Momma will hear me. Mustn‘t let her hear me"

"No, sweet one. It‘s all right. She won‘t hear you. You can scream," said Tom.

"Let me try, Commander," said Tuvok as he stepped forward and took Melody‘s face between his hands and turned her face toward him. "Melody, look at me. Focus on my voice."

Melody shook her head, then locked eyes with Tuvok. "Listen to my voice, Melody. You are safe here. No one will hurt you. Do you understand?"

Melody‘s eyes focused on his face then her eyes darted to Tom and Chakotay. "Yes sir, I‘m safe here. Oh god it hurts!" cried Melody as she looked at all three men.

"Doctor, is she ready to deliver?" asked Chakotay as he saw her face draw up in pain.

The Doctor quickly scanned Melody then smiled. "Yes, Commander. She is fully dilated now. Mr. Paris, if you would support her back while Commander Chakotay coaches her. Melody, you can push now."

"No! I can‘t, it hurts!" cried Melody.

"You have to sweet one, come on. One big push," said Chakotay as he took her hand and helped her lean forward bearing down, until she fell back against Tom.

"That‘s good, Mel. Now one more. Push!"

Melody repeated the process again until she fell back panting.

"I can see the head, Melody. One more push, and were done," said the Doctor.

"Come on, Melody. One more," coaxed Chakotay.

One finale time Melody leaned forward bearing down and pushes with all she has left. Just as she falls back against Tom the cry of a newborn is heard.

"It‘s here, Melody! Congratulations, it‘s a boy!" announced the Doctor.

"You did it, sweet one. Thank you," whispered Chakotay as he gently kissed her cheek.

Melody turned towards him to say something, but stopped in mid word her breath gasping in pain.


The Doctor quickly gave the baby to Samantha then scanned Melody. "I was afraid of this, Kes. Prepare the transport," said the Doctor quickly.

"What! What‘s wrong!" yelled Tom.

"Melody labor was so long that her heart and lungs can‘t handle another delivery. We will have to take the other baby or loss her," explained the Doctor.

"Take it, now!" decided Chakotay.

"Aye, Commander. If you gentlemen would go to he waiting room," said the Doctor as he turned to help Kes prepare Melody for surgery.

Tom and Chakotay looked once again at the young woman laying on the biobed, then headed out to the waiting room. Captain Janeway and Tuvok meet them halfway there.

"Chakotay, what happened! We heard a baby‘s cry. Are they all right?" asked Janeway.

"The first one is here, it’s a boy, but Melody can‘t deliver the second one naturally. Oh my god, Kathryn. We‘re going to lose her!" cried Chakotay. Janeway lead him to a chair in the waiting room, then sat down beside him.

"No! You won‘t Chakotay. You know the Doctor won‘t let that happen!" said Janeway as she saw Tuvok sit down an equally stunned Tom.

"Commander, Lieutenant. Would you like to hold your son?" asked Samantha as she came over to them. Tom and Chakotay stood up and slowly walked over to stand in front of her staring at the small bundle in her arms. This was their son.

"Is he...is he all right?" asked Tom.

"He‘s fine Tom. Healthy as a horse and wanting his father‘s," replied Samantha as she put the squirming bundle in Tom‘s arms. Tom held the baby away from his body for a minute then gently drew him closer until he rested against his chest. Chakotay reached out and gently stroked his cheek with the tip of his finger, until he opened his eyes.

"Oh Cha, he‘s got your eyes," said Tom softly.

"Hello, little one," said Chakotay.

A few minutes later Kes came over holding another bundle. "Would you like to meet your daughter, Commander?"

At her voice Chakotay turned to see the young women hold his other child. "Is she...all right?

"She‘s fine, Commander. The Doctor says she‘s small but healthy. Would you like to hold her?" Before Chakotay could say a word Kes transferred the small bundle into his arms, then left.

He looked down at the squirming bundle in his arms. "Hello, sweet one," The baby sighed, then opened her eyes. "Tom, her eyes are blue," he remarked.

Tom carried his bundle over beside Chakotay and looked down at his daughter. She looked like a mixture of Chakotay and himself. With Chakotay‘s hair and a dark skin, but his blue eyes and smile. The boy was just the opposite with his light hair and skin but Chakotay‘s eyes and dimples. They were blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children.

"Gentlemen, on behalf of the entire crew of Voyager congratulations on your additions," said Janeway as she came over and looked at both men holding their newborn child.

Just then the Doctor entered the waiting room and Chakotay quickly transfer his daughter into Janeway‘s arms.

"Doctor, how is Melody? Can we see her?" asked Chakotay as he approached the Doctor.

"She‘s fine, Commander. Weak from the delivery but otherwise healthy."

"Can we see her?" asked Tom as he stepped beside Chakotay.

"Yes, this way," said the Doctor as he turned and returned to Melody‘s bedside.

"Here, Tom. Let he hold him for you," said Samantha as she came over and took the baby from Tom. He smiled at her, and then quickly followed Chakotay to Melody‘s bedside.

"We have her heavily sedated so don‘t talk to long," said the Doctor as he put a hypospray to Melody‘s neck. A second later her pale hazel eyes opened to see the two men standing beside her.

"Hello, sweet one. Thank you for our son and daughter," said Chakotay as he kissed her pale cheek.

"Are they both all right?" she asked weakly.

"Yes, Mel. They‘re both beautiful. Just like you," said Tom.

"I want..."

"Shhh, sweet. We‘ll talk later, rest now," said Chakotay as he stroked her forehead.

"No, please. I want to name the boy Garrick Kolopack."

"Thank you, Melody," said Chakotay softly.

"And the girl?" asked Tom.

"I was thinking.... Alaina Kaitlin," whispered Melody.

"That‘s beautiful, Mel. You rest now, we‘ll talk again later," said Tom as he kissed her forehead as her eyes closed.

"Sleep well, love. And thank you," whispered Chakotay as they both left.

Tom and Chakotay both left Melody‘s bedside with tears in their eyes as the walked over to their new son and daughter‘s cribs.

"Captain, I would like to introduce you to Garrick Kolopack Chakotay-Paris," said Tom as he put his hand on his son‘s stomach.

"And Alaina Kaitlin Chakotay-Paris," said Chakotay as he put his hand on his daughter‘s stomach.

Janeway looked down at the two newest members of the Voyager family and smiled. "On behalf of the whole crew I‘d like to welcome you both aboard. Congratulations, Gentlemen. How‘s Melody?"

"The Doctor says she‘s weak but will recover," said Tom as he looked back to Melody‘s bed.

"Well, you both are now officially on maternity leave. Get some rest and take care of your new family," said Janeway as she smiled at them then left.

Tuvok stood looking at the two men that stood before him, then turned to face them. "I would like to add my congratulations Commander, Lieutenant. May your family live long and prosper."

"Thank you, Tuvok," said Tom.

Tuvok bowed to both men, then turned and left returning to the bridge. When the ship wide announcement was made a loud cheer carried through out the ship with numerous people leaving messages of congratulations.