Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G –NC-17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 21

For Melody the next few weeks past with very little complaints or suggestions from Chakotay or Tom. They still watched her carefully, but voiced most of their suggestions to the Doctor, who brought them up at Melody‘s prenatal appointments. Because Melody was carrying twins she had started to showing during her third month, and by the fifth month she was forced to start wearing maternity clothes.

As she got bigger she started spending a lot of her time in the Astronomic Lab and in Sickbay. One day, while she was working in sickbay with the Doctor she felt the beginning flutter of the babies’ movements. She was helping categorize planet samples from a resent away mission, when she suddenly cried out, dropping the sample in her hand.

"Are you all right, Melody?" asked Kes and the Doctor as they rushed to her side.

"I‘m not sure... I think the babies just moved?" replied Melody.

The Doctor ran a scanner over her and smiled. "Congratulations, Melody."

"Will they do it again?"

"Almost, certainly. They will become more active as they get bigger."

Melody had her hand resting on her stomach, when she soon felt another movement. "Oh, Kes. Feel this?" said Melody as she took her hand and placed it beside hers. A few seconds later both woman were laughing and grinning with joy.

"Now, Melody. Now that the babies are becoming active you will have to be careful when you use your exercise holoprograms. I‘m afraid the ice skating is out for now," said the Doctor.

"Oh, that‘s OK. I haven‘t been able to skate since I started having to wear maternity clothes. I‘m to heavy in front," laughed Melody.

"Well you need to continue exercising, just use caution and common sense now."

"I will, Doctor. Thank you," said Melody as she threw her arms around him hugging his neck.

"Well, you’re welcome," replied the Doctor.

"I‘m going to see if I can show Aunt Kathryn, thanks again," said Melody as she left.

Melody was half way down the corridor when she remembered that Captain Janeway was on the bridge right now so she hit her COM badge to call her.

"Melody, to Captain Janeway."

The bridge was quiet and no one expected the COM, so when it came Janeway jumped slightly at the voice.

"Janeway, here. Go ahead, Melody."

"Aunt... I mean Captain Janeway. May I speak to you on a personal matter?"

Janeway and Chakotay exchanged looks, while Tom turned in his chair to face them.

"Ohhh, of course, Melody. Meet me in my ready room."

"Aye, Captain. Melody out."

"Captain, If..." started Chakotay.

"Don‘t worry, Commander. If it‘s really important I‘m sure Melody will tell you and Tom about it. It‘s probably just girl talk, relax," said Janeway as she left the bridge for her ready room.

A few minutes later the turbo lift doors opened and Melody stepped off. She gave both of them a quick smile then crossed to the Captain‘s ready room. Just as she pushed the call button Janeway called. "Come," and the doors opened, then closed behind her.

As the doors slid closed Chakotay got up and crossed over to Tuvok‘s station. "Tuvok, has Melody said anything to you about being upset or unhappy?"

"No, Commander. In our discussions she has seemed extremely happy with her life here on Voyager and her impending motherhood."


"Perhaps the Captain is correct in her assessment that it is just girl talk and if it is important she will tell you herself later."

"That‘s easy for you to say, it‘s not your child she‘s carrying," replied Chakotay.

"Indeed," responded Tuvok.

Inside the Captain‘s ready room a nervous Kathryn Janeway was facing a literally bouncing Melody.

"Melody, sit down and explain to me what‘s the matter," said Janeway as she came over to her and took her hand leading her to the couch.

"Nothings wrong, Aunt Kathryn. Come here, please?"

Janeway stepped closer to her, and then sat down on the couch beside her, Melody took her hand and placed it on her stomach. A few minutes later Janeway felt the small kick.

"Oh, Mel. It that...?"

"Yes, the Doctor said the babies are moving," replied Melody happily.

"That‘s wonderful, sweet," said Janeway as she pulled the young woman into her arms. "Have you told Chakotay or Tom yet?"

"No, not yet. They just started this afternoon."

"You know you had me worried there for a minute, young lady. I‘m sure your father‘s are frantic out there," said Janeway smiling. She knew just how upset Chakotay and Tom were and frantic didn‘t even cover it.

"Oh my god, I never thought of that. I can‘t show them on the bridge, so I guess I‘ll have to make it up to them tonight. Will you help me Aunt Kathryn?"

"Oh course I will, love. What do you want me to do?"

"For right now, just keep this a secret for me. You can tell B‘Elanna and Harry, but make sure they don‘t say anything to the guys. OK?"

"You know, young lady. I think Tom and Chakotay were right. You are an evil person sometimes."

"Hey, that just keeps their life from getting dull," replied Melody.

"All right, Melody. I‘ll keep your secret for now, but you had better tell them tonight."

"Oh, I plan on it, thanks Aunt Kathryn," replied Melody as she left.

When she passed through the bridge she gave each man a smile, a quick kiss then whispered. "I‘ll explain it tonight," then left. The turbo doors were just closing as Janeway came back on the bridge.

"Captain, I..." asked Chakotay.

"Sorry, gentlemen. You will have to wait until later," replied Janeway as she sat down.

Tom and Chakotay tried to turn to their concentration back to their duties but found it hard with Melody‘s whisper still ringing in their ears.

That night Melody went all out for them, when Tom and Chakotay returned to their quarter it seemed like a totally different place. Melody had cleaned the whole cabin and put candles on every flat surface. The lights were down low letting the candles cast a warm glow all over the room. The table was set with good china along with candles and a bottle of wine sitting in an old fashion wine bucket beside the table.

"Melody, sweet one. Where are you?" called Chakotay as they both stood just inside the doorway.

At Chakotay‘s voice the vid player flicked on. "Hi, Daddies. I know I got you both worried with that little stunt I pulled today, so I‘m going to make it up to you. Go get showered and change into something comfortable, and then meet me back in the living area in twenty minutes. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. Bye." Said Melody as the vid player shut off.

"Well, what now?" asked Chakotay.

"Look‘s like we go shower and get changed then meet Mel back here if we want to find out what going on?" said Tom.

Tom and Chakotay looked at Melody‘s closed door then went into their room. The computer had signaled Melody when Tom and Chakotay had entered their quarters, so she knew that she had twenty minutes to finish getting ready before the big surprise. Melody took one more look at herself in the mirror and sighed. She had never been a raving beauty but now, she just hoped Chakotay and Tom didn‘t mind her looking like she had swallowed a beach ball. One last tug on her dress, then she went to make sure that the living area was ready.

She knew that just being upset didn’t really cover the way that Tom and Chakotay probably felt when she came on the bridge. She had to admit that since the morning sickness episode they both had been very good about not being too overly protective. So tonight would be her way of making it up to them. She looked around one last time as she lit the rest of the candles then sat down in a corner to wait. In less than twenty minutes it would be show time.

With four minutes to spare Chakotay and Tom re-entered to living area. They had both showered and changed into a pair of soft dark slakes and a white shirt. All the candles were lit giving the room a soft warm glow, but the still couldn‘t see Melody.

"Melody, where are you?" asked Tom.

"I‘m right here, Tom," said Melody as she got out of her chair and stepped out of the corner that was hidden in shadows. She was wearing a pale peach dress with three-quarter sleeves and an empire waistline, which softly fell, over the small mound that was her stomach.

"Oh, sweet one. You look beautiful," replied Chakotay as he came over to her.

"Thank you, are you ready to eat?"

"What are we having? Maybe we can..." said Tom.

"Oh, no you don‘t. This is my night remember. You both go sit down and I‘ll get your dinner," said Melody as she pushed them both towards the table. They were both just sitting down as Melody was bringing two plates of vegetarian lasagna to the table. She returned to the replicator and got a bowl of salad and a breadbasket then returned to the table.

"Hmm...This smells great Melody, but your not eating?" asked Chakotay.

"I ate before you got home. You two enjoy while I finish up the second part of your surprise," said Melody as she turned to leave.

"But Mel..." said Tom.

"Don‘t worry, guys. I promise, you‘ll enjoy it, now eat before it gets cold," replied Melody as she went into their bedroom and closed the door.

They both looked at their closed door them shrugged and began to eat. Twenty minutes later Melody opened their bedroom door and stood there with a big smile on her face. She deliberately closed the door and walked over to the table.

"Are you two ready for desert?" she asked as she picked up their plates and carried them to the recycler.

"Oh, Mel. I don‘t think I could eat another bit," said Tom as he pushed back his chair.

"Don‘t worry, Tom. I‘m sure you two will find some way to work it off," replied Melody as she returned with three pieces of chocolate swirl cheesecake. She sat down and began eating, and soon Tom and Chakotay followed. When they were finished Melody took their plates to the recycler, then took both of their hands, pulling both of them to their feet.

"Computer play Melody beta 23, continues play," As the music started Melody pulled both Tom and Chakotay to the middle of the room and put her arms around Chakotay‘s neck, then laid her head on his chest.

"Ahh, Melody. I don‘t think..." started Chakotay.

"Please, Daddy. Just hold me. I won‘t be about to do this for very much longer," whispered Melody.

"Cha, I..." said Tom.

"Oh, no you don‘t. I want both of you to hold me. I know you promised that we would try not to put each other in this position, but I really need both of you to hold me now. Please?"

"All right, sweet one. This time," said Chakotay as he pulled her closer, and Tom put his arms around her waist.

They danced like that with Melody sandwiched between Chakotay and Tom for twenty minutes, just swaying to the music when all of a sudden Chakotay stopped and looked down at Melody.

"What was that, sweet one?"

"That was your surprise, your children are beginning to get more active."

"Oh, Mel. This is great! When did this start?" asked Tom.

"This morning while I was in sick bay helping the Doctor. I wanted to tell both of you but you were on bridge duty."

"So you told, Kathryn and made us worry. You are truly mean, sweet one," said Chakotay.

"Oh come on guys! I‘ve made it up to you haven‘t I?" exclaimed Melody with a little pout.

"Yes, sweet. You did," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms. "Thank you for sharing that with us, and all of this."

"You‘re welcome, Daddy," said Melody as she covered a yawn.

"I think it‘s time for you to get some sleep, young lady," said Tom as he took her into his arms. "Good night, sweet. And thank you."

"You‘re welcome, Tom, Chakotay," said Melody as she left the living area.

Tom and Chakotay watched Melody disappear into her room then turned to face each other.

"Well Cha, now that we have been wined, dinned and danced. What do you suggest we do with the rest of the evening?" asked Tom as he slipped into the older man‘s arms.

"Well, Slim. I can think of a few things," answered Chakotay as he nibbled on the young man‘s neck.

"Oh, Cha. I think we need to take this to a more private place don‘t you?" asked Tom with a moan.

Chakotay growled softly in his chest then picked Tom up and carried him into their bedroom. When Chakotay got the door opened he stopped just as he crossed the threshold, gently letting Tom slid down his body. At Chakotay‘s expression Tom turned slowly in his arms to survey their room. Melody had placed candles in their room to giving it a warm passionate atmosphere.

"Oh, Mel," said Tom softly.

"Now I know we are going to have to make this up to her somehow," replied Chakotay as pulled Tom into the room.

Melody had changed the sheets on their bed, to where it was a soft and warm haven of comfort and love.

"Later, Chief. I don‘t think we should let all of her hard work go to waste. Do you?" asked Tom

"No way, come here love," said Chakotay as he pulled him into his arms making both of them fall on the feather soft white sheets.

Tom moaned into Chakotay‘s mouth, feeling his arousal grow as his lover worked to arouse him.

Chakotay made all the moves he‘d learned in their time together, the movement of his fingers on Tom‘s skin, his lips over the column of his neck, moving down to the nubs of his nipples, then rubbing over the soft skin of Tom‘s abdomen, reaching further, to the patch of golden silk that lay between Tom‘s legs, and further down to the already hard and dripping erection.

Chakotay loved that he could arouse Tom so easily, not that Tom was any slouch in *that* department when it came to him. It seemed that when they were together, it took less and less time to make each other ready for loving. Not that it made the loving last any shorter a time.

Chakotay found the lubricant under the pillow, drawing back from Tom for a moment, preparing himself to take Tom.

Tom watched, eyes half-closed, and darkening with passion, as Chakotay‘s fingers found their way inside him.

As Tom positioned himself to be taken, Chakotay moved behind him. Probing a little, making sure he was ready.

Chakotay entered Tom slowly, long moans coming from both men.

Tom pushed back impatiently as Chakotay began moving slowly. Chakotay smiled, although Tom couldn‘t see it, and began moving faster. He‘d been waiting for the sign.

The light of the candles flickered over Tom‘s back as Chakotay looked down on it, seeing the glisten of sweat.

That was the last barrier to break through Chakotay‘s control, and he plunged more deeply inside Tom, filling his lover with his seed.

Chakotay collapsed on Tom‘s back, spent. He rested for a moment, and then carefully pulled out. He turned Tom over gently, taking the quivering erection in his hand. A few strokes, and Tom was crying out in orgasm, his creamy liquid covering Chakotay‘s hand.

Chakotay licked the sharp essence of his lover from his fingers, smiling down at the beloved features.

"I love you," they murmured to each other.

"Mel outdid herself, didn‘t she?" Chakotay asked.

"So did you, my love," Tom replied, cleaning them up and pulling the covers over them.

Since Melody had stopped using her ice skating program in her fifth month, Chakotay showed her his favorite hiking program. Melody showed Tom and Chakotay a fishing program that she had written in which she introduced them to the fun of pier fishing. One day while Tom and Melody were spending some time in her fishing program the red alert klaxons broke through their peace.

"Mel, can you get back to our quarter by yourself?" asked Tom as he helped her to her feet.

"Sure Dad, go on. I‘ll be all right."

Tom was racing out of the holodeck before Melody had finished her sentence. Melody ended the program and carefully made her way to their quarters. The dim red lights and the blaring siren making it hard for her to see, when she stumbled against the wall. She was trying to regain her balance when a pair of strong hands closed around her waist.

"What the..." started Melody, but stopped when she turned to see Ian Daniels standing behind her. Ian had been on his way to his duty station when he saw Melody stumble and fall against the wall.

"It‘s all right, Melody. Do you need some help?" he asked as another blast threw them across the hall.

"Yes, thank you. I can‘t seem to keep my balance," replied Melody as she grabbed hold of his arms.

"That‘s OK, I‘ll help. Here, lean on me if you have to," said Ian as he put his arm around her waist and lead her to the turbo lift. Once inside the trip to their level was short, then a few steps to their quarters and Melody was safe.

"Are you sure you‘ll be OK here by yourself?"

"I‘ll be fine, thank you. Ian," said Melody as she key in the entry code then entered her quarters.

Ian watched as the doors closed then quickly headed to his station. Once Melody was inside she was once again thrown to the floor and decide that it would be safer to crawl than to try stand up again. So on hands and knees Melody made her way over to the couch, and then lay down.

Twenty minutes later with the alien ship retreating Captain Janeway canceled the red alert.

"Damage report, Mr. Kim?" called Janeway as she straightens her uniform.

"Minor damage to the outer hull. I‘m showing several conduits fires on decks six and ten."

"Get repair crews on them right away."

"Aye, Captain. Commander, I‘m also showing a conduit fire in your quarters."

"Melody! Chakotay to Melody."

When the console in their quarters exploded Melody had been laying on the couch. She had just fallen into a light dose when the blast knocked out the panel and threw her to the floor. She looked over and saw the fire and quickly got up to put it out. Tom and Chakotay had showed her earlier how to put out fires so she grabbed the extinguisher and pointed it at the console. She had been able to put out the fire but didn‘t notice until after the fire was out that she had gotten to close and burnt her arm and wrist. When Chakotay‘s call came in she was standing, by the panel staring at her arm.

"Daddy," answered Melody, the fear and pain evident in her voice.

Tom and Chakotay both were out of their seats and heading towards the turbo lift without a backwards glance at anyone.

"Hold on, Melody. They’re on their way," said Janeway as she sat in her chair.

The ride in the lift took only a few seconds but to the two men inside it seemed like a lifetime. When the doors opened, they raced to their quarter finding Melody still standing holding her arm. When the door opened she turned to look at them and they saw the fear and pain in her eyes mixing with the tears running down her face. Chakotay rushed over to her and carried her to the couch while Tom check out the damage and replicated a bowl of ice water. He returned to the couch and gently placed her hand in the water. Her hand and fingers were only slightly red, while the rest of her arm looked severely burned.

"Melody, can you tell us what happened?" asked Chakotay.

"When the red alert klaxons sounded Tom and I were in my fishing program and he told me to go to our quarters? I couldn‘t make it on my own so Ian helped me."

"Ian?" asked Tom.

"Ensign Ian Daniels from the Astrometrics Lab," replied Melody.

"OK, go ahead," said Tom.

"Well, we got here and I finally made it inside, I must have fallen asleep on the couch because the next thing I know I‘m thrown to the floor and one of the panels exploded. I got the extinguisher and put it out like you showed me but I must have gotten to close because next thing I know my arm is hurting. Then you called."

"How bad it is, Tom?"

"Pretty bad, Cha. Were going to have to take her to sick bay and let the Doctor look at it."

"Do you think you can walk, Mel?" asked Chakotay.

"I think so," replied Melody as they helped her to her feet. She swayed a little, but with there help steadied herself.

"You OK?"

"Yeah, lets go."

When they entered sick bay the Doctor was just finishing regenerating a bruise on an ensign‘s forehead when he turned to see them enter.

"Your fine, Ensign. Bring her over her, Commander," said The Doctor as he gathered his tricorder and quickly scanned her arm. "What happened?"

"There was a conduit fire in our quarters," replied Chakotay as he helped her onto the biobed.

"She‘s got multiple burns on her upper arm and wrist with first degree burns on her hand and fingers. She also has plasma fumes and smoke in her lungs. I will need to sedate her before I can start the treatment."

"No!" screamed Melody as the Doctor brought the hypospray towards her neck.

"It‘s all right, sweet one. Were here, we won‘t let any thing hurt you. Just go to sleep and let the Doctor make you better. OK?" soothed Chakotay as he rubbed her back.

"You promise, you promise you wont let them hurt me again?" whimpered Melody.

"Yes, sweet. I promise, now go to sleep. We‘ll be right here for you. We promise." crooned Chakotay as he nodded at the Doctor over Melody‘s head, then he gave her the hypospray. She quickly closed her eyes and relaxed in his arms. Chakotay laid her down on the biobed and stepped back so the Doctor could start to work on her. He called maintenance to fix the damaged panel, then commed the Captain and Tuvok to tell them what had happen.

Chakotay left Tom watching Melody while he went to report to the Captain. Several hours later he returned to find and exhausted Tom sitting beside her bed. The Doctor had regenerated most of Melody‘s burns leaving only a few lighter colored spots on her upper arm. Chakotay walked over and leaned down placing a kiss on the blond head.

"Hey, how‘s she doing?"

"The Doctor was able to regenerate most of the burns, she lost some of her tan on her upper arm though"

"How about you?" asked Chakotay as he pulled Tom into his arms.

"I‘m fine, it‘s just..."

"What, tell me?"

"When I heard her voice calling for us, I thought my heart was going to stop. I don‘t know what I‘d do if I ever lost one of you," said Tom crying softly.

"I know what you mean, Tom. I felt the same way," replied Chakotay as he held the man in his arms, letting him cry away his fears. Sometime later a soft clearing of the voice brought them apart. But they still held hands, gathering strength for each other‘s touch.

"Gentlemen," said the Doctor as he stepped closer.

"How is she, Doc?"

"She‘s fine, Lieutenant. I was able to repair and regenerate all of her burns leaving her with no scars. I would like to keep her over night just to monitor her because of the gas she inhaled. You should be able to take her home after dinner tonight."

"Thank you Doctor. Come on, Tom. Let‘s go get something to eat and rest a little," said Chakotay as he pulled the younger man to his feet. Tom followed without protest and after a quick meal in the mess hall they returned to their quarters falling asleep in each other‘s arms.

The repair crew and finished with the repairs to their quarters before Tom and Chakotay brought Melody back that night. She paused briefly; looking at the panel then went into her room. After she was settled in bed Chakotay and Tom brought her some soup and tea for her to eat.

"Here, sweet one. Try and eat something?" said Chakotay as he placed the tray on her lap.

Melody reached out and picked up the spoon, but only played with the food not eating it.

"Come on, Mel. You need to eat," said Tom as he picked up the spoon and held it out to her. She looked at the two men sitting on her bed them began to eat. When she had finished Tom took the tray away as Chakotay pulled her into his arms.

"Can you tell us what made you so afraid, Melody?"

Melody took a deep breath then looked up at both men before her. "When I was little and momma said I had been bad sometimes she would hold my hand or arm over a candle or lighter. At first she only made me keep it there until it got hot, but then later on she..."

"Shhh...Baby. It‘s OK. No ones going to hurt you again, we promise," said Chakotay as he pulled her closer to his chest, rubbing her back softly. Soon Melody had fallen asleep and Chakotay laid her down then both left her room, setting the computer to monitor her again.

In the weeks that followed Tuvok worked with Melody, Tom and Chakotay to come to grips with this latest abuse from Melody‘s past. It took Melody several weeks before she could see a flame or hear an alarm without getting panicky but with Tuvok, Chakotay and Tom‘s help she over came her newest fear and soon returned to her normal life aboard Voyager.

During Melody‘s seventh month Captain Janeway, B‘Elanna, Kes and the other females on Voyager threw her a baby shower. Tom and Chakotay were to bring Melody to the mess hall after dinner.

"Come on guys, what‘s going on?" asked Melody as they lead her toward the mess hall. Melody had all ready eaten dinner and was really looking forward to a quiet night at home when Tom and Chakotay and informed her they were all going to.

"You‘ll see, Mel. Trust us," said Tom.

"*Yeah, right!*. With you two, I‘m not sure that‘s a good idea."

"Melody Elaine! I‘m shocked!" exclaimed Chakotay.

"Sure you are, and I‘m little red ridding hood. Now give, what‘s up?" replied Melody.

Just then the mess hall doors opened and they pushed her inside. The lights were out, when suddenly someone yelled "Surprise!" and everyone jumped out from behind chairs and tables.

"Welcome sweet, come on in and enjoy your baby shower," said Janeway as she took her arm and pulled her towards a table covered in presents. The rest of the evening was spent opening presents and exchanging baby secrets.

After the cake and presents Melody found herself sitting on a couch at the edge of the mess hall with Samantha Wildman. Samantha had seen Melody begin to distance herself from the general group and move towards sitting by herself on the couch. All though Melody general didn’t have that much trouble with large groups and knew most of the crew pretty well she still sometimes felt uncomfortable around certain groups. Several people had noticed Melody’s distance and the crowd was thinning out to where it was mostly just Melody and Samantha left.

"Are you all right Melody? I could call Commander Chakotay or Tom for you if you need them?" asked Samantha as she sat down beside the young woman.

"No thanks, Samantha. I’m fine. Samantha…can I ask you something?" asked Melody as she looked at the other woman.

"Sure, anything"

"Were you ever afraid? I mean when you were carrying Naomi?"

"All the time. You see I didn’t have my husband with me. Even though we had been trying for a while I didn’t find out I was pregnant till after we were stranded here in the delta quadrant."

"Yes but you had Captain Janeway and the others…"

"Yes I did, but even though they tried their just not the same as my family. Oh I’ve come to think of them as my family now but at first…"

"I know what you mean, even though I think of Tom, Chakotay and everyone else as my family I still sometimes wish I could talk to my grandmamma about this and ask her questions"

"But didn’t you tell me that when you were a teacher you traveled a lot and stayed in some very small towns?"

"Yes, a few of the town were so small they didn’t even have a doctor or a hospital. Just a healer or a midwife. I think I learned more about kids and babies staying with them than I ever did in college."

"Than just use what you learned from them. Plus if there were any problems I’m sure Captain Janeway, Kes or the Doctor would be more than glad to help. I know it sounds funny but kids don’t come with instructions, it’s usually a learn as you go process"

"Well as long as I’m not alone I think I’ll be all right"

"You’re never alone, Melody. You have the whole crew of Voyager to help any time you need it." Said Samantha as she pulled the young woman into her arms.

"Thanks Samantha" said Melody as she laid her head on her shoulder.

Samantha looked down at the young woman in her arms then smiled. "Come on Melody, I think we had better get you back to your quarters to rest before we have an irate Commander and Con pilot on our hands." Said Samantha softly as she started to rub Melody’s back. She could feel the tension in Melody’s back and knew she was getting tired.

Just then Tom and Chakotay appeared and helped Melody returned to their quarters with arms full of presents and several promises to help Melody get ready for the twins. B‘Elanna and her engineering crew had come together and promised Melody that they would work on combining part of their living area into a small room for the twins. The Astrometrics lab had made two small mobiles of earth‘s solar system for them, while Tom and Chakotay gave Melody two hand carved cribs. Tuvok had searched through the database and replicated an old fashion rocking chair for Melody and the twins. Captain Janeway and Samantha had promised to help her sew the baby items for the cribs and their room, while everyone else gave them toys, stuffed animals or clothes. Melody had enough stuff for the twins until they turned teenagers.