Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

Ratings: G – NC-17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 20

Captain Janeway and Harry poured through the Saterian‘s cultural database trying to find a way to let Janeway speak for Melody. But it was no use; the Saterian‘s were a very old and traditional culture. If she tried to speak on Melody‘s behalf it would offend them even more, but if they didn‘t release her to them they would start a war.

Either way it was not good for Voyager. Janeway told Tuvok to access the Saterian‘s battle capabilities just in case. She didn‘t want to fight them over Melody but she would if it meant giving her to them. Melody had become important to her and Voyager and she wouldn‘t give her or any crewmember up without a fight. After four hours of extensive research she was no closer to an answer.

Her only option was to try and talk to them for Melody and hope they didn‘t take offense too much. As she gathered her thoughts she needed to see Melody. Maybe some of the young woman‘s insight would rub off on her if she talked to her. Sighing deeply, she rose from the console.

"I‘m going to see Melody. The only option I see is to talk to them on her behalf and hope they don‘t take offense to much," said Janeway as she rubbed her neck.

"I‘m going to keep looking, Captain. Maybe there‘s something we over looked," replied Harry.

"I hope your right, Harry. I hope your right, keep me informed," said Janeway as she patted his shoulder then left.

She walked slowly to sickbay. By now the whole ship knew about the situation and there was an eerie silence to the ship. Hours earlier she had been informed that the whole ship was willing to stay and fight if it meant keeping Melody with them. She hadn‘t realized, until that point how much Melody had come to mean to the crew. Starfleet and Maquis alike were willing to fight and possible die for this young woman. She wasn‘t just Chakotay and Tom‘s daughter anymore; she belonged to all of Voyager.

A few days after Melody’s *coming out* Janeway had started a discreet little rumor about Melody’s past abuse. Her hope was that if the crew knew about the scars than they would be less likely to ask questions that might upset Melody, as it had worked. Everyone onboard Voyager now looked out for Melody. Giving her support when she was down and space when she needed to be alone. Now they faced losing her and no one wanted to do that without a fight.

If it hadn’t been for the damn "Prime Directive" and the prior good relations they had build up with the Saterian government she just consider leaving the planet. But Tuvok’s report had stated that the Saterian ship could possibly do some substantial damage to Voyager and right now they needed all the allies in the Delta Quadrant they could get. So it was her job to try and find a peaceful way out of this without sacrificing Melody. God! Some day’s she *hated* being Captain.

As she entered sickbay she noticed Chakotay had set up his medicine wheel over her biobed. Janeway knew that Chakotay had been teaching her the ways and beliefs of his people. She didn‘t know if Melody believed in them or not but at least she was willing to learn. As she neared the bed, she saw the steady lights that indicated she was still alive.

"Where‘s Tom?"

Chakotay looked up, laying her hand down by her side. "The Doctor gave him a sedative and told him to rest. We’re staying with her in shifts so she won‘t be alone."

"You know the whole crew informed me that they are willing to stay and fight for her."

"And, Tuvok?"

"He feels that it is logical to sacrifice that many for the good of one. She has become a valued member of this crew," said Janeway.

"Tell them thank you, that means a lot to both of us," said Chakotay.

"She‘s very special to all of us Chakotay. Can I talk to her? I don‘t know if she can hear me or not but..."

"It‘s all right, Kathryn. I‘ve been talking to her since Tom left. Call me when you‘re through," said Chakotay as he left her bedside.

Janeway looked down at Melody and sighed, if she didn‘t know better she‘d swear she was just asleep and would wake up any minute with a wise crack. She must have picked some of that up from Tom. Janeway was going to have to remind Tom to watch his mouth in the future or they‘d have all three of the Chakotay-Paris children running around with smart mouths. She gently picked up Medley‘s hands and held it between her own.

"Melody, I don‘t know if you can hear me sweet, but I need to talk to you. Were in a bit of a mess here. It seems that you have offended some old Saterian custom by carrying Tom and Chakotay‘s child. I know we don‘t believe in that, but the Prime Directive says that when we are on a planet we have to abide by their laws and customs.

"So now they say we have to turn you over to them or they will attack. Harry has found a way for us to defend you but it can only be done by you and you’re stuck here. So that‘s not a viable option at the moment.

"You ought to know that the whole crew as voted to stay and fight if we have to. I know it‘s probably not very logical but you have grown to mean a lot to all of us. After all you‘ve been through we can‘t just give you up because of some stupid misunderstanding. I‘m going to try and talk to the Head Chancellor and plead your case for you. I don‘t know if it will help, but I‘ve got to do something. I can‘t just give you up without trying everything I can.

"Well, that‘s how we stand sweet. In two hours or less I‘ll let you know how it turned out. Either way remember one thing, you are dearly love by a lot of people," said Janeway as she laid her hand down and gently kissed her forehead.

She turned to see Chakotay sitting in the waiting room with his head in his hands. The slight shaking of his shoulders were the only indications that he was crying. Janeway walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. Chakotay looked up, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Don‘t worry, Chakotay. I won‘t let them take her from you."

"I should be..."

"No, your place is here with Melody. Let us handle the Saterian‘s."

"Thank you, Kathryn. For everything."

"You’re welcome, you just take care of our girl," said Janeway as she patted his shoulder, then left.

She was heading to the bridge to fight for her daughter. Melody might not be hers biologically, but in hers and the hearts of everyone one on Voyager Melody was their daughter. When the turbo lift doors open, Janeway stepped off to a hushed and tense bridge. Everyone knew what it had come down to, and they knew what was at stake if they lost. This was a last ditch effort before the inevitable happened. They would go to war with a planet over a single person. Janeway slowly made her way to her chair and sat down.

"Mr. Kim, open a hailing frequency to the planet."

"Aye, Captain. Hailing frequency open."

"This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Star Ship Voyager."

"Ahh, Captain. You are calling to release the Stambombla to us," said the Head Chancellor.

"Her name is Melody Chakotay-Paris and we have no intention of giving her up."

"Then we have nothing to speak about," replied another Chancellor.

"I believe we do gentlemen, we have been studying your database and we found a reference to the procedure called Etacna. I now wish to invoke that in Melody‘s name."

"What! You have no right...." sputtered one of the Chancellors.

"You are wrong, she has every right. Under our most sacred law she has the right to ask for the Etacna in someone else‘s name. We will allow this Captain Janeway. Bring forth the girl," said the High Chancellor.

"Well, you see High Chancellor. She is not here, but as the Captain of this ship I am responsible for her actions."

"You see, High Chancellor! They claim to know our ways but will not follow them. I say we blast them and their Stambombla out of our skies," cried another Chancellor.

"If you will just..."

"Sick bay to Janeway," called the Doctor over the COM.

"What is it Doctor! Were a little busy here," answered Janeway sharply.

"Captain, you asked to be informed of any change in Melody‘s condition. She is now awake and insisting to speak to you."

"Put her on, Doctor."

"Captain, is it to late to speak to the Council of Chancellors?" asked Melody weakly.

"Melody, I don‘t think...."

"Please, Captain. I have to. I can‘t let you do this because of me, please. Aunt Kathryn?"

"Doctor, what do you think?"

"I don‘t recommend it, but then when have any of my recommendations ever been followed."

"Very well, Doctor. Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris. Help prepare Melody for transport to the bridge."

"Aye, Captain," replied Chakotay. A few minutes later is voice returned "Ready Captain,"

"Mr. Kim, beam Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris and Melody directly to the bridge."

"Aye, Captain, energizing," said Harry as he got a lock on the three and beamed them to the bridge.

As they materialized Janeway could see that Tom and Chakotay each had an arm around Melody’s waist holding her up. She smiled at them, and then took a small step forward to stand on her own. Far enough where it was evident that she was standing on her own but close enough they both could catch her if she started to fall. When she swayed a little, and they both moved a step closer to her.

"I‘m OK, guys." Said Melody as she looked over her shoulder at the two behind her. "High Chancellor, my name Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris and I wish to invoke the Etacna."

"It has been granted young one. You may speak your reasons for carrying your father‘s child," said the High Chancellor.

Melody took a deep breath, then began." High Chancellor, I am not from this quadrant or even this time. I come from a planet called Earth in the twentieth century. On my planet I was a teacher and had the privilege of being chosen to go into space, but my ship was damaged and we were forced to abandon our ship. The escape pod that I was in was caught in a spatial anomaly and thrown into this quadrant in this century.

"Captain Janeway and Voyager found me and nursed me back to health then taught me everything I would need to know to survive in this time. During that time Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris came to care for me as their daughter and asked me to become their adopted daughter.

"In our culture, it is permitted for two males to marry. But because the males of our species can‘t reproduce children the couple has to look to other methods for having children. One of the options is for the couple to find a female who is willing to carry their child and give birth. After the birth the child is given to the couple to be raised as their own."

"And you are doing this for this couple?" asked one Chancellor.

"Yes, Chancellor. I am the surrogate female that carries their child," replied Melody.

"And you are not biologically related to them in any way?"

"No, our Doctor can send you a copy of our genetic makeup. It will confirm we are not related."

"That will be permitted."

"Doctor." Said Janeway as she looked over at the EMH who was monitoring the scene over the Emergency Medical Channel

A few minutes later the High Chancellor walks in front of the table and stands in the middle of the screen.

"We will review this information, please wait for our decision," he replied as the screen went blank.

Melody turned to look at Chakotay and Tom, but swayed on her feet. Chakotay reached her just as her legs buckled.

"Shhh, baby...it‘s all right. I‘ve got you now," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms and sat down in his chair.

"Why don‘t you take her in my ready room where she can lay down, she‘ll be more comfortable," suggested Janeway.

"No, please. I‘ve got to stay here until..." whispered Melody.

"Shhh, Mel. It‘s all right. We‘ll stay right here until he calls again," said Tom as he stroked her forehead. "Chak, she feels a little hot? Sick bay to Paris."

"Sick bay here, Mr. Paris. Go ahead," answered the Doctor.

"Doc, could you come to the bridge? I think Melody has a fever."

"On my way, Mr. Paris. Sick bay out."

A few minutes later the turbo lift doors opened and The Doctor comes on the bridge, walking straight to where Melody is. He scanned her quickly then turned to Tom and Captain Janeway.

"Captain, Melody has developed a low grade fever. I recommend that she be returned to sick bay."

At his voice Melody stirred in Chakotay‘s arms raising her head off his chest. "No, please. I have to stay here."

"But, Melody. If you’re sick."

"Please, Daddy. If I leave they might take it as in insult and change their decision."

"All right. Doctor, can you give her something?" asked Chakotay.

"Yes, but I want it noted that this is against my recommendations," replied the Doctor as he gave Melody the hypospray.

"So noted, Doctor," replied Janeway as she looked over at the young woman in Chakotay’s arms.

Melody sighed and settled back into Chakotay‘s arms, falling into a light sleep. Tom sat down next to him and they both watched Melody as she slept while they waited for the High Chancellors decision.

An hour and a half later, and no one had left the bridge. They still had not heard from the planet and everyone was getting anxious. Melody was the only one who seemed oblivious to the tension that filled the bridge and that was only because she was asleep in Chakotay‘s arms. Finally a beep sounded signally an end to their waiting.

"Captain, were being hailed?" said Harry from his station.

"Melody, sweet one. The High Chancellor is calling," said Chakotay as he stroked her cheek.

Melody softly moaned, then opened her eyes to look at Tom and Chakotay. She smiled weakly, then moved off Chakotay‘s lap and stood in front of the view screen. Captain Janeway came up to stand beside her.

"Open a channel, Mr. Kim."

"Aye, Captain. Channel open."

"Captain Janeway, The Council of Chancellors has made their decision. We feel that Melody Chakotay-Paris is innocent of the accusation of being a Stambombla," stated the High Chancellor.

At his announcement Melody released her breath, and visible sagged. Tom and Chakotay got up quickly to stand behind her supporting her weight against them.

"Further more, since you were gravely injured. Endangering both your health and the health of your unborn child we will begin an investigation to discover the person or persons responsible for your injury and punish then as our laws see fit."

"No!" exclaimed Melody as she pushed herself off of them to stand on her own. "High Chancellor, please. All this stemmed from a misunderstanding on both our parts. I‘m sure that whoever is responsible for this is sorry for what has happened now that the truth is known. Can‘t we just leave it at that, please?"

"You my young one are a most extraordinary person. I hope your father‘s appreciate that."

"I‘m sure they do, High Chancellor. May I present my father‘s to you? Commander Chakotay and Lt. Thomas Paris," said Melody as Tom and Chakotay stepped up behind her.

"I am honored. You both are most fortunate men."

"Yes, we are High Chancellor," replied Tom.

"We would be honored if you three would return to the planet for a banquet tonight?"

"Under the circumstances High Chancellor I‘m afraid we‘ll have to decline," said Chakotay.

"I understand, Gentlemen. Take care of your daughter and child," said the High Chancellor, as the signal was broken.

"Well, Commander. I suggest that you take Melody to your quarters to rest," said the Doctor as he looked over at Melody. She was once again leaning totally against Tom with her eyes closed.

"Computer, three to beam to my quarters," called Chakotay, and then a few minutes later they disappeared to reappear in their quarter.

Tom picked up Melody and carried her to her room and laid her on the bed. Chakotay gently covered her with a blanket then they activated the computer to monitor, then left.

Over the next several weeks Melody regained her health as Tom and Chakotay kept and eagle eye on her. Melody had not suffered from morning sickness for several months but because of the severity of her wounds and the weight she had lost they were pestering her to eat every morning. Melody had discovered early that if she waited until 1000 she didn‘t lose her breakfast an hour later.

One morning while Tom and Chakotay got ready for their duty shift Melody stumbled into the living area and headed straight for the replicator.

"One large, cold cola," said Melody, when the glass appeared she took it to the table. This morning her head and back hurt, while her stomach was threatening to come up through her mouth. She put her head against the glass and then laid it down on the table.

Tom and Chakotay entered the living to see Melody sitting at the table with her head down. Chakotay came over to her and put his hand on her neck.

"Is that all you are eating? Melody."

"I‘m not very hungry, Chakotay," replied Melody as she lifted her head.

"Melody, you know what the Doctor said"

"Chakotay, if I eat now I‘ll get sick."

"Mel, humor us please," asked Tom as he brought a plate to the table. "Just eat something to keep us happy."

"All right, but don‘t be surprised when the Doctor calls you later."

"But you haven‘t been sick in months?" said Chakotay

"And how would you know that?" asked Melody as she started eating. She looked at both men then realized what they had done. "You‘ve set the computer to monitor me haven‘t you?"

"We‘ve been worried about you, Mel," countered Tom.

"Suit yourself, guys. I just hope you don‘t have a busy day," sighed Melody as she finished her food then took her plate to the recycler. "I‘ll see you both, later," she said as she kissed them both then left.

Two hours later Melody was transported to sickbay just in time to make it to the bathroom.

"Sick bay to bridge. Could Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris come to sick bay?" asked the Doctor.

At the Doctor‘s call both Tom and Chakotay turned in their chairs to look at Janeway.

"They are on their way, Doctor," replied Janeway as she smiled at the two men who raced towards the turbo lift.

When they entered sickbay they could hear someone vomiting in the bathroom. The Doctor pointed towards the bathroom and a few minutes later Melody stumbled out of the bathroom. She was pale with a light film of sweat across her forehead. Tom met her and took her in his arms. "Are you all right? Mel."

"I tried to tell you that if I ate..." started Melody then she pulled out of his arms and ran back to the bathroom. A few minutes later she reappeared and Tom helped her to a biobed.

"Is she all right, Doctor?" asked Chakotay as he came over beside her.

The Doctor was running a scanner over Melody‘s head, and then put a hypospray to her neck. "She‘s fine. Commander. This is just a form of morning sickness."

"But she hasn‘t been sick in months, and when she did it was always in the morning," replied Tom.

"During a pregnancy the woman can experience different forms of morning sickness any time during the day," replied the Doctor.

"I tried to tell them that if I eat first thing in the morning I would get sick," replied Melody as she tried to sit up. Chakotay reached over and helped her.

"Well then I suggest that in the future you eat something light in the morning and then eat a regular breakfast later," said the Doctor.

Melody looked over at Tom and Chakotay with a look that told them both that they were in big trouble. "You both do realize that you will pay for this."

"Melody, why don‘t you go back to your quarters and rest until you feel better. When you feel able I suggest you eat a light meal." suggested the Doctor.

"I think that sounds like a good idea," said Melody as she swung her legs over the bed, and then slid down. Chakotay took her arm and helped her down. "I will deal with you two later," said Melody as she walked slowly out of sickbay.

"Gentlemen, I think that in the future it might be wise to listen to Melody. She is the one who knows her body best," replied the Doctor as he left.

Both men looked at the Doctor, and then back at the sick bay doors, wondered what Melody would do later.

Later that evening Melody made arrangements with Neelix to fix Tom and Chakotay a *special* dinner. She had spent most of the morning searching the medical database and had finally found just what she wanted. She had sent them a message asking then to meet her in the mess hall for dinner.

After their shift was over they both showered and changed quickly hopping they could somehow make it up to Melody for this morning. They both knew that they shouldn’t have pushed her about eating first thing in the morning but the Doctor had told them that she was still underweight and the resent incident had left her with several vitamin deficiencies. When they entered they got their food from Neelix then went to the table were she was waiting for them with Harry and B‘Elanna.

"How you feeling, Mel?" asked Tom.

"What‘s wrong with Melody? Is she still sick?" asked B‘Elanna

"Just a misunderstanding, B‘Elanna. How‘s dinner?" said Chakotay as they sat down.

"Edible," replied Harry.

Tom and Chakotay both started eating, but stopped after a few bites and looked at the two.

"I thought you said this was edible?" asked Chakotay.

"It is, it‘s actually one of his better meals. Why?" asked B‘Elanna.

"Nothing," said Tom. As he and Chakotay started eating, when they were finished they took their trays to the recycler.

"All right, Mel. You‘ve done something to their food haven‘t you?" asked B‘Elanna as she leaned closer.

"Lets just say that they will listen to me from now on," replied Melody as she stood up. "I‘ve got to go, see you both later," she said as she left.

"You know I‘d really hate to be those two tonight?" replied B‘Elanna as she started eating again.

"Just remind me never to get Melody mad at me," said Harry.

At 0530 Melody‘s revenge kicked in leaving Chakotay and Tom heaving over the toilet in their bathroom. They were both still sitting on the floor when Melody found them there later.

"What‘s wrong with you two?" asked Melody as she stepped into the doorway.

"Don‘t come any closer, Mel. I think we‘ve picked up some kind of bug," said Tom, and then leaned back over the toilet.

"Melody to Sick bay."

"Sick bay, here. Go ahead," replied the Doctor.

"Doctor, Tom and Chakotay seem to be sick," Said Melody innocently.

"I‘ll be right there. Sick bay out."

While they were waiting for the Doctor, Melody helped Tom and Chakotay to bed and had just finished making them comfortable when the door chimed. "Come," called Melody as she stood in the bedroom door way.

The Doctor walked into the bedroom to find both men curled up on the bed. He quickly scanned them then walked over to Melody and smiled. "Congratulations, gentlemen. You are both eight weeks pregnant." Reported the Doctor with a smirk on his face.

"What!" yelled Chakotay as he sat up, and then quickly ran to the bathroom.

"Melody!" said Tom from the bed.

"Oh don‘t worry, Tom. You‘re not really pregnant. I‘ve just introduced a simple medication that mimics the systems of morning sickness. You both should be as good as new by tomorrow. "

"Melody Elaine, you are in big trouble for..." said Chakotay from the bathroom.

"I wouldn‘t move quite so fast if I were you Daddy. I‘ll go get some crackers to help settle your stomach," said Melody as she left the room.

"Doc, you‘ve got to do something? We can‘t spend the day like this," said Tom.

"I tried to tell you to listen to Melody. She is the only one who knows her own body, but you wouldn‘t listen," reminded the Doctor.

"All right, all right. Just give us something to stop this," said Chakotay as he stood in the doorway.

"Maybe next time you will listen to me," said the Doctor as he gave each of them a hypospray. "If you aren‘t feeling better by tomorrow come and see me again," he said as he turned to see Melody enter carrying a tray of tea and crackers.

He looked at both the men then turned to leave. "Remind me to never get you angry at me, young lady," whispered the Doctor as he passed her to leave.

"Oh, what every do you mean, Doctor?" asked Melody innocently.

The Doctor looked back at Melody, smiling at her innocent expression, then left. Medley sat the tray on the nightstand then helped Chakotay back into bed.

"I‘ve commed, Aunt Kathryn and explained that you both aren‘t going to be able to come on duty until l200," she said as she handed each a mug of tea and crackers.

"What exactly did you tell her, Melody?" asked Chakotay as he sipped his tea.

"Only that you and Tom were suffering from sympathetic morning sickness, and that you both would be fine by later this morning," explained Melody.

"Melody, you are a vicious young woman," replied Tom.

"And don‘t you forget it, either. Now eat you tea and crackers," said Melody as she kissed him on the forehead then left.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other then started laughing. Melody had gotten them back really well this time and they couldn‘t really fault her for it either. They both had been royal pains every since she had gotten hurt. Well now they knew a little of what she was going through. If being pregnant was this hard it was a miracle that any woman wanted to have children at all.

Melody stood just outside their bedroom door waiting to see what would happen. When she heard their laughter, she knew that they had forgiven her. She sighed, releasing the breath she had been holding.

Poking her head around the doorway she asked. "Am I forgiven?"

"That depends, is what you told the Doctor true. Can you get rid of this now?" asked Tom

"Yes, but it will still will take a few hours to fully work," replied Melody as she walked over to the bed and first injected Tom then Chakotay with a hypospray. As she straighten up Chakotay pulled her down across both of them.

"What ever gave you the idea for this, Melody Elaine," said Chakotay as he began tickling her gently.

"Oh stop, Daddy! Please, stop!" screamed Melody.

"I don‘t know Cha, I think a good old fashion spanking might do better," replied Tom.

"You wouldn‘t dare!" yelled Melody.

"Give us one good reason why we shouldn‘t, young lady," Said Chakotay.

"Because I could tell Aunt Kathryn and B‘Elanna what really happen."

"She‘s got us, Cha. Unless we want the whole ship to know about our morning in the bathroom," said Tom.

"All right, you‘re forgiven. Just don‘t do it again!"

"Yes, sir!" said Melody as she sat up between them both.

"Mel is it like that all the time. I mean the upset stomach, cramps and vomiting?" asked Tom.

"No. The morning sickness usually last only for a couple of months. I only got sick in the morning, but I have heard of some woman getting sick at night or all day long."

"Then why do you do it?" asked Chakotay.

"You have to look at the end goal. It‘s like almost everything in life. There has to be some hardships to make the end reward worth while."

"Were sorry we‘ve been so over protective of you Melody, but we were just trying to take care of you," replied Chakotay.

"I know guys, but in this instance. I know what‘s best."

"All right, this one time. We concede," said Tom.

"Victory, at last!" said Melody triumphantly.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other, then started in again tickling her. Melody screamed and started squirming around until all three of them were rolling around on the bed.

"Janeway to Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris."

Chakotay stopped long enough to reach for his COM badge, but Tom and Melody‘s laughter could still be heard.

"Chakotay here, Captain. Go ahead."

"Do you think that you and Lt. Paris might be able to make it before 1200?" asked Janeway.

"Well see what we can do, Captain," Said Tom breathlessly as he continued to tickle Melody.

"Are you two all right?"

"Just fine, Captain. Chakotay out."

"Do you think she heard?" asked Tom as he laid back against the pillows.

"Tom, I think the whole bridge crew heard," replied Chakotay.

"Serves you both right for starting it. Now if you two are going to the bridge you both need a shower," replied Melody as she rolled off the bed and stood up. She stopped at the edge, swaying a little and instantly Tom and Chakotay were at her side.

"Melody?" they asked together.

"I‘m fine, guys. I just keep forgetting that *I am* the one who‘s pregnant. And no offense guys, but you both stink. Go take a shower and I‘ll have some fruit and coffee waiting for you when you get out."

"Thanks love," said Tom as he kissed her forehead, and then headed towards the bathroom.

"Are you sure you‘re OK, sweet one? I could call the Doctor," asked Chakotay as he took her hands.


"OK, OK. You just take it easy, all right?" said Chakotay, then followed Tom into the bathroom.

Melody looked at the closed door, then smiled and left the room. Thirty minutes later two clean and freshly dress men reentered the living area to find Melody sitting at the table.

"That‘s more like it, you know I could write a note to Aunt Kathryn explaining why you were late," said Melody as they both sat down.

"I think we‘ll do our own explaining. Thank you," replied Chakotay.

The three ate quickly, and then left for their morning duties. Five minutes later the turbo lift doors opened to a quiet bridge. As they made their way to their stations they couldn‘t help but notice the knowing smirks from Janeway and Harry and the raised eyebrow from Tuvok.

"I‘m glad you both made such a speedy recovery, gentlemen," replied Janeway as they both sat down.

"Thank you, Captain," said Tom.

"Captain," replied Chakotay.

The rest of the shift was uneventful except for the glances from Harry, Tuvok and Captain Janeway.