Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC –17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 19

Four weeks later a very amused Melody and two very nervous men met the Doctor in sick bay.

"How do you feel Melody?" asked the Doctor as he scanned her.

"I feel fine, you might need to sedate these two though," replied Melody pointing towards Chakotay and Tom.

"I see what you mean, gentlemen. You can relax, I am happy to report that Melody is now four and a half weeks pregnant. Oh, I had not counted on that..." said the Doctor as he checked the tricorder again.

"What Doc! What‘s wrong!" asked Tom anxiously

"Nothings wrong, Mr. Paris. Too ensure that at least one of the eggs successfully implants in the uterine wall I introduced three fertilized eggs into Melody’s womb. It seems that two of the three have successfully implanted. Congratulations, gentlemen. You are the proud parents of twins," explained the Doctor.

"Twins! But I can‘t...we weren’t…" started Melody then stopped. Her whole world seemed to be closing in on her. She could see Chakotay and Tom‘s mouths moving but she couldn‘t hear what they were saying. She was carrying twins; this was more than she had ever hoped for.

"Doctor, does this pose a greater threat to Melody‘s health?" asked Chakotay.

"Well, yes it does. With the additional fetus her heart and lungs will have to work harder," explained the Doctor.

"What are our options?" asked Tom

"I see three options available. First we could let her carry the babies to term, monitoring her vital signs carefully. Second, we could remove the second fetus and have it develop in a false uterus here in sickbay. Third, we could terminate the second fetus."

They had been discussing the babies and Melody like they weren‘t even in the room. When the buzzing stopped and her hearing finally returned she heard the Doctor tell them they could terminate one the fetus.

"No!" yelled Melody.

"But, sweet one. If it‘s dangerous to your health," said Chakotay.

"No!" repeated Melody as she slid down off the biobed. "I have thought about doing this for a long time, and now just because there‘s one extra you change your mind and want to kill it. The answer is no!" yelled Melody as she stood in front of them.

"Melody, if it..." started Tom.

"No! I won‘t do it, Tom. I wont..." cried Melody as she rushed passed them, out the doors.

"Melody!" called Chakotay.

"She‘s right, Commander. It is her choice. Even though we manipulated the egg, it is still her body. So it is her choice."

"How high are the additional risks involved?" asked Tom.

"Actually no more than a ten percent increase. We will need to monitor her activities closely and she will need more neonatal appointments, but unless other complications arise she should be perfectly safe."

"Then I guess we need to go find Melody and tell her," said Chakotay.

"I think that would be wise. In her condition it is not healthy for her to get so emotionally upset," said the Doctor.

"You got it, Doc. Thanks," said Tom

"Don‘t thank me Mr. Paris, you three did all the work. I merely helped things along," replied the Doctor.

"Well, thank you anyway," said Chakotay.

"You’re welcome, Commander. I‘ll need to see Melody again in four weeks and I will be monitoring what she eats," said the Doctor.

"Understood," said Chakotay as he and Tom left.

They returned to their quarters expecting to find Melody in her room but she wasn‘t there.

"Computer, locate Melody Chakotay-Paris," said Chakotay.

"That information is not available," replied the computer.

"What! Tom, you try?"

"Computer, locate Melody Chakotay-Paris," said Tom.

"That information is not available," replied the computer.


"That information is classified. Authorization required."

"Authorization Chakotay Alpha 1171," replied Chakotay.

"Access denied, unable to comply," responded the computer.

"Damn! She‘s lock us out somehow. Chakotay to Janeway."

"Janeway here. Go ahead Chakotay."

"Captain, can you get Tuvok to take a security team search deck by deck for Melody. She’s locked us out of the computer somehow and we can‘t locate her," explained Chakotay.

"Tuvok?" said Janeway as she looked over at him.

"Aye, Captain," said Tuvok as he left the bridge.

"Harry, see if you can get a lock on her?" asked Janeway.

"On it, Captain. He‘s right; she‘s set up some kind of dampening field around her COM badge our sensors can‘t penetrate. I could adjust the sensors, but it will take some time," replied Harry.

"Do it, and get B‘Elanna to help you. Maybe she knows how she did this?"

"Aye, Captain," said Harry as he left for engineering.

"Chakotay, we can‘t locate her either. I‘ve got Harry and B‘Elanna working on it, and Tuvok‘s searching every deck," said Janeway.

"Acknowledged. Chakotay, out."

"Damn it, Chakotay. Where is she!" yelled Tom.

"I don‘t know, love, but we‘ll find her. We‘ve got to," said Chakotay as he pulled Tom into his arms.

Thirty minutes later Harry and B‘Elanna were finally able to break through Melody‘s dampening field and locate her.

"Torres, to Janeway."

"Janeway, here. Go ahead, B‘Elanna."

"Captain, we‘ve found her. She‘s in holodeck one," replied Harry.

"Good work. Meet us down there. Janeway, out. Janeway to Commander Chakotay."

"Chakotay here, Captain. Go ahead."

"She‘s in holodeck one, Chakotay."

"Acknowledged, were on our way. Chakotay out. You heard?"

"Let‘s go," replied Tom as they left their quarters.

A few minutes later six very anxious people were standing outside the doors of holodeck one.

"Computer. Open holodeck doors," said Chakotay.

"Unable to comply, authorization required," said the computer.

"Damn!" said Tom.

"Computer override lock on holodeck doors, authorization Janeway, Pie, Zeta One"

"Authorization confirmed, lock disengaged," said the computer voice.

"Computer. Open holodeck doors," said Chakotay

A few minutes later the doors swished open.

"She‘s a smart one, I‘ll give her that," said B‘Elanna as they walked in.

"What is this place?" asked Harry shivering as a blast of cold air hits them.

"It looks like an old fashion ice skating rink, but I don‘t see Mel," said Tom.

"There she is," said Janeway pointing to the center of the ice.

Melody was out in the middle of the ice building up speed to make a jump, when she heard their voices she lost her concentration and landed hard on her right shoulder.

"Melody!" yelled Tom and Chakotay as they raced down to the edge of the ice. Just as they reached the edge of the ice Melody got to her feet and glided towards them. Chakotay held out his arms and Melody went meekly into them. Tom wrapped his arms around both of them and they all three stood there for a few minutes before breaking the embrace.

"Are you all right, sweet one? We saw you fall," said Tom as he put his hand on her shoulder.

"I‘m fine, really. I just lost my concentration that‘s all," said Melody as she stepped back. As she moved Tom‘s hand fell from her shoulder and she winced.

"Fine Huh, I think we need to have the Doctor take a look at that young lady," said Chakotay

Melody turned and saw the other four people standing behind them.

"I‘m in trouble, aren‘t I?" asked Melody softly.

"Let‘s just say, I‘m not please. You are to make a full report to Lt. Tuvok, and show B‘Elanna and Harry just how you set up the dampening field and managed to locked us out of our own computer," said Janeway as she stepped forward. "Melody, what happened to make you run like that?"

"You mean you haven‘t told them?" asked Melody as she turned back to look at Tom and Chakotay.

"We were so worried about finding you that we forgot to mention it," said Tom.

"The Doctor just told us that I‘m four weeks pregnant."

"Congratulations!" said Janeway.

"With twins," added Melody.

"Twins...how..." sputtered Harry.

"Starfleet, don‘t tell me you don‘t know about the birds and bees," teased B‘Elanna.

"Oh course, I know. But Tom only said they were having only one."

"That‘s what we thought to, Harry. It seems the Doctor introduced three fertilized eggs into Melody’s womb to ensure that at least one successfully implanted, well instead of just one, two of the three implanted. Now we are having twins," explained Tom.

"You mean I can keep both of them?" asked Melody.

"Yes, sweet one. The Doctor said that a multiple birth would only add a ten percent additional health risk."

"Of course that means you‘ll have to cut out all the risky programs you‘ve been running," said Tom.

"Ice skating not dangerous." returned Melody quickly.

"Well talk about this later. Right now you need to go see the Doctor about your shoulder," said Chakotay as he steered her towards the door.

Tom and Chakotay accompanied Melody to sickbay while the other‘s returned to their duties. The Doctor examined Melody and said she was fine, but was to rest for the remainder of the day. The next day Melody spent the morning in engineering showing B‘Elanna and Harry how she had set up the dampening field around her COM badge. That afternoon, she wrote her report for Tuvok and gave it him before dinner.

For the next four months Melody‘s pregnancy progress uneventfully except for the normal occurrences that happen during the first trimester of any pregnancy. Because Melody was carrying twins the Doctor scheduled weekly checkups and during one of her scans in her third month he was able to discover the sex of the twins.

"Everything looks fine, Melody. Would you like to know the sex of the babies?" asked the Doctor as he helped her rise from the bio bed.

Given her stature and size, and because she was carrying twins Melody was all ready beginning to show signs of her pregnancy. Melody looked over at Chakotay and then back to the Doctor.

"It’s up to you sweet, but Tom and I would rather wait until they’re born," replied Chakotay as he came up beside her.

They had discussed this on several nights while lying in each other’s arms before falling asleep until finally they agreed to wait.

"Then I guess I will too. They are both healthy though right?" asked Melody as she put her hand on the small mound that was her stomach.

"They are both perfectly healthy. But you, young lady need more rest. Too eat more. You are still ten pounds under your normal weight gain." Replied the Doctor.

He knew that Melody had developed a serious problem with morning sickness for the first month and a half of her pregnancy but now had no more problems. He continued to monitor her eating habits but found that she could not gain any extra weight so he continued to carefully monitor her. As her pregnancy progress word spread until Tom and Chakotay made a ship wide announcement in her fourth month.

Very soon after that B‘Elanna discovered another M-Class planet, which was peacefully habituated. Captain Janeway sent a standard hail, then made arrangement for the crew to take shore leave.

On Tom and Chakotay‘s last day of leave, they both were called back to Voyager for a meeting so Melody spent the day with Harry, Samantha and Naomi Wildman. They were walking through the open market when a young child ran up to Melody and tugged on her hand.

"Are you having a child?" asked the boy.

Melody smiled looking down at the young boy. She was just barely four months pregnant and was all ready had the beginnings of a small stomach. She had started wearing larger clothes thinking that they would cover her stomach.

"Yes, I am," she replied.

"Is he your mated one?" he asked again pointing to Harry.

"No, he‘s not. I‘m not married...or mated, as you call it."

"Then who is the father of your child?" asked another child as he approached.

"My father‘s. I‘m carrying..."

"Stambombla!" yelled someone in the crowd and suddenly a large group of people pressing towards Melody, Samantha and Naomi. Harry was slowly pushed to the edge of the crowd. Then he heard Samantha cry out. "No!" and then saw Melody fall to the ground.

"Voyager, Emergency Medical beam out. Three to sick bay," called Harry as the crowd moved away from around Melody. She was lying on the ground bruised and blooded. As the transporter beam took them away Harry heard someone yelling "Stambombla," again.

When they materialized in sickbay the Doctor quickly rushed towards them.

"Get her on the biobed quickly," said the Doctor as he and Harry lift her up. They laid her on the bed and the Doctor began working on saving her life. She had lost a lot of blood and the wound was in her abdominal area, very close to her heart and the babies. He worked frantically, preferring not to have to choose between them.

On the bridge a very angry Head Chancellor appeared on the main view screen.

"Captain Janeway, you and your crew have polluted our planet. Release the Stambombla to us or we will attack and destroy you."

"Excuse me, Head Chancellor. But I don‘t know what you are referring to," said Janeway.

"The Stambombla, the one who carries her father‘s child. Release her to us or we will attack!"

"Melody!" said Chakotay as he sat down in his chair heavily.

"Head Chancellor, we have no intention of releasing Melody to you. If you could just listen..."

"Then prepared to die. We will attack in six of your hours," said the Head Chancellor as the screen went blank.

"Janeway to sick bay. Report, Doctor."

"Sick bay here, Captain. The Doctor is a little busy right now working on Melody," replied Harry.

"Report, Mr. Kim."

"We were walking through their open market when a young boy came up and asked Melody if she was having a child, and if I was her mated one. She tried to explain to them, but when she mentioned that she was carrying Tom and Chakotay‘s child someone yell Stambombla. They surrounded her and started beating her before I could call for a beam out. The Doctor‘s working on her now but it doesn‘t look good Captain."

"Oh, god," said Tom quietly.

"Thank you, Mr. Kim. I want you to check their cultural database and see what you can find out about the Stambombla," said Janeway.

"Aye, Captain."

"Chakotay, Tom. You‘re with me. Tuvok, you have the bridge," said Janeway as the three hurried towards the lift.

"Aye, Captain," responded Tuvok as the turbo lift doors closed.

The ride in the lift actually only took a few seconds, but to the three inside, it seemed like a lifetime. As they entered sick bay Janeway could see the flurry of activity going on. The Doctor and Kes were frantically working on Melody, while Ensign Wildman held a sobbing Naomi. She walked over to them and put a hand on Samantha‘s shoulder. When she looked up they could see the worry and pain in her eyes.

"What happened Samantha?" asked Janeway.

"I‘m not sure, Captain. One minute this young boy was talking to Melody, then they started surrounding her and screaming this horrible name."

"Yes, Stambombla. Do you know what it means?" asked Chakotay.

"No, Commander. But from the tone of their voices I gathered it wasn‘t every good."

"Samantha, why don‘t you call Neelix to take Naomi back to your quarters," suggested Janeway.

"That‘s a good idea, Captain. Ensign Wildman, to Neelix. Could you come to sick bay?"

"On my way, Samantha. Neelix out."

A few minutes later Neelix appeared and came over to the group.

"Any word?" he asked cautiously.

"Not yet. Naomi, why don‘t you go with Neelix back to our quarters?" said Samantha.

"I want to stay with Melody and the babies," replied Naomi.

"There‘s nothing anyone can do right now Naomi. We will call you as soon as we know something," said Tom

"You promise?" asked Naomi.

"I promise sweetheart, the minute we know something."

"All right. Don‘t worry, Commander, Tom. The Doctor will take good care of her," replied Naomi as she left with Neelix.

"I know he will, sweet," replied Chakotay softly.

Harry walked over to the group just as Neelix and Naomi left sickbay. The front of his shirt was covered in blood, as were his sleeves. He had washed his hands and arms but the blood was still on his clothes.

"I think I found something, Captain. It seems that the word Stambombla is the equivalent to our word whore. In their culture it is a sacrilege for a female to lay with her father or any elder member of her family. Any one accuse of being one is considered a pollutant to their planet and must be put to death along with the child," explained Harry.

"Kathryn!" exclaimed Chakotay.

"Relax, Chakotay. I have no intention of releasing Melody to them. Is there a way to explain our situation to them?" asked Janeway.

"I think so, Captain. Any one accused of being a Stambombla has the right to Etacna. That‘s when she goes before the Head Chancellor to explain why she must be allowed to keep her father‘s child."

"Can someone do this for her?" asked Tom.

"No. It must be her, and her alone. If they do not except her reasoning she and the child will be put to death."

"Then it‘s all up to Melody," said Chakotay quietly.

"I‘m afraid so, Commander," said Harry as they all glanced over to where the Doctor was still working on Melody.

Two hours later the Doctor came from behind the surgery screen and over to the group.

"Well, gentlemen. I‘ve repaired the damage and the babies are safe, but I‘m afraid Melody has slipped into a coma."

"No! Isn‘t there something you can do!" exclaimed Tom.

"Lt. Paris, I have done all I can. Now it is up to Melody."

"Tuvok, report," called Janeway as she touched her COM badge.

"The Saterian ships are taking up an offensive stance surrounding the ship, Captain," responded Tuvok.

"How long till the dead line?"

"Four hours, thirty seven minutes," said Tuvok.

"Can we go to warp speed and just leave?"

"No captain, the Saterian ships have us completely surrounded, if we attempt warp speed we would damage Voyager and take out several of their ships," replied Tuvok

" All right, Lt. Keep me posted."

"Aye, Captain."

"Harry, I need you to dig deeper into this Etacna. Surely there is some way someone else can speak for her."

"Aye, Captain," said Harry as he walked away.

"Captain?" asked Tom.

"Don‘t worry, Tom. I‘m not going to give up Melody without a fight. You two stay here and take care of here, I‘ll h