Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 17

When Voyager finally stopped rocking Melody made her way down to Engineering. B‘Elanna had her crew plus several new people running around working on various consoles.

"Hi, Aunt B‘Elanna. Can I help?" asked Melody as she came over to where the young woman was.

B‘Elanna turned around at the voice and saw the large bruise on the side of Melody‘s temple. She gently took her face and turned it towards the light. The bruise was large, and all ready turning an ugly shade of purple but it looked worse than it was.

"What happened to you?"

"I lost my balance and fell against the wall."

"You should go to sick bay, and have the Doctor take a look at it."

"I‘ve had worse, I will after I‘m finished here. I promise."

"Yeah, I guess you have. All right. How would you like to help with maintenance in the jefferies tubes?"

"Great! Thanks, Aunt B‘Elanna!" said Melody as she hugged her.

"Don‘t thank me yet. You just might change your mind after your finished."

"Never, at least I‘m getting to help."

"Well, if you‘re sure. Ensign Daniels, come here. Please," called B‘Elanna

A young man in his early thirties with light brown hair and green eyes approached Melody and B‘Elanna.

"Yes, Lt. Torres."

"Ensign, I want you to take Melody to jefferies tube 48a and show her how to replace the gel-pack that‘s blown out."

"Yes, ma‘am."

"Thanks, Aunt B‘Ela. I‘ll see you later," said Melody as she followed the Ensign out.

They quickly left engineering and made their way down the corridor to the access panel they needed.

"The panel we need is right over here, ma‘am."

"My name is, Melody. I‘m not old enough to be a ma‘am, at least not from you," said Melody with a smile.

"Oh, yes, ma‘am...I mean Melody. My name is Ian, Ian Daniels."

"Hello, Ian Daniels. I think we’re here?"

"You‘re right, very good," remarked Ian as he opened the panel. "After you."

"Thank you." Said Melody with a shy smile.

As she opened the access panel and crawled in she soon realized what B’Elanna had meant. Although she was wearing a short, which covered the back of her, legs while crawling around in the cramped spaces of the jefferies tubes they afforded little protection to her knees. When they both had entered the access panel, Ian turned around and closed the door. They crawled down the tube until they came to a juncture.

"It‘s the tube on your left."

Melody climbed into the small tube and was making her way on hands and knees when Ian came up behind her.

"Now I know why, Aunt B‘Ela said I might be sorry I volunteered for this. I should have worn pants, my knees are killing me," said Melody as she looked down at her knees.

"I‘m afraid pants aren‘t much protection either," replied Ian

A few minutes later they were at the gel-pack connection and Ian began to explain the procedure of changing the bioneural gel-packs. Just as they were testing the last connection, the ship rock again and Melody lost her balance hitting her head. She slumped down in the confined space just behind Ian.

"What the...!" said Ian, then he looked back at Melody "Oh hell…Ensign Daniels to Engineering."

"Torres here, Ensign. Go ahead."

"Lieutenant, we need an emergency transfer to sick bay. Melody has hit her head," explained Ian.

"Acknowledge. Get ready for transfer. Energizing."

A few seconds later the blue beam surrounded them and moments later they appeared in sickbay.

"Please state the nature...Melody, what happened?" asked the Doctor as he helped Ian put her on an empty biobed.

"She hit her head in one of the jefferies tubes when the ship rocked," replied Ian.

"What about the bruise on her temple?"

"I don‘t know, you‘ll have to ask Lt. Torres."

"*Groan*...Oh hell, what hit me?" asked Melody.

"You hit your head in one of the jefferies tubes," replied the Doctor


"Ensign Daniels is right here, Melody," said the Doctor as he motioned for Ian to come up beside the biobed, into her line of sight.

"I‘m sorry I wasn‘t much help," said Melody.

"That‘s OK. You did just fine."

Melody leaned up on one elbow, and then suddenly put her hand to her mouth. "I‘m going to be sick."

Ian quickly reached for a waste receptacle and held it in front of her while she lost all she had eaten. When she finished the Doctor handed her a towel and a glass of water.

"Quick thinking, Ensign," replied the Doctor.

"I have four sisters, I know the signs of when someone is getting sick."

"How do you feel, Melody?" asked the Doctor as he ran a scanner over her head.

"Not so hot. My head is pounding."

"I‘m not surprised. You have a mild concussion. How did you get the bruise on your temple?"

"I met up with a wall in our quarters. You won’t have to tell Chakotay and Tom, will you?" asked Melody nervously

"They will be informed, but not right now. I think we can wait until they get back," said the Doctor.

"Thank you. How long do I have to stay here?" asked Melody as she sighed and lay down.

"Just over night, until I‘m sure you‘ve suffered no further injuries. I‘ll give you something for the pain, then you need to sleep," said the Doctor as he put a hypospray to her neck. As the pain subsided she closed her eyes.

"Ian, would you tell, Aunt B‘Elanna what happen and that I‘m fine," asked Melody as she opened her eyes again.

"Sure thing. I‘m glad your OK too."

"Thanks," said Melody as she closed her eyes again.

Ian looked at her then turned and started to leave but stopped at the Doctors voice.

"Oh, Ensign?"

"Yes, Doctor," replied Ian as he turned around.

"Well, done. You did a fine job."

"Thank you, sir," said Ian as he left sickbay.

The Doctor looked at Melody once more then went into his office to make his report to Captain Janeway.

When Melody awoke again the lights in sickbay were dimmed, and Captain Janeway was sitting in a chair beside her bed. When Janeway hear the noise, she got up and stood by Melody gently stroking her forehead.

"Hi, sweet one. How do you feel?" asked Janeway as she smiled when Melody opened her eyes again.

"Hi, Aunt Kathryn. A little better."

"You know were going to have to tell Chakotay and Tom about this?"

"I know, but can we wait until after they get back?" asked Melody.

"I think it can wait until then, but you know they’re going to ask with that bruise," said Janeway as she turned her head to look at the bruise. "Does it hurt?"

"Not much."

"Can‘t the Doctor regenerate it?"

"He said that because of my physical make-up he would rather let it heal naturally," repeated Melody.

"Well, I guess he knows best. Are you ready for some food?"

"Yes, I am a little hungry."

"Coming right up," said Janeway as she walked over to the sick bay replicator and got Melody something light to eat. When she returned Melody was sitting on the side of the bed.

"Do you want to try and eat here, or at the desk?" asked Janeway as she held the tray.

"Here, I don‘t think I can go as far as the desk," said Melody as he took the tray and started eating. Melody was able to eat only half of the food, before she pushed it away. Janeway looked at her with concern on her face.

"I can‘t eat anymore. When can I go home?" asked Melody.

"Right now, as long as someone agrees to stay with you tonight," said the Doctor as he came out of his office.

"Don‘t worry, Doctor. She won‘t be alone," said Janeway.

"Good. Then you may go. But you are to take it easy for the next twenty-four hours. Then I want to reevaluate your condition."

"Agreed, Doctor. Come on, Melody. Do you feel up to walking?" asked Janeway.

"I think so, I just might be a little slow," said Melody as she slid of the bed. She swayed for a second until Janeway‘s hands steadied her.

"As slow as you need to sweet" said Janeway as she put her arm around Melody’s waist.

"Thanks Aunt Kathryn," said Melody as they made their way slowly out of sickbay. When they entered their quarters, Janeway leaded Melody to her bedroom. She helped her change out of her clothes, and then put her to bed. Melody was fast asleep before Janeway called for lights and left the room.

The two days later Melody was pronounced healthy enough to return to helping with the repairs. Most of the damage had been repaired, and now they were running complete diagnostics. Melody has been helping B‘Elanna in Engineering all day, and she had just gotten back to their quarters and was getting something to eat when the doors opened again. She had told B’Elanna that if she needed anymore help just to come by or call, so when she heard the door open she had expected it to be B’Elanna.

"Aunt B‘Ela, If you need..." started Melody but stopped when she looked up and saw Chakotay and Tom standing in the doorway. She knew they were coming back from their honeymoon today, it’s just with everything going on she had forgotten what time.

"What‘s all this about B‘Elanna?" asked Tom as he came over and hugged her. Tom’s eyes widening as they took in the slowly fading bruise on her forehead.

"I‘ve been helping Aunt B‘Elanna in Engineering and I..."

At Tom’s wide eyed look Chakotay came over and reached for her chin, turning her face towards him into the light.

"Melody, what happened to your face?" he asked harshly.

Melody pulled her chin out his hand, and took a few steps back. "Nothing, really. I just fell."

"Mel!" warned Tom.

"All right, all right. But you both have to promise not to get upset."

"I‘ll make no such promise, Melody. Now tell us," replied Chakotay.

"All right, Voyager encountered an ion storm just after you both left on your honeymoon. Harry said that it was too big to go around so the Captain decided to take us through it. It got really bumpy for awhile and I lost my balance and hit the wall."

"Did you go to sick bay?" asked Tom.

"Not right then, Ian... Ensign Daniels beamed us there after I hit my head again in the jefferies tube."

"Jefferies tube! What were you doing in a jefferies tube!" asked Chakotay loudly.

"Helping B‘Elanna. The storm knocked out several of the minor systems, and I was helping her get them back on line."

"But you could have been hurt worse!" exclaimed Tom.

"Dad! I‘ve had worse! Besides this is what I‘ve been working towards all along helping Voyager."

"But not at the expensive of your health."

"You both have crawled around in those tubes before. How is that different from me? Hell, the Captain has even said she‘s done it before."

"Language, Melody," reminded Chakotay.

"No. Tell me how it‘s different!" she knew that he was trying to change the subject but this time she wasn‘t going to let them.

"It just is, Mel," said Tom as he reached for her arm.

"Why!" yelled Melody as she pulled out of his grasp and stepped backwards.

"Because your our daughter, that‘s why!" said Chakotay.

"Oh so now just because I’m your daughter I can‘t take care of myself anymore. Guys, listen. I told Chakotay earlier that I wasn‘t used to someone trying to run my life and I meant it.

"I would never knowingly put myself in danger, but I can‘t just sit around doing nothing either. We all agreed that I would learn all the stations on Voyager, then help out when I could. Well, B‘Elanna needed help and I wasn‘t about to tell her no just because neither of you were around to ask permission.

"I really can take care of myself you know. It was just one of those freak accidents that happens. The Doctor made a full report to Aunt Kathryn if you want to read it. He reevaluated me this morning and said aside from the bruise, I‘m fine,"

"I‘m sorry, sweet one. You just scared us when we saw the bruise," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms.

"Now you know how I feel every time one of you goes out on an away mission. Frightening, isn‘t it?" Asked Melody as Chakotay released her.

"Sure is, Mel. Were sorry," said Tom as he pulled her into his arms for a hug.

Melody leaned into his chest and sighed. "Don‘t be sorry, just have a little more faith."

"We do, love. We do. Why don‘t you go to bed now? You look exhausted," said Chakotay.

As Melody pulled out of Tom‘s arms, she covered a yawn. "Sounds like a good idea. Good night, Dad, Daddy. Welcome back," said Melody as she went into her bedroom.

Tom and Chakotay watched Melody enter her bedroom then sat down on the couch in each other‘s arms.

"Well, that wasn‘t exactly the welcome home I envisioned," said Chakotay.

"I know, what you mean. Maybe we ought to check with Kathryn to see what really happened?"

"Maybe later, slim. Right now I just want to relax and enjoy your company."

"After three day, you‘d think you‘d have gotten enough of me," said Tom teasingly.

"Never love, never," replied Chakotay as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Oh Chak..." moaned Tom.

With that sound, Chakotay picked up the young man and carried him to their bedroom. Intent on continuing their honeymoon one more night.

Tom clung to Chakotay, more to keep from falling than out of any concern that the other man would drop him. Still, his weight could shift and be dangerous for either of them, and that was *not* the effect that either of them wanted to achieve right now.

Tom grinned as he ground a little into the hard erection he could feel starting to poke into his side, causing a gasp and an answering grin from his husband.

"You are *so* going to be sorry for that, Tom," Chakotay mock-threatened as he lay Tom on the bed, removing their clothes as quickly as possible.

"Hurt me," Tom teased back.

"One of these days..." Chakotay couldn‘t keep the banter up any longer, there was only one thing on his mind, and it was *not* teasing. He began exploring Tom‘s body, the familiar path new again as it was every time. Tom gasped under the assault on his senses, feeling the heat of Chakotay‘s body as it moved over him, finding the places that his husband had learned so many times, feeling anew the tingling that arose in his skin as Chakotay teased his neck with his teeth.

"You feel so good," Tom moaned, feeling the teeth at his neck travel over his shoulder and toward his aching nipples. Tom groaned as Chakotay stopped his ministrations before his teeth could bite the aching nubs. "What are you *doing*?"

"I want you to take me, Tom. And if I went any further, I couldn‘t resist sucking you," Chakotay explained.

"Well...I don‘t suppose I can argue with that," Tom grinned, flipping Chakotay onto his back. Chakotay grinned at the show of force. It had taken a long time for Tom to feel comfortable doing things like this with him, and each time he did, Chakotay felt it was another step toward putting the bad times further behind them.

Chakotay moaned as Tom began following the torturous path he had followed on Tom, teeth nipping at his neck, then lower, until Tom took an aching nipple between his teeth, exerting just the right amount of pressure to drive Chakotay wild. Tom‘s fingers traced patterns over the skin of Chakotay‘s back as Tom kissed and licked his way down Chakotay‘s taut stomach, stopping just above the dark curls that surrounded the proof of Chakotay‘s desire.

Tom found the lubricant in the bedside stand, squeezing some onto his fingers. He breached Chakotay‘s core with a slick finger, feeling the tightness relax at his touch. He added a second finger, then a third, twisting them inside Chakotay, coating him with the lubricant to make the path easier for him. As he brushed against Chakotay‘s prostate, Chakotay groaned loudly, begging him to hurry. Tom grinned and slicked some lubricant over his own straining need, allowing Chakotay to rise to his hands and knees in front of him. His erection jumped at the sight of his husband before him, waiting to be taken. He did not resist the invitation offered by the firm brown cheeks that he longed to be buried between, and slowly eased himself inside Chakotay.

Tom rested for a moment, feeling the heat around him increase to a slight burn, and began to move, slowly. He thrust inside his husband, finding the familiar rhythm as the thrusts grew more and more frantic, finding Chakotay‘s burning arousal with one hand, stroking the hot velvety flesh as he thrust into the tight heat. Soon he felt the hot fluid of Chakotay‘s release over his hand, and he was lost as he felt himself empty inside the body of his husband.

The room was quiet as they lay together, feeling the afterglow of their loving. Chakotay moved first, almost startled.

"What?" Tom asked, half-asleep.

"Just thought I heard Mel. I’m probably worrying too much."

"I know you do, Big Man. That‘s why we both love you so much."

"Yeah?" said Chakotay as he moved off the bed and went to the bathroom. He returned to the bed to see Tom’s eyes just beginning to close. Chakotay smiled at the sight of his husband and climbed back in bed to clean him up.

"Yeah," Tom agreed as he was wiped clean with a warm cloth.

After Chakotay had cleaned himself and Tom he through the cloth towards the refresher then climbed back in bed pulling Tom into his arms.

"I‘m a very lucky man, then," Chakotay whispered as he held Tom close as they drifted to sleep.

With all of Voyager‘s systems back on line, and Chakotay and Tom back from their honeymoon things settled back to normal. Melody spent most of her days bouncing around the different stations learning and helping the crew. During one of Melody‘s nights off the thought of children came back to her while she was spending time with Naomi and Samantha.

"Sam, do you ever think of having another child?" asked Melody.

"Well, my husband is back in the Alpha Quadrant."

"Oh, I‘m sorry. I forgot. I meant maybe as an option for a couple who...like the guys."

"You do know that now males can carry a child themselves?" replied Samantha.

"I know, but I just can‘t see Chakotay or Tom being pregnant?" said Melody as she imitated what she thought they would look like. " Can you imagine Chakotay‘s temperament with all the mood swings? He‘d be a walking basket case within the first month. I don‘t think Tom would be much better, No. For those two, I think adoption or a surrogate mother would be best," Said Melody as her laughing calmed down. "I‘m sorry, Samantha. I love them both dearly but the thought of one of them pregnant, with swollen ankles is to much," said Melody as she started another fit of laughter.

Samantha had to admit that the thought of their stoic First Officer or beautiful Con Officer eight months pregnant with swollen ankles was rather funny. Soon, she was joining in Melody‘s laughter.

Naomi entered the living area of her quarters to see her mother and Melody Chakotay-Paris sitting on the couch laughing. She liked it when her mother and Melody were happy. Naomi knew that Melody was somehow special from the bits of conversation she had over heard from her mother and Uncle Neelix.

When her mother had told her that Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris were adopting Melody Naomi had been very happy. When she first met Melody she had seemed lonely and sad, but now that she had a family she was really happy. She stood watching for a few more minutes then walked up in front of them.

"What‘s so funny?" she asked.

Samantha and Melody sobered up quickly when they heard a voice, and looked up to see Naomi standing in front of them.

"Oh nothing, sweetheart. Melody and I were just talking," said Samantha quickly.

"What about?"

"Having children," answered Melody.

"Are you going to have a baby Melody?" asked Naomi excitedly.

"I don‘t know, I‘ll have to talk to Chakotay and Tom about it first."

"That‘s great! But why would you need to talk to them?"

Melody looked over at Samantha and smiled nervously. Samantha returned the smile reassuringly and pulled Naomi down beside her on the couch.

"You know that Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris are both men right?"

"Oh course, I know that!" replied Naomi.

"Well, even though it is possible for a man to carry a baby it isn‘t always allowed or convenient. So Melody was thinking of asking them if she could carry the baby for them," explained Samantha.

"It would be your brother or sister right?"

"Well, yes. I guess it would," replied Melody.

"I still think it‘s great! Then I won‘t be the only kid on Voyager anymore. When are you going to do it?" she asked excitedly.

"Now wait, Naomi. I haven‘t even talked to Chakotay or Tom about it yet."

"OK, but when you do. I want to help OK?"

"You can count on it. Now, how about a game of Kadis-Kot before bed?" asked Melody. Naomi had taught her the game only a few months ago and the closest game from her time she could think of it was checkers only the board was standing vertical not laying flat.

"You‘re on. I‘ll even let you win this time," said Naomi as she danced into her room.

"Oh, you‘re getting really smart now," said Melody as she followed the young girl into her room.

Several hours later Melody stood at the door of the Wildman‘s quarters.

"I‘m sorry if I forced the issue of children with Naomi, Samantha. I didn‘t know she would walk in on us."

"It‘s all right, Melody. She‘s at the age where she‘s asking a million difficult questions."

"I guess your right. She just seems to be so grown up sometimes."

"I know. Just remember what I said. Talk to them about it."

"I will, Samantha. Thanks," said Melody as she stepped out the door.

Back in their quarters, Melody watched as Tom and Chakotay spent the rest of the evening together on the couch. They were suppose to be reviewing the reports that Melody had worked on while they were on their honeymoon, but they were spending more time cuddling and kissing than working. When she got ready to go to bed, Melody had decided that she was going to let the guys watch her personal logs concerning them having children.