Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 16

The next morning a very nervous and anxious Tom and Chakotay made their way to holodeck 2. Captain Janeway, Lt. Tuvok and Neelix were waiting in the holoprogram when they arrived.

"Where‘s Melody?" asked Chakotay as he entered the holodeck.

"Don‘t tell me she chicken out," said Tom.

"That‘s not funny Tom. She‘s worked very hard to help make this wedding special for both of you," replied B‘Elanna as she came up beside him.

"I know B‘Ela," said Tom.

"Computer, locate Melody Hanley?" asked Chakotay.

"Melody Hanley is in her quarters," replied the voice.

Inside the Chakotay-Paris quarters, Kes was helping Melody put the finishing touches to her hair. Together they had searched the historical database then replicated and old twentieth century "Gunny Sax" dress made out of pearl white satin. To finish off the dress Kes had given her on of her prized white roses to wear in her hair. Together they found a string of pearls and matching shoes to complete Melody‘s outfit. Kes was pinning the last of the baby‘s breath in Melody‘s hair when they heard the page.

"Oh my god! It‘s time," replied Melody as she jumped slightly and turned to face Kes.

"Calm down Melody. You‘ll do just fine." Said Kes reassuringly as she put her hands on Melody’s arms.

"I hope so. Melody here." She answered with a slightly shaky voice.

"Where are you, Mel. I thought we had a date with the Captain?" said Tom over the COM system.

Melody smiled quietly as his question and replied. "I‘m on my way, Tom. Is everyone else there?"

"All except you, Kes and the Doctor," answered Chakotay.

"Well be there in a few minutes, Melody out," replied Melody, she took a deep breath then looked Kes, "Well, here goes nothing."

Melody gently squeezed Kes‘s hand then walked to into the living area to find the Doctor waiting for her. He was in his formal uniform, with a small white flower on his breast pocket.

When she first appeared in the room, he was stunned. You would think that since he was used to working so closely with her that he would be used to her appearance but today she looked beautiful. He once again hoped that Lt. Paris and Commander Chakotay appreciated what a wonderful young woman they had in Melody.

"You look wonderful, Melody. So do you Kes." the Doctor said once he found his voice.

"Thank you, Doctor," Answered Melody shyly "I guess you heard the call?"

"Yes, I think it‘s about time we put them out of their misery," replied the Doctor as he walked over and extended his arm to Melody.

Melody took his arm and smiled brightly. "I think your right."

At the holodeck doors Melody paused and gave a weak smile to Kes and the Doctor.

"I don‘t know why I‘m so nervous, I‘m not the one getting married."

"No, but your getting a new family. One that loves you very much," replied Kes.

"I know. I‘m grateful to you both for helping me through this." Said Melody as she smiled at both of them. They were as much a part of her family as Tom and Chakotay were and she didn’t know what she would have done without all of them to help her.

"We will be here whenever you need us," replied the Doctor.

"I know, and I love you for it," said Melody as she gave them both a quick hug.

"Are you ready to start your new life?"

"I‘m ready," said Melody as she took a deep breath, the holodeck opened and with a gently squeeze the Doctor lead Melody in.

Chakotay had chosen a green clearing for the setting of their ceremony. The sky was a clear blue with a large tree providing shade. Melody had talked them into adding an arbor with white roses intertwined within the wood. Tom and Chakotay were standing under the arbor with the whole command staff and several more crewmembers milling about. Captain Janeway was wearing her formal uniform, while Tom and Chakotay both wore dark pants and white shirts. B‘Elanna stood next to Neelix wearing a lime green dress and leggings. Harry stood on the other side wearing his uniform.

When the doors hissed open everyone turned to see Melody, the Doctor and Kes enter. As the three entered the holodeck everyone fell silent, the only sounds to be heard were the soft footsteps on the grass as the three approached. As they neared, the group in front parted, watching as they passed.

"You look beautiful, sweet one," said Chakotay as he found his voice and walked over to face Melody.

"Oh, Mel," said Tom

Melody smiled and quickly kissed and hugged them both, "I hoped you‘d like it."

"It‘s perfect, Thank you," said Chakotay.

"Are you ready gentlemen?" asked Captain Janeway as she neared to group.

"We’re ready Captain," said Tom as he took Chakotay‘s hand and they walked to the arbor.

Melody followed taking her place at Chakotay‘s right just behind B‘Elanna.

"We are gathered here today to join these two men in the bonds of marriage. If anyone knows any reason why these two shouldn‘t be joined together speak now or forever hold your peace," said Captain Janeway as she quickly looked over the assembled crew. She also knew that the ceremony was being broadcasted and video was being sent to all station so the crew who were still on duty could be a part of the ceremony.

A quick glance around the assembled crew stopped any objections so Janeway continued. "We have known Tom and Chakotay for several years now and although their journey has not been an easy one it has ended as many of us had hoped. Gentlemen," said Janeway as she turned to face the men and took a few steps back.

"Tom, I believe you have written your own vows?" said Captain Janeway.

Tom stepped forward and gently took both of Chakotay‘s hands in his.

"Chakotay, I have loved you for a very long time. At first it was as the Maquis/ Commander, because you represented everything that I wasn‘t. Strong, responsible, trustworthy, loyal to you’re friends and crew.

"Then when I got to know the man. I fell in love with you for your humor, your serenity and stability. Next I met the lover and fell in love with you all over again.

"Now I want to know you as my husband. Someone I will wake up with every morning and go to sleep with every night. The person I want to have my children with and raise them to know both of our worlds. The one I want to grow old with and when my time comes the last person I wish to see before I go."

"Chakotay, I believe it‘s your turn?" said Janeway.

"When I first meet you Tom I thought you were a smart-mouth, selfish brat who didn‘t care for any one or anything. But getting stuck here in the Delta Quadrant has changed that.

"I have seen you grow up and mature, becoming a responsible, reliable member of this crew. Along the way I got to know Tom Paris the man. I soon discovered that underneath all that cocky, loudmouth image beats the heart of a sweet, unselfish man. Someone who would be willing to sacrifice himself for his ship or Captain.

"Then I discovered Tom the lover, someone who would give of himself completely to please his partner.

"Now I want to get to know you as my husband. The person I will spend the rest of my life with. The first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see every night until my time in this world is done."

Captain Janeway stepped toward them and they turned to face her.

"Do you Thomas Eugene Paris, take Chakotay to be your husband. To love, honor and cherish until death do you part?" asked Janeway.

"I do," replied Tom

"Do you Chakotay, take Thomas Eugene Paris to be your husband. To love, honor and cherish until death do you part?" repeated Janeway.

"I do," said Chakotay.

"Who has the rings?"

Harry and B‘Elanna stepped forward and gave their ring to each man.

"Tom, this ring is a symbol of your love for Chakotay. Solid and perfect, with no beginning or ending. Place the ring on his finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed," said Tom as he slid the silver ring on Chakotay‘s finger.

"Chakotay, this ring is a symbol of your love for Tom. Solid and perfect, with no beginning or ending. Place the ring on his finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed," said Chakotay as he slid the gold ring on Tom‘s finger.

"By the power given me as the Captain of the Star Ship Voyager, I know pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss your groom," said Captain Janeway to thunderous applause.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other then took each other into their arms. The kiss was deep and longing and after a few minutes they had to break for air.

"Everyone, I would like to present to you Commander Chakotay and Lt. Thomas Paris, husband and husband." Said Janeway as she turned the two men to face the crew.

The field was filled with shouts of approval and applause as everyone came forward to congratulate the new couple. After a few minutes Captain Janeway called for silence again.

"May I have your attention please! I have been asked to officiate one more ceremony this afternoon. Although it will not be legal in the eyes of the Federation, I have been asked to conduct the adoption ceremony of Melody Elaine Hanley by Tom and Chakotay.

"Normally adoptions are just a legal mater to be taken care of by courts and judges but since we are out her in the Delta Quadrant we thought we would hold something different.

"Who gives this woman to be adopted?" asked Janeway.

"I do," says the Doctor as he stepped beside Melody.

"Do you come into this adoption of your own free will?"

"I do," said Melody.

"Very well, gentlemen," said Janeway as she and the Doctor take a step back.

Chakotay and Tom move in front of her, taking each of her hand in their own.

"When I first saw you, you were lying unconscious in sick bay. We didn‘t know who you were, where you came from, or even how you had gotten here. When you finally opened your eyes I saw in them the fear of a child. A child who has seen and experienced too much pain and heartache.

"As you became accustom to the crew and life aboard Voyager we began to see the adult Melody. Strong, independent, stubborn, but with a wisdom and compassion well beyond her years.

"Now standing before us we a mixture of the two. A strong, independent young woman who still has a childlike curiosity and joy for life and knowledge." Said Chakotay softly.

"Melody, Chakotay and I both know that we can never undo all the pain and heartache that has happen to you in your past. But it is our sincere hope that with us, you will find a happiness that you didn‘t have before." Said Tom as he looked into her eyes.

"Who has the ring?" asked Janeway.

The Doctor stepped forward and gave Tom Melody‘s ring.

"This ring is a symbol of our love for you. Solid and perfect, with no beginning or ending. A combination of the two of us blending together to make a new beginning for you, from this day forward until we are no longer on this earth," said Tom.

"Do you Melody Elaine Hanley, take these two men to be your legally adopted father‘s. To love, honor and cherish them both for as long as you live?"

"I do."

"Tom and Chakotay, do you take Melody Elaine Hanley to be your legally adopted daughter. To love, honor and cherish her for as long as you both shall live?"

"We do," said Tom and Chakotay in unison.

"Then place the ring on her right hand and repeat after me. With this ring. We three, become one."

"With this ring. We three, become one," said Tom and Chakotay together as they slid gold and silver entwined ring on Melody‘s finger.

"By the power given me as the Captain of Federation Star ship Voyager, I know pronounce you father‘s and daughter. Gentlemen, you may kiss your daughter."

"Don‘t you dare!" replied Melody sharply, as she took a step back.

At Melody‘s reply everyone broke into laughter, then applause as the men pulled Melody into a three-way hug. When they broke the three turned to face the crowd Tom and Chakotay’s arms still around Melody’s waist.

"It gives me great pleasure to present to you Commander Chakotay, Lt. Thomas Paris and Melody Elaine Chakotay-Paris."

At Captain Janeway‘s words Tom and Chakotay turned to look at Melody with surprise on their faces.

"You don‘t mind do you?" asked Melody.

"No, sweet one. Thank you," replied Chakotay as he kissed her on the cheek.

"I‘m honored, Mel," said Tom as he kissed her to.

"Good, I figured I have the ring. I might as well have the name to go with it. Thank you both for this. It means the world to me," said Melody as she hugged them both.

"Come on you three, we have a party to attend," said B‘Elanna as she came up behind them and pulled Melody towards the door.

Tom and Chakotay smiled, and then followed looking forward to when they could sneak away again.

The party was in full swing when Tom, Chakotay and Melody finally made their entrance to thunderous applause and cheers. As the small crowd closed in on them Melody took a small step closer to Chakotay and Tom. She still felt a little uneasy in large crowds, but the feel of Chakotay‘s hand on the small of her back helped calm her fears.

"Relax, Mel. It will be fine," whispered Tom as he led her through the crowd.

"Good of you to join us gentlemen," said Captain Janeway as she took Melody from Tom‘s arms.

"Thank you, Captain. This is very nice. Whose idea was it?" asked Chakotay.

"Melody and Neelix. I think she even talked him in to letting her replicate some food so she could eat," said B‘Elanna.

"Yes, you must try some of these Captain. They’re delightful!" exclaimed Neelix as he came over holding out a tray.

Captain Janeway gingerly reached out and took a small brown lump, popping it into her mouth. A moment later her face lit up.

"Oh, Melody. This is wonderful. Chocolate covered cherries. I haven‘t had these in years!" exclaimed Janeway.

"I figured as much. There are strawberries and pineapples somewhere on there. For a while, at least, Neelix was nice enough to let me take over his kitchen to make these," explained Melody.

"Anything you want, sweet. It‘s yours," said Neelix as he hugged her then left.

"Well, looks like you‘ve made this a big hit," said Tom.

Everyone mingled and talked as the crew, drifted in and out of the reception. Several hours later Tom noticed that he had not seen Melody is a while. He found her curled up in a window seat staring out at the stars. She was unconsciously fingering the silver and gold ring on her right hand.

"Are you all right, Melody?" asked Tom as he sat down in front of her.

"I‘m fine, Dad. I was just thinking about what my life would have been like if I‘d stayed in my own century?"

"What brought this on, sweet?" asked Chakotay as he knelt down beside her. He had noticed Tom looking for her earlier, and then she disappeared from the crowd.

"You two and the ceremony earlier. If I‘d stayed back there, I would probably be alone. But now I don‘t think I could go on without you two or everyone else."

"Well you don‘t have to Mel. We‘ll all be here for you for the rest of your life," said Tom as he hugged her.

"Thanks, Daddy. That‘s just what I needed to hear," replied Melody as she hugged him back resting her head on his shoulder.

"Good, and don‘t you forget it. Young lady," said Chakotay as he pulled her into a hug.

"I wont."

"Mel, I think it‘s time for us to leave now. Are you sure you‘ll be OK?" asked Tom as he looked at the young woman. In the last hour or so she had gotten awfully quiet and he was worried about leaving her.

"Would you two quit that, Please! I am an adult, remember."

"Yes, sweet. We‘ve noticed."

"Good, now go. So I can give you two my second gift, here," said Melody as she held out a small silver disk.

"What is it?"

"It‘s your honeymoon. It‘s a special program that I‘ve been working on for the two of you. Aunt Kathryn says that you both have the next three days off, so enjoy," said Melody as she stood up, kissing both of them on the cheek. "Oh, and don‘t worry. Aunt Kathryn and Tuvok promised to watch me while you were gone. I‘ll be fine, really."

"Thanks, sweet one," said Chakotay as he stood up.

"Now go, time‘s a wasting," said Melody as she pushed them towards the door.

With one last look at their new daughter Tom and Chakotay headed off to holodeck to find out what kind of honeymoon Melody had planned for them.

Tom and Chakotay stood at the doors of holodeck four waiting for the program to load.

"Program complete. You may now enter when ready," said the computer voice.

"Are you ready for this?" asked Chakotay.

"I‘m not sure," replied Tom as the door slide opened.

They only made it a few steps in before they were struck in amazement at the program that they were in. Melody had outdone herself this time.

"This is wonderful!" said Chakotay as the doors slid closed and locked behind them for their three days of a honeymoon in paradise.

"Wow," Tom was almost speechless, something that would have amused Chakotay more if he weren‘t in almost the same state.

The program was beautiful. The theme was a deserted island, a thought that caused a mental chuckle from both men, as they had lamented on separate occasions to Melody about wishing to spend a few weeks on one with each other. Of course, she had not forgotten, and when planning for the honeymoon, she had known the program she wanted to create. She couldn‘t ask Tom, of course, but the Doctor, B‘Elanna and Harry had been of great help to her.

"Does that young lady have an eidetic memory or are we just very lucky?" Tom asked, kissing the top of his husband‘s head as Chakotay took a seat on a rock that did not feel at all like a rock to sit on.


"Spirits, this is gorgeous," Chakotay said, almost forgetting the previous conversation.

"Yes, and I *know* where some of the touches came from," Tom replied, remembering a few late-night conversations with Harry and B‘Elanna about places he would *really* like to make love to Chakotay.

"The hut over there seems to be the only livable habitation," Chakotay added, avoiding the clasp of his husband‘s hands.

Yes, but if it lived up to Tom‘s ‚specifications‘ there would be a hot tub, a waterbed, a non-water bed and a very comfortable couch, as well as a rug in front of a roaring fireplace. Tom‘s tastes tended toward the traditional, but he‘d never had any complaints about that. Right now, though, Tom wanted nothing more than to feel his husband buried deep inside him. And, he grinned as he rummaged in the hollow of the rock Chakotay was sitting on.

It seemed that the preparations were going to be a lot easier than he had thought. He hoped that this had been Harry‘s work, but he rather suspected that it was their adopted daughter who had thought to do this for them. Not that he was complaining.

"This is wonderful," Chakotay whispered as he finally gave into the caresses Tom was endeavoring to bestow on him.

"And the sand is non-stick, too. Don‘t you just *love* the holodeck?"

"It does have a few advantages on the real thing. Of course, there‘s always that...sense of it *not* being the real thing, too," Chakotay was surprised that he could still manage a conversation with his husband.

"Well, as long as you are the real thing, and I know that you are, I don‘t care about the rest of it. We could be in an empty holodeck, and if you were there, that would be enough. This wonderful program is just the icing on the cake," Tom‘s hands had been busy as he had talked, and Chakotay was unable to do more than moan in response to his words and caresses.

Tom decided that talking was not something that he needed to continue doing either, so he put his mouth to a different, and much more pleasurable use, kissing Chakotay‘s neck, then turning his husband around to join their lips. Tom smiled as he felt Chakotay removing his clothing. Then he helped Chakotay do the same. Chakotay‘s hands found the sensitive places on Tom‘s body, driving his husband wild. The touches were familiar and new at the same time, and Tom surrendered to the feeling of his husband‘s love.

Chakotay‘s lips, tongue and fingers burned over Tom‘s skin, stopping to lick, nibble, suck or touch particularly sensitive areas. Tom writhed as Chakotay‘s mouth engulfed his throbbing need, his tongue tasting the salty musk leaking from the tip. Chakotay relaxed his throat and allowed Tom to thrust into the warm haven of his mouth. Tom‘s moans and gasps increased in volume, Chakotay‘s tongue moving more quickly. Tom stiffened, cried out and emptied himself into that warm haven, shaking with passion.

"That was...could it possibly have been better than it‘s ever been?" Tom asked, half-insensible from the intensity of his climax.

"I think...maybe it *feels* different, because we have the sense of things being more intense now. Of course," Chakotay smiled, "I think it gets better every time anyway...Ohhhh."

The groan as Tom started stroking his hardness was soon lost in another endless kiss, a part of Chakotay‘s mind noticing that Tom had thrust a tube into his hand. The part of his mind that could wonder where it had come from was soon eclipsed by the part that gentled Tom into readiness to accept his love. He stretched Tom carefully; adding plenty of the softly scented lubricant to ease his path, then lay Tom down on his back. Tom looked up at his husband with complete trust and love, waiting to embrace Chakotay in his body.

Chakotay smiled, and gently stroked Tom‘s renewed erection as he eased inside the tight heat. Oh, so slowly, but he was eventually buried inside Tom, angled so he could hit the spot inside Tom that made him buck and growl with each thrust. The pace turned frantic for a few moments, and then the need to take it slowly reasserted itself. Then Chakotay changed his angle once more, brushing Tom‘s swollen prostate with the head of his aching need and causing long strings of nonsense, mixed with a few recognizable endearments to emerge from Tom‘s lips.

Even this slow lovemaking could not hold back the inevitable finish for long, and Chakotay began to shudder at the feeling of his approaching orgasm. He needed to bring Tom off first, so he increased the pace of his stroking hand until Tom cried out a curse/blessing in Romulan. Chakotay wondered for a second where he had heard it to know the meaning, and then Tom exploded over both of them, triggered Chakotay‘s monumental climax with the internal contraction of his muscles.

It took a long time for them to recover, gently kissing and caressing each other, but eventually they were able to rouse themselves from their languorous stupor and explore the rest of the program that would be their refuge from reality for the too-brief days of their honeymoon.

While Tom and Chakotay were in paradise, Melody and the crew of Voyager hit a bit of a snag. They were traveling through pretty calm part of space, then all of a sudden all hell broke loose.

"Captain, I‘ve got a level eight ion storm approaching," said Harry.

"Helm, change course and go around it," answered Janeway.

"No can do, Captain. The storm is to wide, there‘s no way around it," said Harry.

"All hands, brace for impact. Tuvok, raise shields and increase power to main engines."

"Aye, Captain," said Tuvok.

A few seconds later Voyager came in contact with the storm and the bridge crew were thrown from their seats and stations.

"Shields are holding, Captain," said Tuvok as he resumed his station.

"Helm, plot the quickest course out of here," said Janeway.

"Aye, Captain," came the response from the woman at the Conn.

"Warp six, engage."

On the holodeck Tom and Chakotay had finally made it to the hut and after another bout of lovemaking were just settling down to sleep when they felt the ship rock beneath them. Tom knew that he felt his and Chakotay’s lovemaking was earthshaking but it didn’t think it extended to the ship. He looked over at Chakotay and saw that the older man had felt it too. Something was going on with the ship. Tom sat up just as Chakotay reached for his COM badge.

"Chakotay to Bridge"

At Chakotay’s COM Janeway sat up straighter in her chair. "Commander! Just what do you think you are doing?" asked Janeway with mock sternness in her voice.

"Ahhhhhh… Captain, the ship…"

"The ship is fine, Commander. We have just encountered a level eight-ion storm. Nothing to worry about except maybe a few minutes of a bumpy ride. I would hate to think that you weren’t properly appreciating Melody’s gift." Replied Janeway trying unsuccessfully to keep the laughter from her voice.

She knew exactly how long and hard Melody had worked on their honeymoon program, and that both men would do anything not to disappoint her. And besides knowing Melody like she did she could almost bet that they hadn’t fully discovered all the *special things* Melody had added for them. She almost wished she could be a fly on the holodeck wall.

"Aye, Captain."

"Oh Commander, You and Lt. Paris are *NOT* to call the bridge again, understood?" once again trying to gain control of her voice.

"Aye, Captain. Chakotay out,"

Janeway turned in her chair just in time to see Harry duck his head to his console, trying unsuccessfully to hide the smirk on his face. She looked over at Tuvok to see him raise an eyebrow but otherwise remain silent. She turned back toward the helm and rode out the rest of the storm with a knowing smile on her face. Twenty minutes later Voyager cleared the storm.

"We‘ve cleared the storm, Captain," reported Harry.

"Good. Damage report," said Janeway.

"No damage to the major systems, but several of the minor ones are off line. Minor damages to decks eight and five, with several crewmen reporting minor injuries," reported Tuvok.

"Get B‘Elanna to start working on getting the systems back on line, and have maintenance repair the damage."

"Aye, Captain," said Harry.

"I‘ll be in my ready room," said Janeway as she left the bridge.