Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 14

With Tom and Chakotay back and Melody was healthy once again everyone started planning for Tom and Chakotay‘s wedding. Captain Janeway, B‘Elanna and Melody made plans for the wedding and bachelor party. They managed to keep most of the arrangements a secret, and the night of the party it was Melody‘s job to get Tom and Chakotay to Sandrine‘s at 1800. Tom and Chakotay had just gotten off duty and were in their room changing while Melody paced nervously out in the living area. It was getting close to the time they were suppose to be at Sandrine‘s and they were taking a long time.

Melody paced the living area for a few more minutes then headed towards their bedroom.

"Would you guys come on! You promised me a night out," exclaimed Melody as she entered their bedroom.

Tom had just left the bathroom and was pulling up his pants as Melody walked in.

"Melody!" yelled Tom.

"Oh come off it, Tom. I‘ve seen you in the buff before. Remember, now hurry up," said Melody as she sat down on their bed.

"What‘s all the rush, sweet one? I thought you didn‘t really like going to Sandrine‘s?" asked Chakotay from the bathroom.

"I promised Aunt Kathryn that I‘d meet her there," replied Melody.

"What are you two planning young lady?" asked Tom as he came over and stood in front of her.

"I‘ll never tell, but I can promise you this. If you both aren‘t ready in thirty more minutes Aunt Kathryn‘s going to see you as you are." said Melody as she got off the bed.

"What are you talking about?" asked Chakotay from the bathroom doorway.

"Computer, initiate transporter lock and transfer Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris and Melody Hanley to holodeck two with a thirty minute time delay. Commencing now." said Melody as she turned, and left.

"Confirmed. Thirty minute countdown and counting,"

"Melody, you wouldn‘t!" said Chakotay as he followed her into the living area.

"I would, and I have. Now, I‘d hurry up if I were you Daddy or Aunt Kathryn will get an eye full." Said Melody as she glanced at him with a meaningful look in her eye

Chakotay looked down at himself, and then back at his daughter, "Melody!" he yelled .

"Yessssssssss?" purred Melody seductively leaving no doubt in Chakotay’s mind that she would do exactly what she promised.

At her answer Chakotay turned and ran back in to their bedroom. Tom and Chakotay returned to the living area with seconds to spare before the computer replied. "Countdown complete."

"Energize," said Melody as they were caught in the blue lights of the transporter beam, materializing outside of holodeck two.

"You are getting a little to smart young lady," said Tom as he put his hand on the small of her back.

"So, sue me. Now come on," replied Melody smugly as she stepped forward enough for the doors open. This was supposed to be a big night for the guys so Melody gotten really brave and dressed in a blue and white sheath with white heels. She had to admit even to herself that she didn’t look half bad.

Tom and Chakotay followed Melody in only to be greeted by the entire Alpha shift along with other crewmen who were off duty.

"Surprise!" yelled everyone.

"Melody?" said Tom and Chakotay as they turned on her.

"We couldn‘t let you guys get married without a bachelor party now could we. So come on, lighten up. And that‘s an order," said Janeway as she pulled both men further into the bar.

Melody stood at the bar, apart from the crowd watching as both men mingled with the crew.

"What‘s wrong moppet? You look sad," asked Sandrine as she handed Melody a drink.

"Nothing really, I‘m just lonely I guess. I never really thought about being alone before. I’d always had my teaching and the kids, but now..." sighed Melody.

"Don‘t worry moppet, there is someone out there for you."

"I don‘t know, I just wish..."

"Hey, Melody," called Harry as he came over towards her.

"See, the young ensign. He likes you."

"Harry, get real Sandrine. He‘s more of an uncle than anything else," replied Melody.

"Come on, Melody. Your missing all the fun," Said Harry as he came up beside her.

"OK, Harry. Lead on," Said Melody as she took his arm and lead him back to the middle of the group.

The rest of the night was spent roasting and toasting two very embarrassed men, ending only at 0330 with both of them returning to their quarters very drunk.

The next morning a very subdued bridge crew came across another M-Class planet.

"Captain, the scans show the planet to be an M-Class, with oxygen-argon atmosphere," Said Harry.

"Are there any life forms?" asked Janeway.

"Yes, Captain. I‘m picking up a warp technology civilization."

A few minutes later Harry‘s console beeped. "We’re being hailed, Captain,"

"Open a channel."

"Channel open. Captain," replied Harry.

"This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager."

"Greetings, I am head magistrate of the planet Terrella. What can we do for you?" asked the alien on the main view screen.

"We are on our way home to the Alpha Quadrant. We were hoping to discuss some sort of trade agreement with you," replied Janeway.

"We would be happy to discuss a trade agreement with you Captain. We will be awaiting your arrival," said the Magistrate as the screen went blank.

"Well, that went well. Commander, assemble an away team and meet me in transporter room three."

"Tuvok, Paris. You‘re with me," said Chakotay as he stood and left the bridge.

News of the planet traveled quickly through Voyager and soon Melody was looking for someone to fill her in on the details. She knew that Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok and Tom were down on the planet so she decided to grill Harry. He was standing at his station when she got off the lift.

"Melody, what are you doing here?" asked Harry.

"Relax, Harry. Captain Janeway said I could visit the bridge if we were in orbit of a friendly planet. Do you know where Tom is?" asked Melody as she came over beside him.

"He‘s on the planet with Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to ask him something. I guess it can wait till they get back. What‘s the planet like down there?"

"It‘s an M-Class planet, very rich in plant and animal life with a warp technological civilization."

"Do you think Captain Janeway will let us spend some time down there?" asked Melody hopefully.

"I don‘t know, she‘s talking to the head magistrate now."

"I hope so, I would really like to see their culture."

"Why don‘t you check out the cultural database? They just uploaded all the information on their culture and customs," suggested Harry.

"Really! Thanks, Harry. I will, bye," said Melody as she left

Harry watched Melody as she left, and smiled. He had seen through her motives right from the start, but he had to hand it to her. She certainly was a curious one; Tom and Chakotay are going to have their hands full with her.

Later that night Captain Janeway and the away returned with the plans worked out for a ship wide shore leave, plus and invitation to a formal reception two nights from now. Melody had spent most of the morning absorbing the Terrallan cultural database. She had found a tradition that she just couldn‘t wait to surprise the head magistrate and Captain Janeway with.

Chakotay had been teaching her how to carve in stone and since the Terrallan‘s loved flowers so much she was going to try to carve a quarts rose. Melody spent most of the next two days working in Stellercartography and late at night to get it finished. She was in Stellercartography putting the finishing touches on the rose when Chakotay found her.

"There you are Melody. I‘ve been looking all over for you," said Chakotay as he came in.

"Oh hi, Chakotay. I‘ve been making something for the Terrallan head magistrate," said Melody as she looked up.

"The magistrate? Why?"

"It‘s an old tradition, I checked the database and it said..."

"The database, how did you know about that?" asked Chakotay.

"Harry. He said..."

"And when did you talk to Ensign Kim?"

"When you and the Captain were on the planet."

"Melody, you know that your not allowed on the bridge unless Tom, myself or the Captain is there," reminded Chakotay.

"But Aunt Kathryn...I mean Captain Janeway said that I could visit if we were in orbit of a friendly planet."

"At the time we didn‘t know if it was friendly or not. We were still talking to Terrallan‘s."

"I‘m sorry, Chakotay," answered Melody quietly.

"It‘s all right, sweet one. Just be more careful next time, OK? Something could have happened and you might have gotten hurt while you were on the bridge," responded Chakotay with a smile.

"I will."

"Now what have you been making for the magistrate?" asked Chakotay.

Melody instantly smiled and continued. "Well, according to their customs before a trade delegation leaves they must present the head magistrate with a gift to show their gratitude. I thought that since the Terrallan‘s enjoy flowers so much that I would make them one."

"That‘s very nice, sweet one. But they already have a very beautiful garden full of flowers," responded Chakotay.

"Oh, but they don‘t have a quarts flower. I‘ve been practicing my carving and I think I‘ve almost got it done. What do you think?" asked Melody as she held up a delicately carved, medium sized white quarts rose.

Chakotay took it from her and held it up to the light. When the light hit the rose the beam refracted and danced through each of the delicately carved pedals changing the flower from white into a multicolored blossom.

"Oh, Melody. It‘s beautiful. I didn‘t know you could carve like this?" exclaimed Chakotay.

"Neither did I. Ensign Paks was kind enough to let me use rocks that they couldn‘t use to practice on. I‘ve been working on it at night."

"What‘s wrong, sweet one? Nightmares again?" asked Chakotay with concern.

"No, just a little insomnia. I guess I‘m worried about the wedding."

"Melody, Tom and I are getting married. Not you," chuckled Chakotay.

"I know that! But I don‘t want to mess up my part of it either. I guess I‘m afraid you‘ll both change your minds."

"Not a chance Melody. Your stuck with us for life," said Chakotay as he pulled her into his arms.

"I can live with that. Now when can you give the magistrate his gift?" asked Melody.

"Why don‘t you give it to him yourself tomorrow night," said Chakotay

"You mean it! I can go down to the planet!" exclaimed Melody.

"You bet, sweet. We told the magistrate all about you and he‘s very interested in meeting you."

"Oh, Chakotay! Thank you." Exclaimed Melody as she once again through her arms around his neck.

"Well don‘t thank me, thank the magistrate. I‘ll see you tonight at 1800. Oh, be sure and eat something before you go. The Doctors not certain about the Terrallan food."

"I will, thank you," replied Melody as she hugged him again, and then left.

Chakotay smiled, then left to make last minute preparations for the night.

At exactly 1800 Melody entered the transport room one. She had carefully gone through the Terrallan cultural database again to make sure that she didn’t offend anyone with her dress. She ended up choosing a peach knee length skirt, with a matching blouse made out of a matching floral print.

"You look very pretty Melody," said Harry as he stepped forward and presented his arm.

"Thank you Harry. Are we ready to go?"

"Ready," replied Janeway as they all stepped on the transporter pad. "Energize."

They disappeared and then reappeared just outside the magistrate‘s house. They were welcomed by an aide and ushered into a large hall filled with food and festive decorations. The magistrate was sitting in a chair near the front of the hall when then they entered.

"Ahh, Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay. So good of you to join us tonight," said the Magistrate.

"It is our honor Magistrate. May I present the rest of my crew. My Chief of Security, Lt. Tuvok. Our Chief Engineer, B‘Elanna Torres. Ensign Harry Kim, and Lt. Tom Paris." said Janeway as she presented each person to the Magistrate.

"And this is our daughter, Melody Hanley," said Chakotay as he presented Melody.

Melody looked at Captain Janeway and Chakotay, then made the elaborate bow and greeting in the Terrallan custom. The Magistrate rose from his chair and walked to where Melody was still bowing and stood in front of her.

"You do me a great honor by knowing our ways," said the Magistrate as he helped her rise.

"It is I who am honored to greet you. I wish to present you with a gift of our gratitude," said Melody as she pulled out the quart rose and offered it to him.

"What is it?"

"It is a quarts rose. Held up to the light, it changes colors."

The Magistrate took it from Melody then walked over to the west windows and held it up to the light. The late evening light refracted its beam into all the colors of the rainbow, shining through the rose. The room filled with OHHH‘s and AHHH‘s as he held it up to be seen.

"This is a most remarkable flower, perhaps we could..."

"I‘m sorry magistrate, but it‘s not a flower. I carved this from a rock," explained Melody.

"You made this beautiful flower?" exclaimed the Magistrate.

"Yes, Magistrate. Commander Chakotay has taught me how to carve from his native culture."

"You must be very proud, Commander," said the Magistrate as he looked at the man.

"Yes, Magistrate. We are," replied Chakotay as his eyes showing with love. Melody had made him very proud tonight. All of Voyager could be proud of her. Because of her, they now had one more allies in the Delta Quadrant.

"Come, let us eat and drink, to celebrate our new friends," called the Magistrate, clapping his hands. The music started and people started mingling and admiring the Magistrate‘s quarts rose.

The reception lasted well into the early hours of the Terrallan morning, which found Melody, curled up on a window couch asleep. One of the Magistrate‘s aides noticed her and informed him of her condition.

"Commander Chakotay, Lt. Paris. I fear that your daughter Melody may have become ill?" said the Magistrate as he approached them.

"Mel, where?" asked Tom quickly.

"She is on the couch by the windows," said the Magistrate as he pointed in her direction.

Tom and Chakotay looked over to see Melody curled up asleep on the couches. They turned and smiled at the Magistrate‘s concern.

"She‘s not ill, Magistrate. Just asleep, she has recently been ill and I‘m afraid she may have work to hard on preparing your gift," explained Chakotay.

"Then you must take her back to your ship and let her rest. You and your companion are welcome to stay the night here," replied the Magistrate.

"Thank you, Magistrate. I think we will stay, I‘ll inform Captain Janeway of our plans," said Chakotay.

"I‘ll get Mel. Excuse me Magistrate," said Tom as he walked over to where Melody lay sleeping.

She looked so young asleep; it was hard to imagine she was as old as she was. Tom gentle picked her up murmuring soothing words when she stirred then carried her out of the hall to the gently good nights from the guest that were left. Chakotay meet him at the door and a few minutes later they were beamed about Voyager.

Tom put Melody to bed while Chakotay packed a small bag for the two of them. Since Melody had gotten hurt it had been hard for the two of them to be alone together. Tonight was to be a pre-honeymoon for them, and Tom and Chakotay planned to enjoy every minute of it.

No one on Voyager had been able to take shore leave in quite a while. It would be good to feel firm earth beneath their feet. Chakotay told the computer to contact them when Melody awoke, then went in to the living area to wait for Tom. He came out a few minutes later with a smile on his face.

"She‘s all tucked in Chak. You ready?" asked Tom.

"More than ready. Let‘s go."

"Are you sure she‘ll be all right?" asked Tom once more.

"Tom, we told the computer to notify us when she wakes up. She‘ll be fine. Having second thought, Slim?" asked Chakotay as he pulled Tom into his arms.

"Nope, it just feels funny leaving her on Voyager while we’re down on the planet," answered Tom.

"You know if she could stay, we would have let here. But were not sure if she can eat any of their food. It‘s safer for her here with the replicators."

"You’re right. Let‘s go Chakotay," said Tom as he ground his hips against the older man.

"Oh Tom, we had better go fast before we end up spending the night here ourselves," responded Chakotay as he moved out of Tom‘s embrace and pulled him out the door. A few minutes later they found themselves back on Terrallan in a beautiful room, with a huge soft bed.

"This is nice," Tom said as he shed his clothes, helping Chakotay with his, as the other man seemed rather mesmerized by his fiancé‘s nakedness.

"Mmmmm," Chakotay agreed, as he was rendered as naked as the man he loved.

"Gods, I cannot believe how beautiful you are at times like this," Tom murmured as he kissed Chakotay.

Chakotay lifted Tom up, carrying him to the huge soft bed, laying him crossways on top of the covers, moving to join his lover quickly.

Chakotay began a hot, sweet exploration of Tom‘s body with his lips and tongue, causing loud moans whenever he hit a particularly sensitive spot.

This was a rare treat for them, their lovemaking was often...not hurried, but it was more difficult for them to let themselves take their leisure at it now. It was never unsatisfying, of course, but their jobs and Voyager‘s situation were the major reason for the sense of needing to spend more time sleeping or on other things. It had been rare, since the early days of their relationship, for Tom and Chakotay to spend time just on themselves.

Some leaves and a few nights Melody had arranged for them being the only times recently, without having to think of other things at the front of their minds. Of course Melody was in the back of their minds, as were the rest of their Voyager family, but for now, they put those thoughts away and concentrated on each other.

Tom roused himself from the languor that Chakotay‘s touch aroused in him, not wanting to be a passive participant. He flipped the bigger man onto his back, causing a gasp and a chuckle from his lover.

"What?" Tom asked, eyes gleaming with mischief.

"Did I ever tell you that I love it when you get forceful, Tom?" Chakotay asked, moaning as Tom‘s tongue bathed his tattoo in liquid heat.

"No, but I‘m glad to hear it," Tom grinned as he began to drive Chakotay wild. He began by caressing his lover‘s face with his lips, moving gently over his beautiful features. Tom smiled against the smooth bronze skin of Chakotay‘s cheekbone as he felt the heat of his arousal dig into his hip. Tom moved slightly to accommodate both his and Chakotay‘s growing erections, moaning slightly as the cool air caressed his hot flesh, feeling a matching groan in Chakotay‘s chest.

Tom moved to straddle his lover, kissing his neck and further down, moving to kiss his collarbone, thrilling to the sounds of arousal coming from below him. He still felt such a sense of grateful wonder that the gods had let him find this man, and Melody, to find the family he had been lacking for so much of his life, that every time he made love to Chakotay, he tried to make it more special. Tom laved one of Chakotay‘s dark brown nipples, playing with the little nub of flesh that he knew was extremely sensitive, and his other hand busy with its twin. Chakotay had devolved into being able to do nothing more than

moan helplessly as Tom worked his magic on his willing and responsive body.

Tom moved down Chakotay‘s body, tasting the firm bronze skin, until he reached the proof of Chakotay‘s arousal. Chakotay moaned deeply as Tom licked from the base to the tip of his hard, weeping erection, then took as much of it as he could into his mouth. Tom relaxed his throat muscles and took all of Chakotay inside his mouth. He looked up at his lover‘s face; eyes closed in wordless ecstasy, and began to move. His mouth stroked the hot piece of flesh, massaging with his tongue and lips, caressing over the vein. Tom took it in just a tiny bit more, stroked creatively with his tongue, and Chakotay‘s orgasm spurted down the back of Tom‘s throat.

Tom released Chakotay, moving up the sweaty, relaxed body until he could hold his fiancée in his arms.

"Damn," Chakotay whispered.


"How does it get better every time?"

"Luck?" Tom asked, grinning wickedly.

"Perhaps..." Chakotay trailed off suggestively, "Now...what can we do for you?"

"I suppose it‘s too much to hope that lubricant is a standard feature of Terrallan bedrooms," Tom mused, reaching out a hand to search in the bedside stand, and not finding anything.

"Seems so. You didn‘t happen to bring some down?"

"No, remember, we didn‘t have a chance to think of it. You were too...impatient."

"Oh, yeah. So...what now?" Chakotay asked, stroking Tom‘s erection lightly.

"Th - that‘s a start," Tom gasped, thrusting into Chakotay‘s grasp. Chakotay grinned more wickedly than Tom, and began an exploration of Tom‘s body, much like Tom‘s exploration of him earlier.

"Oh, Yesssss," Tom moaned as he was kissed everywhere that Chakotay knew drove him wild. Chakotay lingered over his nipples, making the little pink nubs hard and red with arousal. Chakotay continued his exploration of the flushed skin, tracing the sweep of Tom‘s ribs with his tongue, then moving lower, taking Tom into his mouth. Tom screamed and began thrusting gently into Chakotay‘s mouth, stopping when he felt that Chakotay was taking him in deeper. Tom didn‘t move, he just let Chakotay do what he wanted, letting the tension build, and finally coming under the strokes of Chakotay‘s talented tongue, so hard that he could see stars.

Chakotay walked into the bathroom, emerging with a warm damp cloth. He gently cleaned Tom and himself, and then placed the cloth on the nightstand.

He then lay down again beside Tom, kissing him gently, feeling Tom‘s gentle touches. Chakotay pulled the covers over them, and they drifted to sleep, still caressing gently.