Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 12

After Melody, Tom and Chakotay returned from their short holiday things aboard Voyager slowly returned to normal. All the damage had been repaired and the systems checked and double-checked to make sure everything was running smoothly. When they discovered how far along in

her progress she was, they suggested to Tuvok that he might add Starfleet survival and field training to her studies. Melody was a quick study and impressed everyone she worked with her knowledge and understanding.

Tuvok and Tom were soon ready to give Melody her repelling test when Melody‘s next mini crisis accured. Tom had made a holoprogram of the Osana Caverns, with several different levels to descend. The three were standing at the top of one of the medium levels ready to repel.

"Are you sure I‘m ready for this, Tom?" asked Melody as she looked over the side.

"You‘ll do fine, Melody. Are you ready?" said Tom as he gave her shoulder a reassuring pat.

"As I‘ll ever be, lets do it," said Melody as she threw her line over the edge, then slowly started her descend down the cavern. Tom was only thirty meters behind her when the heard a soft pop and Melody suddenly felt her lines loosen and she started to fall.

"Melody!" yelled Tom as she fell in front of him.

She quickly descended fifty-five meters but even with the safeties on Tom knew that the impact of her sudden stop and the twisting of the rope around her arms and legs would do some damage. She hung tangled in her rope until Tom and Tuvok came down beside her.

"Are you all right, Mel?" asked Tom anxiety.

"I don‘t think so. My shoulder hurts and I‘m having trouble breathing," replied Melody weakly.

"Hold on, Melody. We will get you out. Tuvok, can you grab hold of her while I untangle her line," said Tom.

"Yes," answered Tuvok as he took her by the waist and held her while Tom untangled her line.

Tom tied her safety line to his and said. "All right, Tuvok. I‘ve got her."

They slowly descended the rest of cavern and untied her once they reached the bottom.

"Emergency Medical Beam out, three to sick bay," called Tom as the transport beam caught them up.

They reappeared a few seconds later in sickbay to find the Doctor and Kes waiting for them.

"What happen, Mr. Paris?" asked the Doctor as he quickly scanned Melody.

"Her safely ropes slipped and she fell about fifty-five meters before the safeties kicked in," said Tom as he laid her on the biobed.

"Yes, I see. Multiple fractures to her arm and wrist, plus a dislocated shoulder and six broken ribs. Kes prep her for immediate surgery. If you will excuse me gentlemen," said the Doctor as he left to prepare for surgery.

"Oh God, I knew I should never have suggested this to Melody," said Tom as he sat down in a chair.

"Mr. Paris, blaming yourself will not help matters," said Tuvok.

"Then who the hell am I suppose to blame, Tuvok. Melody?! She‘s the one that got hurt!" yelled Tom.

"I believe that no one is to blame. This is one of those accidents that just happen. But I will check the equipment and the program to see if there is another explanation," said Tuvok.

"You do that, Tuvok."

Tuvok looked at the younger man, then left. He himself was worried about Melody too but knew that she was in the best hands and his presence in sickbay was not required. So he placed all his time and energy into finding out what had happened and correcting it so it never happened again.

Tom rose and went over to the biobed where Melody was lying. She looked so still, and quiet. Almost like she was asleep, but he could see lines of pain on her face even when she was unconscious. Tom leaned over and lightly brushed the hair from her forehead.

"I‘m so sorry, Mel. I never should have taken you there," whispered Tom.

"Not your fault. My line slipped," rasped Melody as she opened her eyes.


"Don‘t blame yourself, Dad. Not your fault," whispered Melody.

"Mr. Paris, we need to get Melody into surgery," said The Doctor from behind him.

"I love you, Melody," whispered Tom.

"I know, Dad," said Melody as she closed her eyes.

The Doctor erected a privacy shield and began the surgery to heal Melody.

When Tuvok returned to the bridge he informed the Captain of the accident on the holodeck. Chakotay thought his heart would stop when he heard that Melody was hurt. Janeway dismissed him from duty and he flew to the turbo lift for the long ride to sickbay. When he entered Tom was

sitting in a chair near an empty biobed.

"Tom?" asked Chakotay nervously.

"Oh god, Chakotay. I‘m sorry!" cried Tom as Chakotay pulled him into his arms.

"Hush love...it wasn‘t your fault. Tuvok said that her pillion malfunctioned. There was nothing anyone could have done."

"Are you sure?" asked Tom.

"Yes love, you know how thorough Tuvok is."

"I guess your right, but I still feel it‘s my fault somehow."

"I‘m sure, Melody doesn‘t blame you for what happen."

"She doesn‘t. She told me before the Doctor took her back for surgery."

"Well then, there you are. Now stop blaming your self and lets both concentrate on helping Melody get better."

"You’re right."

"Any news so far?" asked Chakotay as he looked over to where the Doctor and Kes were working on Melody.

"No, not a thing."

"Well now, I guess we wait," said Chakotay as he sat down beside Tom and took his hand.

News of Melody‘s accident traveled quickly around Voyager and several people stopped by or commed to see how Melody was doing. Captain Janeway left Tuvok in charge of the bridge and came to sickbay to take care of Chakotay and Tom, while Harry stayed with B‘Elanna in engineering so she wouldn‘t hurt someone.

Several hours later an exhausted Kes emerged from behind the privacy shield and smiled at the group waiting.

"Kes, how is she?" asked Chakotay as he came over beside her.

"She‘s fine, Commander. The Doctor can tell you more," said Kes as she left for her quarters.

A few minutes later the Doctor disengaged the screen and stepped towards the waiting group.

"Doctor, how is she?" asked Captain Janeway.

"She‘s fine, Captain."

"Thank god," said Tom

"There was extensive damage to her shoulder and wrist, but nothing medical science and time can‘t heal. We regenerated the muscle and ligament damage, but because of a vitamin and calcium deficiency I researched the data medical database and discovered that the best way for her bones to heal was slowly over time instead of quickly as if we used the regenerator. I discovered a removable cast for her wrist, which can come off at night for bathing. She will need physical therapy for her wrist and shoulder after they have healed to regain her full mobility but she will make a full recovery," said The Doctor.

"Can we see her now?" asked Tom

"Oh course. This way," said the Doctor as he headed towards her bed.

Chakotay looked back at the Captain and she smiled. "You go ahead. I‘ve got some very anxious Aunts and Uncles to inform," said Janeway.

"Thanks, Kathryn."

"Don‘t mention it, Chakotay. She‘s special to all of us. Now go," said Janeway as she shooed him towards her bed.

Janeway took one more look at the two men then left to fill in the rest of her extended family. Chakotay arrived at Melody‘s bedside just as she opened her eyes.

"Hi Dad, Daddy," whispered Melody weakly.

"How you feel sweet?" asked Tom as he stroked her forehead.

"Like I feel down a cavern. Are you and Tuvok OK?" asked Melody.

"Yes Mel, were fine."

"Good. Can‘t have you two getting hurt. Oh, Daddy. Tell Aunt Kathryn that I‘ll have to cancel our holodeck date. I don‘t think the Doctor‘s going to let me out of here for a while," said Melody.

"Your right young lady, She needs her rest gentlemen," said the Doctor as he came up behind them.

"We‘ll talk again later. Good night, sweet one," said Chakotay as he kissed her forehead.

"Good night, Daddy. Dad," said Melody as she closed her eyes.

The Doctor scanned Melody one more time, then motioned for them to follow him to his office.

"She is sleeping now, and I have given her something for the pain so she will be out for several hours."

"When can we take her home?" asked Tom.

"I‘d like to keep her at least one more day to make sure there are no complications with her shoulder or wrist. If all goes well she will be released to your quarters day after tomorrow," replied the Doctor.

"Thank you Doctor," said Chakotay.

"I suggest that you both use this time to get something to eat and then rest. I will call you when Melody awakens," suggested the Doctor.

"Sounds like shades of an earlier time," replied Tom laughingly "Thank you Doc, we will do that," said Tom as he took Chakotay‘s hand and led him to their quarters.

Five hours later a feed and rested Tom and Chakotay sat in chairs near Melody‘s biobed waiting for her to awake up. When they heard a noise they were at her side instantly.

"Hi, sweet. How you feeling?" asked Tom

"Better. Have you both eaten?" asked Melody.

"Yes, love. We’re here to take care of you remember?" said Chakotay.

"I know. But you tend to forget to take care of yourselves, sometimes."

"Well don‘t worry about that. Kathryn has been looking after both of us," said Tom

"Good, I‘m glad somebody has while I‘m stuck in here. When can I go home?" asked Melody.

"The Doctor wants to keep you here tomorrow, just to be sure. Then you can go home," said Chakotay.

"I guess I have no say in the matter?" asked Melody.

"None what so every, young lady. Now if you will excuse me. I would like to examine, Melody," said The Doctor as he came up beside them.

"We‘ll be right back, Melody," said Tom as he kissed her forehead then left.

While the Doctor was examining, Melody B‘Elanna and Harry came in and went over to Chakotay and Tom.

"How‘s she doing?" asked B‘Elanna as she looked over at the Doctor and Melody.

"The Doctor said she‘s healing nicely, but I think she‘s all ready bored with being stuck in sick bay," answered Tom.

"I know how she feels. Well maybe we can cheer her up. I promised her I would explain the shield harmonics to her," said B‘Elanna

"Oh, that ought to cheer her up," said Tom sarcastically.

"Watch it, flyboy. I could get her to do a whole lot of damage to your computer system if your not careful," replied B‘Elanna

"All right, I give. Just don‘t tire her out OK, the Doctor said she‘ll need to take it easy for a while."

"We won’t Tom. Come on B‘Elanna. Let‘s go see how Melody is doing," said Harry as he pulled her toward Melody and the Doctor.

Tom and Chakotay watched as the two walked over to Melody‘s biobed, then started up and conversation. It was good that she had so many different people in her family watching over her. They both had a feeling that in the coming months they would need everyone‘s help to keep Melody from over doing it and injuring herself again.

For the next six weeks Melody healed while learning to do things one handed. She spent most of her time in sickbay with the Doctor, but was allowed into engineering twice a week with B‘Elanna. It was during one of those outings that B‘Elanna discovered another planet.

The planet was a pre-warp so they planned very carefully how and where to go down. Three days later it was decided that Tom, Chakotay, Harry and B‘Elanna would take a shuttle down to a deserted part of the planet and look for minerals.

Too keep Melody busy while Tom and Chakotay were gone Janeway allowed Melody on the bridge and had Tuvok show her the OP‘s station. Melody really enjoyed her time on the bridge with Janeway and Tuvok, not just because she was close to them but ever since she had gotten hurt on the holodeck they had cut back on some of the things she had been learning. She had gotten her cast permanently off two days ago but they still hadn‘t let her help with much, now she was getting some real hands on experience again.

"Anything on the scanners Tuvok?" asked Janeway.

Melody looked at Tuvok, and at his nod answered.

"Scanners are clear, Captain." Responded Melody in her best Tuvok imitation.

At her voice Janeway turned and looked over at Melody and smiled.

"Good. Keep an eye on them." Replied Janeway with a slight smile on her face

"Aye, Captain."

A few minutes later the silence was broken by the Doctor‘s comm.

"Sick bay to Melody."

Melody looked over at Tuvok and Captain Janeway, and then answered.

"Melody here, Doctor. Go ahead."

"You are late for your physical therapy, young lady."

"OOP‘s, sorry Doctor. I‘ll be right there, Melody out. Captain?"

"Your dismissed, Melody," smiled Janeway as she looked back.

"Aye, Captain," said Melody as she smiled, then rushed to the lift.

"She would make a fine Starfleet cadet," said Janeway as she watched the turbo lift doors close.

"Indeed," answered Tuvok.

An hour later the Doctor released Melody from sick bay she rushed to their quarters. She had over heard Tuvok COM the Doctor that the shuttle was back on board and that Tom and Chakotay were in their quarters and would report to sickbay later. The two and a half days that they were gone had been hard on Melody. For some reason she had the feeling that something might happen to them on this away mission and she wanted to make sure that they both were all right.

But as soon as the doors open she knew something was wrong. Even when they were exhausted they still always waited up for her, but now they weren‘t there. She quickly checked with the computer to make sure that they were in their quarters then headed towards their bedroom. The

door was closed; so knocking quietly then pushed it open. Tom and Chakotay were lying on the bed. She went over to the bedside and instantly knew something was wrong.

"Tom, Chakotay! Wake up guys!" cried Melody as she touched Tom‘s shoulder. "Oh damn! Melody to Sick bay."

"Sick bay here," answered the Doctor.

"Doctor, something is wrong with Chakotay and Tom. I can‘t wake them up, and they both feel really hot!"

"Slow down, Melody, calm down and start again."

Melody took a deep breath, and then began again.

"Tom and Chakotay are asleep and I can‘t wake them. They also feel like the have a high fever."

"Were they like this when you arrived?" asked the Doctor

"Yes! I just got here a few minutes ago."

"All right Melody, I‘ll be right there. Sick bay out," said The Doctor as he closed the link.

A few minutes later the door chimed and Melody walked into the living area.


The Doctor and Captain Janeway entered and came over beside her.

"Where are they?" asked the Doctor.

"In there," answered Melody as she nodded towards their room.

The Doctor glanced at Captain Janeway then went to the bedroom; Janeway came over to Melody and pulled her into her embrace. At her touch Melody‘s composure crumbled and she began to cry in Janeway‘s arms.

"Don‘t worry, Melody. The Doctor will find out what‘s wrong," soothed Janeway as she rubbed her back.

A few minutes later the Doctor returned to the living area and motioned to Janeway.

"I‘ll be right back, Melody. OK?" said Janeway as she walked over to where the doctor was standing.

"All right," said Melody as she sat down on the couch, wrapping her arms around her legs.

"Report, Doctor."

"I‘ve examined Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris and my scans show that they are both suffering from a viral infection."

"Viral infection? Is it contagious?" asked Janeway.

"Unknown. I will have to do more tests. But my first scans show that it is from some kind of insect bite. I‘ll have to take them to sick bay for more test to determine..."

"No!" yelled Melody as she jumped off the couch and ran over to them. "Captain, please. You can‘t let him take them! Please, don‘t let him take them. Please!" cried Melody as she grabbed hold of Janeway‘s arms.

"Melody, calm down," said Janeway as she tried to loosen Melody‘s hold.

"You know that sick bay is the best place for them," said the Doctor as he came to stand in front of her.

"No, No! If you take them, I‘ll lose them. Why can‘t they stay here? I can take care of them," said Melody.

"Doctor?" asked Janeway as he moved him away from Melody. "Do you think she can take care of them?"

"If she follows my instructions exactly, and sends me daily scans. I don‘t see any problems," said the Doctor.

"Good. Go get whatever you need ready and I‘ll explain everything to Melody," said Janeway as she looked over at Melody.

She was standing in the middle of the room with tears in her eyes and her shoulders quivering. Janeway knew that she could do this. She just needed to pull herself together. Janeway walked over to where Melody and gently grasped her shoulders.

"Melody, Melody listen to me!" said Janeway with authority.

Melody looked up in her face, quickly wiping her eyes and nose. "Yes, ma‘am."

"The Doctor has agreed to allow Chakotay and Tom to stay here and let you take care of them. But you have to follow the Doctor‘s instructions exactly. Do you understand?" asked Janeway as she put her hands on Melody‘s face.

"Yes, ma‘am," replied Melody.

"Good girl. Now go and let the Doctor explain everything to you so you can get started," said Janeway as she looked over at the Doctor.

Melody followed her eyes, then looked back at her. "Thank you, Aunt Kathryn. I won‘t let you down," said Melody as she smiled, then left following the Doctor into their bedroom.

Janeway smiled as she watched Melody and the Doctor enter the bedroom and hoped that she was right about this.

At 0330 the computer registered a raise in Chakotay‘s temperature and signaled Melody. She had been dosing and was jerked awake at the beep. She quickly scanned Chakotay and noticed that his temperature was up to 104 degrees.

"Damn," mumbled Melody as she went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth.

She sat down on the side of the bed and wiped his face and chest.

"Hush, Daddy. It‘s all right, I‘m here," said Melody as she continued to wipe his forehead. Chakotay quieted a bit but continued to mutter every once in awhile. Melody washed down his chest until she came to his underwear. She looked at the muscular arms and chest and took a deep breath and went on. This was one time she wished she were comfortable around men sexually.

Except for the few times they were dancing or cuddling she had not thought about Tom or Chakotay in that way. But she had to admit they were both good-looking men. The few times that they had gotten aroused around her had left her feeling strange and very confused, and then there was the time that she had reacted to Chakotay. That episode had made her feel very vulnerable and until their talk she hadn‘t understood.

She was brought out of her day dreaming by a small gurgling sound from the bed. Melody looked over to see Chakotay choking. She quickly ran to the bathroom and got a bowl and returned to his bedside gently turning him on his side and holding his head as he vomited. When he was finished she wiped his face and laid him back down on the bed.

Melody quickly cleaned up the mess and then returned to the chair to watch and wait. She was afraid to sleep in her own room, afraid that she wouldn‘t hear one of them if they needed her so she had been spending all her time, eating and sleeping in the chair in their room. At 0800 a persistent beep awoke Melody again, so she stumbled to the COM unit in the living area to answer the call.

"Melody, here. Go ahead."

"Good morning. How are Commander Chakotay and Lt. Paris this morning?" asked the Doctor

"Chakotay‘s fever rose this morning at 0330. Then after I had cooled him off he threw up. There has been no change in Tom yet," replied Melody.

"Have you done their scans yet?" asked the Doctor.

"No not yet, hang on please." Said Melody as she returned to the bedroom and did a quick but through scan of Chakotay and Tom. On her return to the she went over to the desk and up loaded the information from the medical tricorder.

"I‘m sending them now," said Melody as she started to send the information the Doctor requested.

After a few minutes he answered, "I have them," replied the Doctor. "I‘ll send Kes with an anti fever medication for when their temperature rises again. Also try to get them to eat or drink as much fluid as possible so they don‘t become dehydrated."

"I was just going to try to get them to take some broth," replied Melody.

"Good, keep me informed. Sick bay, out," said the Doctor as he signed off.

Melody walked to the replicator and ordered two bowls of broth, then carried them on a try back to the bedroom. She placed the try on the nightstand and after much pulling and pushing she finally got Chakotay sitting against the headboard.

"Chakotay, Chakotay wake up. It‘s Melody," called Melody as she gently tapped his cheek. He opened his eyes for a minute, shaking his head.


"Come on Daddy, you need to eat something," said Melody as she held a spoon to his lips. Chakotay drank a few sips then turned his head.

"Come on Daddy, please. Just a little more," coasted Melody.

Chakotay took half of the bowl before his eyes closed and his head sagged to the side. Melody wiped his face, then laid him down. She moved over to the other side of the bed and repeated the procedure with Tom, getting him to eat a little more before he fell asleep again.

Two hours later the alarm signaled that it was Tom‘s fever that had risen. Melody quickly gave him the hypospray the Doctor had sent. Wiping him down until he cooled off, then cleaning him up when he lost everything he had eaten. Every two hours Melody would give Tom and Chakotay some more broth. At 1200 the Doctor commed again and Melody up loaded Tom and Chakotay‘s recent scans to him in sick bay.

The rest of the afternoon was a carbon copy of the morning until 1700 when the door chimed.

Melody stayed in their quarter, taking care of all of Tom and Chakotay‘s need barely taking time for herself. Tuvok had COM twice to check on how she was doing and had informed the Captain that he didn‘t believe she was taking very good care of herself. Janeway said that she would check in on Melody after her duty shift was over. Now she stood at the door of the Chakotay-Paris quarters hoping that Tuvok had exaggerated.

"Come in," called Melody as she stood in the doorway of the guy‘s bedroom.

Captain Janeway entered and stood looking at the tired young woman leaning against the doorframe.

"Are you all right?" asked Janeway as she walked over and lead Melody to the couch.

"I‘m fine, Aunt Kathryn. Just a little tired that‘s all," replied Melody.

"Have you eaten yet?"

"No. I‘m really not very hungry," said Melody flatly.

"Well, you‘re going to eat now. Wheather you like it or not," said Janeway as she got up and walked to the replicator.

"But Captain..." sputtered Melody.

"No buts, young lady. Either you eat or I‘ll call the Doctor and tell him to transport Chakotay and Tom to sick bay," replied Janeway as she turned and order Melody‘s food from the replicator.

"You don‘t play fair, Aunt Kathryn." Said Melody weakly.

"I don‘t have to. I‘m the Captain. Remember, now come on and eat."

"Yes, ma‘am," said Melody as she got up and went to the table.

Melody sat down and ate all her food while Janeway watched.

"You‘re not eating anything?" asked Melody as she began to eat.

"I‘ve already eaten in the mess hall. All I need is my coffee," replied Janeway as he lifted her cup.

"I never could get the taste for that. I guess that‘s why I like cola‘s so much. You still get the caffeine but it taste a whole lot better."

"How are Tom and Chakotay doing?"

"About the same. I‘ve been giving them some broth every two hours, but when their fever rises they throw it up," said Melody.

"Has the Doctor sent something by for the fever?"

"Yes, Kes brought it by late this morning. But I‘m not sure it‘s helping," said Melody as she finished her food. "Thank you, Aunt Kathryn," said Melody as she covered a yawn with her hand.

"Why don‘t you lie down for a while and rest," suggested Janeway.

"I can‘t. Every time I try to go to sleep I dream that something will happen to one of them while I‘m not there."

"Don‘t worry, sweet. I‘ll be here if something happens. You go lay down and get at least a few hours sleep."

"But you just got off duty," said Melody.

"I don‘t‘ mind, Melody. Now go and rest," said Janeway as she helped her up then lead Melody to her room.

"Are you sure?" asked Melody.

"Melody!" replied Janeway as she put her hands on her hips.

"All right, all right. I‘m going, though I don‘t promise I‘ll sleep," said Melody as she disappeared into her bedroom.

Janeway heard her moving around and then got very quiet. Janeway got up and walked to the doorway to see Melody laying on the bed crossways sound asleep. She smiled and gently turned Melody around pulling the blankets out from under her and tucking her in. She smiled once again

at the young woman and then went back to the couch to read her reports. Close enough so she could hear if Tom, Chakotay or Melody needed her.