Title: Chakotay's Revenge
Author: Leone
Part 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Codes: C/P
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Summary: This is a response to the challenge my twin posted
on Cha_Club.

"Ped's Condiment Challenge:

It's simple. Smutty, but simple.

Chakotay and some other character of your choice have to use a
condiment in a sexual way. Now, I'm not expecting to see something
like the 'croissant scene' from 'Exit to Eden'... but the
condiment should be used.

And by condiment, I'm not just saying dessert condiments (whip
cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce etc)... I also mean stuff
like spray cheese, peanut butter, cinnamon... and anything else
you can wrap your sick little mind around."

Well, Ped, this should meet the challenge. And since the condiment
was your idea, I hope you like this.

Chakotay's Revenge
By Leone

Chakotay looked around his bedroom, making sure everything
was ready. Seeing that only one thing was missing, he returned
to his living room. The last item he needed for the evening he'd
planned would have to wait.

Chakotay went over to the replicator and ordered a cup of tea.
When it materialized, he carried it over to the couch and sat
down, making himself comfortable.

Leaning back, Chakotay slowly sipped his tea while he waited
for his lover to arrive. Tom was due to get off duty soon, and
would come directly to Chakotay's quarters. He always did
when his shift ended.

Knowing that Tom would be tired after his double shift, Chakotay
had planned to pamper his lover. The evening would
start with a light meal, and then Chakotay was going to give
Tom a massage. After that....

Chakotay smiled wickedly at the thought of the surprise he had
in store for the younger man. Tom had tied him up one night a
couple of weeks ago, and had just about driven Chakotay crazy
with his slow lovemaking. Chakotay had plotted his revenge
ever since, and tonight he'd get back at his lover.

Chakotay would not only restrain Tom, he planned on going a
step further. He was going to drive the younger man absolutely
*mad* with desire. Considering what he was going to do, Chakotay's
smile turned devilish. This would be an evening that
Tom would *never* forget.

Chakotay's thoughts were interrupted when the doors to his
quarters swished open, and Tom walked in, looking exhausted.
Chakotay put his now-empty cup down, rose and went over to
greet his lover with a gentle kiss. He smiled softly when he
heard Tom sigh, and felt the younger man melt into his embrace.

After a moment, Chakotay let go of Tom and gazed into his
blue eyes. "Why don't you take a shower and change into
something more comfortable, while I get dinner ready?"

Tom smiled tiredly, then nodded and went into the bedroom,
while Chakotay went over to pick up his cup from the coffee
table. When he'd disposed of it, he walked over to the replicator
and ordered some candles, which he placed randomly about
the room before he lit them.

With the candles burning, Chakotay ordered the lights down to
twenty-five percent. Then he went back to the replicator and
placed an order for two bowls of soup. When the food materialized,
he carried the bowls over to his dining table.

He'd just placed the second bowl on the table when Tom returned
from the bedroom. The pilot was dressed in sweatpants
and a t-shirt, and Chakotay thought he looked quite edible.
"Come and sit down," he said softly. "I've ordered you some
tomato soup. I hope that's all right?" There was a slight hint of
a question in Chakotay's voice.

Tom smiled at his lover. "I'm not that hungry, so tomato soup
is perfect," he reassured the other man, as he went over to the
table and sat down.

Chakotay returned Tom's smile, then sat down himself. Picking
up his spoon, he concentrated on his own meal. When they
were finished, he rose and picked up the bowls, disposing of
them in the recycler, then returning to the table. Holding out
his hand, he said, "C'mon, Tom."

Tom took the offered hand and got to his feet. When he was
standing, he decided to ask the questions that had bounced
around his mind since he saw the bedroom earlier. "Chakotay?
Why have you put candles in the bedroom? Do you have anything
special planned?"

"Yes, I do," Chakotay answered with a slight smile. "Now,
why don't you go into the bedroom, light the candles, get out
of those clothes and lie on the bed," he suggested. "I'll join you
in a moment, after I blow out the candles in here." {And replicate
something,} he added in his thoughts.

Tom studied his dark-haired lover for a moment. Seeing that
Chakotay wasn't about to reveal anything else, he finally nodded
and did as he was told.


A few minutes later, Chakotay entered the bedroom, carrying a
small bowl. He smiled when he saw Tom reclining on the bed,
wearing nothing but a smile. The smile, however, changed into
a 'come-hither' look when the younger man saw him.

Chakotay's smile widened as he walked toward the bed. He put
the bowl on the nightstand, then shifted his eyes to look at his
lover. "Turn over and lie on your stomach," he ordered. When
Tom shot him a questioning glance, Chakotay explained part of
his plan. "I'm going to give you a massage. After a day like
today, you probably need it."

Tom snorted. "There's no 'probably' about it. I *definitely*
could use a massage. My back is a *mess*." With that he rolled
over on his stomach, turning his head so he could watch his
lover undress.

When Tom lay on his belly, Chakotay stripped out of his
clothes, leaving only his briefs on. Opening the nightstand
drawer, he reached in for the bottle of body oil before climbing
onto the bed and straddling Tom's hips. Opening the bottle, he
poured some of the oil onto the younger man's back.

When the oil hit his back, Tom yelped. "Damn, that's *cold*."

Chakotay grimaced. "Sorry, I forgot," he apologized. He put
the bottle of oil on the nightstand, then brought his hands down
and started the massage. He grimaced again when he felt how
knotted up his lover's muscles were. Tom hadn't lied when he
said that his back was a mess.

When Chakotay dug into his muscles, Tom hissed in pain.
However, as Chakotay worked the knots loose, the hissing
turned into moaning. Finally, after quite a while, Tom felt like
he had the consistency of jam. At this point, he was purring.

Chakotay smiled when he heard the sounds emanating from his
lover. He stopped the massage and slid off of Tom, who
groaned softly in disappointment. "Tom, turn over," he instructed

Tom opened his eyes halfway and peered at the older man,
contemplating whether or not he had the energy to comply.
Seeing the expectant look in Chakotay's eyes, he decided that
he did, and rolled to lie on his back.

Once Tom was on his back, Chakotay bent down and kissed
him softly. He drew back and looked at his lover, smiling in
satisfaction when he saw that the pilot's eyes were closed
again. {Now, for some distraction.} With that thought, he
moved Tom's arms above his head.

Chakotay brought one hand down to play with Tom's nipples,
while he reached under his pillow with the other. Keeping an
eye on Tom's face, he pulled out the restraints he'd put there
earlier. Then, with some difficulty, he put them around the
younger man's wrist.

When he had Tom tied securely to the headboard, Chakotay
reached over to the nightstand. He scooped up some of the substance
in the bowl he'd put there earlier. Then he stopped caressing
Tom's nipples and covered them in the stuff.

When he felt something being smeared over his nipples, Tom's
eyes flew open and he tried to move his arms down. For a moment,
his expression showed confusion. Then he remembered.
Chakotay had promised to pay him back for tying him up a few
weeks ago. It seemed that Chakotay was going to get his revenge

That, however, didn't explain the stuff on his nipples. Tom
lifted his head a bit, and glanced down at his chest. He frowned
when he saw something green/red cover his nipples. He tried to
figure out what it was, but after a moment he gave up. "Chakotay,
what *is* that?"

Chakotay looked up and met Tom's eyes. "What? This?" He
gestured to Tom's chest. When his lover nodded, he smiled.
"It's guacamole mixed with salsa."

Tom's frown didn't disappear. "I know what salsa is," he said.
"But what is guacamole?"

"It's avocado paste. It's rather mild, so it cuts nicely with the
spicy salsa," Chakotay explained. Then he smiled wickedly.
"Now, be quiet and let me enjoy my snack." With that he lowered
his head and licked the guacamole/salsa mix off of Tom's nipples.

Tom let his head fall back onto the pillow and moaned when
Chakotay licked the green/red concoction off of his chest. A
few moments later, when he felt his lover apply more of the
stuff to his nipples, Tom figured Chakotay's plan out. "You're
going to... Ahhh... drive me... Mmmm... insane... Oh, yeah...
Aren't you?"

Chakotay lifted his head from Tom's chest, amazed, and
slightly annoyed, that his lover was still capable of speech.
"You got it, Blondie," he answered. "But if you speak again,
I'm going to gag you." With that threat in place, Chakotay got
some more of the guacamole/salsa mix, this time smearing it
around Tom's navel.

When he'd licked the guacamole off of Tom's abdomen, Chakotay
decided that he'd had enough. Instead, he took the bottle
of body oil, then moved down to lie between his lover's thighs,
causing Tom to spread his legs to accommodate him.

Once he was comfortable, Chakotay glanced at his hands,
checking to see if he had any guacamole on them. He smiled in
satisfaction when he saw that he hadn't. Then he poured some
oil into one hand, pleased when he noticed that the oil was now

Chakotay brought his hand down to the small entrance to
Tom's body, and slid a finger inside. As he moved the finger in
and out of his lover, he bent his head and nibbled on the pale

Tom was writhing on the bed, moaning constantly. He wanted
to beg Chakotay to fuck him, but the tiny part of his mind that
still worked reminded him of his lover's earlier words. Just
then, Chakotay scraped a finger over Tom's prostate, and he
forgot about the threat. "Chakotay... *Please*... Fuck me...
*Now*," he begged.

Chakotay stopped torturing his lover and slipped out of his
briefs. When he was completely naked, he poured some more
oil into his hands, and coated his erection thoroughly. Then he
wrapped Tom's legs around his waist, before he moved up to
kiss his lover passionately, and pushing his cock into Tom's

When his cock was fully embedded, Chakotay lay still for a
moment, letting Tom get used to his bulk. Then he started
moving, slowly at first, but soon picking up speed, thrusting
harder and faster, Tom meeting his every move.

Tom's moans grew steadily louder, then he screamed as he
came. His ass contracted around Chakotay's cock, drawing the
older man's orgasm from him.

Chakotay collapsed, panting, onto Tom's heaving chest. A
moment later, he pulled out of his lover and moved to lie beside
him. He reached up and undid the restraints, then pulled
Tom into his arms, holding him while they recovered.

When their breathing had returned to something resembling
normal, Tom lifted his head from Chakotay's shoulder and
gazed into the brown eyes. "Wow," was all he could manage.

Chakotay smiled tiredly. "Yeah."

Tom returned the smile, then laid his head back on Chakotay's
shoulder. Moving one leg over his lover's, he made himself
comfortable, then closed his eyes. Soon both men were asleep,
neither caring that they would be stuck together the next morning.

The End