Title: Revealing the Act
Author: Leone
Rating: NC-17
Codes: C/P
Spoilers: Basics
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Summary: This is the much-requested sequel to "Acting the Part"

Dedicated to Layla V and everyone who asked for this


As I step out of the turbolift and onto the bridge, my eyes
immediately go to the helm. Relief sweeps through me at the
familiar sight of my lover in one of the two places he belongs; the
other, and most important place, being in my arms.

When Tom turns around, our eyes meet and lock, communicating
our joy at seeing each other. The ordeal with Seska and the Kazon
taking over Voyager and stranding the crew has taken its toll. I
clearly remember the fear that ran through me when Tom failed to
respond to our hails after he took a shuttle to get help. All the time
while we were stranded on that planet, I thought of Tom and what I
would do if he were truly dead.

The expression in Tom's eyes changes subtly. He has undoubtedly
read my relief at seeing him alive and well, because the beautiful
blue orbs are soft and reassuring. I can't help but smile at him. It's
no wonder I love him so much. He always knows how to comfort
me, even without words.

Suddenly his eyes darken with passion, making it impossible for
me to look away. My breath quickens and I'm lost in blue fire. I
swallow heavily and I have to remind myself where we are. The
bridge. We're on the bridge, and so are the Captain, Tuvok, Ensign
Kim and B'Elanna. This is neither the time nor the place for what
we both want. Our reunion will have to wait until we're both off

Still, I'm unable to break away. I'm just standing here, in front of
the 'lift, gazing at Tom until the Captain's voice registers in my
mind. She's addressing me, and Tom releases me as he turns back
to the helm. Finally able to move again, I walk down and sit in my
chair, giving Janeway my full attention. "Yes, Captain?"


Several hours later, after alpha shift is finished, Tom and I sit in
the mess hall with the rest of the senior staff, having dinner.
Amazingly enough, Neelix managed to make something that's
actually edible. It even smells okay, so we're all enjoying our
meal. The others are talking, mostly about the ship and the Alpha
Quadrant, obviously trying to forget the trial with the Kazon. I'm
not really listening, preferring to watch my beautiful lover, who is
seated across from me.

As always, Tom is animated, gesturing as he speaks, the blue eyes
glowing with life. He glances at me for a brief moment and
something in his eyes reminds me of when I first saw him on
Voyager's bridge.

I remember that day so vividly. Spirits, I so mad at seeing him
there. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't mad because he'd agreed to
'help' Janeway and gotten out of prison. I was furious that he had
risked his life like that. He could've gotten killed when the
Caretaker pulled Voyager into the Delta Quadrant. Of course, I
was being unfair. Tom had no way of knowing what would
happen, but when I saw him, it just hit me that I could've lost him
and I would never have known. That scared me, so I reacted with

*"It's good to see you too, Chakotay."* Despite the fact that he
had sounded glib and smug enough to slap, I know that he spoke
the truth. In his own way, he was telling me that he had missed me.

I still flinch when I remember my angry response. *"You betrayed
us for what? Freedom from prison? Latinum? What was your price
this time, Poocuh?"* If Janeway hadn't stepped between us then, I
would have hit him, I was that furious.

A little while later, when Janeway, Tuvok and I were leaving the
bridge to return to the array, Tom asked for permission to come
with us. The Captain of course thought it had something to do with
my outburst, but Tom quickly dissuaded her of that idea.

*"If this has something to do with what Chakotay said..." she

"It doesn't," Tom interrupted her. "I'd just... hate to see anything
happen to Harry."*

He might have fooled Janeway, but I knew the real reason he
wanted to join us. Okay, to be fair, Harry's safety *was* a factor,
but mostly Tom just wanted to stay close to me. And as angry at
him as I was, I felt the same way. We hadn't seen each other for
over a year and I had no desire to let him out of my sight. I had
missed him as much as he'd missed me.

A touch on my arm interrupt my revelry and I turn to look
questioningly at B'Elanna, who is sitting next to me. She gives me
a slight smile. "You seemed far away," she says.

I shrug. "I was just thinking," I tell her quietly. Despite the fact
that I've kept my voice low, everyone at the table looks at me. It
seems that I've been lost in memory longer than I thought.

"What were you thinking about?" B'Elanna asks. Before I can
answer, she grins devilishly. "Planning what you're going to do to
Tom once you have him alone?"

I stare at her in shock. I'm not surprised that she knows about Tom
and me. After all, I'm the one who told her. I just never thought
that she would reveal it like that, in public and without asking us
first. Besides, if anyone should make our relationship public
knowledge, it's Tom and me.

I look at Tom. He's glaring at B'Elanna with cold eyes, a sure sign
that he's pissed. Then I glance around the table to gauge the
others' reaction. Tuvok is as calm as always. Harry is surprised.
He's looking at Tom with a hurt expression, which makes me
wince mentally. Obviously, Tom didn't tell him, which amazes
me. Harry is Tom's best friend and although my lover never said
anything about telling him about us, I assumed that he had.

I shrug off thoughts about Harry and turn to Janeway. She, too, is
surprised, but when I meet her eyes, she looks betrayed. That
puzzles me. Why would she feel betrayed? Because we kept our
relationship secret? She should understand why we did that. She's
seen how most of the Maquis treat Tom.

"You and Tom are together?" Janeway asks me, her quiet voice
drawing the attention of everyone at the table, including Neelix
who just arrived with a pot of fresh coffee.

"Yes, Captain, we are."

Janeway obviously digests this information for a moment, then
asks, "How long have you been lovers?"

"Since Tom joined the Maquis," I tell her.

This clearly shocks her, but not as much as Tom's next comment.
"If you remember Chakotay, I seduced you *before* you offered
me the job as your pilot," he teases.

Ï look at him and lift one eyebrow. "Oh, you did, did you? And
here I always thought that *I* seduced *you*."

"Well, yeah, but that's only because I let you," Tom retorts.

I barely manage to keep my face straight at my lover's words.
"You *let* me seduce you?" I repeat in an incredulous voice. "I
don't remember asking for your permission."

Tom gives me an evil smile, the only warning I get that he's about
to tease me mercilessly. "Well, what can I say?" he asks. "You're
obviously getting senile in your old age."

I playfully narrow my eyes at him but before I can reply I'm
distracted by B'Elanna's laughter. Giving Tom a look that
promises retribution for that remark at a later time, I then turn my
attention to the chief engineer. "You find my age funny,
B'Elanna?" I ask in a mock-growl.

B'Elanna grins at me. "No, not your age," she says. "It's just…
The two of you are *always* arguing about who seduced whom."

Before either Tom or I can reply to that statement, Janeway speaks
up. "So when Tom was trying to flush out Seska's spy, you
knew?" she asks coolly.

"Of course he did, Captain," Tom answers before I can say
anything. When she turns her head and looks at him, he holds her
eyes. "You *did* give me permission to tell my lover."

Janeway sends Tom an icy glare. "I told you not to inform
Chakotay." Her voice is as cold as her eyes.

The 'Admiral Paris' mask slides over Tom's face and he returns
her cold glower with a stony glare. "No, Captain. You said that I
wasn't to tell the *Commander*," he reminds her. When she opens
her mouth he holds up a hand to prevent any comment she might
have. "I didn't. I told my *lover*, Chakotay, about me being
undercover. If I had told *Commander* Chakotay about it, I would
have gone to see him in his office, during shift."

I wince when I hear the tone of Tom's voice. That cool,
unemotional voice means that he's gone beyond angry. Now he's
furious and I silently wonder why. It takes a lot to make Tom mad
enough to channel the Admiral. I've only seen him do it twice
before. The first time, well, I prefer not to remember that. The
second time was after Seska informed me that she'd stolen some of
my DNA and impregnated herself with it.

I shake off my thoughts and rise from my chair. I have to get Tom
away from the captain before he says something that he'll regret
when he's calmed down. I walk around the table and touch Tom's
shoulder, getting his attention. "Come on, Tom, let's get out of

Tom's eyes soften slightly when he looks at me. He hesitates for a
moment, then nods and stands up. When he's on his feet, I take his
hand and we leave the mess hall. We walk back to my quarters in
silence, Tom trying to calm his temper and me not wanting to

Once we have arrived in my quarters, Tom sits on the couch while
I walk over to the replicator and order two cups of tea. I know that
my lover prefer coffee, but it isn't a good idea for him to drink that
when he's agitated. Tea's better; it always helps calm him down.

My order materializes and I pick up the cups, carry them over to
Tom and hand him one. Then I sit down beside him and we drink
our tea in silence. After I finish mine, I put the cup on the coffee
table, lean back and turn my head to look at my lover.

As I watch, Tom empties his cup and places it beside mine, then he
turn to me and smiles softly. I gratefully notice that the 'Admiral
Paris' mask has disappeared from his face. He looks much more
composed now. Obviously the tea and the silence have once again
done their jobs.

I hesitate momentarily, then asks, "Tom? Why did you get so mad
at the Captain?"

For a moment, anger flashes in his eyes, then it disappears. He
searches my eyes, then sigh. "You really don't know, do you?"

"Know what?" I ask confused.

"Janeway wasn't angry because we've kept our relationship a
secret," Tom replies. I must have looked skeptical, because his
next words are trying to convince me. "She wasn't! She's mad
because we're lovers and she wanted you for herself."

This shocks me and I have to know if he's certain. "Are you sure
about that, Tom?"

He nods 'yes', then asks, "Haven't you ever noticed how she looks
at you?"

I haven't and I tell him so, making him smile gently. Curiosity
makes me ask my next question. "How does she look at me?"

"Like you're coffee and she hasn't had any for *days*," Tom tells

I can't help my next comment. "Same way as you usually look at
me when we're alone, then."

I watch, mesmerized, as my words makes him laugh. When he
stops and gaze at me, temptation becomes too much. I shift closer,
then lean in and capture his lips with mine. At first, our kiss is
gentle and loving, but then Tom opens his mouth and traces my
lips with the tip of his tongue. I part my lips to let his tongue
inside, and the kiss turns hot and passionate.

We kiss for long moments, but finally have to either break apart or
suffocate. I pull back slightly and look at my lover. Panting, face
flushed, eyes glazed and heavily dilated, he is the most gorgeous
person I've seen in my life.

I sigh as reality crashes back. We're out of the closet and I'm not
too sure how I feel about that, or how Tom feels either. "Tom," I
say gently. "How does our relationship being public make you

"Uh… Angry… Annoyed… Relieved. What possessed B'Elanna
to open her mouth?" he asks angrily.

"Tom, you know that she didn't mean to hurt us," I reply.
"Knowing her, she just didn't think before she spoke. She has a
tendency to do that, you know."

"Oh, I know," he says. "But I spoke with her *yesterday* and
specifically asked her not to mention it to anyone until I'd told
Harry. He's my best friend after you, and should hear it from

"So you're angry at B'Elanna because she told the rest of the
senior staff about us before you could speak to Harry," I conclude.

"Yeah. But I'll get her for that," he says with a slightly evil smile.

Seeing that smile I decide that I don't want to know what he's
planned. Instead, I change the topic a bit. "You know, the news
will be all over the ship tomorrow thanks to Neelix."

Tom snorts. "Tomorrow?" he repeats. "Chakotay, I think you're
underestimating the gossip mill. I'll bet that it's all over the ship

He's right. The news of our relationship probably *is* the object of
the gossip mill by now, which is why… "Tom, you should go and
talk to Harry," I say quietly. I don't really want him to leave now,
but he has to talk to Harry.

He leans slightly forward before he replies. "Harry can wait until
tomorrow," he tells me, then presses his lips against mine, kissing
me passionately.

I gently caress his face, then move my arms around him as he
pushes me backwards until I'm lying on the couch with Tom
sprawled over me. I let my hands move down his back until I reach
his ass. As I gently squeeze his bottom, Tom lifts his head and
looks at me.

"Do you know how beautiful you are to me?" he asks in a husky

"As beautiful as you are to me."

He shakes his head. "More," he tells me seriously, then starts
unbuttoning my shirt. He kisses and licks my flesh as it's revealed,
making me moan in pleasure. When my shirt is open, he parts it,
then bends down to kiss, lick and nibble on my chest and nipples.

I slide my hands under his t-shirt and run them over his warm skin
until he shivers. Then I trace his jaw line with my tongue and take
his lower lip between my teeth. It's his turn to moan.

I let go of his lip and pull his t-shirt up and over his head and off.
Then I take him into my arms again in a tight hug. His curly chest
hair brushes against my smooth chest and I kiss him on the side of
his face, my tongue darting out to lick his ear.

He grinds his erection against mine through our clothes, and I can't
help but groan at the sensations coursing through me. I lift my
head slightly and capture his lips again, giving him another
passionate kiss. A moment later, I pull back and whisper, "Bed."

Tom nods his agreement, releases me and gets up. Then he reaches
out a hand, pulls me up from the couch and into his arms. He
lowers his head and nips on my ear lobe, then soothes the bite with
his tongue. "Make love to me," he whispers.

I smile at him and step out of his arms. Then I sweep him off his
feet and carry him into the bedroom, where I put him down on the
bed. Catching his eyes, I gaze into the darkened blue depths while I

When I'm naked, I kneel on the bed beside him, then reach over
and open his pants. He lifts his hips as I slide the slacks down until
they're pooled at his ankles. Only then do I remember that he's
still wearing his shoes. I move down and remove them along with
his socks, then pull the pants completely off.

Since he never wears any underwear, he is now as nude as I am
and I sit back to enjoy the view. When the intensity of my gaze
causes him to blush, I smile gently and move to lie on top of him.
The contact of naked flesh against naked flesh makes us both moan
in pleasure.

I bend down and kiss him, snaking my tongue out and gently pry
his lips apart, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. His tongue
greets mine and as they mate, I enjoy the sweet taste of my lover.
Feeling my passion rise too quickly, I break off the kiss and move
down to feast on his chest and nipples.

When I know his nipples are almost too sensitive to touch, I kiss
my way down to his navel. Letting my tongue out to play again, I
twirl it around the perimeter in an ever-decreasing circle. Suddenly
I dip my tongue into the small indent, causing Tom to cry out and
buck up sharply.

I smile and lift my head to gaze at my lover. His eyes are closed,
his mouth parted and his face is flushed with desire. "Tom." I wait
until he opens his eyes and looks at me. "Spread your legs," I
request in a hoarse near-whisper. When he does as I asked, I move
down to lie between his pale thighs, then bend my head to nibble
on the inside of first one, then the other.

After awhile, I move my head slightly and lick his balls before I
take one into my mouth, sucking gently. Tom's moans are now
constant and I move to give the other the same treatment. Then I
let go and lick my way up to his erection until I reach the head.

Opening my mouth, I engulf his cock to the hilt, creating a strong
suction. Tom's moaning grows louder and he bucks his hips, trying
to get deeper into my mouth. I grab his hips and hold him still,
preventing him from thrusting. Then I release the vacuum and bob
my head, moving up and down on the hot length.

When I know he's close to coming, I stop and let his cock slide out
of my mouth to a whimper of protest. Sitting up, I stroke his
flanks, soothing him. "Shh, Baby. I'm going to fuck you now," I
tell him.

Tom opens his eyes and I shiver when I see that the blue fire has
returned, burning hotter than earlier on the bridge. "Yessssss," he
hisses, then reaches under the pillow, grabs the lube and hands it to

I uncap the tube and squeeze a decent amount onto my fingers,
then reach down and circle the opening to his body. Tom starts
moaning again, then purrs as I slide the finger into him. I move my
finger in and out of him, loosening the muscle. It doesn't take long
before I'm able to add a second finger and then a third.

When the sphincter is loose enough, I remove my fingers from his
ass to another whimper of loss. I squeeze some lube into my hand
and slick my own rock-hard erection, then I recap the tube and
throw it toward the nightstand, not caring if it lands on the floor

Once I've gotten rid of the tube of lubricant, I lower myself down
on Tom, placing my cock at his opening. Knowing my lover's
impatience I grab his hips and hold him still, then slowly press
forward. I keep my pace slow and steady as I bury myself in his
tight heat.

When I'm completely embedded, I lie still, just enjoying the
feeling of being joined with my lover. I lower my head and kiss
him, delighting in the way his mouth immediately opens to allow
my tongue access inside.

While we're kissing, Tom obviously decides that it's time for me
to move because he tightens his sphincter around my cock. I moan
and decide to give him what he wants. Still taking it slow and easy,
I pull out until just the head of my erection is inside him, then
thrust back in, inch by inch.

When Tom tries to make me speed up my movements, I stop
completely. "Easy, Baby. I want to make this last all night," I tell
him and wait until he lies still before resuming my thrusting.

He allows me to continue my unhurried thrusting for several
minutes. Then he obviously can't take it anymore because he starts
begging for more. "Harder, Chak... Faster."

Deciding to grant his wish, I increase the strength and speed of my
thrusts, causing him to shout in delight. At this pace, it doesn't take
long before I feel my orgasm approach. Wrapping a hand around
Tom's cock, I stroke it in time with my thrusts. Suddenly Tom
cries out my name, and I feel his semen spill over my hand and
onto our chests. A split second later, his ass muscle clamps down
on my erection, and I yell his name as my seed fills him.

Completely spent, I collapse on Tom's chest, unable to keep my
weight off of him. His arms come around me and we just lie in
each other's arms, kissing softly while we recover. I don't
withdraw from his body because I know he loves to have me there,
and we both hate it when my cock is too soft to stay any longer. Of
course, the reverse is also true when Tom takes me.

Finally my cock slips out of him, and we both groan at the loss.
With a sigh and one more kiss, I move out of his arms and out of
bed, then walk into the bathroom. Wetting a cloth, I clean myself,
then wet another and return to the bedroom. I sit on the edge of the
bed and smile when I notice that Tom is almost asleep. I quickly
wash him, then go over and put the cloth in the 'fresher, before I
return to the bed. I slide in beside Tom, pull the covers over us,
then pull my lover into my arms. "Goodnight," I whisper and kiss
his forehead, almost asleep myself.

The last thing I hear before sleep claims me is Tom's whispered,
"Goodnight, Chak."

The End