Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Part: 5/?
Rating: [NC-17]
Codes: C/P, K/T, AU
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Summary: See part 1.

Author's notes1: Flashbacks are marked with //
      Thoughts are marked with {}
      Telepathic conversations are marked with #

Author's ramblings: All right, here's the part with the sex. I
know it took me awhile to get to it, but my muse isn't particu-
larly thrilled about letting me write this stuff. And I have to
thank my beta reader for her help on the grammar and a few
suggestions that made this part *much* better.

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 5

After the EMH finished examining Commander Chakotay, he
announced that the Commander could leave sickbay. *If* he
stayed in his quarters and rested.

After promising to make sure his lover got his rest, Tom took
Chakotay home and put him to bed.

When his lover was settled in, Tom walked into the living room
to comm Harry and B'Elanna to tell them that Chakotay had re-
gained consciousness.

"That's great news, Tom," Harry said, relief evident in his voice.

"Is he still in sickbay?" B'Elanna asked.

"No, the doctor said that Chakotay could leave sickbay as long
as he rests, so I brought him home and put him to bed," Tom an-

"Then you don't want any visitors right now," B'Elanna said

"No, but you can stop by later if you want to. Right now I'm
going to lie down beside Chakotay and hold him for a couple of
hours," Tom said.

"You should eat something first. Knowing you, you haven't
eaten anything since dinner yesterday," Harry said seriously.

"Now that you mention it, I *am* hungry," Tom said.

"So, go eat something. We can't have our chief pilot passing out
from hunger," B'Elanna said gently.

"I will, as soon as I've checked on Chakotay. Anything else,
mom?" Tom teased.

Harry laughed and B'Elanna mock-growled at his teasing. "Eat a
proper meal, not just a sandwich," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Tom mock-saluted at her, sending Harry into a fit
of giggles. B'Elanna grumbled something rude under her breath
and cut the comm-line.

Tom laughed quietly as he closed down his own end of the
comm-line. B'Elanna was so much fun to tease. He sighed and
walked back to the bedroom to check on Chakotay. The Big
Man was sound asleep.

Watching his spouse sleep for awhile, Tom smiled tenderly, then
quietly left the bedroom again. Stopping in front of the replica-
tor, he ordered a bowl of tomato soup, a couple of sandwiches
and a cup of tea. Harry had been wrong. Tom hadn't eaten any-
thing since lunch yesterday and he *was* hungry. When the
food appeared, he picked it up and carefully carried it to the din-
ner table, then he sat down to enjoy it.

When he finished eating he picked up the dishes and put them in
the recycler on his way to the bedroom. He checked on Chako-
tay again, and found him still sleeping soundly. Tom undressed,
neatly folding his clothes and putting them on a chair before
going to the bathroom to take a shower.

Tom quickly finished his shower and dried off before stepping
back into the bedroom. After drying his hair, he threw the towel
in the 'fresher. Walking over to the bed, he slid under the covers
naked, spooning up behind his beloved. Relaxing at the fell of
Chakotay in his arms, Tom quickly fell asleep.

* * * * *

//Tom stood quietly and stared out of the view-port of the Cap-
tain's quarters, thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

They would arrive at Darrbakh in the morning. His family
would meet Chakotay for the first time, and Tom was nervous
about what  their reactions might be.

Oh, they knew about Chakotay and knew that Tom loved him.
More importantly, they knew that Chakotay loved him. Loved
him enough to agree to a Darrbakhian wedding, without hesita-
tion. Tom had spoken to his sister and asked her to tell the rest
of the family.

Rhiannon had informed Tom that their families were apprehen-
sive because Chakotay wasn't Darrbakhian. Tom understood
that. The last person to marry a non-Darrbakhian was his
mother, and look how that had turned out. Twelve years after the
marriage, she returned home and never went back to the hus-
band who'd tried to make her human.

His family, naturally, was worried that Chakotay would turn out
to be like Owen Paris. Tom knew that he wouldn't, though. Cha-
kotay was *nothing* like Tom's father. He would never expect
Tom to become something he wasn't.

For the last two weeks, since Chakotay had asked Tom to marry
him, they had shared their minds in a mind-link every night.
They were getting used to eachother, preparing for a wedding
where they would be joined mentally with a bond that would last

When the door swished open and Chakotay entered, Tom turned
from the view-port and smiled softly.

"Finished talking to B'Elanna about the engines?"

"Yes. And I told everybody that I didn't want to be disturbed for
anything less than a Cardassian invasion, so we have the rest of
the night to ourselves," the Big Man said, moving to sit on the

"The rest of the night, huh? What are we gonna do with that
much time on our hands?" Tom deadpanned.

Chakotay chuckled. "I'm sure you'll come up with something.
You usually do," he teased.

Tom frowned, pretending to think about it. Then he brightened.
"I know. Let's play a game," he said, excitedly.

Chakotay eyed him suspiciously. "What kind of game?"

Tom appeared to consider it for a moment, and then he smiled
wickedly. "I'll show you," he said and pounced on his lover,
landing in Chakotay's lap.

Now that he was where he'd wanted to be all day, Tom pro-
ceeded to kiss the Big Man senseless, making Chakotay gasp
into his mouth.

Tom continued to kiss his lover until they both were out of
breath. Then he pulled back, panting, and looked at the Big

Chakotay's face was flushed. His eyes were almost black with
arousal and he was breathing heavily. Tom stared at the abso-
lutely breathtaking vision before him, momentarily speechless.
Then he found his voice.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he said in awe.

Chakotay looked at the younger man. "*You* are the one who's
beautiful, Tom," he said, his voice filled with love.

Tom gave him a quick smile and said, half jokingly. "Tell me
that often enough and maybe I'll believe it."

"You may not have noticed, but I'm very persistent. Even if it
takes me a lifetime to do it, I *will* convince you that you're in-
credibly beautiful."

Tom gazed into the Big Man's eyes and saw his sincerity.
"You'll really do that, won't you?" Tom asked softly, amazed at
the thought.

"Yes I will, Baby, " Chakotay answered, just as softly. "I don't
think you know how much I love you, or how beautiful I find

"Maybe not, but I'll know tomorrow after our wedding cere-
mony. And you'll know just how much *I* love *you*, because
I don't think that you've really realized that."

"As you said, we'll know tomorrow. Now, I do believe that we
were playing a game," Chakotay reminded his fiancé.

"So we were. You know, Cha, we'll be more comfortable if we
move to the bedroom," Tom said mischievously as he slid from
the Big Man's lap and stood.

Chakotay rose as well. "Then we'll move to the bedroom. I
wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable. First, though, I have to
do this."

Chakotay pulled Tom into his arms and kissed him passionately
until they were both breathless. Then he broke the kiss and
looked into blue eyes that were dark with desire and soft with
love. For a moment, it seemed as if he was drowning in those
eyes, then he picked Tom up and started towards the bedroom.

Tom was caught by surprise and gasped, startled. He clung to
his lover as he was carried to the bedroom, kissing the Big
Man's neck, feeling the older man's pulse accelerate under his

Once in the bedroom, Chakotay let Tom slide down his body to
the floor and kissed him again, unable to stay away from the
young man's mouth for long.

The two men kissed for a while, hot open-mouthed kisses,
tongues mating over and over, breathing for eachother. Any on-
looker would have sworn that they were trying to inhale eacho-
ther, and wouldn't have been totally wrong.

After a while Chakotay broke the kiss to trace a path along
Tom's jaw. Kissing down to the side of Tom's neck, Chakotay
stopped to nibble at the collarbone, making the younger man
moan in pleasure.

At the soft sound Chakotay lifted his head and gazed at his
lover, smiling gently when he saw Tom's closed eyes and
flushed face. It was a lovely sight.

Tom opened his eyes to look at Chakotay when he felt the loss
of sensation, only to find the Big Man gazing at him in rapt at-
tention. Deciding to take advantage of Chakotay's distraction
Tom reached out and slowly unbuttoned the older man's shirt,
kissing the flesh as it was revealed.

When the shirt was unbuttoned, Tom pushed it off Chakotay's
shoulders and threw it aside, not caring where it landed. Then he
stepped forward and kissed the Big Man's chest, slowly moving
from the base of his throat down to his nipples.

Taking a nipple in his mouth, he proceeded to suck and nip at it
for a while before biting down gently, making Chakotay gasp in
pleasure. Then he moved to give the other nipple the same
treatment before sliding down to Chakotay's stomach and
swirling his tongue around the navel. Moving in an ever-
decreasing spiral, Tom teased his lover before finally dipping
his tongue into the navel, making the Big Man moan loudly.

Tom looked up at Chakotay's face and smiled. It was obvious
that his lover enjoyed this. His eyes were closed and his breath
came in short gasps.

Returning to the task of pleasuring his lover, Tom slowly un-
fastened Chakotay's pants. Hooking his fingers under the waist-
band, he pushed them down to Chakotay's ankles, taking the
briefs along with them.

When Chakotay felt his pants and briefs reach his ankles, he
kicked off his shoes before doing the same with the clothes.
Then he looked down at Tom, kneeling before him and gazing
up at him.

With their eyes locked, Tom leaned slightly forward and took
the head of Chakotay's erection in his mouth, sucking lightly.
Chakotay moaned, both from the light sucking and from the
mischievous expression in Tom's eyes.

Tom admired his lover's flushed face for a moment. Then his
eyes turned devilish. He released the Big Man's cock and slowly
rose to his feet, never breaking eye contact. When he stood in
front of his lover, Tom leaned forward to softly touch his lips to
Chakotay's. Then he kissed a path to his ear. "I'm going to make
you moan and beg for me. And then I'll make you scream so
loud the entire ship can hear you," Tom whispered in his ear.

"Oh, Spirits," Chakotay moaned.

Tom chuckled. "That's a good start, but it's not nearly enough.
Now, go lie on the bed."

Chakotay gazed at his young lover for awhile, noticing the dev-
ilish glint in his eyes. Then he did as he'd been told.

Tom watched as his lover went to lie on the bed, admiring the
way his naked form moved. When Chakotay was laying on the
bed looking at him, Tom began a slow striptease. He wanted to
see the older man's reaction, and never took his eyes off of Cha-
kotay's face.

Chakotay lay on the bed and watched Tom strip for him. Start-
ing with his shirt, he slowly teased each button open until it was
hanging completely open. Then he slowly slid it off his shoul-
ders letting it drop to the floor.

Once he'd taken his shirt off, Tom brought his hands up and
slowly caressed his chest. He teased his nipples, pinching them
and then gently scraping his nails over them, watching his
lover's eyes darken and hearing him moan softly.

Tom smiled at the small sounds. Moving his hands to his pants,
he unbuttoned them. Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of
both pants and briefs, he slowly sliding them down. With his
pants and briefs around his ankles, Tom toed off his shoes and
stepped out of his clothes.

When he was completely naked he stood for a moment, watch-
ing Chakotay admire his lean, pale form. Then he moved one
hand to tease his nipples again, sliding the other down over his
abdomen to wrap around his cock, stroking it.

Chakotay moaned, watching Tom caress himself. "Tease," he
accused hoarsely.

Tom chuckled, low in his throat. "I thought that you would ap-
preciate the show," he said seductively, but stopped what he was
doing and walked over to climb in the bed. He covered Chako-
tay's body with his own and bent to kiss him.

Breaking the kiss after a moment, Tom moved up to trace Cha-
kotay's tattoo with his tongue. He took his time, making sure he
didn't miss a single line. When he was done, he continued down
over his lover's face, kissing the eyelids, the nose, and the
cheekbones. Avoiding Chakotay's mouth, Tom kissed his way
down the jaw and over the throat, stopping at the Big Man's
chest. Tom slowly licked, nibbled and kissed the broad chest,
staying at the nipples for awhile, suckling and biting them gen-
tly, making Chakotay gasp and moan incoherently. Then he
moved down to his stomach, making small circles around the
navel before suddenly dipping his tongue into the small indent.

Chakotay jerked when his lover dipped his tongue into his navel.
He was sure that Tom was trying to drive him crazy, torturing
him with pleasure. He loved it.

The Big Man writhed gently on the bed and clutched the sheet in
his hands as Tom moved lower, only to moan in frustration
when Tom ignored his erection and instead moved to nibble on
his thighs.

Tom continued his sensual assault on Chakotay. When he
reached Chakotay's feet, Tom lifted his head and gazed at the
Big Man's face. He smiled when he saw his lover, head thrown
back, his throat exposed. It was the sexiest thing he'd seen in his

"Turn over," Tom said huskily.

Chakotay opened his eyes briefly. Then he obeyed the soft
command, turning over on his stomach, sighing when he felt the
light pressure on his aching cock. He rubbed against the sheet
and received a light slap on his ass, followed by Tom's stern

"That's *mine*."

Chakotay stopped moving and Tom resumed his sensual assault,
this time starting with the Big Man's neck. He kissed, licked,
nibbled and caressed his way down, stopping briefly to gently
bite Chakotay's ass cheeks. When he reached Chakotay's feet,
he turned him to lie on his back again. Making his way up Cha-
kotay's thighs, he kissed and nibbled there for awhile before
moving to lick and nibble his scrotum. Then he moved to his
sphincter and flicked his tongue over the small opening, making
the Big Man jerk. Tom was amazed at his lover's self-control.
He was moaning constantly, but Tom wanted him to beg and
that hadn't happened yet.

Tom moved back to the Big Man's scrotum and took it into his
mouth, sucking gently. *That* made Chakotay give up on pride
and start begging.

"Please, Baby. *Please*. I need more. Spirits.
*Please*. I want."

"What? What do you want?" Tom asked.

"Please, Baby. Suck my cock. *Please*."

Tom smiled softly. "All you had to do was ask." Then he relaxed
his throat and engulfed his lover's cock completely, creating a
strong suction and swirling his tongue over the head.

Chakotay arched his back and let out a low scream when the wet
heat engulfed him. "Spirits, Baby. Yes!. That's it. So
good." he moaned. Then his hips bucked as Tom sucked
harder, intending to bring him off, his own self-control near the
breaking point.

Soon he felt Chakotay's body tense up, a sure sign of his im-
pending orgasm. Tom slid a finger into his ass, gently scraping
over his prostate. That was all it took and Chakotay let out a
full-throated scream as he came, his semen flooding Tom's
mouth. Tom swallowed the salty-sweet fluid, loving the taste of
his lover's essence.

With a last lingering suck Tom let the softening cock slip out of
his mouth and moved up to take his lover in his arms, kissing his
face tenderly while he recovered.

Finally Chakotay stirred, opening his eyes and looking at Tom.
"Spirits Baby! That was amazing," he said softly. "*You* are

Tom smiled mischievously. "So, you liked it?"

Chakotay chuckled. "Yeah, I liked it. Couldn't you tell?" he

"Yeah, *I* could tell. But I'm not sure the rest of the ship
could," Tom deadpanned.

"Oh, I think they could," the Big Man said, an amused expres-
sion in his eyes. "I don't think I've ever screamed so loud before
in my life."

Tom got a devilish glint in his eyes. "Maybe half the ship heard
you, but I said that I was going to make you scream so loud the
*entire* ship will hear you. And they will have by the time I'm
finished with you," he promised.

Chakotay's eyes widened. "When you're finished with me?
Baby, I don't think I can get another erection tonight. I'm an old
man," he said seriously.

Tom just laughed. Then he moved up to stretch out over his
lover and reached under the pillow to get the lube. When he re-
trieved it, he moved back down the Big Man's body, to the small
opening. Flicking out his tongue he pushed the tip just inside,
making small in and out motions, mimicking the act of love-

After awhile he removed his tongue and looked at his lover's
cock, noticing that it had begun to harden again. He smiled with

"Well, Cha. It looks like your body disagrees with you," he

He didn't wait for an answer, but bent down and took his lover's
semi-erect cock in his mouth, sucking hard.

When he'd brought his lover to full hardness again, Tom let go
of his cock. Opening the tube of lubricant, he squeezed some
onto his fingers. He slipped one finger into the Big Man's body,
gently stretching the tight muscle, occasionally brushing against
his prostate. Soon Tom added a second finger, and then a third,
thrusting them in and out of his lover.

Chakotay moved against the young man's fingers, trying to push
them deeper. When it didn't work he moaned in frustration.
"Now, Baby. Fuck me, NOW!" he demanded.

Tom let out a strangled laugh. "Yes, *Sir*."

He removed his fingers and quickly lubricated his now-aching
cock while Chakotay turned and got to his hands and knees.
Then Chakotay wiggled his ass impatiently. Tom pressed
against the tight opening and pushed just the head of his cock
inside. Then he stopped, struggling not to come on the spot.

When the threat to come had abated somewhat, Tom started
moving again. He slowly and gently pushed deeper into his
lover's body, resisting the urge to bury himself completely in the
tight heat with one hard thrust. He did not want to hurt the other

Chakotay, though, was having none of this *careful* shit, and
with one backwards thrust took Tom all the way in.

Tom gasped. "*Gods* Love, take it easy."

"I said *fuck* me *now*," the Big Man growled.

"All right, all right. Now it is."

Tom started moving, pulling almost all the way out and then
thrusting back in, over and over. He moaned through gritted
teeth, hanging onto his self-control for dear life. He wanted to
send Chakotay over the edge first.

The Big Man dropped his head down on the pillow, changing
the angle of Tom's thrusts so he hit his prostate every time he

Tom rocked briefly from the wonderful new angle. Then he lost
his self-control and moved harder and faster, almost slamming
into his lover. He could feel his orgasm approaching swiftly and
wrapped his still-slick hand around the Big Man's cock, stroking
it roughly in time to his thrusts.

Chakotay withstood the double assault for all of five seconds,
screaming at the top of his lungs as his second orgasm of the
night washed over him. Then he passed out.

The muscular contractions around his cock pulled Tom's orgasm
out of him and he threw his head back and screamed as he came.
Then he collapsed on top of Chakotay, passing out as well.//

* * * * *

Tom awoke to the feeling of his lover's hand wrapped around his
rock-hard cock and moaned softly as Chakotay stroked it firmly.
It didn't take long before Tom came with a soft cry of pleasure,
filling Chakotay's hand with his essence.

Chakotay licked the semen off his hand, then he rose from the
bed and went to the bathroom to wet a cloth. He returned to
Tom's side and cleaned him gently. When he was done, he threw
the cloth in the 'fresher and moved back to the bed, laying down
and pulling his spouse into his arms.

Tom sighed and opened his eyes, smiling contentedly at his be-
loved. He put a hand behind Chakotay's head and pulled him
down for a loving kiss. "Thank you, Love," he said softly when
they broke the kiss.

"You're welcome, Baby," Chakotay answered. Then he smiled
with amusement. "It must've been one hell of a dream, judging
by that erection it gave you."

"Believe me, it was."

"So, what was it about?"

"I dreamed about the night before we got married," Tom said.

"Hmm, that would explain the erection *and* the way you were
moaning my name in your sleep."

"Yeah. It didn't affect you?"

"No, your dream didn't affect me. Your arousal did," the Big
Man answered.

"It did, did it? Hmm, let's see how much."

Tom moved down to Chakotay's groin and smiled, satisfied,
when he saw his cock standing at attention. He lifted his head to
look at his spouse.

"It seems that my arousal affected you pretty much," he teased.
"I'll take care of that."

"That's not necessary, Baby. The doctor *did* say that I should

"You will, Cha. I'll do all the work. All you have to do is lie
there and enjoy my attention," Tom said.

Any reply Chakotay may have had was cut off when Tom bent
his head and swallowed him whole. He swirled his tongue
around the head and then created a strong suction, intending to
bring his lover off fast, knowing that the Big Man really needed
to rest.

With Tom using all his best tricks it didn't take long for Chako-
tay to explode in orgasm, calling Tom's name.

Tom swallowed his semen and licked him clean before moving
back up to hold his spouse while he recovered.

When Chakotay opened his eyes, Tom kissed him softly. "Go
back to sleep, my love. You still need to rest."

Chakotay smiled tiredly. "Love you," he murmured and drifted

"I love you too," Tom whispered, before he too fell asleep.