Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: PG-13
Part 39/39
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Summary: See part 1


The Prince
By Leone

Part 39

Tom walked into sickbay during his lunch break. His lower back
had hurt on and off all morning, and he had a sneaking suspicion
that it wasn't just the normal pains that went with being pregnant.
Which was why he was in sickbay to see Dr. Kéla'an instead of in
the mess hall having lunch.

Tom glanced around, and when he didn't see the doctor, he went
to sit on one of the biobeds. "Computer, activate the Emergency
Medical Holographic program," he ordered once he was seated.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," Dr. Kéla'an
said with his standard greeting as he was activated. Then he
turned and noticed Tom on the bed. "Ah, hello, Mr. Paris. What
can I do for you?"

Tom bit his lower lip before he answered. "I think I might be in

Dr. Kéla'an frowned and picked up a tricorder. "What makes
you think that?" he asked as he walked over to Tom.

Tom shrugged. "I've had pains in my lower back all morning,"
he said. "It feels different than usual. I think it might be contractions."

The doctor opened the tricorder and scanned Tom. He studied
the readings intently, then closed the medical device and looked
at the pilot. "You're right, Mr. Paris. You *are* in labor," he
said. "And you're too far along to stop it." Dr. Kéla'an sighed,
then continued. "I'll get you a sickbay gown." With that, he
reached under the bed and got the gown, which he handed to
Tom. "Here you go, Mr. Paris. While you change into this, I'll
call the bridge and tell the Captain that I've placed you on maternity

Tom got off the biobed and, with the sickbay gown in one hand,
headed for the bathroom. When he reached the door, he stopped
and turned to look at Dr. Kéla'an. "Are you going to perform the
cesarean now?"

"No, I won't do the surgery for another two hours. Why?" Dr.
Kéla'an asked.

"Then there's no need for Chakotay to be here yet," Tom answered.
When he saw the doctor's quizzical look, he grimaced
slightly. "I don't need him down here, hovering over me. It
would drive me crazy."

Dr. Kéla'an nodded in understanding. He knew how protective
the commander had become since Tom got pregnant. He had
heard Tom complain about it every morning for the past ten
weeks. "Very well, Mr. Paris. I'll tell the Captain to keep Commander
Chakotay *out* of sickbay for now."

Tom smiled in relief. "Thanks, Doc," he said, then turned and
went into the bathroom.

When the bathroom door closed behind Tom, Dr. Kéla'an
walked into his office and commed the captain. "Kéla'an to
Janeway. Please activate your monitor to the Emergency Medical
Holographic channel."

A moment later, Captain Janeway appeared on his screen. From
the looks of it, she was in her ready room. "Yes, Doctor?"

"Captain, I must inform you that I have placed Lieutenant
Commander Paris on maternity leave."

"On maternity leave," Janeway repeated. She got a worried expression
on her face. "Is something wrong with him?"

Dr. Kéla'an hastened to reassure her. "No, Captain. Nothing's
wrong. Mr. Paris has just gone into labor."

Janeway's concerned expression didn't disappear. Instead, it got
more pronounced. "I thought you said that Tom wasn't due for
another two weeks," she said.

Dr. Kéla'an raised an eyebrow. "He wasn't. *However*, there is
always a margin of two weeks on either side of the due date," he
stated calmly. "Especially with the first child."

"Oh." Janeway looked relieved. "I'll send Commander Cha..."

Dr. Kéla'an interrupted her. "No, Captain. Don't send Commander
Chakotay down here." When he saw Janeway's curious
look, he elaborated. "Mr. Paris specifically said that he doesn't
want the Commander in sickbay yet."

Janeway blinked in surprise. "Why not?"

"He said, and I quote: 'I don't need him down here, hovering
over me. It would drive me crazy.'"

Janeway laughed out loud at this. After a few moments, she got
her amusement under control, but didn't lose her smile. She, too,
had noticed how protective Chakotay had been for the last ten
weeks. Then she thought about it. *Actually, Chakotay has been
extremely protective of Tom ever since he got pregnant.* "Very
well, Doctor. I'll make sure that the Commander stays on the
bridge for the time being."

"Thank you, Captain. I'm sure Mr. Paris will appreciate it. I'll
comm you when Commander Chakotay is needed down here.
Kéla'an out." With that, the doctor turned off his monitor and
left his office.

When Dr. Kéla'an returned to the main part of sickbay, Tom had
left the bathroom and was waiting for him. He took the pilot's
arm and led him to one of the biobeds. Once Tom had climbed
on, Dr. Kéla'an put a blanket over him. "Relax as much as possible,
Mr. Paris," he said. "I'll be in my office if you need me."

"Sure thing, Doc," Tom said, and watched as Dr. Kéla'an left,
then sighed softly and decided to see if he could reach his sister.
He leaned back so he was half-sitting, half-lying on the bed.
Then he closed his eyes, relaxed completely and reached out
mentally. #Rhiannon.#

For a moment nothing happened, but before Tom could start to
worry, he heard the reply. #Ishaan?# Rhiannon's 'voice' was
filled with delighted surprise.

Tom smiled mentally at his sister's joy. #I didn't interrupt anything,
did I?#

#Only an incredibly boring meeting,# came the grateful answer.

Tom had to bite his lip to keep from laughing out loud. He knew
how much his sister hated meetings. When he got his amusement
under control, he said, #Good. Then you can talk to me
while I lie here in sickbay.# He regretted the words as soon as
they left him. He felt a wave of anxiety from his sister, and rushed
to calm her. #Nothing's wrong,# he said. #I'm in labor,
that's all.#

Rhiannon sent a strong wave of relief. #Oh, thank the goddess.
You had me worried for a moment.#

Even though he knew Rhiannon couldn't see it, Tom grimaced.
#I know, and I'm sorry,# he apologized. #I didn't mean to.#

#It's okay,# Rhiannon said, her mental voice gentle. #So, how
long before the doctor performs the cesarean?#

#A little under two hours,# Tom answered with a sigh.

#So, what should we talk about for the next two hours?# Rhiannon
asked. When the only reply she got from her brother was the
mental equivalent of a shrug, she considered it. Finally, she got
an idea. #Why don't you tell me what's happened since the last
time we spoke?# she asked. #I assume that the cure Dr. Kéla'an
found was effective.# It was a statement, not a question.

#Yes, it was,# Tom answered, then proceed to show her his
memories of what had happened on Voyager since the doctor
found a treatment for the virus.


#Captain Janeway gave you a shuttle?# Rhiannon's voice was

#Yep. My very own shuttle. To do with as I please,# Tom answered
with a mental laugh. #As long as I don't crash it,# he

#Oh, of course." Rhiannon sighed. #So, what do you plan on
doing with it?# She never got an answer. Instead she received a
wave of pain as her brother was hit by another contraction. She
rode it out with him, then said, #They're much closer together
now. I think it's about time for you to have that cesarean.#

Tom sighed. #You might be right. I'll talk to you when this
madness is finished.#

#You better,# Rhiannon said sternly. #You have to tell me if it's
a boy or a girl.#

#I will,# Tom promised, then closed the connection with one
last 'goodbye'. When Rhiannon's presence disappeared from his
mind, Tom opened his eyes, blinked a few times, then focused
on where he was. He looked over at the doctor's office and saw
Dr. Kéla'an sitting by his desk, apparently going over some reports.
He cleared his throat, then called to get his attention.

Dr. Kéla'an looked up from what he was doing. Seeing that Tom
was awake again, he rose and went out to his patient. He picked
up the tricorder from the bedside table, opened it and scanned
the pilot. A moment later, he closed the device and addressed
him. "Well, Mr. Paris. Your baby is about ready to be born. Just
let me call Kes and the Commander, then I'll make the preparations
for the surgery."

Tom smiled slightly. "You better call Chakotay first. Knowing
him, he's driving everybody crazy by pacing on the bridge."

Dr. Kéla'an laughed at this. "Probably," he agreed. "Kéla'an to
the bridge."

"Go ahead, Doctor," Janeway answered.

"Captain, Commander Chakotay's presence is required in sickbay."

"I'll send him right down. Janeway out." With that, the comm
line was closed.

"Kéla'an to Kes."

"Kes here, Doctor."

"Please report to sickbay right away."

"On my way. Kes out."

Dr. Kéla'an looked back at Tom. "I'll just get everything ready,"
he said. "As soon as Kes and the Commander gets here, I'll do
the cesarean." He waited for Tom's nod of acknowledgement,
then went to get the things he needed. When he'd gotten what he
required for the surgery, he returned to Tom's biobed, put the
equipment down, and retrieved the medical tricorder.

Seeing what he expected, the doctor smiled in satisfaction and
closed the device. "Well, Mr. Paris, everything is right on
schedule. Now, if Commander Chakotay and Kes would get
here..." he trailed off when the persons in question arrived. He
watched as the commander went straight to the biobed and
picked up his mate's hand.

Dr. Kéla'an noticed the first officer's anxiousness and quickly
reassured him. "As I just told Mr. Paris, the birth is progressing
on schedule," he said. "And now you and Kes are here, we'll
start." The doctor erected a privacy screen before addressing the
two men. "I'll give you a local anesthesia, Mr. Paris. Commander,
I need you to distract your husband while I do the cesarean."

When Tom and Chakotay nodded, Dr. Kéla'an placed another,
smaller screen across Tom's chest to prevent him from watching
himself cut open. Then he opened the sickbay gown, picked up a
hypo spray and applied it.


Forty-five minutes later, Dr. Kéla'an put down the regenerator.
He removed the screen from Tom's chest, then turned and took
the baby from Kes. Carefully placing the bundle of infant
wrapped in a blanket in Tom's arms, the doctor smiled. "Congratulations,
gentlemen. It's a girl."

For a moment, Tom just looked at the bundle in his arms, then
he carefully drew the blanket aside. He stared at his daughter in
silence for awhile, admiring her. Then he tucked the coverlet
around her again and glanced at his mate. "She's beautiful, isn't

Chakotay averted his eyes from the baby and met Tom's shining
eyes. "She's perfect," he said in awe. "And so tiny."

Tom chuckled softly. "Newborn babies usually are."

"I guess so," Chakotay said with a smile. Then he bent down to
press a gentle kiss to his husband's lips. "Thank you," he said
when he straightened.

Dr. Kéla'an broke the tender moment. "Well, gentlemen. I need
to inform the Captain that Voyager's family has gotten a new
member," he said. When the two men looked at him, the doctor
asked, "Have you decided on a name for her?"

Tom and Chakotay exchanged a smile, then turned back to Dr.
Kéla'an. "Yeah, Doc. We have," Tom answered.

"We'll call her Abiona Rhiamon," Chakotay added. Seeing the
doctor's quizzical look, he elaborated. "Abiona was my grandmother's
name. And Rhiamon is a variation of Rhiannon."

Tom noticed Dr. Kéla'an's puzzled expression. "Rhiannon is my
Darrbakhian sister," he explained.

"I see." The doctor smiled slightly, then called the captain.
"Kéla'an to Janeway."

"Yes, Doctor?"

"I wish to inform you that, at star date 49045.5, Lieutenant
Commander Paris gave birth to a healthy girl. The baby weighs
3450 grams and is forty-eight centimeters in length. Fathers and
child are fine." When Dr. Kéla'an stopped speaking, cheers
were clearly heard on the bridge.

Janeway waited for a moment to let the noise settle, then spoke
to the doctor. "That's wonderful news, Doctor. Give Tom and
Chakotay my congratulations." She hesitated for a moment, then
asked, "When can they have visitors?"

Dr. Kéla'an considered it before he answered. "As long as it's
no more than one or two crewmembers at a time, Mr. Paris can
have visitors in one hour."

"All right, Doctor. I'll inform the rest of the crew. Janeway out."
She closed the comm line, fully planning on being the first one
in sickbay to see Tom and Chakotay's youngest daughter.

The End