Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: NC-17
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Summary: See part 1

Dedicated to Elli and Mort. Here's the part I promised you.
Hope you like it. And Elli? Tom's allowed, he's pregnant!

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 36

When the two men arrived in their quarters, Chakotay took
Tom's arm and steered him into the bedroom. Once there, he let
go of the younger man and stripped him, quickly and effectively.

Tom just stood quietly and let his spouse undress him. When he
was naked, he gave Chakotay a surprised look. "I thought we
were going to continue our talk first," he commented.

Chakotay met Tom's eyes. "We *will* talk. Later," he said.
"First, though, you are going to take a nap." When he saw
Tom's startled expression, he explained, "Baby, you need to
rest. You look like you could fall asleep any minute now."

Tom sighed in defeat and moved to the bed. "You're right,
Love, I *am* tired." With that he climbed into the bed and slid
under the covers. He lay down on his side, facing Chakotay, and
sent his husband a pleading look. "Hold me?" he asked softly.

"Always," Chakotay promised with a gentle smile. He quickly
stripped out of his uniform, then slid into bed and curled up behind
Tom. He put one arm under his head and the other around
his mate, resting his hand on Tom's swollen belly. Then he bent
down and kissed the nape of Tom's neck. "Sleep now, Baby. I'll
stay right here," he said softly.

Tom smiled tiredly. "Okay. Good night, Love," he said and
closed his eyes.

"Good night, Tom. Sweet dreams," Chakotay answered. Then
he, too, closed his eyes, and pretty soon both men were sound


A few hours later, Tom woke with a ferocious need to pee.
Slowly and carefully, he slid out of Chakotay's embrace, then
out of the bed. Once he was out of bed, he made his way to the
bathroom. He used the toilet, then went over to the sink and
washed his hands. When he had dried them, he quietly called for
the time.

"The time is 2030 hours," the computer replied blandly.

A quick mental calculation told Tom that he'd slept for three
hours. That explained why he was wide-awake. Tom paused.
Fully awake and horny as hell. He smiled mischievously.
{Well,} he thought. {Chakotay's sleeping in the next room. Better
go wake him so he can take care of that little 'problem'.}

With that thought and another playful smile, Tom returned to the
bedroom and slid back into bed. He lay facing Chakotay and
leaned forward. Then he bent his head and started showering his
husband's face with light kisses.

At first he didn't get any reaction. However, Tom didn't let this
deter him. He moved up and started tracing Chakotay's tattoo
with his tongue. This got a reaction, just not the one he wanted.
Chakotay sighed softly in his sleep and murmured Tom's name.

With a sigh of exasperation, Tom changed his approach. Leaving
his husband's tattoo, he slid further down until he reached
Chakotay's groin. Leaning on one elbow, he bent down and
started licking the lovely cock.

A moment later, he smiled in satisfaction when Chakotay's penis
started to harden. He parted his lips and took the head of his
husband's cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.
Then he chuckled softly when Chakotay groaned in pleasure.

When Tom felt his husband's hands in his hair, he let the now
fully erect shaft slide out of his mouth. He lifted his head and
looked up at Chakotay. "You awake now, Love?" he asked

Chakotay sighed in disappointment when Tom removed his
mouth from the head of his erection. When he heard Tom's
question, he looked at his mate. "Yes," he answered with a
smile. "I'm awake."

Tom returned the smile. "Good, because I *need* you."

"Well, I'd better do something about that," Chakotay said with a
smile. He sat up and opened his arms. "Come here, Baby."
When Tom reached him, Chakotay pulled him into his embrace.
Then he leaned forward and claimed his husband's lips in a passionate

For a long time, the two men kissed like that, hot open-mouthed
kisses. They only broke apart when they needed to breathe.
Chakotay pulled back and took in the sight of Tom's flushed
face and desire-darkened eyes. He inhaled sharply at the sight.
No matter how often he saw Tom like this, he always found him
unutterably beautiful.

After enjoying the sight for a moment, Chakotay bent down and
kissed his way down to Tom's nipples. Taking one in his mouth,
he proceeded to suck and nip at it for a while before biting down
gently, making his mate gasp in pleasure. Then he moved to
give the other nipple the same treatment.

When Tom's nipples were almost too sensitive to the touch,
Chakotay lifted his head. Chakotay chuckled when he heard
Tom's moan of disappointment. "Don't worry, Baby, I'll continue
in a moment," he promised in a husky whisper. "But first,
let's get you more comfortable."

The promise made Tom smile, and the suggestion made him nod
in agreement. He moved around for a moment until he half-sat,
half-lay against the headboard with both their pillows behind his
back. "Okay, I'm comfortable," he said expectantly.

"Good," Chakotay said with a feral smile. "Now, where was I?"
He pretended to think about it for a moment, then... "Oh, yeah, I
remember. I was right about... here." With that, he nudged
Tom's legs apart and moved to lie between the pale thighs. He
placed a gentle kiss on the swollen stomach, then slowly kissed
his way down to his husband's groin.

Tom writhed on the bed as best he could and clutched the sheet
in his hands as Chakotay moved lower, only to moan in frustration
when his mate ignored his erection and instead moved to
nibble on his thighs. This was torture. Sweet, wonderful torture.

Chakotay kept nibbling on the creamy thighs for some time.
Then he moved his head slightly and took Tom's balls into his
mouth. *That* made Tom give up on his pride and start begging.

"Please, Love... *Please*... I need more... God... *Please*... I

"What? What do you want?" Chakotay asked.

"Please, Love... Suck my cock... *Please*...."

Chakotay smiled softly. "All you had to do was ask." Then he
relaxed his throat and engulfed his husband's cock completely,
creating a strong suction and swirling his tongue over the head.

Tom let out a low scream when the wet heat engulfed him.
"God, Love... Yes!... That's it... So good..." he moaned. Then
his hips bucked slightly as Chakotay sucked harder, intending to
bring him off, his own self-control near the breaking point.

Soon he felt Tom's body tense up, a sure sign of his impending
orgasm. Chakotay slid a finger into Tom's ass, gently scraping
over his prostate. That was all it took and Tom let out a full-
throated scream as he came, his semen flooding Chakotay's
mouth. Chakotay swallowed the salty-sweet fluid, loving the
taste of his mate.

With a last lingering suck Chakotay let the softening cock slip
out of his mouth and moved up to take his beloved in his arms,
kissing his face tenderly while he recovered.

Finally Tom stirred, opening his eyes and looking at his mate.
"Gods, Love! That was amazing," he said softly. "*You* are

Chakotay smiled mischievously. "So, you liked it?"

Tom chuckled. "Yeah, I liked it. Didn't you hear?" he teased.

"Actually, I think the whole *ship* heard you," Chakotay answered
with a devilish smile.

Tom snorted in amusement. "You're probably right," he conceded.
He looked towards Chakotay's groin and smiled seductively
when he saw his husband's erection. "Now, is there anything
I can do for *you*?"

Chakotay returned the smile. "I want to fuck you," he informed
the young man.

Tom's eyes darkened with desire once again. "Oh, Yessss," he
hissed. Then he frowned slightly. "How are we going to do

"Lie down on your side," Chakotay instructed hoarsely. When
Tom obeyed, he reached to the nightstand and got the tube of
lubricant they kept in the drawer. Then he lay behind Tom, uncapped
the tube and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers.

A moment later, he moved his hands down to Tom's ass. Parting
his husband's buttocks with one hand, he slid two fingers of the
other into the small opening. Tom's body recognized his touch
and instantly relaxed, allowing Chakotay to add a third digit.

He moved his fingers in and out a few times, Tom moving back
to meet him every time. When he deemed the muscle loose
enough, Chakotay pulled his fingers out to a small whimper of
distress. He quickly lubed his now-painful erection, then lined
the head with the small, puckered opening to Tom's body.

When he felt Chakotay's cock against his ass, Tom moved back
impatiently, letting his mate know he wanted more. He sighed in
pleasure when Chakotay got the hint and started pushing into

Chakotay pressed against the tight opening and pushed just the
head of his cock inside. Then he stopped, struggling not to come
on the spot. When the threat to come had abated somewhat,
Chakotay started moving again. He slowly and gently pushed
deeper into his husband's body, resisting the urge to bury himself
completely in the tight heat with one hard thrust. He did not
want to hurt the other man.

When he was completely buried in Tom's body, Chakotay
paused again, this time to let his mate get used to the sensation.
A brief moment later, he felt Tom pushing back against him and
he started to move. Starting slowly, it didn't take long before
Chakotay picked up the speed and strength of his thrusts, Tom
moving back to meet his every move.

All too soon Chakotay felt his orgasm approach. He reached
down and wrapped a hand around Tom's renewed erection,
stroking it in time to his thrusts. A few strokes later, he heard a
low keening from his mate, then Tom's body shuddered as he
came. The muscular contractions around his cock pulled Chakotay's
orgasm out of him, and he growled as his release washed
over him.

For a long time the two men lay joined, enjoying their union.
Finally Chakotay's softened cock slipped out of Tom's body,
and they both moaned at the loss.

"Come on, Baby," Chakotay said gently. "Time to clean up and
get something to eat." He got up and carefully helped Tom out
of bed and into the bathroom. They would grab a quick shower,
then finish their talk while their dinner, Chakotay decided as he
turned the water on.