Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: See part 1

Thanks to Mort for digging my out of a few corners. Also thanks
to my wonderful beta readers for catching my mistakes. You
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Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 35

Chakotay stood inside the door to Dr. Kéla'an's office for a
moment, just studying his mate. The younger man appeared to
be deep in thought. When Tom looked up and met his eyes,
Chakotay finally closed the office door and walked over to the
couch and sat down. He then faced his husband. "Harry said that
you wanted to speak with me," he said quietly.

Tom sighed softly and averted his eyes before nodding hesitantly.
Then he frowned slightly and bit his lip, unsure of how to
begin. After some time, he lifted his eyes and met the dark ones
of his mate again. Seeing the patience in Chakotay's eyes gave
Tom the courage he needed. "I'm sorry I got so mad at you earlier."

Chakotay accepted the apology with a nod, then asked the question
that had puzzled him greatly ever since Tom's harsh reaction
to his teasing words. "Why were you so angry at what I

Tom shrugged and looked uncomfortable. "Mood swing, I
think." He hesitated for a moment, then added, "I know I overreacted,
but the thing is, that comment you made about my
prowess as a lover? It bothered me."

"It never upset you before," said Chakotay softly. "So why does
it trouble you now?"

"I don't know," Tom admitted quietly. "It just does. And with
the pregnancy-induced mood swings, that comment made me

"Well," Chakotay said and lifted a hand to Tom's cheek. "I'd
better stop making those kind of comments then."

Tom leaned into Chakotay's hand. "At least in public," he replied.

Chakotay lifted an eyebrow questioningly. "So, you don't mind
if I make remarks about your sexual prowess in private?"

"No, not as long as it's just you and me, I don't mind," Tom
answered with a smile. He turned his head and brushed his lips
across the palm of his lover's hand resting on his cheek.

Chakotay inhaled sharply when he felt Tom's lips on his hand.
Looking into the suddenly smoldering blue eyes of his mate,
Chakotay forgot what he'd been about to say. Instead, he let his
hand slide down to rest on Tom's chest, then leaned forward and
pressed his mouth against his mate's in a gentle kiss.

When he felt the slight pressure of Chakotay's lips against his,
Tom sighed softly and opened his mouth, tracing his husband's
full mouth with his tongue. After a brief moment, he felt Chakotay's
lips part under his, and slipped his tongue into the hot, wet
cavern of his lover's mouth.

When Tom deepened the kiss, Chakotay moaned and wrapped
his arms around the younger man and returned the passionate
kiss. Almost instantly, he felt Tom's hands in his hair and
moaned again as he felt a strong wave of love and desire flowing
through the bond.

The sound of someone clearing their throat broke the two men
apart. They turned to see Dr. Kéla'an standing in the office door,
watching them with a slight smile. "I'm sorry to interrupt you,
gentlemen," the doctor said when he saw he had their attention.
"But Captain Janeway wants to talk to you."

Tom sent Dr. Kéla'an a questioning look. "Does she want to talk
to me or Chakotay?" he asked.

The doctor lifted an eyebrow. "She asked to speak to both of
you," he informed the two men.

Chakotay sighed and reluctantly let go of Tom. He rose from the
couch, then turned and held out his hand to the blonde, helping
him to his feet. Then they both turned towards Dr. Kéla'an and
moved to leave the office.

Either Tom had seen Chakotay's regret at the interruption, or he
was disappointed too. Whatever the reason, Chakotay suddenly
heard his husband's voice in his mind. #We'll continue our talk
later,# Tom promised. #When we're back in our quarters.#

Chakotay turned his head and smiled softly at Tom. Then he got
a mischievous expression in his dark eyes. #Just the talk?#

He was rewarded with Tom's mental laughter. #Of course,# he
answered as innocently as he could. #What else would we need
to continue?#

Despite his best effort, Chakotay couldn't keep from snorting in
amusement at Tom's teasing. Ignoring the doctor's puzzled
look, he motioned for his mate to precede him out of the office.
As he stood back to let Tom leave, Chakotay answered the other
man's question. #If you don't know what else we need to continue,
you'll just have to wait until we're home. I'll show you
when we've talked,# he promised.

#Promise?# Tom's mental voice had suddenly turned sultry.

#I promise,# Chakotay answered as they reached Janeway's
biobed. Turning his attention to her, he smiled and asked, "You
wanted to see us, Captain?"

Janeway didn't return his smile. Instead she looked at Tom. "I
want you to tell me everything that's happened since I was put
in stasis!"

Tom considered the implications of that... demand. He frowned
slightly when he realized the truth of that thought. Janeway had
not made a *request* for information, but a *demand*. Then,
with a mental shrug, he dismissed it. She *was* the captain after
all, and probably worried about her ship. "How much did Harry
and the doctor tell you?" he asked, wondering what she already

Janeway threw an annoyed glance at Harry and the doctor, then
turned her attention back to Tom. "They haven't told me
*anything*," she said with an irritated frown. "They told me to
ask you."

Tom blinked in surprise. Then he had to bite his lip to keep from
smiling as he realized why Harry and Dr. Kéla'an had refused to
tell Janeway anything. To them, he was the captain, and that was
their way of showing him their loyalty. Suddenly a thought occurred
to him, making him frown in concern. {How many of the
unaffected crew is going to have a problem with Janeway back
in command?} he wondered silently.

Remembering that Janeway was waiting, he shook off his
thoughts. He turned to look at Chakotay. "Would you get me a
chair?" he asked. "This will take a while." When his mate nodded
and went to fetch the requested chair, Tom turned to Harry
and the doctor. "Thanks for the help, Harry. And thanks for getting
him here, Doc."

"You're welcome, Captain."

"My pleasure, Tom."

Tom smiled at them. "Okay gentlemen. Dismissed."

Just as Harry and Dr. Kéla'an left, Chakotay returned with the
chair for Tom. He put it down beside the biobed, and helped
Tom sit. Then he moved to stand right behind his husband, resting
a hand on his slim shoulder.

Tom lifted a hand and gently squeezed the one on his shoulder.
Then he turned his attention back to Janeway. Seeing her angry
expression, he wondered what had upset her this time, but decided
to ignore it for now. First he would answer her demand for
information and tell her what had happened with Voyager over
the last seventeen weeks. "Well, Captain. After you were put in
stasis, we turned Voyager and headed back to that planet as you
had ordered," he began. "However, we hadn't gotten far when
the Kazon attacked...."


"... Then, three weeks ago, the doctor found a cure for the virus.
So I had to make a decision about who to get out of stasis first,
Tuvok or Chakotay," Tom finished his tale. He had talked almost
non-stop for two hours, only stopping to get something to
drink and a snack or two.

"Who did you chose?" Janeway asked, her earlier bad mood

"I picked Tuvok," Tom answered with a slight smile.

Janeway looked puzzled. "Why Tuvok?" she asked. "Chakotay
is the first officer. Wouldn't it make more sense to get him back

Tom's smile widened. "I thought about having Chakotay revived
first," he told her. He ran a hand through his hair before he
continued. "However, I considered what would happen when
Chakotay got out of stasis after fourteen weeks." When he saw
Janeway's questioning look, he elaborated. "Think about it,
Captain. We hadn't been together for *fourteen weeks*. I knew
that when he got out of stasis, we wouldn't be able to concentrate
on anything but each other."

Janeway smiled in understanding. "So you needed someone who
could take care of Voyager and the crew while you reunited with
your husband," she concluded.

"Yeah," Tom agreed. "Of course, that wasn't the *only* reason
I picked Tuvok."

Janeway lifted a questioning eyebrow. "Oh?"

"No," Tom said. "I also chose to have Tuvok revived first for a
couple of other reasons."

"What reasons were those?"

"Well, Tuvok was aware that something was wrong before he
went into stasis, so he wouldn't be confused by the situation,"
Tom began. "Also, as a Vulcan he is dictated by logic, not emotions
so I didn't have to worry about him having problems with
me being the Acting Captain."

"Problems?" Janeway asked with a slight frown. "What kind of

Tom shrugged carelessly. "My age. Or the fact that I'm pregnant."

Janeway's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Does any of the crew
have objections to you being the Acting Captain because of your
age or your pregnancy?" she asked, all her protective instincts
coming to the surface.

Tom winced when he realized what he'd let slip. "Just a few of
the revived crew," he admitted quietly.

Noticing Janeway's rising anger, Chakotay hastened to reassure
her. "Don't worry, Captain," he said. "Tuvok and I took care of
it. No one has said anything since we talked to them."

Janeway nodded in satisfaction. "Good," she said. Then she noticed
the tired look on Tom's face. "Chakotay, you'd better take
Tom back to your quarters so he can get some rest."

A glance at his mate showed Chakotay that the Captain was
right. Tom needed a nap. He moved to help the younger man
rise from the chair, then smiled at Janeway. "Good night, Captain.
See you tomorrow."

Janeway returned his smile. "Sleep well, both of you." With
that, she laid back down, suddenly realizing that she was as tired
as Tom looked. She watched until the sickbay door closed after
the two men, then closed her eyes and was soon asleep.