Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [PG-13]
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Summary: See part 1

Thanks to my twin for her help with the star dates. I don't know
what I'd do without you, Sweetheart.

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 32

"Good morning, Doc."

Dr. Kéla'an turned away from the biobed when he heard Tom
Paris' voice. He smiled slightly when he saw that the young man
was accompanied by Commander Chakotay. "Good morning,
Mr. Paris. Commander. I assume that you have taken care of the
problem with your bond."

It wasn't quite a question, but Tom answered anyway. "Yep. It's
all fixed."

"Hopefully, it won't happen again," Chakotay added, the seriousness
of his voice belied by the amusement in his eyes.

Dr. Kéla'an laughed while Tom tried to look insulted. When it
didn't work, he gave up and chuckled. "Oh, c'mon, Chakotay, it
wasn't that bad."

Chakotay smiled at his mate. "No, it wasn't. As you very well
know, I thoroughly enjoyed it." When Tom opened his mouth,
Chakotay held up a hand to forestall any comments. "*However*,
it prevented us from doing our duty."

"For all of *three days*," Tom said in a slightly exasperated
tone of voice. "With Voyager on a peaceful, uninhabited planet
and the crew on shore leave."

When Chakotay opened his mouth to reply, Dr. Kéla'an decided
to interrupt before the conversation turned into an argument. "I
take it that you're here for your physical exam, then, Mr. Paris?"

Tom turned his attention to the doctor. "Yeah. You're the first
one we see after our... 'confinement'," he said, thinking, {That
ought to please him.}

Sure enough, Dr. Kéla'an seemed very pleased upon hearing
this. "Very well, Mr. Paris, you know the drill." He gestured to
an empty biobed, then fetched a tricorder. A moment later, he
returned to the bed where Tom now sat. Dr. Kéla'an opened the
medical device and scanned the young man.

When he was finished, the doctor closed the tricorder and
looked at Tom with a smile. "You're fine, Mr. Paris," he stated.
His smile widened slightly and added, "I am gratified to see that
you listened to me and didn't overdo it on the physical exertion,
even when you weren't able to get to sickbay every day."

Tom grimaced. "Yeah, well. You *did* tell me that if I overdid
it, you'd keep me here for the rest of my pregnancy." He glared
at Chakotay when the other man snickered. Then he turned his
attention back to Dr. Kéla'an. "No offense, Doc, but I'd rather
*not* spend that much time in sickbay."

Dr. Kéla'an smiled again. "No offense taken, Mr. Paris. I'd prefer
not to have you here for that long," he said, making his two
visitors laugh. When the laughter died down, he turned his attention
to Commander Chakotay. "How do you feel, Commander?"

Chakotay lifted an eyebrow. "I'm fine, Doctor."

Dr. Kéla'an opened the tricorder again and did a quick scan of
the First Officer. After a moment, he shut the medical device
and looked back at Chakotay. He gestured with it, saying, "This
agrees with you, so you can both go back on duty."

Before Chakotay could say anything, Tom slid off of the biobed
and stood beside his husband. "Thanks, Doc," he said. Remembering
the sick crew, he asked, "How long will it be until everyone's
out of stasis and back on duty?"

"A little under three weeks," the doctor replied. At Tom's questioning
look, he elaborated. "I did some calculations and discovered
that it would take just over six weeks if I cure one crewmember
at a time, so I decided to treat *two* crewmembers simultaneously.
That way, it only takes half the time. I contemplated healing
more than two at once, but that would be too much as long as
I don't have anyone to help me," he explained.

Tom nodded in approval. "Good thinking, Doc," he said. He
thought for a moment, then asked, "Do you want some help
down here?"

Dr. Kéla'an considered it for a few seconds before he answered.
"Only if you want the crew back faster."

Tom shook his head. "No, that isn't necessary," he said, then
smiled. "This way, the recovering crewmembers can ease into
things." He looked questioningly at the doctor. "Anything else?"

"As a matter of fact, there is one other thing. Lieutenant Torres
commed me three days ago about the Torres-Kim baby's name,"
Dr. Kéla'an informed the Acting Captain.

Tom lifted an eyebrow. "Oh? Did she and Harry decide what to
call him?"

The doctor smiled. "Yes, they did. They're naming him Jonathon
Kor Torres-Kim."

"Jonathon Kor," Tom repeated thoughtfully, then smiled. "I like
it. Computer," he called and waited for the computer's acknowledging
beep before continuing. "Enter into the official ship's log
that on star date 48975.3, Lieutenants B'Elanna Torres and
Harry Kim finally gifted their infant son with his name. Born on
star date 48970.6 was Jonathon Kor Torres-Kim."

"Information entered," the computer stated blandly.

Tom turned back to Dr. Kéla'an. "If that's all...." He trailed off
questioningly. When the doctor nodded, indicating that it was,
Tom continued. "Then Chakotay and I are off to the mess hall to
see what Neelix has decided to call breakfast today."

"Hopefully, it's something edible," Chakotay remarked.

"Well, I, for one, am grateful that I don't have to eat," Dr.
Kéla'an said, remembering the complaints over the Talaxian's
cooking he'd heard from the crew in the past.

Tom mock-glared at the doctor. "Rub it in, why don't you?"

Dr. Kéla'an raised an eyebrow. "I thought I just did."

When Tom muttered something obscene under his breath, Chakotay
decided to get the younger man out of sickbay *before* he
tried to strangle the hologram. He grabbed his husband's arm
and steered him towards the doors. "C'mon, Tom. We can stop
by Harry and B'Elanna's quarters and see if either of them
wants to join us for breakfast."

When they reached the doors, Chakotay stopped and turned
around to look at Dr. Kéla'an. "I'll see you later, Doctor."
Seeing the hologram's nod of confirmation, he turned back to the
doors and led Tom out of sickbay.


When Tom and Chakotay arrived at the Torres-Kim quarters
they were greeted by Harry, who stepped out into the corridor,
dressed in his uniform. He grinned at the two men. "Good morning,
Tom. Chakotay. Nice to see you two again," he said.

Chakotay smiled. "Good morning, Harry. It's nice to see you,
too," he said, then cocked his head slightly in a gesture he'd
picked up from his mate. "Is B'Elanna still asleep?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, she kicked me out of bed at 0630 when
she had finished nursing Jonathon," he answered, and glanced at
Tom. Seeing his friend's sullen expression, he refrained from
addressing him, having learned that doing so when Tom was in
this mood usually meant that he would get his head bitten off.
Instead, he looked back at Chakotay and asked, "Are you two on
your way to the mess hall?"

Chakotay nodded, indicating that they were. "You wanna join
us?" he asked.

Harry smiled. "Sure."

The three men went to the turbolift. Once they were inside,
Harry stated their destination, then turned to Chakotay. "I'm
glad you're back," he said.

Chakotay chuckled softly. "I can imagine," he said, then smiled
wickedly. "Tom told me that he assigned my duties to you and
B'Elanna. I hope you didn't have too many problems."

"No, not really," Harry answered, then got a devilish glint in his
eyes. "But then, B'Elanna's the one who got stuck with all the

Chakotay laughed at this. "I know. I'll bet she wasn't pleased
with being banned from Engineering."

Harry shrugged. "Not at first, no. But she adjusted quickly. Actually,
I had more to do than Tom and B'Elanna combined," he

Chakotay lifted an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yeah. Besides my duties at Ops and the First Officer's duties, I
also had to take care of *two* pregnant people," Harry explained.
"And I'll tell you, it was harder to deal with Tom and
B'Elanna pregnant, than it was doubling as Ops and First Officers."

Before Chakotay could reply, the 'lift arrived at their destination,
and the three men got out and walked to the mess hall, hoping
that Neelix didn't serve something completely inedible for breakfast.