Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [NC-17]
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 30

When Tom and Chakotay returned to their quarters, Tom turned
to his husband. "Are you hungry?" he asked.

"Yes, I could eat something." Chakotay leered at the younger

Seeing his beloved's suggestive expression, Tom gasped softly
as he was hit by a strong wave of desire. "If you don't stop doing
that, I'll skip the meal and ravish you right here," he told the
other man.

Chakotay lifted an eyebrow. "And this would be bad because...?"

Tom sighed. "You're going to need the energy later, or you
won't be able to keep up with me." When he saw Chakotay's
questioning look, he elaborated. "You've been in stasis for the
past fourteen weeks, so I've become intimately acquainted with
my right hand," he said. When his husband smiled slightly at
this, he added, "I'm constantly horny because of the pregnancy."

Chakotay snorted. "Tom, you're *always* horny, whether
you're pregnant or not."

"I am not," Tom said indignantly. "And besides, it's worse now.
It's all I can do not to ravish you right away." He took the Chakotay's
hand and led him to the dining table, then went over to
the replicator. "What do you want?"

"Something light," Chakotay said, then sat down at the table and
watched as the other man placed an order for a bowl of mushroom
soup, some bread and a cup of tea. Then he frowned in
puzzlement when he heard his husband order 'Tom Paris Pregnancy1'
and a glass of water.

A moment later, Tom returned to the table carrying a tray with
the food. Putting it down, he then placed the bowl of soup, a
spoon, the bread and the teacup in front of the Commander.
Then he put his sandwich and water glass on the table across
from Chakotay before he sat down.

"Is that a peanut butter sandwich?" Chakotay asked as he
watched the younger man take a bite.

Tom chewed and swallowed, then answered. "No. It's a peanut
butter and marshmallow crème sandwich on pimento loaf

"Oh," was all Chakotay said, then started on his own meal. He
had three older sisters and a sister-in-law, so he knew that pregnant
people got weird cravings. Tom's peanut butter and marshmallow
crème sandwich wasn't too bad. One of his sisters had had a craving
for pancakes with mustard and his sister-in-law had mixed milk and
orange juice for the duration of her pregnancy.

The two men finished their meals in silence, and when he was
done with his tea, Chakotay put all the dirty utensils on the tray.
Then he rose, picked it up, carried it over to the recycler and got
rid of it before he turned around to look at Tom.

Seeing the younger man lost in thought, Chakotay studied him
for a moment. Suddenly he realized something, and tried to
sense Tom through their bond. When he was unsuccessful, he
frowned. "Tom?"

Tom looked up sharply when he heard the worry in his husband's
voice. "What is it?"

"I think there's something wrong with our bond."

Tom blinked in surprise. "Why do you think that?"

Chakotay sighed. "Because I can't sense you through it."

"Oh, *that*." Tom seemed slightly embarrassed. "I'd completely
forgotten about that."

"About what?"

Tom sighed. "When you went into stasis, I had to close our
bond, otherwise I would've been affected. That's why you can't
feel my presence in your mind," he explained.

Chakotay thought about it for a moment, and decided that it
made sense. Then he frowned again when something else occurred
to him. "Why haven't you opened it again? I mean, I
*am* out of stasis."

Tom sighed again. "*Because*... When I do that, I won't be
able to keep from ravishing you. I didn't want to give the doctor
a show, and when we got back here, you had to eat."

"That makes sense," Chakotay admitted. "But since we're alone
and we've both eaten...." He trailed off with an expectant

Tom rose from the table and, smiling ferally, walked towards
the other man. "I take it you want me to open our bond now," he
said huskily.

Chakotay just nodded. Seeing the blatant look of desire in the
younger man's eyes made him speechless. {Of course, it also
does something else to me,} Chakotay thought as he felt his own
desire rise.

Tom stopped in front of Chakotay and slid his arms around his
spouse. "Well, my love," he said. #Your wish is my command,#
he finished mentally. With that, he leaned forward and claimed
Chakotay's lips in a passionate kiss.

The Commander responded instantly, putting his own arms
around Tom and returning the kiss with equal fervor.

While the kiss went on and on, the two men's minds joined until
Tom suddenly pulled away, both mentally and physically.
Breathing deeply to calm down his racing heart, it took a few
moments before he was able to speak. "I think we better go into
the bedroom and get out of our clothes before we continue this,"
he finally said in response to Chakotay's unasked question. "If
we don't, I'll end up taking you on the floor and I prefer a nice,
comfortable bed."

Chakotay nodded in agreement, then swept Tom up into his
arms and carried him into the bedroom. He stopped beside the
bed and gently put his husband back on his feet, then proceeded
to strip him naked.

When he was undressed, Tom returned the favor, trying to control
his impatience and not rip the clothes off of his dark-haired
spouse. He succeeded, barely, and as soon as Chakotay was naked,
Tom stepped forward, slid his arms around him and kissed
him again.

The two men kissed for a long time, but finally they had to
breathe and broke apart, chests heaving and both pairs of eyes
nearly black with desire. They looked at each other for a moment,
then Chakotay pulled out of Tom's arms and lay down on
the bed. "I seem to remember you saying something about ravishing
me," he said softly.

Tom smiled. "So I did." With that, he slid into bed beside his
husband and bent down to give him a light kiss before he moved
up to trace Chakotay's tattoo with his tongue. He took his time,
making sure he didn't miss a single line.

When he was done with the tattoo, Tom continued down over
the older man's face, kissing the eyelids, the nose, and the
cheekbones. Avoiding Chakotay's mouth, he kissed his way
down the jaw and over the throat, stopping at the Commander's

Tom slowly licked, nibbled and kissed the broad chest, staying
at the nipples for a while, suckling and biting them gently, making
Chakotay gasp and moan incoherently. Then he moved
down to his stomach, making small circles around the navel before
suddenly dipping his tongue into the small indent.

Chakotay jerked when his spouse dipped his tongue into his
navel. Tom was trying to drive him crazy, he decided with the
small part of his mind that still was capable of rational thought.
However, all thought disappeared and he writhed gently on the
bed, clutching the sheet in his hands as Tom moved lower, only
to moan in frustration when the other man ignored his erection
and instead moved to nibble on his thighs.

Tom continued his sensual assault on Chakotay. When he
reached his husband's feet, he lifted his head and gazed at the
Big Man's face, smiling when he saw his lover, head thrown
back, his throat exposed. It was the sexiest thing he'd seen in his
life, and a sight he'd dearly missed. "Turn over," he said huskily.

Chakotay opened his eyes briefly, then obeyed the soft command,
turning over on his stomach. He sighed when he felt the
light pressure on his aching cock. He rubbed against the sheet
and received a light slap on his ass, followed by Tom's stern
voice. "That's *mine*."

Chakotay stopped moving and Tom resumed his sensual assault,
this time starting with his lover's neck. He kissed, licked, nibbled
and caressed his way down, stopping briefly to gently bite
Chakotay's ass cheeks. When he reached the feet, he asked the
Commander to turn around again.

Making his way up Chakotay's thighs, Tom kissed and nibbled
there for a while before moving to lick and nip his scrotum.
Then he moved to his sphincter and flicked his tongue over the
small opening, making his spouse jerk and moan loudly.

Tom smiled softly, then licked his way up over Chakotay's scrotum
to the head of his erection. He swirled his tongue around the
head for a moment, then opened his mouth. Relaxing his throat,
he engulfed his husband's cock completely, creating a strong

Chakotay arched his back and let out a low scream when the wet
heat engulfed him. "Spirits, Baby... *Yes*... That's it... So
good...." he moaned.

Tom brought Chakotay to the brink, then released him, not
wanting the other man to come yet. "I want you to be inside me
when you come," he said when Chakotay moaned in disappointment.

Chakotay opened his eyes again and lifted his head to look at his
husband, who'd sat up. He didn't have any problems with
Tom's wish, but... "How are we going to do this?" he asked
with a quick glance at the younger man's belly. He didn't think
they could use their favorite position, with Tom lying on his
back, his legs around Chakotay's waist. The Commander didn't
want to hurt his pregnant spouse.

Tom smiled gently at Chakotay's concern, then moved up to sit
beside the older man and reached into the nightstand, taking out
the tube of lubricant they kept there. When he'd retrieved it, he
answered the question. "I'm going to ride you," he said, making
his husband gasp in surprise. Tom smiled again, understanding
Chakotay's astonishment. They didn't use that position often,
but it would be easier as long as he was pregnant.

Tom unscrewed the tube and squeezed a generous amount of
lube into his hand, then smeared it over his lover's erection.
When it was thoroughly covered, he handed the tube to Chakotay,
then turned and knelt on his hands and knees, waiting for
the older man to prepare him.

Chakotay sat up and squeezed a liberal amount of lube onto his
fingers. Then he placed the tube on the nightstand before he
turned back to Tom. Chakotay slid a finger into the tiny opening
to his husband's body. Moving the finger in and out, he
stretched the tight muscle until he could add a second finger,
and then a third.

When Chakotay was sure that his beloved was ready, he withdrew his
fingers and lay down again, remembering Tom's wish.
He smiled slightly at the other man's moan of protest. #I would
take you, but you said that you wanted to ride me,# he reminded

#I did, didn't I?# Tom asked. Without giving the older man time
to respond, he moved to straddle him. Reaching under him, Tom
wrapped his hand around Chakotay's erection to hold it still,
then he slowly sat down, taking his husband into his body.

When Chakotay's cock was completely buried in the tight heat
of Tom's body, the young man sat unmoving, letting them both
enjoy the long missed physical connection. They looked into
each other's eyes for a moment, then Tom opened the bond between
them fully and started to move.

Letting his thighs do all the work, Tom slowly rose until Chakotay's
cock was almost all the way out, then he sank down again,
fast. The sensation echoed through the bond, making them both
moan in delight, and when Chakotay arched up to meet him, the
pleasure doubled.

It didn't take long, however, before their minds joined fully, in a
way that hadn't happened since their wedding. It made their
physical lovemaking a distant afterthought, and they hardly noticed
it when they reached orgasm and Tom collapsed on Chakotay's

Chakotay had just enough presence of mind to wrap his arms
around Tom and roll to his side, making sure that the younger
man's weight wouldn't harm the baby. Then the two men reveled
in their mental joining for several hours, not aware of anything
around them. Finally, they separated their minds enough to
realize that they needed a shower.

Noticing that Chakotay's cock had slipped out of his body, Tom
rolled off of his husband and got out of bed. He extended a hand
and when the older man took it, he helped him up. Then, without
releasing each other, they went into the bathroom to get cleaned

When they were finished, the two men walked back into the
bedroom and put on their robes, before they went into the living
area to get something to eat.

While Chakotay walked over to the replicator to order a light
meal for the two of them, Tom sat down at the desk and opened
a comm link. "Paris to Tuvok."

"Yes, Captain?"

Tom wondered briefly if Tuvok ever slept. The Vulcan didn't
sound like he had been woken, and it was 0230 hours. "Tuvok,
I'm afraid you'll have to take care of the ship for a bit longer
than we anticipated."

"May I ask how much longer?" Tuvok asked calmly.

Tom frowned. "I'm not sure. It shouldn't be more than a few
days." He could almost *hear* the other man's lifted eyebrow.

"I see. Do you mind if I ask why?"

"Well, as you suggested, Chakotay and I reunited, mentally and
physically," Tom started. "However, there's been a slight hitch.
Our mental reunion caused a bit of a... problem."

"What kind of problem?"

Tom sighed deeply. "Our minds joined in the same way as when
we got married. Which means that we won't be able to concentrate
properly until we're able to separate completely from each
other mentally," he explained. "Unfortunately, I don't know
how long that will take."

Tuvok was silent as he considered this information. Finally, he
asked, "How long did it take when you and Commander Chakotay
were married?"

"A week," Tom admitted. "However, I don't think it'll take that
long this time." He hesitated for a moment, then added. "At
least, I hope it won't."

"Very well," Tuvok said. "I shall take care of Voyager and her
crew until you and the Commander are ready to return to duty."

Tom smiled in relief. "Thank you, Tuvok."

"There is no need to thank me, Captain," Tuvok informed the
younger man. "It is not only logical, it is also necessary."

Tom smiled again. "I know, Tuvok," he said. "Thank you, anyway.
Paris out." He closed the comm link, then rose and walked
over to the dining table and sat down beside his husband. "I take
it you heard that?"

"Yes, I did," Chakotay answered. "I'm glad you had Tuvok revived
first. If you hadn't, Harry would've had to take over, and
then he wouldn't have had much time to take care of B'Ela and
their son," he said, having gotten this information from Tom's

Tom chuckled. "True," he admitted. "And I think B'Ela would
kill us for that." With that, he picked up his fork and began eating.

Chakotay laughed. "She probably would," he agreed, then
started on his own meal.

When the two men had finished their meals, they recycled the
utensils. Then they went into the bedroom, took off their robes
and got into bed, intent on getting some sleep.