Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 28

At 0845, Tom walked into sickbay for his daily physical. He
looked around and smiled when he saw Harry sitting by a still-
asleep B'Elanna. Their baby was sleeping in the crib beside
B'Elanna, and Harry was looking from his wife to his son and
back again.

{Either Harry's been here all night, or else he came back early,}
Tom thought as he went over to the little family. Stopping be-
side his best friend, he spoke quietly, not wanting to wake
B'Elanna. "Good morning, Harry."

Harry turned and looked up at Tom. "Good morning, Tom," he
returned, just as quietly.

"Have you been here all night?" Tom asked with a slight smile.
"Or did the good doctor throw you out, and you just decided to
come back before anyone else was up?"

Harry chuckled. "I've been here all night," he answered. "Doc
let me sleep on the other biobed." He nodded to the next bed,
indicating where he'd slept.

Tom smiled again. He wasn't really surprised. For a hologram,
the doctor could show a surprising amount of compassion when
he chose to. He remembered when Chakotay had been injured,
and Dr. Kéla'an had let *him* stay in sickbay over-night. Of
course, it had been to make sure that he got some rest, but

Not wanting to think about that time, Tom turned his thoughts to
another subject. Focusing on Harry again, he asked, "Have you
seen Tuvok?"

Harry frowned in surprise for a moment. "That's right, he was
revived yesterday," he remembered. "No, I haven't seen him."

Before Harry could say anything else, Dr. Kéla'an came over to
them. "Good morning, Captain," he said. "How are you feeling

Tom turned around to face the doctor. "I'm fine, Doc. How's
Tuvok? Did you have any problems reviving him?"

Dr. Kéla'an smiled slightly and took Tom's arm, leading him
over to another biobed. "Lieutenant Tuvok is fine," he said, as
Tom sat on the bed. He grabbed a tricorder and began scanning
the Captain. "I didn't experience any problems. The Lieutenant
is in perfect health, and fit for duty."

He looked up from the tricorder for a moment, made eye contact
with Tom, then he returned his concentration to the readings.
"Once Lt. Tuvok was fully alert, I gave him a brief explanation
of our situation, and told him that you'd give him a more detailed
version of the events this morning." Dr. Kéla'an turned
off the tricorder and gave Tom his full attention. "Well, Captain,
you're fine. Have you had breakfast yet?"

Tom slid off of the biobed. "Yes, I had breakfast."

Dr. Kéla'an nodded in approval. "Good. Then you can go talk to
Lt. Tuvok. He's waiting for you in his quarters," he said. Glancing
briefly over at B'Elanna, he saw that she was now awake
and looked back at Tom. "I'll examine Lt. Torres and her baby,
then I'll revive Commander Chakotay."

Tom flashed the doctor a grateful smile. He really missed his
husband and could hardly wait to have him back. "All right,
Doc. If Tuvok's expecting me, I guess I'd better go see him."
With that, he left sickbay and headed for Tuvok's quarters, leaving
Dr. Kéla'an to his work.


Five minutes later, Tom entered Tuvok's quarters and greeted
the Vulcan. "Good morning, Tuvok."

"Good morning... Captain." Tuvok hesitated briefly before the
title, not accustomed to using that rank when addressing Voyager's
Chief Pilot. He gestured to the couch. "Please have a
seat. Can I get you anything?"

Tom smiled slightly before he went over and sat down in the
couch. "No, thank you, Tuvok. I'm fine." He waited until the
other man was seated, then came right to the point, knowing that
human politeness was unnecessary. "The doctor told me that
he'd given you a brief account of our current situation," he
stated. When Tuvok nodded, he asked, "What did he tell you,

"The doctor has informed me that more than half the crew are in
stasis, suffering from an unknown virus for which he has only
just found a cure. He also stated that you landed Voyager several
weeks ago, but did not give a reason why," Tuvok answered.

Tom ran a hand through his hair, gathering his thoughts. "All
right. I take it that you remember that we had problems before
you went into stasis?" he started and waited for Tuvok's nod,
before he continued. "Well, you weren't the last. After you, the
majority of the crew fell ill, one by one. Their symptoms were
so similar that the doctor ordered physical exams for everyone.
He discovered everyone who was sick had caught a virus on the
planet we'd just left. Captain Janeway immediately ordered me
to turn around and head back to the planet."

Tom stopped speaking for a moment and sighed deeply. "Unfortunately,
she became ill shortly after that, and the doctor told her
that she was to go into stasis. Since I was the only remaining
member of the senior staff with any command training, she
handed Voyager over to me." Tom suddenly looked directly at
Tuvok. "She put it in the ship's log, and worded it so that I'm in
command until Captain Janeway is cured."

Tuvok lifted an eyebrow, more at the slightly annoyed tone of
Tom's voice than anything else. "You are not pleased with this,"
he surmised.

Tom snorted. "That's an understatement," he said. "I mean, I
know that she didn't have any choice when she gave me the captaincy,
but I don't see why she had to make sure *I'm* in command until
she gets well. As it is, I can't hand Voyager over to
you, or even Chakotay. At least not for longer periods of time.
What if something happens to me?" Tom held up a hand to forestall
Tuvok's comment. "Okay, so it isn't a problem *now*, but
what if something had happened to me *before* the doctor
found the serum? It *has* been fourteen weeks since the crew
started to fall ill."

Tuvok considered this for a brief moment. "I see your point.
However, if something *had* happened to you during the past
fourteen weeks, Lt. Torres would have been in command," he
observed, having read through some of the logs earlier.

Tom nodded. "Technically, she would've been, but since she
was pregnant, the doctor had ordered her to take it easy. Which
is why I made her the First Officer and then stuck her with the
paperwork. Harry is the one who's been the de facto First Officer
all this time, and if something had happened to me, he
would've been the one to actually run the ship."

Tom looked questioningly at Tuvok. "Can I use the replicator?"
he asked. When the Vulcan nodded, Tom rose from the couch
and went over and placed an order for a glass of water. When
his order materialized, he picked up the glass, walked back to
the couch and sat down again before taking a sip of the water.
Then he put the glass on the table and turned his attention back
to Tuvok. "Well, enough of that. Nothing happened to me, and
the doctor has finally found a cure for the virus."

Tuvok watched as Tom relaxed back on the couch. "What happened
after Captain Janeway was put in stasis?"

"We were headed back to the planet, and adjusting to being undermanned.
Before we could reach it, the Kazon attacked." Tom
sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them
again, he looked tired. "And it wasn't only one ship. There were
*five* Kazon ship's attacking us at once. We suffered some
damage and didn't have any choice but to turn and run." Tom
ran a hand through his hair with another sigh. "They chased us
for a couple of days, but we finally found a nebula where we
could hide while repairs were being made."


//When Lt. Baytart brought Voyager to a stop inside the nebula,
Tom turned to Ops and gave Harry a questioning look. "Did the
Kazon follow us?"

Harry glanced up from his console. "Sensors aren't working
properly here, but I don't think so. They didn't seem to notice
that we went in here," he informed the Captain.

Tom nodded in understanding. He'd known that there would be
a sensor problem once they went in, but if Harry said that he
didn't think the Kazon had followed the ship into the nebula,
they probably hadn't. "All right, then we can stand down from
red alert," he said. "But we'll stay on yellow alert, just in case. I
don't want us caught unawares."

Tom gave the order to the computer, and the flashing of light
turned from red to yellow. "Computer, ship wide." He waited
for the mechanical voice's acknowledgement, then addressed
the crew. "All hands, this is the Captain. We seem to have escaped
the Kazon by coming into this nebula, but since we can't
be certain, we'll stay on yellow alert. We'll stay here until all
major damage has been repaired, and we're battle ready again.
Paris out."

In the First Officer's chair, B'Elanna groaned quietly. She
turned to Tom. "You do know, don't you, that this means
*more* reports," she complained.

Tom turned to look at her. "Yes, I know." Seeing something in
her eyes, he narrowed his own and lowered his voice, making
sure no one else heard him. "Forget it, B'Elanna!"

B'Elanna frowned in confusion. "Forget what?"

Tom's eyes narrowed even more. "You are *not* going down to
help in Engineering," he stated. "In fact, you are going to stay
*out* of Engineering. And that's an order!"

B'Elanna looked guilty, then indignant. "But..."

Tom interrupted her. "If I catch you anywhere *near* Engineering,
I'll throw you in the brig so fast your head will spin! Is that

B'Elanna growled quietly, "Yes, Sir!"

Tom held her eyes for a moment longer, making sure that she
knew he meant it. When he was certain that she would obey his
order, he relaxed and rose from his chair. "Come on, B'Elanna.
Let's go over the reports in the Captain's Ready Room." He
held out a hand to her.

B'Elanna hesitated a moment before she sighed in defeat. Then
she took the offered hand and let Tom help her out of her chair.
Tom turned the bridge over to Harry, and he and B'Elanna
headed for the Ready Room to take care of the reports.


A little over a week later, all repairs were finished and Voyager
cautiously left their hiding place, keeping a sharp lookout for the
Kazon. To their great relief, they didn't see any sign of them.//


Tom stopped speaking and finished his water before he focused
on Tuvok again. "Unfortunately, we were so far away from the
planet that it would be a waste of time to try and get back there.
Besides, the Kazon had informed us that they had put a claim on
it and would defend it at all costs, so we decided not to risk returning.
Instead, we set course in the general of the Alpha Quadrant
and hoped that the doctor would find a cure for the virus."

Tuvok studied the Acting Captain in silence for a few moments
before speaking. "I read some of the ship's logs last night," he
began. "I did not get far, but I from what I understand, there was
another attack by the Kazon?" The last was clearly a question.

Tom smiled without humor. "The next attack came two days
after we got out of the nebula. Although, luckily for us, this time
it was only one ship, so we managed to defeat them without sustaining
too much damage," he said. He ran a hand through his
hair while he gathered his thoughts. "For the next six weeks, the
Kazon attacked us on a regular basis, causing some minor damage
every time." Tom looked at Tuvok earnestly. "Fortunately,
no one was injured. It was hard, though. We had to work around
the clock, and we never had time to finish repairs before we
were attacked again."

Tuvok nodded silently in understanding, then rose and walked
over to the replicator. Speaking quietly, he placed an order.
When his order appeared, he picked it up, carried it over to Tom
and handed him the glass.

Tom took the glass and looked at it. Seeing what looked like
fruit juice, he took a sip, then smiled gratefully at Tuvok, who'd
returned to his chair. "Thank you."

Tuvok lifted an eyebrow in response. "You're welcome, Captain,"
he replied. He waited until Tom had put the glass down on
the table, then asked, "How long did you travel under those conditions?"

Tom sighed. "About seven weeks. The last attack from the Kazon
came shortly before we found this planet. During this time,
the doctor was unable to find a serum that worked. He thought
he did a few times, but they always turned out to be ineffective.
In light of that, and considering the crew's exhaustion, I had
Harry Kim scan for a uninhabited planet where we could land."
Tom paused and reached for his juice.

Tuvok sat quietly, and after going over everything Tom had just
told him, he found himself admiring the younger man. Tom had
done remarkably well under less than ideal circumstances. "How
long ago did you land Voyager?"

Tom looked up. "Seven weeks ago," he answered. "The crew
has been on shore leave since we finished repairs. They needed
it and I decided to stay here until the doctor found a cure for the
virus, and everyone's out of stasis."

Tuvok nodded. With the ship so seriously undermanned and the
threat of the Kazon, it was the logical thing to do. "The doctor
told me that he discovered the cure yesterday," he said. When
Tom nodded, he continued. "He also informed me that it was
your decision to have me revive first." Tuvok waited for Tom's
nod of confirmation before asking, "May I ask why?"

Tom sat straight up in the couch and looked directly into Tuvok's
eyes. "A couple of reasons. With B'Elanna on maternity
leave, I need a First Officer, and you're the perfect choice. You
already knew that something was wrong before you went into
stasis, so you wouldn't be confused when you were informed of
our situation. Then there's the fact that you're Vulcan, so your
actions are dictated by logic and not emotions." Tom paused and
took another sip of his juice before finishing. "Finally, however
much I wanted to, I couldn't have Chakotay revived first. He's
been in stasis so long that when he's cured, we're likely to have
other things than Voyager and her crew on our minds."

Tuvok cocked his head slightly as he considered Tom's words.
"Logical," he finally said. "Flawlessly logical."

Tom smiled. Coming from Tuvok, that was probably the highest
praise he could get. "Thank you, Tuvok," he said sincerely. "If
you're up to it, I'll inform the crew that you are the new Acting
First Officer for now. The doctor said that he would cure Chakotay

Tuvok inclined his head slightly. "I am in perfect health," he
informed the other man. "You, however, look like you could use
some rest."

Tom smiled tiredly. "You're right, Tuvok. I *am* tired."

"Then you should go get some sleep, Captain. I will take care of
everything." Tuvok's voice was almost gentle. "In fact, I think
you should take some time off until Commander Chakotay is
released for duty."

Tom blinked in surprise. "Tuvok, are you suggesting that I neglect
duty in favor of a reunion with my husband?" he asked in

"Yes, Captain, I am," Tuvok admitted. He almost smiled at the
look of blank astonishment on Tom's face. "That way both you
and Commander Chakotay will be able to concentrate on the
ship and crew when you return to duty."

Tom considered this for a moment. Deciding that it made sense,
he smiled. "You're right. All right, Tuvok, I'll take the rest of
the day off and get some rest, then Chakotay and I will return to
duty sometime tomorrow." He rose from the couch and walked
over to the door, then turned around to face Tuvok again. "I'll
just inform the crew and the doctor before I leave Voyager in
your hands and head to bed."

When Tuvok nodded, Tom turned again and left the Vulcan's
quarters, heading back to sickbay to tell Dr. Kéla'an that he was
off duty for the rest of the day. The doctor would be pleased
with this, he knew.