Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [G]
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 26

Tom finished his peanut butter and marshmallow crème sandwich,
then rose from the couch and went to dispose of the plate.
As he reached the recycler, his comm badge beeped. He got rid
of the plate and tapped his badge. "Paris here."

"Captain, please turn on your medical channel." The doctor
waited until Tom had done so, then continued. "You wanted to
know when the 'madness' was over."

Tom smiled. "Yes, I did," he answered. "I take it that it is."

"Yes, Captain. Lt. Torres gave birth to a healthy boy. The baby
weighs 3500 grams and is fifty-one centimeters in length.
Mother and child are fine."

Tom's smile widened. "That's nice to hear. And Harry? How's

The doctor smiled wickedly. "Lt. Kim is still in shock over some
of the things his wife yelled at him during her contractions."

Tom laughed out loud. "That bad, huh?" When the EMH nodded,
his smile turned devilish. "You'll have to tell me what she
said later. Right now, I should put the arrival of our newest family
member in the log." He paused shortly, gathering his
thoughts. "Computer, please note that on this date, at..." Tom
looked questioningly at the hologram.

"At 1638 hours," the doctor supplied.

"At 1638 hours," Tom repeated. "The Acting First Officer, Lt.
B'Elanna Torres gave birth to her and Lt. Kim's son. The child's
measurements are, 3500 grams in weight and fifty-one centimeters
in length."

"Noted," came the bland voice of the computer.

Tom turned back to the doctor. "I'll be down in sickbay in a
little while. I'll just inform the rest of the crew first."

"Very well, Captain. Please tell the crew that Lt. Torres needs
her rest. She can have visitors tomorrow morning. I'll inform
Lieutenants Kim and Torres that you're on your way. Sickbay
out." The doctor switched off his monitor.

When Tom had switched off his own, he had the computer open
ship wide communications. "This is the Captain. I'm delighted
to tell you that B'Elanna Torres finally gave birth. She and
Harry Kim are now the proud parents of a son. However, the
doctor told me that she may *not* have visitors until tomorrow
morning. Sorry everyone. I know you'd like to see the baby, but
B'Elanna needs to rest. Paris out."

After the computer closed ship wide communications, Tom left
the Ready Room and walked to the nearest turbolift. When it
arrived, he went inside, informing the computer of his destination.

A moment later, the 'lift arrived and Tom got out and walked to
sickbay. Stepping inside, he looked around and noticed that
Harry stood beside B'Elanna's biobed, while the doctor was in
his office.

Tom smiled and went over to new parents. He looked down at
B'Elanna, who was nursing her son with a very proud Harry
looking on. When B'Elanna glanced up at him with a glowing
smile, Tom's own smile widened. "Congratulations, you two. I
heard that you had a son."

B'Elanna beamed at him. "Yes we did. I'd offer to let you hold
him, but...." she gazed down at the baby at her breast.

Tom chuckled. "That's all right, B'Ela. I can hold him later." He
turned to Harry. "Have you decided what to call him yet?"

Harry shook his head, indicating that they hadn't. "We can't
seem to agree," he said. "I think he should have a Klingon name,
but B'Ela wants him to have a human name."

"We've had quite a few arguments over that," B'Elanna added.

Tom considered it for a brief moment. "Why don't you give him

Harry and B'Elanna exchanged a look, then turned back to Tom.
"Maybe we will," Harry said.

B'Elanna smiled again. "We'll think about it."

Tom nodded. "All right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to talk
to the doctor." He turned away from the biobed and went into
the doctor's office, closing the door behind him.

The EMH looked up when Tom entered the office. "Captain,
have a seat," he gestured to the empty chair. When Tom was
seated, he continued. "I suppose that you're here because you
have decided who I should revive first."

Tom quirked his lips. "You're right." His face turned serious.
"However, first I want you to tell me what's going to happen."

The doctor, too, turned serious. "Well, I'll start by taking the
crewmember out of stasis, then I'll administer the serum. It will
take effect almost immediately, killing the virus." The doctor
looked at Tom. Seeing the question in the Captain's eyes, he
said, "Once the serum has done its job, it'll take approximately
eight hours before the person regains consciousness, and then I
want to keep the individual here in sickbay for an additional four
hours before he/she is cleared for duty."

Tom thought about this for a moment, then asked, "Why do you
want to keep the crew here for four hours after they wake up?"

"I want to be absolutely positive that they're cured of the virus."
The doctor looked at Tom, who nodded his understanding.
"Well, Captain, who did you decide should be the first out of
stasis? I assume that you chose one of the senior staff."

Tom smiled slightly at the doctor's perceptiveness. "You're
right, Doc, I did. I want you to revive Tuvok first."

The EMH couldn't hide his surprise. "Tuvok?" he repeated.
When Tom nodded, he asked, "Why Tuvok? Why not Captain
Janeway, or Commander Chakotay?"

Tom took a deep breath before he answered. "Well, I decided a
while ago that I don't want Captain Janeway revived until the
ship is fully manned. I'd like to return Voyager to her fully operational,"
he started.

The doctor smiled. "I'm sure Captain Janeway will appreciate

Tom chuckled. "My thoughts exactly. Besides, I've been the
Acting Captain for so long now, I'm sure I'll survive the job for
awhile longer."

The doctor laughed. "I'm sure you will." Then he turned serious
again. "However, that doesn't explain why you want Tuvok
cured first. I know that you need a First Officer, especially now
that Lt. Torres is on maternity leave, but I would've thought that
you'd want to have Commander Chakotay back for that."

Tom sighed deeply. "Yeah, well. That was my first impulse, but
then I thought about it, and decided that right now, Tuvok is a
better choice." Tom paused and ran a hand through his hair,
gathering his thoughts. Then he continued his explanation. "Tuvok
won't be confused when he is informed of our situation. He
already knew that something was wrong, before he was put in
stasis. Because he's a Vulcan, and his actions will be dictated by
logic, and not emotions, he's the obvious choice for a new acting
First Officer."

Tom hesitated for a moment. "Besides, I think that Chakotay
and I will have other things than the ship and crew on our minds
when he's revived," he added with a sheepish smile.

The doctor smiled in understanding. "I'm sure you will," he
said. "All right, I'll start Tuvok's revival immediately." He rose
from his chair.

Tom returned the doctor's smile and rose as well. "Thanks,
Doc." He walked over to the office door. When he reached it, he
turned back to the EMH. "By the way, Doctor, I've thought of a
name for you."

The hologram lifted an eyebrow. "Oh? And what's that?"

"Kéla'an." Tom stared intently at the doctor. "It's the name of
Darrbakh's most legendary doctor. Kéla'an means 'Divine
Healer'." He sent the EMH a questioning look. "Well, Doc,
think you could live with that?"

The doctor considered it for a brief moment. Then he smiled. "I
like it. I'm honored that you'll let me use the name of your people's
most legendary doctor," he said seriously. "Thank you."

Tom smiled. "You're welcome, Doc." Then his smile turned
teasing. "It'll give you something to live up to." Seeing the
quizzical look in the doctor's eyes, he said, "When you have
time, look in the ship's database, under 'Darrbakhian Legends'.
You'll see what I mean."

The EMH raised an eyebrow. "I will."

"I didn't doubt it for a moment," Tom stated. Then he raised his
voice a bit. "Computer, enter into the ship's log that on this date,
at 1715 hours, the Emergency Medical Hologram has been
given the Darrbakhian name Kéla'an. In the future, he should be
addressed as Dr. Kéla'an."

"Information entered."

With a last smile at the newly named doctor, Tom left the office,
and sickbay, heading for his own quarters to take a shower and
send a memo to the crew regarding the doctor's name. When
that was done, Tom planned on going to the mess hall and get


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