Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [PG-13]
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 22

An hour later...

Tom entered the Captain's Briefing Room and looked around.
Seeing that everyone had arrived, he moved to the end of the
table and sat down. "I asked you here because, right now, you're
the most senior officers on Voyager," he began without preamble.
"As such, you'll be promoted to heads of departments until
the doctor has found a cure for the virus. Some of you will also
move up in rank."

Tom turned to the Chief Engineer. "B'Elanna, you move up in
rank to full Lieutenant, and will serve as my First Officer. Your
job will be to take care of all personnel and First Officer related
reports," he informed her, then sat back and waited for the explosion
he knew was coming. It didn't take long.

If looks could kill, Tom would've been dead. "You make me
your First Officer, and then stick me with the paperwork?" she
practically growled. In her anger at being stuck with paperwork,
she didn't give thought to the fact that Tom was taking her away
from Engineering.

Tom sighed inwardly. "Yes, that's *exactly* what I'm doing,"
he said. He cast a quick glance at the doctor, then looked back at
B'Elanna. "The doctor didn't give me much of a choice. He said
that if I didn't make sure that you don't work too hard, then he
would relieve you of duty until things are back to normal," he
lied smoothly.

The doctor blinked. He hadn't said anything of the sort. However,
he kept quiet when he noticed Lt. Torres' anger dissipating.
As long as she didn't work too hard, the doctor didn't mind
being the 'villain'.

B'Elanna shot the EMH a hard glance, then sighed. "Fine," she
said. "I'll take care of the paperwork." She looked briefly at Joe
Carey, then turned back at Tom. "I suppose that you'll leave
Engineering to Joe?"

Tom nodded. "Yeah. That's what makes the most sense. He *is*
your Second in Command." He turned to Carey. "You will also
move up in rank to full Lieutenant."

"Yes, Sir," Carey said.

Next, Tom turned to Harry. "So will you," he informed his best
friend. "And I also want you to take care of the First Officer's
other duties. I know it'll give you more work, but I know you
won't let B'Elanna work too hard."

"What about Ops?" Harry asked.

"You're still the head of Ops, but it would probably be a good
idea if you found someone to take over for you when you need
to take care of your new First Officer's duties," Tom suggested.
When Harry nodded his agreement, Tom added, "You will be
Third in Command."

Harry blinked at this, then nodded his acceptance. It made sense.

Tom smiled slightly at Harry's surprise. Then he grew serious
again and addressed Greg Ayala. "Lt. Ayala, you are also promoted
to full Lieutenant, and like Harry, you'll get double duties.
I want you to take over Tuvok's duties as Tactical Officer
and Chief of Security." Tom waited for Ayala's acknowledgement,
then added, "With more than half the crew in stasis, I
don't expect much in the way of security problems. However,
we need a Chief of Security, just in case."

Tom sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He needed sleep,
but knew that it was highly unlikely that he would get any as
long as his husband was in sickbay. After all, he hadn't been
able to sleep the last time Chakotay was there. {Oh well. I'll just
have to go into a trance. That should ensure that I get some
rest,} Tom thought. Then he turned to Pablo Baytart. "Ensign,
you'll move up in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and take
over the Helm. You're now our Senior Pilot," he informed the

When Lt. Baytart had acknowledged this, Tom turned to the
Morale Officer/Chef. "Neelix, I want you to monitor crew morale
and let me know if there are any problems," he said. When
Neelix nodded, he continued. "I also want you to help out Lt.
Ayala in Security."

Despite the serious situation, Neelix beamed at Tom. "Yes, Sir.
I'll do my best," he promised.

Tom smiled at the Talaxian. "I know you will." He turned his
attention to the blond Ocampan. "Kes, you'll stay in sickbay and
help the doctor search for a cure for the virus," he said, to no
one's surprise. "I'll close down Stellar Cartography. Some of the
non-life science staff will be assigned to sickbay, and the rest
will be put where they're needed."

Tom looked around the table at his silent Command staff. "I
want you to make a list of what you need, along with your
minimum staff requirements and deliver them to me by 1800
hours," he said. When everyone nodded, he said, "I think that's
all... Oh, I almost forgot." Tom turned to the EMH. "Doctor, I'd
like to officially welcome you to the ranks of Starfleet. I have
given you the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade," he said.

The doctor opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, then
finally closed it without saying anything.

Everyone chuckled, and Tom wished that Chakotay were there
to witness the doctor's uncharacteristic speechlessness. "Dismissed,"
he said, when the amusement had died down.
"B'Elanna, I need to talk to you," he added, when everyone got
up to leave.

B'Elanna nodded at Tom, and sat back down. As soon as the
door to the Briefing Room swished shut, she looked questioningly
at him.

Tom just lifted an eyebrow at his First Officer. "You haven't
had lunch yet, have you?" he asked as he rose and went to the
replicator. When B'Elanna shook her head 'no', he smiled
slightly and ordered a meal for them both. After the food had
materialized, he picked up the tray and carried it over to the table.
He handed B'Elanna a plate, saying, "Dig in. We'll talk

Realizing that Tom wouldn't say anything else until they had
finished their lunch, B'Elanna picked up her fork and sampled
her food. At the first taste, her eyes widened and she smiled in
delight. "This is good. What is it?" she asked.

Tom chuckled. "Oh, it's nothing special," he replied. When
B'Elanna narrowed her eyes at him, the chuckle turned into
laughter. "It's lasagna," he told her after he brought his amusement
under control.

B'Elanna stared at Tom in disbelief. "I've had lasagna before,
and it tasted *nothing* like this," she stated.

Tom bit his lip to keep from laughing again. After a few moments,
he got himself under control. "Well, that's probably because
this is my own recipe," he told her, and took a sip of his
ice water.

"Your own recipe, huh?" B'Elanna's face was a study in curiosity.
"What's in it?"

Tom's face turned somber, and he locked gazes with her. "I
can't tell you," he told her gravely. "It's a family secret, and if
you found out, even by accident, I'd have to kill you."

B'Elanna stared back at Tom, her expression just as serious.
"Oh, then you better not tell me. I don't think that Harry would
appreciate it if you had to kill me," she deadpanned.

Tom snorted. "He probably wouldn't. And I'd hate to upset your
husband." His words elicited a snicker from B'Elanna, and the
two shared a smile. Then they returned to their meals, which
were quickly finished.

Looking up from his now-empty plate, Tom noticed that
B'Elanna was done eating as well. He rose from his seat and
gathered the dirty plates and utensils on the tray, which he carried
to the recycler.

Once he'd disposed of the tray, Tom turned to B'Elanna. "Do
you want anything else? Coffee? Tea?"

"I'd love a cup of coffee but..." B'Elanna trailed off with a sigh
and grimaced. "Harry ganged up with the doctor and told me to
cut down on the amount of coffee I'm drinking."

"You were told to cut down on coffee consumption?" Tom narrowed
his eyes at her playfully. "B'Elanna Torres, I *hate*
you," he stated mock-seriously. "*I* was ordered to *quit*
drinking coffee for the duration of my pregnancy!"

"Oooh. Poor Tommy," B'Elanna purred, making Tom snicker.
Then she sighed softly. "I'll have a cup of tea."

Tom smiled and turned to the replicator. "Any particular brand
you prefer?" he asked.

"Nah. Anything you're having is fine," B'Elanna answered,
knowing that Tom would probably order a cup of Chakotay's
favorite tea for himself. She discovered that she'd been right a
moment later when he returned to the table and handed her one
of the cups and she sipped the tea.

Tom sat down and sipped his own tea, before he put his cup on
the table and focused his attention on B'Elanna. He waited until
she put her own cup down, then said, "You know B'Ela, I'm
starting to worry."

B'Elanna lifted an eyebrow. "Oh? Why is that?"

"Because, you still haven't yelled at me for taking you away
from Engineering," he told her seriously.

B'Elanna considered his words and realized that he was right.
She thought about it for a moment. "I know. And I'm not going
to," she told him.

Tom looked startled. "You're not?" he asked confused. "Why
not? I mean, I'm glad that you won't yell at me but, why?"

"Because you're right. Even though he didn't tell you so, the
doc probably *would* pull me off duty if I stayed in Engineering."
B'Elanna smirked at Tom's surprised look. "What? Did
you *really* think I couldn't tell that you were lying? C'mon
Tom, I've known you for almost six years now. I can tell when
you're lying by now."

Tom sighed. "Yeah, I suppose you can," he admitted.

B'Elanna smirked again. "Damn right I can." Then she turned
serious. "Besides, you need someone from the Command staff
as your First Officer, and we both know that Harry *hates* paperwork.
Not that I blame him, but if you'd made him the First
Officer, you would've had to find someone else to be the head
of Ops, and you know as well as I do that very few of the remaining
crew have *any* experience in that department."

Tom just started at B'Elanna in silence. Oh, he knew all this,
which was the reason he'd chosen her to be his Second in
Command. He just hadn't expected her to accept his decision so
quickly, and without any protests. Finally he sighed, then shook
his head ruefully. "You're not protesting, or even complaining.
And here I had prepared a really good speech to try and placate
you with." He gave her a mournful look. "I guess I'm not going
to need that."

B'Elanna beamed at him. "No, I guess not."

Tom sighed dramatically, then grinned. "Oh well. I'm sure I'll
survive." He finished his tea and rose. Seeing that B'Elanna had
also finished hers, he picked up both cups, went to the recycler
to dispose of them, and then walked over to help the Acting First
Officer to her feet. "C'mon, Beautiful. Let's get to work."

B'Elanna smacked his arm lightly, then smiled again as they
walked towards the door. "Yes, Sir."

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